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My name is Nguyen Thi Van Thao, and I was born in 11 st, September,
1991, in Vietnam. My parents are famers and they have two
daughters my sister and I. Born and growing up in a peasant family,
I have to work hard and study hard to reduce the burden on my
parents. During the time in school and university I had always
maintained a good academic record and won a scholarship to help
my parents. Some time I want to give up on study and find a job to
help my family, but my family has always stayed by my side and
encouraged me to go over difficult situations. Finally I graduated
from Hanoi Architectural University with GPA of 3.00. Fortunately, I have got a job
immediately after I graduated, so I can save enough money to pay back my student
loan. Although my parents wanted me to continue to do the job, get married and have
a stable life, but I want to follow my dream to become a successful women. I don’t
want to have a boring life I want to face with challenges and solve it.
A part of me always keeps thinking about how can we live without
dream? We always want to hide the past, worry about the future and
make the present become miserable. I have been surrounded by
people who always complain their life. They blame each other and
use the contexts as an excuse for their mistakes. They do not want
to admit that they actually are the reasons for their failure. They are

stuck with their own life, and afraid of innovations and challenges,
the only thing they want is to live in their comfort zone and I'm also
not an exception. Young and having less experienced are reasons for
that, yet should I be a coward person and spend my time in the
comfort zone till the end of my life or dare to dream to move to live
in learning zone, find my goals and achieve it? I have no idea what
my life will be going on, however there is more than likely that I
know what I am going to do to get what I want in the future. To be
able to move forward I have to get more motivation to emerge
victorious against my fears.
When I was young I was taught all kind of knowledge but I was not
taught to trust myself. Believe in yourself is to have a clear idea
what you want to do and put an expiration date to your dream and
then work to achieve it. You can do well in future or not all depends
on what you believe. You would never know how far you can go, if
you have never started. However, I cannot reach victory only by

believing in myself I need more knowledge I need to expand my
worldview and satisfy others’ desires. If things won’t happen I will
make it happens. I understand that there is one way can lead me to
the success that is constantly learning. I learned since I was a kid
and I will learn when I was an old woman.
Otherwise, I am very admired my sister because she knows what
she want, she pursuit it and get it. She has studied entire her life
and now she is a successful woman both in career and family. I know
it is hard for me to be like her, but at least one time in my life I want
to try my best to get my dream. Fortunately, I have always been an
above average student, and I am the kind who keen on my aims.
This is why I want to pursue advanced education to have a
comprehensive vision to have new experiences of the environment
protection and prolong the natural resources for the present
generations and the future generations. I understand that this area
is not mastered in short time, because environment have an
important role in our life and impact directly to us more than our
thought, we need to pay attention, effort and time to understand it.
Besides, I have been living Vietnam, which is an agricultural country
where people are still having difficulties, because of the booming of
population and the uncontrolled development of industries and
services. This is directly affecting our nature, especially water

environment. Annual, we are poisoning ourselves by discharging
tons of wastewater into rivers and oceans. There will be sooner than
we thought that no more pure water in our country and even all over
the world. As a water supply and water drainage engineer, I
understand the crucial role of water in domestic activities, industrial
and agricultural activities, therefore I want to contribute my little
help to prevent this phenomenon. However, currently, I have not
enough knowledge and lack experience. I would like to pursue
higher education at National Taiwan Ocean University in order to bring my
dream to the real life. I would like to be studied and learned more
deeply about water environment, how to preserve it and how to
treat the wastewater to bring a healthy environment for our country
and next generations.
I sincerely appreciate the treasure time of committee in assessing
my application and giving me the opportunity to tell my story. I look
forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,
Nguyen Thi Van Thao

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