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Let’s play (Business Plan) how to plan your life

Let’s Play (Entrepreneur Finance
Muhammad Saad Mazhar

• To propose a business plan under the auspices of
a vacuum that we may seek in our surrounding.
• We found an opportunity at “Madina Market”,
located at the close proximity of our very own
Bahria University

• Students of Bahria and some other youth used to
knock around and they have almost nothing to do
rather than having junk food from nearby fast
foods restaurants. .

Company Description
• Our company’s core purpose is to deploy the
youth, who have currently been burning their

time and money on unproductive activities.
• We intend to provide them a place where they
can not only get entertainment but also get some
quality time with their significant others under
the auspices of computer games and others.
• Our product services would be computer games,
snooker, table football, table tennis.

• Our core competencies will be our first mover
advantage at our desired location, citing no
other venture is currently operating in the
same way.
• Also, the location is a center of attention for
the denizens, who count that place for social
get together or a place where they can
unwind themselves to the max.

Company History
• As to company history, it is necessary to mention
here that how we get to this idea and what did it
take to make this business opportunity feasible
and viable.
• Finally we come up with an idea by the time we
conduct a thorough analysis of Madina Market;
we subconsciously had been observing that place
for years, but couldn’t make anything out of it
owing to our lack of knowledge and interest in
the business world.

Mission Statement
• “To provide the platform for gamers to
showcase their skills and abilities while having
quality time with their loved ones”

Vision Statement

• “To be one of the best fun zone organizations
in the future, serving as a vantage point for

• Our first and foremost goal is to enlarge our market share
at our location, where we will operate, within two years.
• Secondly, we intend to target youth to the max; so that
they remain enthralled with our business. For this sake, we
will keep on installing latest games to keep our market
share for the long run.
• Thirdly, we would target maximal earnings while keeping
stability in the quality of services in order to raise our
contribution margin which would help us in reaching breakeven there and then.

Personal Goals
• As we know, the initial stage of the venture is
quite difficult to manage, but we need to stay
calm and keep on trying to stay on course.
• To keep ourselves motivated during tough
circumstances. We need to be dedicated and
hardworking for making the venture lucrative.
• Put in place proper ethics among the partners so
that we prevent ourselves against any potential
rift that is rife among the partners nowadays.

Business Goals
• Our first business goal is to increase our annual
sales by 10 percent each year with the help of
constant innovation and by ringing out subtle
changes down the road.
• We will be finding ways to cut down our cost by
improvising our system or to install any other
technology that would reduce our fixed cost as
much as possible.
• To open two or more gaming product services
within next year.

• Strategic Objectives

• Purpose
• Product and services
• Current Status
• Legal Status

Core Marketing Offerings

Industry Analysis

Industry Information :
• The industry has been growing with an
exponential rate after the inception of IT era
in Pakistan.
• Youth used to play games at their private PCs
and had the sense of loneliness but now they
can play with one another to alleviate their
loneliness concerns.

Market Analysis
• As we are going to launch our services at
Madina Market Islamabad, hence, our major
target would be youth who needs to be
deployed for the same reason.
• With the aim to discover our target market,
we run the market analysis to unravel the
depth of our customers’ diversity

• Ideal customers
• Market Segmentation and Target Market

Geographic Segmentation:

Demographic Segmentation:

Psychographic Segmentation:

Behavioral Segmentation

Target Market Selection

Chain Ratio Analysis

ATAR Model

Market needs, trends, & description

Market Needs

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