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1. General introduction of Ha Noi - Hai Phong Beer Joint Stock Company
Company name : Ha Noi - Hai Phong Beer Joint Stock Company
Headquarters: 16 Lach Tray – Ngo Quyen – Hai Phong
Tel: 0313.640.681 | Fax: 0313.845.157
Ha Noi - Hai Phong Beer Joint Stock Companywas formerly known as Viet
Hoa Ice Water Factory was founded June 15 in1960 by Decision No. 150 / UBHC
QDUB of Haiphong in the form of a partnership.
- In 1978 Viet Hoa Ice Water Factory was renamed Hai Phong Freshwater
- In 1990 Hai Phong Freshwater Factory was renamed Hai Phong Beer
Freshwater Factory.
- In 1993 Hai Phong City People's Committee has decided to rename
brewery fresh water into Brewery Haiphong (Decision No. 81 / QD-TCCQ dated
14th Jan 1993).
- In 1995 implementation of the policy on renovating of State enterprises,
Hai Phong City People's Committee has decided to rename Brewery to Hai Phong
Beer Company (Decision No. 1655 QD / DMDN 4th October 1995 ).
- On 23rd Sep 2004 Hai Phong City People's Committee issued Decision No.
2519 / QDUB converted Haiphong Beer Company (State Enterprises) of Hai Phong

beer JSC. Haiphong Beer JSC was established with charter capital 25,500,200,000
VND with state-owned shareholder capital ratio is 65%, the shareholder capital in
enterprise was 29.5%, the capital of shareholders outside an enterprise is 5.5%. Hai
Phong Beer JSC officially operating under the model of joint stock company
according to registration certificate No. 0203001024 by the Department of Business
Planning and Investment Haiphong dated 20th Sep 2004.
- In October 2005, Hai Phong City People's Committee agreed to transfer the
State capital in Hai Phong Beer JSC to Ha Noi Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Company
HABECO (according to the notice number 4510 / UBND- KHTH, dated on 24 th
August 2005) and the Board of Hai Phong Beer JSC agreed to accept the transfer of

the state capital in Hai Phong Beer JSC (No. 45 / QD-TCKT dated on 6 Sep2005).
Hai Phong Beer JSC joined Ha Noi Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Corporation that
operates as the parent company - subsidiary company.
- By resolution of the extraordinary assembly of Shareholders of Hai Phong
Beer JSC meeting on 23rd Octor 2005: Hai Phong Beer Joint Stock Company was
renamed Ha Noi - Hai Phong Beer JSC with 25.5002 billion VND charter capital, in
which the ratio of shareholder state capital by the Corporation Beer - Alcohol Beverage Hanoi (HABECO) holds 65% of the shareholder capital in businesses is
29.5% of the shareholders capital outside the enterprise is 5.5%.


General Assembly Shareholders

Board of Directors

Supervisory Board





Finance and




Organizational structure Chart of Ha Noi - Hai Phong Beer JSC


2. Analyze, evaluate the current strategy of Ha Noi - Hai Phong Beer JSC
2.1. Current strategy of the company through the Delta Project model and
strategy maps


Optimized Product Strategy
Vision, mission, core values
- Vision :. Become strong company, plays a key role in the manufacturing industry Beer-Alcohol -Beverages in VN
and is one of Asia's leading enterprise for Beer produced business
- Mission: The essence of culinary culture and the pride of Hanoi - Hai Phong
- Core values: reputation with customers is the foundation of prosperity

Locate competition
- The big market share in the produced business
Beer-Alcohol –Beverages sector in Vietnam.
- Systematic distribution agent.
- There is a foreign strategic shareholders with
strong financial potential.

Sector structure
- The level of fierce competition, many present and
potential competitors
- The threat of substitute products.
- Pressure reducing product cost, improve product
quality and service quality.

Manufacturing, Beer-Alcohol-Beverages sales and Packaging; Import and export of
materials, supplies, equipment, spare parts, accessories and chemicals; Organize material
area, ...

Improvement, innovation
-Focused research and development technology:
The creation of beer production process ...;
Utilizing mud and waste residue used in beer
production process ...

Operational efficiency
- Manufacturing output, consumption and revenue
growth and are quite high.
- Exporting products to many countries.
- Extend link building beer production factory in
the province.
- There is no process for assessing the value added
chain through each department.

Identify target customers
- The distribution agent.
- Men are in working age.
- Towards the middle and senior high market segment in Vietnam

Four different views
Finance, Customer, Internal Process, Learning and Development
Combined Matrix and Image Matrix
Testing and feedback

2.2. Review present strategy of Hanoi - Hai Phong Beer JSC
2.2.1. Link between mission and strategy implementation process at Hanoi - Hai
Phong Beer JSC
The senior leaders and managers of Hanoi - Hai Phong Beer JSC somehow
have to be connected with the mission to implement the strategy of the company is
performing. Proven to be production, consumption and revenue growth of the
company are quite high and in recent years compared with the competitors in the
industry; Product price is lower than the same products imported; Product "right
taste" preferred customers; Agent distribution system to the consumer product.
But the real mission associated with the implementation strategy for the
company as well as help developing stable and sustainable, Hanoi - Hai Phong Beer
JSC should focus more on branding, advertising related products, diversification of
products and building corporate culture. These are important issues for an enterprise
in the economic market but at Hanoi - Hai Phong Beer JSC is currently being
Therefore, we can say the link between mission and strategy implementation
process at Hanoi - Hai Phong Beer JSC is not really complete and has not reached
the desired effect.
2.2.2. The effectiveness of the current strategy with the environment inside and
outside Hanoi - Hai Phong Beer JSC
Effective business strategy is a strategy that combines elements
internal environment and the external environment factors help enterprises capable
of adapting best business environment conditions fluctuating and changing.
For Hanoi - Hai Phong Beer JSC, the combination of environmental factors
inside and outside environmental factors has been the administrator mounts and
successful implementation of the current strategy especially at the "front" of
products and distribution channels, but also a number of issues need to be tackled.
(1) Production, distribution channel and market share:

Production: Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC of Hanoi Beer Corporation
(HABECO) with Saigon Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Corporation (SABECO) and
Vietnam Beer Company (VBL) has accounted for over 50% of the national beer
production. Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC in 2014, total beer volume consumption

of reaching 403.894 million liters, reaching 102.87% of the plan, up 32.55%
compared with 2013.
Distribution channel: Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC of HABECO corporation
distribution policy is considered the best method to expand their market share so
Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC has developed modern system sale of products with
more than 470 distribution agents throughout the country and 3 branches is Pho
Noi, Nghe An, Nam Dinh. Expanding consumer market, not only in domestic
but also exported to many other countries.
Market share: Beer market in Vietnam is divided into these categories: Super
luxury (as the imported products), Senior (as Heneken), Luxury (as Tiger), Medium
(as Hanoi - Haiphong beer JSC (HABECO), SABECO), Popular (as the local beer
products). Vietnam is common in medium beer market, in this market Hanoi Haiphong beer JSC (HABECO) with SABECO and HUDA (Hue) occupying 64%
market share. Hanoi - Haiphong beer JSC (HABECO) is No. 2 market share and
dominate the market and market share primarily from Quang Tri northward.
(2) Revenue and profits:
Hanoi - Haiphong beer JSC (HABECO) has always maintained an average
annual growth rate in recent years was 20%. The average revenue increase of 30%
per year. State budget contribution was an average increase of 20%. Profit increased
12% on average each year.
Typically, in 2014, according to financial statements audited by parent
company, Hanoi Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Corporation General Corporation
reached 4,441 billion in net revenue increasing 1,301 billion respectively up 35 , 7%
compared with 2013.
Total revenue and income reached 5438.920 billion, reaching 117.83%
compared to the plan, up 29.5% compared with 2013.
Total profit before tax reached: 894 782 million, reaching 137.66% of the
target, by 238% compared to 2013. The higher profit was due to the impact of the
reduction tax of the special consumption on beer bottles and beer cans and the new
Total profit after tax reached: 734 406 million, reaching 149.2% is higher
than planned, by 250% compared to 2013.

(3) Brand promotion and marketing
Although quite successful in two fronts: product and distribution channel but
Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC was too overlooked to promote their brands. In
contrast, the international group is very focused field; the more famous brands, the
more promoted and marketing the product. Example Heneken did not hesitate to
raise funds by 53% each year marketing and brand promotion.
Actual marketing activities of Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC are undertaken by
trading room, beside undertaking too much, marketing staffs aren’t professional, so
work low efficiency. Proven marketing activities of Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC has
not varied, always passive, occurs intermittently, advertising is too little or
broadcasted messages that did from 3- 4 years ago.
2.2.3. Viewpoint proposed to complete strategy.
Through learning, studying and based on the analysis and evaluation of the
current strategy of Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC, I think that the company's strategic
positioning is the optimal product fit mission and core values of Hanoi - Haiphong
Beer JSC. But the implementation of the current strategy is more difficult and
unsuitable so I propose some solutions to help Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC get
trading strategy flexible and more efficient by 2020.
3. Proposed solutions to complete strategic Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC in 2020
Based on the Delta Project model and map strategy. I propose some
following solutions:
3.1. Competitive location
Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC should take advantage of the opening trend to
integrate international economy, expand joint ventures with corporations in
domestic and foreign on the principle of mutual benefit to strengthen the open
markets and market share. Thereby further promoting the export of products,
especially in the new markets. Improving the quality of distribution agents system
existing products. Paying attention to the expanded distribution agents system to the
Medium and the South Market.
3.2. Resources


The reality has proved that every business secrets, technology, product
design ...that may be copied by competitors, only invest in people that is prevented
competitors stars copying their secrets.
The experience of many enterprises showed that any enterprises invest for
humans, they will be many opportunities for success in business. The success of
companies from Japan, Korea and India in recent decades have shown us that the
investment in human factors bring more effective than investing in innovation
technology and equipment for production and business activities .....
So to overcome weaknesses (only 10% university and postgraduates level
human resources), I think Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC should focus on:
- Innovation policy: recruitment, working arrangements, wages, benefits ... in
order to maximize creativity, attract and retain talent.
- Select and create favorable conditions to encourage officers and staff
abroad improve their learning skills.
3.3. Marketing and brand promotion
Need to recruit and train a professional staff of marketing in parallel with
building an effective marketing plan.
To separate the functions of marketing and brand promotion from the
business functions of the business department. Established Marketing Department
to implement the marketing plan and brand promotion of Hanoi - Haiphong Beer
Need to arrange a satisfactory financial terms (10% of revenue) for the brand
promotion and marketing of products.
3.4. Finance
Focus finalize the administrative procedures in land use rights 183 Hoang
Hoa Tham which implemented the 2nd issue of shares to the public in order to
increase the financial capacity, improve competitiveness Hanoi - Haiphong Beer
3.5. Product
Upgrading biochemical Room of Product Development room. Strengthening
research product diversification, further improve product quality and focus on
developing current senior beer product.

3.6. Improved innovation
Need to develop the value added chain processes across stages, parts from
which adjusted or removed inefficient operations to minimize costs and maximize
operational efficiency.
Building a corporate culture of Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC, creating distinct
character and friendly working environment, modern. Thereby creating incentives
creative abilities of staff employees and attract talent to Hanoi - Haiphong Beer
Strengthening investigation and analysis to capture timely changes in the
policies and laws of the State, social trends in order to promptly find the appropriate
response measures help to Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC always develop stability and
3.7. Operational efficiency
Accelerate the construction of the beer factory are made at the province, soon
put into operation to increase production and reduce production costs through scale.
Expand and strengthen relations with suppliers of materials, equipment
abroad in order to stabilize production. To boost investment in material areas for
domestic materials can produce in order to proactively limit the dependence on
imported raw materials and reduce input costs.
3.8. Organizational model
Completing the organizational model of the parent company to adjust and
perfect the organizational model of the subsidiaries, associated companies to
become a system of streamlined, unified and efficient.
Although the world economy is in a period of instability, domestic inflation
is rising but the business results of Hanoi Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Corporation
(Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC) in recent years and are still quite high growth. This
suggests that effective current business strategy of Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC.
But the trend of international economic integration, especially in fiercely
competitive environment of the industry that Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC is active,
Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC isn’t allowed "overslept" complacent with the results
they have achieved, but must constantly learn, adjust and innovate enough to stand


firm and steady development of the business environment and instead blew


Therefore, based on research, analysis and evaluation of the strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, challenges, internal environment, external environment
of Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC I offer a number of measures in 8 matters of JSC Bia
Ha Noi - Hai Phong to adjust, innovate to get flexible business strategies and more
effective in the 2011-2020 period. With the desire to help Hanoi Beer - Alcohol Beverage Corporation (Hanoi - Haiphong Beer JSC) always develop stability,
sustainability and always the essence of Trang An culinary culture and the pride of


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