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Kế hoạch xây dựng hệ thống thông tin, nâng cao hiệu quả quản lý và kinh doanh công ty CP xây dựng công nghiệp và dân dụng dầu khí PVC

Kế hoạch xây dựng Hệ thống thông tin, nâng cao hiệu quả Quản lý và Kinh
Doanh Công Ty CP Xây Dựng Công Nghiệp và Dân Dụng Dầu Khí PVC
Plan on Construction of Information System to Improve Management and Business of
Petroleum Industrial and Construction Joint Stock Company (PVC-IC)

I. Preamble
Information Technology is not new but it is still very useful to analyze
strategies on products and clients on basis of expense, product price or price
comparison. The data is, in almost companies, available in a department in the
organizations. However, few companies are able to quickly search and combine the
data to support the process of decision making. The information is collected and
supplied via “storage of data” to help change the companies wholly.

II. Meaning of the Topic
Construction of solutions and management of establishment of strategic
information system in Petroleum Industrial and Construction Joint Stock Company
(PVC-IC) to create breakthrough as it has been and competitive advantages of the
III. Introduction about Petroleum Industrial and Construction Joint Stock
Company (PVC-IC)

Petroleum Industrial and Construction Joint Stock Company (PVC-IC) is
member of the Petrovietnam Construction Joint Stock Corporation – Vietnam Oil and
Gas Group
PVC-IC has, after over 26 years of establishment and development, confirmed
its position and strength in investment in industrial and civil construction of the
national oil and gas industry. It has tried its best efforts to gain the honor title, EPC
General Contractor which has sufficient capacity and experience in construction of
works with 4 basements and over 30 floors.
PVC-IC has been renovated its management, incessantly improved its
competitive capacity, expanded its market shares in business and production. In
addition, it has continually renovated its technology and invested in modern equipment
to facilitate construction.
Being directed by the targets on sustainable development, Petroleum Industrial
and Construction Joint Stock Company (PVC-IC) always secures quality of supplies
and considers quality as the decisive factor in all operations as well as the survival of
the Company.
PVC-IC has, with its financial capacity, highly qualified, experienced officers,
engineers, workers and staffs, as well as ISO 9001-2008 based advanced quality
control system, become one Vietnamese leading construction company that always
receives bids and participate into construction of key national works, contributing
actively to the national development.

IV. Construction of future development in 5 next years (2012-2016).
1. Analysis of existing state:

Decision Maker




Professional department,

Decision Maker


Moving Repor





ITTDS Department


Professional database

Professional database

Quick report

Time reduction

Effort minizing

Decision making




Higher quality
Quick report


2. Determination of main adverse impacts on the Company’s position in the market.
• Threats from new competitive opponents: PVC-IC has strength and
competitive advance in construction of industrial works in petroleum
industry, in civil construction, high buildings, real estates in investment
sector. However, the Company faces with developing internal and
external opponents.
• Bargaining rights of suppliers- clients: in current mechanism, all
companies have been developing their business toward the targets on
higher quality and competitive price. Therefore, input and output
products always meet the two above mentioned factors. Suppliers are
possible to provide satisfactory products in term of quality but their
unexpected policies on price. In addition, PVC-IC’s clients always wish
to receive the products with the highest quality but lowest price

• Threat caused by replaced products and services: at present, impacted
factors are varied and clients’ demands change regularly. For example,
autoclaved aerated concrete bricks that were used to construct high
building is replaced with clinker bricks at present because the aerated
concrete bricks are much lighter than clinker bricks. Therefore, market
research and having a thorough grasp of clients’ demands are very
• Competitive of existing companies: The existing companies, in and
beyond the oil and gas industry, are competitive opponents of PVC-IC in
following years during the process of integration and development.
3. Strategies in next years.
• Discount: Creation of varied products and services with the best price in
the same field.
• Difference: Creation of products with high quality and competitive price.
For example, good after-sales service.
• Focus: Focus on one market segment
4. Construction of development plans in following years



Business Strategies



In order to increase competitiveness of the Company, overcome weaknesses
due to unavailable effective information system, the Company, after so many meetings
of authorities in all levels, from the executive leaders with the highest power to those
in charge of direct implementation and on basis of optimally meeting varied modern

demands of clients, as well as improvement of management capacity and completion
of management and production system of Company, minimizing expense and increase
in effectiveness in production, selects to construct its strategic information system on
basis of application of the following model:

Information System Model Applied in PVC-IC

Production &
Business Plan


Fixed asset


- General ledger

Document management
- Internal & External
- Departure and arrival

Procurement &

Security in
Applied levels

Cash flow

Work management
Management of Salary
Internet based
and Personnel
assignment Training Management


Basic System Service


Basic User Support



Internal website
& Email

Virtual private
network (VPN)

End users

Virtual Local Area
Network (VLAN)

- Locked own chamber


- Email Server
- Web Server


End users


Quản Trị Hệ Thống Thông Tin – Management Information Stysem

V. Implementation Management
1. Network infrastructure management:
Hardware management
Hardware consists of servers, workstation, switchboard system, etc. The hardware is
equipped synchronously to be adapted to the applications that are installed to meet
requirements in works. The hardware is coded for easier management
Network system management:
Network system consists of Modem, Router, LAN, WIRELESS….
Network system functions to connect hardware and external information gates with
internet connection or via long-distance telephones, etc.
The server and workstation connected network system is installed with own IPs for
easier management and with password to prevent from download
2. INTRANET Management:
INTRANET consists of basic services such as DNS (use of Webhosting supported
with DNS to save money), DHCP, RAS; user services namely file server,
Printserver….; Website and internet based services,
INTRANET based management via servers helps control sent and received files.
Decentralization of access rights is applied for security of the system
3. Management and other applications:
Management Information System (MIS): consists management of documents,
works, personnel, salaries, training, etc.
Application of e-office program based management information system, etc with
access decentralization is aimed at protection of information security and
convenience in management.
Professional applications:

International Executive Master of Business Administration Program

Quản Trị Hệ Thống Thông Tin – Management Information Stysem

ERP: Enterprise resources Planning is an information technology based solution to
integrate entire applications of business and production management into one
unique system to automate management processes. All activities of the companies,
from personnel, production line, supply of materials, internal finance management
to sales, marketing, exchanging with partners, clients are implemented with the
unique system.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the solution to help companies to
approach and communicate with clients systematically and effectively, to control
clients’ information as well as information on accounts, demands, contact, etc to
serve them better.
Clients’ information on basis of customer relationship management shall be
accessed and saved in database management system. Thanks to a special searching
tool, the Company enables to analyze and form list of potential and regular clients to
point out proper customer care strategies. In addition, the Company enables to treat
clients’ matters quickly and effectively.
CRM is applied via EQ-Eoffice CRM to:
 Internal management
 Sales management organization
 After-sales service organization
 Marketing activity management
 Summary reports
Applications in other specialties:
PRIMAVERA Project Management Software of Oracle:

International Executive Master of Business Administration Program

Quản Trị Hệ Thống Thông Tin – Management Information Stysem

 Progress management and regulation: it is possible to accelerate progress,
delay progress depending on demands. The software includes anticipation of
late or earlier completion of the projects on basis of existing performance.
 Budget management and control: it is only possible to know loss or gains in
most of projects in Vietnam after end of the budget-expense of the projects
but it is impossible to know more specific information of each item. The
software is possible to anticipate redundant or insufficient expense as the
projects are in -progress.
 Management and security of natural resources and personnel in the Projects:
on basis of parameters in progress, materials, expected budgets, cost estimate
software, it is possible to know how many workers, engineers to be recruited
in next months and how much materials to be procured, etc to help the users
to actively purchase materials and save budgets as well as to actively control
 Management of document related to Documents Control projects: there are
so many documents in project management so it is very necessary to have
functions of saving files, images of works, designs, etc.
 Active management thanks to anticipation, calculations, reports, analysis, and
control, etc in advance.
 Synchronous optimum among departments because all of them share mater
data so their connection is so closed. In addition, they have several assistant
functions such as Forum, Email…
 Management in any place and in any time: Webpage software helps webbased assessment with an Internet connected computer. Therefore, directors,
managers are able to access to review reports directly and exactly during their
working trips.

International Executive Master of Business Administration Program

Quản Trị Hệ Thống Thông Tin – Management Information Stysem

 International standard-based project management: the software is present in
164 nations throughout the world so it is possible to meet all demands,
management standards in searching of information, discovery and
improvement of qualification.
4. Information Network Protection System:
It is very important to construct a system of information protection security


Kiểm soát truy


Lớp ứng dụng


Chứng thực



Chống chối bỏ




Bảo mật số

Control area
Management level


An toàn luồng

The following solutions are applied to improve security and protect data and
information of companies:

Nguyên vẹn số

Hardware system such as servers are place
separately in its own chamber, assigned
Khả dụng
to specific users; some applications such as security card are used to assign to new

Riêng tư

International Executive Master of Business Administration Program

Quản Trị Hệ Thống Thông Tin – Management Information Stysem

Network system: firewall and such software as IDS, IPS, SSL are applied to
improve and maintain security of the network system.
Compulsorily installed applications are anti-virus software, Spyware, Spam….
Professional application:
Decentralization of rights to access and manage data and information is
indispensable, which is application of security software in applied level.
5. Information gate management:
The information is accessed and downloaded via information gates such as
VI. ERP value sequence
Value sequence of a ERP project consists of total cost of ownership – TCO (initial
construction expense, maintenance expense and operation cost) and profits in years.
ERP investment is profitable to the Company, including gross profit, reduction of
labor cost, reduction of inventories, etc and annual profits consist of reduction of
transportation cost, increase in control capacity of properties, reduction of debt due,
etc. If the Company has correct selection, the initial construction expense is high but
the ratio between operational expense and profits in following years is very good.

International Executive Master of Business Administration Program

Quản Trị Hệ Thống Thông Tin – Management Information Stysem

ERP Sequence

Initial construction cost
Maintenance cost
Operational cost
Gross profit


Annual profit

1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

VII. Effectiveness evaluation
Change in working thought in all positions in companies
The leadership has to approach information quickly and exactly by application of a
modern management system,
The Management in all level is advised to optimize productivity in each step.
Overall management information system secures to supply complete, exact and
quick information from input to output of products.
The administration sector and functional department access necessary information to
coordinate and combine them in their works to create smooth and appropriateness in
work. In addition, it is advised to regularly exchange information to timely discover
and recommend inappropriateness of each department to improve effectiveness in
Convenient and easy corporate management, even in remote distance, to make
correct and exact decisions depends on exact information.

International Executive Master of Business Administration Program

Quản Trị Hệ Thống Thông Tin – Management Information Stysem

Improvement of competitiveness in the age where exact and quick information is
very important;
VIII. Vision to 2020
In order to develop information technology in operation, to improve
effectiveness in management and business, it is very necessary to invest strongly in
R & D (Research and Development). In addition, the Company nees to have detailed
evaluations on development indexes in previous years and of the industry.
In addition, the Company’s development depends significantly on the
national economy as well as legal corridor issued by the State to facilitate
It is necessary to have consultancy and effective monitoring to exploit ERP –
related projects. In addition, the Company has to review 3 main factors, namely
where is the market, development orientation and resources.

International Executive Master of Business Administration Program

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