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VuHoangDung 17110077 englishreport


: Vu Hoang Dung

Student ID

: 17110077


: Master of Public Policy

1. Things that you liked about debate
Before attending debate contest in academic English class, personally, I have not had any idea about
this problem and I still wonder why people want to argue unclear matters. Most of the time I work
with financial figures, calculating data ... so I think arguing about vague issues seems to be
unnecessary. Nevertheless, after serious thinking and passing some final exams at VJU, I realized
debate provides experiences which are conducive to teamwork cognitive, and presentational

The first thing I enjoyed is that I had a chance to work and discuss with another classmate. In the
near future, I believe teamwork skills will become one of the most important ability I have to
practice. Secondly, I can gain broad, multi-faceted knowledge beside the normal academic subjects,
spend time collecting information, structure and organize thoughts, solve problems and get the
result. Thirdly, debate not only make me improve my ability to form balanced, use reasoning and
evidence but can also increasing my confidence and develop effective speech composition.
Because of many benefits, I will apply debate format in my own class to help my students study more
actively and become more confident when they explain their opinions.
2. Things that you did not like about debate
Firstly, I think the topic need to be more detailed. When we were preparing for the debate, we have
some confusions about the concept of questions. If I could change them, I would find the specific
case in the past or in some country. This makes me curious and interested in finding and researching.
Secondly, I hope we could have the format of the debate, it would make my team choose an efficient
way and know what we need to show in the short time. In closing, in the next debate, I will do better
than this time and hope our effort will have the good results.
3. Things that you expect in semester 2
In next semester, I hope I can improve my writing and presentation skill. I have to read many papers
and abstract them for final assignments and sometimes it makes me overload. For this reason, I am
looking forward an academic writing course which will help me paraphrase and find the solutions to
complete final reports.
In addition, individual presentations or group discussion will be interesting activities for VJU’s
students. In the first semester, we had much homework and studied under a lot of pressure.
Therefore, the time in English class was very valuable to practice and brainstorming.
Finally, to be honest, I learned a lot of things in this class, there are many lessons I can apply to my
research, work and teaching career.


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