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Cac de luyen thi

1. Put one of the following words into each gap.









1. Put ......... your hat. It's cold today.
2. I don't feel well. I am going to lie ............ for a minute.

3. I feel ........... the stairs and broke my leg.
4. The children stood ......... when the teacher arrived.
5. Don't throw ....... that bottle. We can use it again.
6. I would take ....... my jacket if I felt hot.
7. I must remember to take the book ...... to the library.
8. I'm going to take the dog ......... for a walk.
9. I heard someone running behind me. I turned ..... and saw a girl in a track suit.
2. Replace the word underlined with a suitable phrasal verbs

make up
get on with

turn down
pull down

look up to
look out

take off
put up with

1. I think that you invented this story.
2. Be careful! You are going to fall.
3. The plane is going to leave the ground.
4. He hasn't rejected my request.
5. All the workers respect me.
6. My mother - in - law and I have a good relationship.
7. I can't bear his rudeness.
8. The old houses were demolished to build an amusement centre.

3. Choose the most appropriate preposition to fill in each blank.
up after on
off in
1. I’d like to listen to some music. Would you please turn the radio….................?
2. Please try to give…....... smoking. It is not good for your health.
3. Don’t put…............. your homework anymore. The deadline is coming.
4. When I was young, my uncle looked…........... me because my parents were abroad.
5. Before you enter the class, you need to fill… ........this form so that we can have your
personal information.
4. Choose from the four options given (marked A, B, C or D) one best answer to

complete each sentence.
1. The driver skidded and ….a dog.
A. ran
B. ran into
C. ran after
D. ran over
2. Aren’t you going to …the dress…before you buy it?
A. try/ X
B. try/ up
C. try/ on
D. try /in
3. I’m sorry, sir. But you’ve already worn this dress. That’s why you can’t…it…..
A. take/ back B. take /after
C. take/ in
D. take/ again
4. Are you telling the truth? Or are you …. this story.
A. making
B. making up
C. making for
D. doing
5. Fortunately, Marie is associating well with her new co-workers.
A. calling on
B. talking over
C. getting along with
5. Choose one of the following phrasal verbs to complete the sentences
look up
look after
find out
go on
turn down
give up
grow up
break down


We'll buy a smaller house when the children______and left home.
The computer isn't working - it________this morning.
It was not problem. We__________his number in the telephone book.
_________the cats when we go away on holiday?
I ____________ where he lived by checking in the local library.
My headaches have been much better since I____drinking coffee.
'What____________here? What are you doing?'
I_____________ their offer because they weren't going to pay me enough money

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