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Project tiếng anh lớp 9 học kì 2

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Unit8. Tourism

Vietnam is a very beautiful country, where there are many beautiful landscapes and beaches. When traveling to this
place, you can not ignore the famous places such as Ha Long Bay, Phong Nha cave ...

Not only can you enjoy the beautiful scenery but you can also try the delicious food
such as:

Noodle Soup


Prawn noodle soup


Moreover, you can also learn some of the typical culture of Vietnam

Cheo' singing

Water Puppet



Thailand has many beautiful sights. These are the magnificent Wat Arun, the magnificent Grand Palace or the world famous Damnoen


Thai food is one of the factors that attract tourists to this country
Papaya salad(Som Tum)

Thai hot pot

Green curry red

Mango sticky rice

Thailand also has many beautiful cultures
Drop lights posted

Soft dance


Traditional costume

We can see that China is a country with a long history of culture and special food and many places to visit. First, we
will go to the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall was built in the Ming Dynasty, which began around 1368 and ended
around 1640 and was commissioned by King Tan Tuy Hoang.

If you have not seen the trip to Thailand, you can join us to visit China .

Second, we explore the Truong Giang River. The river is also known as Yangtze and many other places where it
flows. With more than 6,300 km, this is the longest river in China and the third longest in the world, just behind
the Nile and the Amazon River.

Next, we will go to the mysterious masonry - Tichan Rock cave. It is located in the mountains far from Thiên Thủy, Cam Túc,
more than 150 meters high, this is the cave population was chiseled into the stone with the Buddha statues and many priceless

Now, we know some beautiful places in China. Now we will explore the food here. Especially street food. First, is candy lake.
Candy lotus is not a candy made from small paint skewers and dipped in sugar syrup and hardened. This dish attracts diners by its
cute shape.

The next is effervescent. Dumplings are Chinese famous dishes with feces of minced meat and vegetables, wrapped in thin crusts.
Dumplings can be made in many ways like steamed, fried, baked.

Moreover, you can also learn some of the typical culture of China


Soft dance

Traditional costume

Mount Seongsan sunrise, Ggotji beach, Darangee village, Gwang-An bridge are the most beautiful tourist attractions in Korea

Not only that, Korea also has a lot of good food
Stir-fried pork

Barbecue beef

Mixed rice


Besides, Korea also has beautiful culture
Ancestral graves

Folk painting

Dance mask

Traditional costume

India is a country with many beautiful natural and beautiful landscapes attracting hundreds of millions of tourists from around the world every year. Nubra Valley, Tadj
Mahal palace, Andaman Islands, Suraj Tal Lake are the most prominent landmarks in India.

Indian cuisine is very diverse in composition, flavor and processing
Naan bread

Dosa cake

Biryani rice

Salad mix soy milk

India is a country with a long tradition of unique characteristics
Soft dance

Red dot on the forehead

Drawing henna

Traditional costume

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