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1- Nói về bản thân
My full name is Nguyen huy Thong. I was born in Lao cai, but I have
been living in Yen bai since I was two years old. I am maried and I
have two daughters. My wife is a contruction engineer. I gradueted
Commercial university in 1999', finalcial accouting major . Now I am
working at Yen Bai Joint Stock Forest Agricultural Products And
Foodstuff Company, I am the manager of Van yen cassava factory.
My office is far away from my house, about 50 kms. I like my job
because it is a well paid job and it is suitable for me. I often get up at
half part five (5.30) and arrive my office at seven thirty , I leave the
office at five pm. I stay at the guest house of factory. I come back
home two times per week.
2- Nói về sở thích
I like running in every morning and playing badminton every
afternoon after after work, I like them because they help me keep fit
and I can make friend with other people. In the evening after dinner
I often watch Television, I like the News most because I can
update what is happening in the world as well as in Viet nam, In
addition I also like watching movies on TV, especially American
action movies, classic movies. Sometime I like foodball match on
TV at the weeken, I like the Asenal most because they play realy

well. I like travelling around Vietnam and abroad, I ejoy listening to
bolero, tradition and foreign music.
3- Nói về bạn thân
My Close friend is Long, he is architect, he live in yen bai. We have
met each other for twenty years (20 ) since we were students in Ha
noi. He is good at English and he also plays foodball, badminton
exceptionally well. We share every work, every story. He is honest
and he help my a lot when I was trouble. He is the director of a small
company specialized in design and construction. We often play
badminton together at every afternoon after work, sometime we
have drink beer at the pub and chat with each other. Sometime our
family go out to eat at the weeken.


4- Nói về bữa ăn
I have a breakfast at the halp past six (6.30) I often eat noodle
toombread, sometime I eat sticky rice with fried egg and drinhking fruit
I have a lunch at eleven forty - five (11h45), I often eat rice with vegetable,
soup and meat (pork, beef, chicken) or fish.
I have diner at six – thirty, I want to cut down my fat belly, so I eat one
rice bowl at diner and eat alot of vegetable and fruit. Sometime I go out to
eat with my friend or colleagues, partners but I like to eat at home
because my wife cooks well and fits my taste.
5- Nói về bộ phim
My favorite movie of all time is Titanic. It is the best love story I have
ever watched. I watched this movie in 1997, It already won 11 Academy
The reasons I like it so much are the grand scenery and the romantic
content. The film is about the love story of Rose and Jack Dawson. Jack
was a poor young man and Rose was from the American upper class.
They fell deeply in love even there was a huge gap between them. It
showed the power of love could do everything. The main actor are
Leonado and Kate winslet had an outstanding performance. Beside, I like
it because the Song "My heart will go on" by Celin dion marked the end of
the story.
6- Nói về chuyến đi
Last Tet vacation, I went to Nha Trang with my family. We have 4

people and stayed in resort, which near beach and had pool. It was sunny
but not very hot. The beach was very large, flat, and it has a lot of sand.
Waves are very strong, you will be very excited when you play with it. We
went swimming twice a day and go snorkelling. We visited alot around the
city and played the game in vinperlland, My children was excited about it.
The food was extremely delicious but not expensive. We took a lot of
Photograps of the sea, bought a lot of seafood and some sea present for
our relatives.
7- Nói về ngôi nhà
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