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35 bài đọc quảng cáo, biển báo thi b1 (đáp án)

Kim suggests
3. playing on his brother’s computer.


1. Children less than five years old
cannot go on this ride alone.

3. Giacomo can collect Charlotte
from the airport tomorrow afternoon.


2. This entrance cannot be used
before am today.

2. Anyone wanting this sofa must
pick it up this week.

1. You must show a receipt if you
want to remove luggage.

The hire charge covers all the costs

3. apart from fuel.
2. Do not stand up when the ride is

1. The park shuts earlier than 6 pm
on some days.

2. The restaurant near the lake serves hot
food in the middle of the day


3. Francesco’s

2. a blanket.

3. Don’t leave the lights on if the
room is empty

2. Only the doctor working today
can park here.

3. Sally lost her chain when she got
changed for sport.

2. Ruth wants Heidi to help her find

This shop
2. is opening for longer and needs
extra staff.

3. This building is guarded by

2. People can park here while they

are at work.

2. Students may hand in their essays
after Friday if they can prove illness.

Where should Helena meet
the others?
3. at the club

2. There aren’t enough team
members available on Friday.
1. We offer a choice of flats to rent
in this area.

1. All Sunday evening tickets are
already sold.

1. Take the tablets regularly until the
bottle is empty.


2. Elena and Tim think the

restaurant’s prices are reasonable.

2. You need to have the correct
money when you board the bus.

Jasmine wants Gareth to
1. repair the printer for her.

3. To visit this area, go to the main
entrance for an identity card.

3. Ring once if you have an
appointment and twice if you don’t

1. Do not climb the walls as they are

Why did the record shop phone?
1. to apologise for a mistake with
Frank’s order

3. You are fined £0 at once if you
can’t show us your ticket.
Roberto is suggesting that
3. Sam should invite Sven to their
next meeting.
How should Mustafa reply to his brother?

2. by phone
3. Each customer will have to pay at
least £ at lunchtime.

1. Kaye and Brian found their drive
to the hotel stressful.
1. Do not go away until we have
checked your books.

3. The location of Thursday’s lecture
will be different from usual.


2. People visiting the school should
inform the office.
Why has Kim emailed Sally?
3. to remind her to do something

3. The price per photo is reduced if
several are ordered at once.

Tim’s mother wants him to get
2. bread.

1. The company insists office
workers carry an identity card.

3. You can have a drink during the


2. You must not dive into the pool
where the water is shallow.

1. Class 9. should get on with some
unfinished work for part of the lesson

2. Please don’t leave any toys
outside this room when you go.

1. To arrive punctually, Ed should
use a different route.

According to Martyna, the city’s
disadvantage is

2. its evening entertainment


2. Cyclists should use a different
entrance when this one is locked.
1. We will keep any picture tor you

if you give us £.

2. Annette is writing this card while
Ellen attends an interview.

choose a different drink.

1. Customers may park outside the
market for up to three hours.
1. Contact your doctor if you wish to
continue using this medicine after
one week.

3. The hall must be cleared of
equipment in the five minutes before
bookings end.


2. arrange a time for the garage to fit
the new tyres.
2. You will qualify for a gift if you
persuade a friend to join Sunflowers.
What does Mrs Swan want to do today?
2. discover how a window got broken

John wants Helga to
3. help those on board to


3. You are requested not to park any
closer than metres to this vehicle
1. The owner of the computer game
that is for sale has never used it.

3. let Gary know who's playing
football on Friday

What did Kenny like about the
2. the material used to build it

3. It doesn’t cost anything to use the
internet on weekday mornings.

What is Jane doing in this card?
2. offering Keiko congratulations
3. Students are not allowed on the
bus unless they have ID cards
2. Students are charged the normal price
if they forget their meal tickets.

Amanda regrets that she
3. didn’t have her photograph taken
with her tennis hero.

2. Laura wants to try to get the same
jumper in a different colour.

1. Rick would accept £80 for his bike.

3. Do not turn here as this entrance
is used all the time.

1. Some photocopies are now
cheaper than they were.

2. change its opening hours next
If Sally wants to go to the concert,
she should contact
3. Gina.

1. Jo is pleased with the number of
things she saw from the bus.
3. If the red light is on, you must

3. The last day for returning completed
forms for the trip is Friday.

2. The earliest students can pick up
their identity cards is January.

3. Jane would be the only rider at
today, so she should come later.

2. Bridge repairs may make your journey
longer from the end of November.

Who should Lisa contact if she
wants to go to the concert?
3. Sally

2. Put this form in your car
windscreen after filling it in.

What has changed about the trip to
Woodley Place?
1. the transport

What will Sonja’s mother do?

1. take some new photos of Suzie

3. A basketball coach is available if a
booking is made far enough in advance.

1. receive money for the dry
cleaning from Sonja tonight

2. Two hours is the minimum time
recommended for a visit to the castle.


How does Sabrina feel about the
Plaza Hotel?
3. She thinks it has an advantage.

3. Call us to take the goods back if
you are not satisfied with them.

2. Ruth may not visit the coast if the
bad weather continues

3. You should avoid putting this food
in a microwave oven.

1. You will have to pay more to
borrow DVDs after st January.

2. If you want to see Swan Lake, buy
your tickets as soon as possible.

1. Buy three films for the price of two.

Tony wants Elsa to
2. find out if she can have time off
next month.

1. Do not leave your bicycle
touching the window.

2. This shop will keep customers’
watches for up to twelve months.


2. The lift will not be going to the
basement today.



It is essential
1. to wait six hours before having
more of this medicine.

Gabi wants Jo to
1. change an arrangement.

TEXT 21.

1. Valuable objects are removed at
3. Stefano has given up waiting for
Philippe to arrive.
3. If you put on some music, consider the
other people in the gym.

3. Put this product where children
cannot touch it
The writer is
2. going on a boat with members of
the group tomorrow.

Dr Rawlin needs more information

1. The number of students


2. You should not leave any rubbish
in the picnic area.

3. If somebody carrying a child gets
on, offer them your seat.

3. You should replace books in the
order that you found them.

What does Amanda want the manager to do?

3. If you pay for two large cakes, we
give you a small one as a present.

3. Return some money to her.
1. Use this button to call hotel staff if
you cannot get in.

1. George has to telephone his boss.
2. He should check Carla is dressed
properly and take her to band practice.



3. Visitors can see how the monkeys
are fed at 9.00 a.m.

2. Mary has to be home by 2pm
2. You can pay less for a haircut with
this advert.

3. Friday’s Maths lesson will start
earlier than usual.

What is Lizzie doing?
2. Offering Greg theatre tickets she
has got

1. The museum can’t be visited until
Monday because of repair work.

2. You should only use this medicine if
the bottie top is unbroken.

3. Peter needs to give Sandra some
details about the party.

2. Alan needs to call his dentist if he
can’t make the new appointment

1. George wants to have dinner with
Adriana when he returns.
2. Leave books on the table when
you finish using them.

3. You cannot smoke anywhere
while on board the train

What must Mario do today?
2. Collect a book from the library

1. This office doesn’t take bookings
for the same day as you travel.

3. We keep things people have lost
for a maximum of two weeks.

1. Katie will meet Emily before they
get on the train.
Students should
1. pay the exact amount for the trip
in cash.
3. Members of the local swimming
team can’t use these lockers.

2. Clive’s brother will return the
Walkman to Mark.

1. Do your photocopying and pay for
it when you leave.

1. Paola won’t be able to go to the
concert unless she phones James by six.

3. You may use this door in the
evening if you work here.

2. Penny’s father will arrive home late.

1. Give your application form to the

3. You change things you don’t want
at Customer Services.
Sarah asked Chris to
2. send the letter when he has found
out the address.


1. The first train you can travel on
with a ‘saver’ ticket is the 0..

2. Nina’s friends can’t get in touch
with her by e-mail for five days.

3. The airport bus stops regularly at
the station.


3. Students who arrive late should not go
to class before signing this book.

3. Mack suggests going to a club
after the exams.

2. Do not go to the waiting room before
telling the receptionist you are here.

1. Polly can leave her bicycle for
repair even when the shop is closed.

3. Michael is having a break from
travelling at the moment.

2. You are given some gloves if you
buy a coat today.

1. Emma wants Pete to bring her
clothes home.

2. Children must not climb on the


3. This Is where you check in your
luggage if you are going abroad.


3. C We don’t post tickets booked one
week or less before the performance.

In this email, Maria wants to
1. A explain why she hasn’t
contacted Sarah Smith before.

1. Angus wants Jen to telephone him
from her hotel.

1. A Players who have a problem getting to
the Fyfield match should contact Paul.

3. C You can pick up theatre tickets
here that you have already booked.

3. C The bank will have longer
opening hours in future.

Bob needs to
2. B phone the dentist about an


2. Read the instructions before using
the equipment.

3. These people don’t want to take
all their furniture to their new home.

1. You cannot pay the bus driver
with a credit card.

2. Tammie is asking her mother
where her jeans are.

1. A You can keep your shoes on in
the changing room unless they are
1. A Daniel is having his photo taken
with the tennis team tonight.

3. C You can only eat in one part of
the restaurant at the moment.

What is Anita doing?
3. C reminding somebody of an


2. Your journey may take longer on
this road in September.

2. B If Ann-Marie is free, she could go to
the same concert as Joe tonight.

3. C We are cancelling the trip on
Saturday as numbers are too low.

3. C This room is cheap to rent as it
was not expected to be empty.
1. A People staying at Hotel Maroc
can arrange activities through the

3. C People who can attend this event
should put their names on the notice.


The main purpose of this email is
3. C to provide information about an

Aziz wants Abdul to
1. A take his homework to college
for him.

This label gives advice on
1. A how to store the product.

2. B There are part-time
opportunities for people without
experience of working in a kitchen.

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