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Are you part of a nuclear or an extended family

Are you part of a nuclear or an extended family?
- What do you like and dislike about your type of family?
2. Do you often get into conflicts with your parents?
- What’s your conflict? Share your experiences
3. Talk about three most important rules that your parents often apply to you
4. Whenever you have problems with schoolwork or relationships (at home or school) who do you
often talk to?
5. Do you have many online friends? Would you like to make more friends online? Why(not)?
6. What would you do to schedule the things you need to do to meet the deadlines?
7. Are you good at managing your time? Which time-management skill(s) are you lack of and need
to develop?
8. Are your parents overprotective of you? Do you enjoyed it or not?
9. What’s your dream? How do you protect it and make sure it will come true one day?
10. Make some comparisons on the ways of child raising in Vietnam and America. Which way would
you like to raise your own children in the future?
11. How do you think non-disabled people perceive and treat people with disabilities?
12. What can you do to support people with disabilities and help them to succeed in life?
13. Talk about some problems facing children with cognitive impairment and suggest some solutions
to help them integrate in the community.
14. Which country in ASEAN would you like to visit and study? Why ?

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