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Chuyên đề củng cố và nâng cao vốn từ vựng tiếng Anh (Buổi 8)

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(Buổi 8)
Choose the best option (A, B, C, or D) for each of the following sentences.
Question 1: I thought I saw water in the distance but it must have been an optical
A. illusion

B. deception

C. delusion

D. error

Question 2: How do you _____ these latest instructions? I can't make any sense of them
at all.
A. clarify

B. interpret

C. deduce

D. solve

Question 3: I like that photo very much. Could you make an _____ for me?
A. enlargement

B. expansion

C. increase

D. extension

Question 4: He _____ some unusual educational beliefs.
A. takes

B. keeps

C. holds

D. carries

Question 5: I don't take _____ to being disobeyed. That's a warning!
A. kindly

B. well

C. nicely

D. gently

Question 6: As darkness fell, there was nothing for it but to _____ for the nearest
A. stand

B. make

C. call

D. go

Question 7: To all intents and _____, the matter has been settled.
A. statements

B. proposals

C. purposes

D. reasons

Question 8: She _____ her daughter's boyfriend up and down, and then asked him in.
A. observed

B. noticed

C. watched

D. obeyed

Question 9: Paul is a very _____ character, he is never relaxed with strangers.
A. self-conscious B. self-satisfied

C. self-directed

D. self-confident

Question 10: They were among the first companies to exploit the _____ of the Internet.
A. potential

B. prospect

C. possibility

D. ability
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Question 11: Thanks to her father's encouragement, she has made great _____ in her
A. standard

B. development

C. contribution

D. progress

Question 12: Peter is disappointed at not getting the job, but he will _____ it soon.
A. take on

B. get over

C. go through

D. come over

Question 13: With better medicine, we would stop the _____ of that disease:
A. exhibition

B. proliferation

C. suffusion

D. collaboration

Question 14. I am not used to the cold weather here, so I need to have a heating system
A. installed

B. serviced

C. developed

D. repaired

Question 15: The company management decided to _____ more workers to meet the
production schedule.
A. take on

B. take over

C. make up

D. make out

Question 16: We were _____ by the spectacular scenery of the countryside.
A. bewildered

B. preoccupied

C. overwhelmed

D. overjoyed

Question 17: Tien Quan Ca, the Viet Nam national _____ was written by Van Cao.
A. folk song

B. anthem

C. epic

D. pop song

Question 18: If you want your children to play football well, you need to find a good
A. supervisor

B. teacher

C. coach

D. captain

Question 19: He claimed that he simply had the good _____ to be in the right place at
the right time.
A. fate

B. opportunity

C. fortune

D. destiny

Question 20: Peter has a separate room for his musical _____.
A. instruments

B. equipment

C. tools

D. facilities

Question 21: The water _____ in the area has resulted in poor crop production.
A. deficiency

B. lack

C. shortage

D. absence

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Question 22: I will phone Vivian to _____ her to buy some sugar; otherwise, she will
A. allow

B. remind

C. encourage

D. advise

Question 23: Let's hope that the new year will _____ in a period of prosperity for
A. admit

B. usher

C. introduce

D. show

Question 24: He never _____ back on his word.
A. goes

B. tells

C. leaves

D. gives

Question 25: UNICEF _____ supports and funds for the most disadvantaged children
all over the world.
A. presents

B. assists

C. provides

D. offers

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