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Luyen thi 12

A Choose the word A, B, C or D whose underlined part is
differently from the others.
1. A. reply
B. many
C. candy
D. lovely
2. A. started
B. landed
C. kicked
D. painted
3. A. break
B. mean
C. deal
D. stream
B Choose the word A, B, C or D which is stressed differently
from the
4.A. publication
C. infection

5.A. hobby
C. prison
It was once believed that being overweight was healthy, but
nowadays few people subscribe to this viewpoint. While many people
are fighting the battle to reduce weight, studies are being conducted
concerning the appetite and how it is controlled by both emotional
and biochemical factors. Some of the conclusions of these studies
may give insights into how to deal with weight problems. For
example, when several hundred people were asked about their
eating habits in times of stress, 44 percent said they reacted to
stressful situations by eating. Further investigations with both
humans and animals indicated that it is not food which release
tension but rather the act of chewing.
A test in which subjects were blindfolded showed that obese
people have a keener sense of taste and crave more flavorful food
than non- obese people. When deprived of the variety and intensity
of taste, obese people are not satisfied and consequently eat more
to fulfill this need. Blood samples taken from people after they were
shown a picture of food revealed that overweight people reacted with
an increase in blood insulin, a chemical associated with appetite.
This did not happen to average-weight people.
In another experiment, results showed that certain people have a
specific, biologically induced hunger for carbohydrates subsides.
Eating carbohydrates raises the level of serotonin, a
neurotransmitter in the brain. Enough serotonin produces a sense of
satiation, and hunger for carbohydrates subsides.
Exercise has been recommended as an important part of a weightloss program. However, it has been found that mild exercise, such as
using stairs instead of the elevator, is better in the long run than

taking on a strenuous program, such as jogging, which many people
find difficult to continue over a long periods of time and which also

increases appetite.
7.Years ago being overweight meant_______.
A. being rich
B. being stylish
C. being physically strong
D. being unhealthy
8.The word “crave” in line 12, can be best replaced with
A. devour
B. absorb
C. season
D. desire.
9.It can be inferred from the passage that_______.
A. overweight people are tense
B. These of people don’t eat when under stress
C. Weight watchers should chew of something inedible when
D. 56 percent of the population isn’t overweight.
10.It can be inferred from the passage that_______.
A. Thin people don’t enjoy food
B. A variety of foods and strong flavors satisfies heavy people.
C. Overweight people have an abnormal sense of taste.
D. Deprivation of food makes people fat.
11. According to the passage, Insulin _______.
A. increase in the bloodstream when people eat large amounts of
B. Can be used to lessen the appetite.
C. Causes a chemical reaction when food is seen.
D. levels don’t change in average weight people who see food.
12. It can be inferred that for certain people _______.
A. Eating carbohydrates eliminates hunger.
B. Carbohydrates biologically induce hunger.
C. Carbohydrates don’t satisfy a hunger person.
D. Carbohydrates subside when serotonin is produced.
13. What can be said about serotonin?
A. it is a chemical that increase the appetite
B. Only certain people produce it in their brain.
C. it tells the brain when a person is full
D. It neurotransmits carbohydrates to the train.
14.In order to lose weight, it would be a good idea for heavy people
to _____.
A. jog 3 miles a day and chew on carrot sticks
B. walk up stairs and look a t pictures of food.
C. Eat plenty of chewy carbohydrates
D. Avoid stressful situation and eat spicy foods.
15. Which of the following exercises might be best for an overweight
person to

engage in daily?
A. an evening walk
B. along swim
C. cross-country skiing
D. 10 mile bicycle rides.
16. Strenuous programs are believed _______.
A. to make people feel like eating
B. To be favorite exercise for many people in their attempt at
losing weight
in the long run.
C. To be as good as mild exercises for gaining weight
D. to be as easy as mild exercise to continue over long periods of
D Filling
One of the most difficult decisions is choosing what to do for a
17_____ . For example, do you want to follow a definite 18 _____,
and earn a low 19_____ at the beginning,but very good prospects in a
company that trains its 20 _____ ?
Or are you more interested in taking any kind of work, because you
need a /an 21 _____? You may have to 22 _____ the fact that a good
23 _____ can be difficult to find. In that case, why not take a 24 _____
one? You will gain some useful experience.Remember that even if
you have the right25 _____ , you may have to fill in lots of application
forms before you are asked to 26 _____ an interview. But don't worry
if you don't know what you want to do exactly. You'll enjoy finding
17.A. salary
B. living
C. employee
D. work
18.A. company B. training
C. business
D. career
19.A. money
B. profit
C. cheque
D. salary
20.A. employers
B. crew
C. staf
D. persons
21.A. money
B. cash
C. account
D. income
22.A. face up to B. go over
C. come up withD. call of
23.A. work
B. labour
C. job
D. seat
24.A. temporary
B. overtime
C. profitable
D. short
25.A. exams
B. qualifications
C. letters
D. degrees
26.A. be
B. attend
C. make
D. advertise
E Choose the best answer
27. He had to act immediately; ____________, it would have been too
A. nevertheless B. however
C. consequently D. otherwise
28. It was announced that neither the passengers nor the driver
______ in
the crash.
A. were injured B. injured
C. was injured D. had injured

29. ______, he felt so unhappy and lonely.
A. Despite his wealthy
B. Rich as was he
C. Rich as he was
D. In spite of his being wealth
30. I met Jim at college. It was the start of a __________friendship.
A. lifelong
B. prolonged
C. lengthened
D. longlife
31. ________fish can hear, they have neither external ears nor
A. But
B. However
C. Although
D. Despite
32.The kind-hearted woman_________all her life to helping the
and the poor.
A. lived
B. dedicated
C. spent
D. wasted
33.Thousands of antibiotics __________, but only about thirty are in
common use today.
A. have been developing
B.has been developed
C. are developing
D.have been developed
34.I'm allergic to most canned foods. That's why I always look for
fresh and__________
A. home - brewed
B. air-tight
C. environment friendly
D. chemical free
35. __________Ann by phone, James decided to email her.
A. Having failed contacting
B. That he failed contacting
C. Having failed to contact
D. He failed to contact
36. I'd rather you______to her why we can't go to her birthday party.
A. to explain
B. will explain
C. explained
D. would
37.Despite the fact that he is in his eighties, he still leads
A. active
B. acting
C. action
D. act
38.Finally, thanks to their parents' help, they found the_____to that
A. condition
B. decision
C. way
D. solution
39.Metro is a very cheap place to buy ______goods such as washing
and other cleaning products.
A. household
B. home
40.He was always______to his father's wishes when his father was
A. disappointed B. interested
C. obedient
D. pleased
41.We need to make decisions __________the project before we start.
A. on
B. with
C. to
D. about
42.I think neither Bill nor his parents _______ at home when we come.
A. are
B. would be
C. was
D. were

43. Last Sunday was _________ that we took a drive in the country.
A. so beautiful day
B. such beautiful a day
C. such a beautiful weather
D. so beautiful a day
44.________ saying was so important that I asked everyone to stop
and listen.
A. What the woman was
B. That the woman was
C. The woman was
D. What was the woman
45. Do you think he is______ of doing the job?
A. capable
B. competent
C. able
46. He_______ to all his friends that he was getting married.
A. told
B. related
C. announced
D. spoke
47.There was _______ to prevent the accident.
A. something could do
B. anything we could do
C. nothing we couldn't do
D. nothing we could do
48.The men and the children in the picture are singing and playing
A. each other
B. by each other
C. one another
D. with each other
49. My uncle wishes he _______ time when he was young.
A. wouldn't waste B. didn't waste C. hasn't wasted
50. Only when you grow up _______ the truth.
A. you know
B. you will know C. do you know D. will you know

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