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BSSreport matsuda

Name: Vu Hoang Dung
Student ID: 17110077
Program: Master of Public Policy
As market mechanism has been matured, what
happened in agriculture,
food/nutrition, health and environment?
The market mechanism is a mechanism by which the use of
money exchanged by buyers and sellers in economics. It tends
to optimize distribution of goods and services in at least some
ways. Market mechanism prefers nature interaction between
sellers and buyers. However, it also leads to market failure. If
market mechanism became mature, agriculture can have some
advantage and disadvantage effects.
Buyers will require products quality, quantity and variety,
producers will have to enhance features of products. On the
one hand, they will utilize technology, invest to research and
development better quality products. Government will make
policy to focus on agricultural sector. Urban areas can have
more food and poverty can reduce in the future.

When famers utilize chemistry fertilizer and pesticide. They
want to improve productivity but may pollute to land and water
environment. Innovation and improvement in agriculture can
help human have better living condition. However, the
increasing instant food can make more people become
overweight and obesity.
Conclusion, matured market mechanism is natural process. It
affects to human life in a positive way and negative way. If we
can control some environmental problems and human life,
market mechanism will be a good choice.

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