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Talk about your best friend - Tài liệu text
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Talk about your best friend

Talk about your best friend.
In life, everyone has a best friend, and so do I. My best friend is Mai Anh. She has the same age as me.
She lives in La Xuyen and we went to the same primary school, the same secondary school and now, we
go to the same high school. We have been friend for 8 years. I met her when I joined music club in grade 3.
She is plump and quiet short as a secondary school’s student. She has dark skin, a round face with short
black hair, high forehead and thick lips. She is highly short-sighted and she wears thick glasses. She is
very cute.
In her free time, she likes listening to music, watching films, watching football matches and planting trees.
Her music idol is Big Bang band and her football idol is Robben. Sometimes she gives me plants and
flowers which she planted herself.
She is friendly and helpful. She always help other students with their homework. She is good at many
subjects but she is good at Math best. She won many prizes in Math. She is very hard-working. She
spends about 4 hours a day to study. She always ranks first in the class. I am very admire her patience.
She is form of friends that I can share eveything. She always believes, sympathies and helps me in every
Although we are quietly different but we are still best friend. I hope we will be best friend forever.

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