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Classic tales level 2 thumbelina

RtfQId by.su.. AmIgo
IllOUI'tutd Ilr Ckntl StUmm...:,

..." Contt nts ....




Pk'lure ()IcUonory
About C/aSj/c Tole.



The flower opens In the
Sun. And there's a IUtle
girl inside.
The womShe calls the girl Thumbelina.
The woman makes a bed for Thumbelina.
She makes a blanket.
Thumbelina Is very happy. She plsings all day.

'I wa nt a child: says tile
WOmOn. 'PII''Here!' says the old woman. 'Plant this
seedl And walt!·
The womon plAt last a flower


A beoutiful flower.

But one night 0 toad (Omes.


'Mm!' says the tood. 'My son wonts 0 wife.
You (On be his wife.'

'Who\'s the motter?' osk some fish.

She conies Thumbelino owoy.
'Where am 11' cries Thllmbellna.
'Thls Is 0 river,' "'ys the toad. 'And here Is
my son. You can be his wi fe .'


to cry.

'Oh, please help me!' she cries.
'I don't wont to morry a toad!'
The fish help Thllmbellno. And she
floats oway. She floats down th", river.
And now 0 butterfly helps her.

'What a beo.lIl1ful day!' says Thllmbellna.
But then a may bug sees her.

'Ugh!' says the maybug. 'I don't want
you now!'

'Mm ! You ((1I1 be my wjfe!' he says.
He carrIes her lip to a tree.
'Look!' he shouts. 'She can be my wife!'

Smthe other maybugs laugh al him.
'Ugh! She's pink!' they say. 'She only has
two legs!'

U's SlImmer. Thumbellna
makes a green gross bed. She
makes a green gross blankel.
The bIrds are her friends.

One day a mole visits them.
'He's very rkh,' S'He l1t't'ds Q wife. Thin k aboml1,


TIlell winter willes. And all the birds
flyaway. It Is cold und Thumbdlna
is hungry.

'Look! This Is my house,' says
Ihe mole.

'Corne In, girl,' says a mouse. 'This Is my
house. You can Uve here and work for me.'

But It is dark under the ground.
And ThumbeHna doesn'\ Ilk.. It.

'Here's (I bl(ll1kel,' says ThumbeUna.
She puts the blanket over II. Theil she
The bird Is not dead. II's allv.. ! And now It
opens lIS <')'<'$.
'lhal1k you ,' It soys. 'I am warmer now.'

Thank you.

There's (I bird under Ihe ground. A deod
bird. II's cold.
'Thol' s $(ld!' soys Thumbellna.
5ullh .. mole says, 'J don'l Uke birds.'
Thai nlghl Thumbelina call'l sl .... p. Sh ..
thinks about th .. bird. She gets out of bed.
Sh.. makes a grass blonkel for Ihe bird.



Spring (omes. The bird Is beller now.
'I\'s time togo!' It says. 'Come wllh me!'

'1 con'l,' soys Thumbellno. 'TIle mouse




'Goodbye.' says the bird. 'Goodbye,
my friend.'

And he flies up lu the blue sky.

All winter Thumbellna works for the

mouse , The mole visits them every day.
Sometlme$ Thumbellna sings for him.

And every doyTIlUmbelina visits the bird.

'Here's food and .....uter: she says.
'Thank you, my friend: soys the bird.
'I am warmer now.'





'Your dothes are ready! ' says the
mouse. 'The mole wanti to marry
you tomorrow. Go outside. Say
goodbye to the world.'
'Goodbye, brlghtsun!' says

'l ,

'\ '

Suddenly she h~'It's the bird. It's her friend, the bird.

ThumbeHna wants to go outside.
But there is always more work.
'The mole wams to marry you,' says
the moust'. 'You need some new clothes.'
That evening Thumbelina loob aut.
' I don 't want to marry the mole.'
she thlnb.



,. ,

'10m tlylng owoy todoy,' says the bIrd.
'Come with me. QuIck! Sit on my backl
'Leow Ihe mole behind. Leo~ him
In the dork rooms. Come, friend I
SI! on my back!' sa)'$ the bIrd.

'Yes! ' cries Thumbellno.
She gets onto the blrd's hock.
And up they fly. InlO lhe blue sky.
'Oil! The world Is beoUllful! · crIes
Thurnbellno. 'Look (II I he colours1'






nu.·re Is 0 lillIe prince In (I i1o ....~r.
'lie my lovel' he says to Thumbellno,

Tlwy fly to {lnotlH~r country,

SUn shines. There are
flowers ond butterflies.
There ore orongcs on the trl'eS.

'Yes!' wys Thumbellno. 'And you ... be my
'Thu mbellno" says the bird. 'Your dark
doys ore over, lie happyl '

'This Is my home, herel' says
the bird. 'Look, Thurn~lInol
Your hotne Is In (I flower!'



3 Whot do they soy? Write the w ords.




,=--==, •

2 pyt t ile wo.d. In th~ co,,~t ",de•.
I ...... rywontl00dtodon·t la .
,I!rn·! wo~! {o meny e tood
l Ulnie\ lrft ~ ~ to up a

4 wi"",, ThumboUno All mo.",.. r<>r woS a 1I1tle flow ..

p';""" in i, TM'" o.

4 Write the end of the .tory again. correcting Ih e mMoke
in filch ",nt enu.
Thumbolino ¥I' onto tM mol ..•• bod. T~ fl~ up into t .... pink
o.ky. Tho:-y fly loonath .. hou .... Th .... ,,'" flowers on~ ",," bono ..... on t .... trftl. Thumbol.ino·, ~ is In " _

The", is ..

110 ",,
Ii"'" ..-... In"

f t _ "1M bir



deod In deod.






n,: - ---:--





wife ~



Classk Tol~s

.... « - ' • .
....... ,~-


..... .........-,,_
.....---... ... ..-...OXfORD



-- -,'-~


- --~--" ~



--.....- - - ---.... ..




--_.....----_.. _-~-"

"' . ~~-



_ _ :_'___ __•


-~.-"'~- ..
__ .. -. .

. .------

~--,- -,,~

.---~"'-~ . -.~<>-,~. -~-.-

-._- ,..


tltrt art soom mon

class" Talis IO!' yo~ 10 enioy

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