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1. For short adjectives.

a. S + be + the + Adj + in / of .
b. S + be + the + Adj + N + in / of ..
irregulal Adj:
good -> the best
bad -> the worst ..
2. For two stress sounds
- noisy noisier noisiest
(quiet, thirsty, hungry,heavy.)
- A few, a little là những từ đợc dùng để chỉ một số lợng nhỏ, ít.
- Chúng ta sử dụng chúng chủ yếu trong câu xác định
a. afew : một ít ( many, a lot of , lots of: nhiều) + Ns.
b. alittle: một ít , much , a lot of , lots of + N(un)
- * little , few : rất ít, hầu nh không có

c. should (not) : nên / không nên. Should: chỉ sự bắt buộc và
khuyên răn, ngụ ý cho rằng điều gì đó là đúng hoặc là tốt nhất
phải làm. Shouldnt: ngụ ý nói rằng việc gì đó là không tốt,
không nên làm.

B. Drill exercises
Ex1: Make sentences
1. Mekong river / long / river / VN.
2. This building / tall / Ha Tinh
3. Nam / thin / his family
4. My school / big / these three schools.
5. you / short / girl / class.
Ex3: Correct form of adj
1. My house is the (big) of these three houses.
2. My grand mother is the (old) in my family.
3. Mexico City is the (big) City in the world.
4. The Mekong River is the (long) in Viet nam.
5. Your hair is the (short) of these three girls.
6. Mais house is the ( small) in this area.

7. Ha noi City is the (nosy) City of those three Cities.
8. Nam is the (tall) boy in his family .
9. Ha Tinh City is the (small) of three Cities:Vinh City,Thanh Hoa City,Ha Tinh C
10. This house is the (high) in this country.
Ex3: Fill in the questions
A: ………………………………….?
B: Yes. There are a lot of beautiful mountains in Ha Tinh.
A: …………………………………?
B: Yes. It has many rivers. The smallest river is Cay River.
A: …………………………………?
B: No. There aren’t any beautiful beaches.
A: …………………………………………..?
B: No. It doesn’t have any lakes.
A: …………………………………………?
B: She’s Australian.
A: ……………………………………………?
B: She speaks English.
Ex4: Translate
1. Toà nhà kia cao nhất thành phố Ha tinh.

2. Chị tôi cao hơn tôi.
3. Sông Lam là một con sông dài nhất trong các con sông kia.
4. Con mèo này nhỏ hơn con mèo kia.
5. Thành phố Hà nội lớn nhất đất nước ta.
6. Thước của tôi dài hơn thước của bạn.
7. Hôm nay trời nóng hơn hôm qua. (yesterday)
8. Bạn ấy từ đâu đến? Bạn ấy đến từ Nhật bản
9. Cô ấy thuộc quốc tịch nào? Cô ấy là người Mỹ.
10.Và cô ấy nói thứ tiếng nào? Cô ấy nói Tiếng Anh
Ex5 Fill in the blank with a lot , a few, a little.
1. We buy …….. of potatoes. My brother likes potatoes very much.
2. We have ………….. milk in the fridge.
3. There are … tomatoes on the table.
4. My family has a very small paddy field. It produces rice.
5. There are …… of valuable plants in this forest.
Ex6: Write the sentences with should or shouldn’t
1. We are destroying the forests.
2. We are planting many trees.
3. We are producing much rice.
4. We are wasting too much water.
5. We are killing many animals.

6. We are recycling waste and scrap.
7. We are polluting the air with gases.
Ex7: Which word is different?
1. trash , coal , oil , gas.
2. waste , pollute , destroy , grow.
3. sea , forest , river , ocean.
4. can , bottle , faucet , box.
5. paper , plant , grass , tree.
6. paper , metal , plastic, light.
7. house , building, flat , city
8. tall, big , old, small.
9. people , man, cities , buildings
10. uncle , father , brother , daughter
Ex8. Chose the best answer
1. How (often / long / far / much) are you going to stay here? - For
two weeks.
2. I’m going to visit my uncle ……. Sunday morning.
3. Shall we go out tonight? Yes, (we are/ I can / we go , let’s)
4. What would you like to do at the weekend?- I (like to do a lot/
can’t do it/’d like to do / don’t like the weekend)
5. Why don’t we go to the cinema? (Because I like it/ Yes,we do/ I
don’t think so / Good idea.)
6.Why doesn’t Peter want to walk? (Because he’s tired / Good idea
/ Yes , he does, he doesn’t think so)
7. What about (have / having / you have / do you have) a cup of
8.How is he going to go? ( On / In / With / By) plane
9. What are you watching? ( I’m going to watch a film / I want to
watch a film / I’m watching a film / I watch a film)
10.Russia and the USA are two big countries in the (city / nation /
world / town)
11. He can (speaks / speaking / speak / to speak) English and
12. Some people can speak many (countries / nationalities ,
13. My parents are from Japan. They’re (Japan / Japanese / British)
14.Your house is large, but his house is even larger (to / than /
as) your house
15. How (long / high / tall) is this tree? – It’s two meters high.

16. What’s his nationality? (he’s from China/ He’s Chines ? It’s
17. This city has a (number / people / population) of 2.6 million.
18. This is (the / a / most) longest river in the world.
19. Vietnam has (alots / lots / lot) of beautiful mountains.
20. The (city / capital / country) of Malaysia is Jakarta.
C. Homework
- Review unit 9-15.
- Learn theory

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