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Oxford new horizons 3 workbook czech edition

Unit 1


will (for predictions, promises,

Unit 5


may, might
might or will?

could, was/were able to, managed to
Talking about past actions in


Talking about the future
Talking about resolutions
Unit 2



Unit 6


The rules of the road
Classroom behaviour

for, since
Present perfect

each, every, all

Talking about rules

At the post office

How long?
Present perfect or Past simple?


Maturita skills 5&6
Unit 7


First conditional


when, as soon as, unless
Defining relative clauses •

who, which, that, whose , where
for and to • purpose
Talking about purpose
Unit 4


Money and savings
The post office

have to
must or have to?
mustn't or don't have to?

Maturita skills 1&2
Unit 3

Air travel
Past continuous
Past continuous and Past simple


must, may, might, could, can't
Unit 8

Non-defining relative clauses
Defining and non-defining
relative clauses
Making deductions
Describing places
Maturita skills 3&4


Jobs, skills and personal qualities
Adjectives + prepositions
Present perfect continuous
Present perfect or Present perfect
Present perfect, Present perfect
continuous and Past simple
Adjectives describing skills and
Talking about unfinished actions
Natural disasters
make or do?

Present simple passive
Describing processes


Maturita skills 7&8
Oral maturita skills


Functions bank



Grammar reference






Complete the text with the words in the box.
public rransport

Do th e crossword.


solal pallels



There won't be much lEE/ j l'.¥...
in the
future so people will probably create electricuy
with ~ and .J Wltfl) rVRIJ("'~<;
Because there won't be much 4ftC.'tfCL (;()
people will walk, cycle and lIse S -to13L/ t r f2.;;)'S f'oA"
more, Some people will have cars but they'll
prob,lbly use 6 Ft//; L
m,lde from
, And people won't go on
holiday much beca use it'll be too expensive to
s FL T
as the fuel will cost 100



stop smoking/she/soon/say

l Most EUfope.1Il countries make people

Sftt!.Mft5bellstqpsm(!JiIJj'-""."Qn"'._ _ __

recycle their ~UeJ5/.} now.

2 SO/ in 2060/ be/ 1

4 Many scientists believe that the hole in the
(//.o/J r layq .is causing climatev~'


I WiLl. I>~O

3 pass her exam/ Katie/ probably

the wind to create energy.


7 In Los Angeles air _ _ causes the
formation of mist and fog.


of global _ _ .



plates and cups made of plastic are
bad because people don' t recycle them.

l/dpl0 "",Iu. VvM"~D C-t;Ii"'AH
8 think/ l/not get ma rried

6 People _ _ .1way 101S of things that it
wou ld be possible to recycle.

.1. \,tILl


away the equivalent to their own body weight in
rubbish every week!


7 in 2020/ wa rmer/ climate/the/ be

5 Pollution is a major problem for the _ _ .

the UK throws


.l.f..V"E"L= _-"ct"-,.c.l.k~",.).,-",,,~'~,,-r~=r_~~,",-\' ft 1 ~.. ,

fitt ing Sv'L.4R panels on ou r houses.


6 fuel/in the flltllre/ expensive/ be/very

3 We can save a 101 of money on electricity by

Did you know?



S Spain/ go to/ next summer/perhaps/I
\ 'WIU, GO rc>~Pt){)! rfVl!4p~ ft'H


On average, every person


4 I/ to do/you/help/ your homework
11111 LL H p

S There has been a rise in sea level as a result

Use the words to write sente nces with will,
Use the contracted for m w he re possible,

/lO ..... 1tllNll "1A~Q, FP

Write qu estions for the .l ll swers,
1 She'll arrive tomorrow.
2 No, people won't work in offices in the

3 Yes, school will finish in June.

will for offers

- - - - - - - - - - - -?


Write offers w ith will for the situat ions,

4 The gig will be in Birmingham .

This bag is very heavy.

I'll carry itfor,vou,
S Yes , the population of the world will grow.

2 I can't do my English homework,

6 I'll be sixteen on my next birthday.

3 It's rea lly hot in thi s room .


4 I haven' t got any money w it h me.

will for predictions

Wr ite predictions for the year 2100. Complete
the sentences w ith the correct form of the
verbs in the box .
con trol
not be

not become

2 We

6 We're lost and we haven't got a street map.




S The phone is ringing.

may, might

our houses.
electric cars.

3 People

married in space.

4 Scielllists

the weather.

S Pollution
any more.

a big problem

6 People


Perhaps he will help me with my homework.
(m ight)

2 Perhaps she won' t tell him . (might )


3 Perhaps we aren't right. (may)

will fo r p romises

Complete the dialogues, using the phrases in
the box,

4 You should take your umbrella. Perhaps it
will rain, (may)

Don't worry. I'l l do it now.
Sure. I'll go and get it for you.
Sorry. I won' t disturb you again .
Don't worry. I won't be late.
Yes, I will.

S There are no ligh ts in the house. Perhaps
Jim's Ollt. (might)

might or will?

A Shh! I'm trying to study,


Rewrite the sentences, using the verbs in


Under li ne t he correct alternative.

2 A Can you tell Kim that I phoned?

There's a new fil m at the ci nema .
might/ will go and see it, but ['m not Sllre.

3 A Make sure you get to your exam on time

4 A Can I borrow your Arctic Monkeys CD,

S A Have you finished your homework yet?


2 I' m not sure tha t publi c transport m ight/ will
become cheaper in the futu re.
3 How old will/ migllt YOll be on your next
4 I promise I' ll/ l might be back by midnight.

r ill not sure but it might not/ lUol1't be easy
to pass the exa m.

6 I don' t think I' Il/l miglu be famous one day.

10 Translate the sentences with might or will into
English in you r exercise book.

Do you think you'll have
next weekend?

Mandy je asi nemocna. Sla brzy dom u.
l Slibuji,

12 Write true a nswers to the questions.

lot of homework

ze ti zltra zavolam .

3 Je mozna star~i. ale myslfm si. ze mu neni vie
jak IS.

l Do you think you'll get a holiday job next

sli mmer?

4 Kolik ti bude let v race 20SO?
3 Do you think you']] get good marks at the
end of the year?

S Mozna pQ jdu dnes vecer s pf,1teli ven.
6 Jsem si jist, ze se budeme na vecirku dobfe

4 Will you be fa mous o ne day?

How do you express future predictions and
future possibilities in Czech?

5 Do you think you'll ever get married?


6 Do you think you'll ever be rich?

Talking about the future

Complete the dialogue with the correct future
form of the verbs in the box.

I meet





helVe to


Nick Did you re.l d your horoscope today, Jed?

13 Read the paragraph in which Jessica ta lks
.lboul her ambitions. Then write a simil.lf
paragraph about yourself in your exercise
book. Desc ribe what YOll are going to do
after you leave school.

No, [didn't.

Nick It was fantas tic!

What did it say?

Nick You 111h",, ____ very lucky this year
and yOll ! _ _ _ _ _ _ the lottery.

That's funny! I never buy lottery tickets.

Nick Well. start now! And another thing - you
_______ the girl of your drea ms
thi s month.

Don't tell my girlfriend! Anything else?

Nick Yes, you ~ _______ all your ex.llllS
at the end of the year.
Jed Grea t! s,_ _ __ _ ___ study hard?
Nick No, you won't. And you 6,_ _ _ _ _ __
a place at university next year. too.

Amazing! That's put me in


good mood.

Nick Excellent. Can you lend me LlO?

Yes, of course I ca n. Hey, wait a minute.
Did you invent that horoscope?

Nick WelL .. er ...

rl f'l I~ .... i~ sd.ool a. t. t.k erd c& t.hi.s
yea.r b6:a.u.se Ilm .se....ent.(!(!n y(:a.r..s old
a.rd r t.a.ke f'ly R-ic ....el..s in .10:. rif'l
not. a.b.solot.ely !JC who. t. I wo.nt. t.o
do, ~t. rl . . e !¥>t. a. ~ew idf.o...s. I f'lO.y
ha. ....e a. ~p y(:a.r a.rd .... i..sit. SOf'lC exot.ic.
~orei~n c.ountrie..s like Viet.I'lCI.f'l, Na.f'libio. or
c.hile. fl!:'t.er t.ha. t. r f'l~ht. ~t. a. job or
r f'li~t. e ....en ~o t.o ........i....er..sit.y. I l"rlQ.y
.study R..stronot>"ly o.t. uni ....er.sit.y b6:a.u.s(!
rl f'l rcally keen on it.. Or r f'li~ht. not.
~o t.o ........ i....er..sit.y o.rd r f'lj~ht. ~t. a. Job
in..st.co.c.i. r 10le reac.ij~ so r f'lj~ht. ~et.
a. job in a. ~ .

Talking about resolutions

8 I hope Max will be at the party.

14 Write New Year's resolution s for the
situations, like in the example.

I eat too much chocolate.
JJLqive uo chocolafc in the New Year:

2 J get terrible marks for Geography because J


Underline the correct alternative 10 complete
the dialog ue.
A What I will/are you going to do tomorrow

don't study e nough.

B I ~/1IiglH/can go out with Eva.
3 My mum's al ways complaining because my
room's always untidy.

A Eva isn't well . She 3nwst/will be a t home in
bed .

4 [play computer games for four hours a day.
B I didn't know.

5 I'm nearly always laic for school and my

[ 4'/11

phoning/'II plwl1e her


teachers get vcry angry with me.

6 I'm very unfit because I never do any sport.

A sWould/Do you like IQ go to a party on

7 [don't a lways fin ish my homework because
[ start it too late in the even ing.

B I 6'dj'1IIike to, but I 7 mighl/can already be

8 I'm not in the football team because J don't

A I think the party Swill/is going to be grea t. If
it doesn't rain, it 9 will be/is in the garden by
the swimming pool.

practise enough.


Unit I Revision
A Correct the mistakes in the incorrect sentences.

B I 'O'IIj'd check and let you know. I 11 'Uj'd do

my best to come,

Tick V the sentences that are correct.
I There don't will be a Maths test on Monday.

C Tran slate the sentences into English in your
2 They'll go probably swimming on Friday.

exercise book.
Za dvacetlet nebudeme cestovat a utem.

3 [ prom ise I help you cook the dinner.

2 Mys([m s i, ze v budoucnu blldou lide bydlet
ve velmi malych domech .

4 She won't to go out this evening, because
she's tired .

3 pm\i narozeniny mi bllde sedmntict.


ze pmt( vikend nas (ana) pfijede


5 There'll perhaps be a good film on TV later.

5 Myslfm, ie odpoledne bude pr~et.

6 I'm sure he might win the competition.

6 Mozna bude chladno, az dorazime do
7 0 tom, co se stalo, nic nereknu.

7 We mayn 't be able to stop global warming,





vic penez.

3 You must b
your b _ _ _ __
10 lessons or you won'l be able 10 do the
work in class.

The rules of the road

4 You must listen cc_ _ __ _ when
the teacher is talking or you won't learn

Do the crossword.





I' I











6 You mustn't cc_ _ _ _ _ duringclass tests
because it's dishonest.



S You mus!n 't p
nOles 10 olher
students because they will nOI pay anention
10 the teacher w hen Ihey read them.

your teacher or
7 You mustn't i
OIh er stude nt s when they are t,llking because
ifs rude,




8 You must 1_ _ _ _ _ no tes when the
teacher is explaining th ings so that you can
use them to revise for exams.


I' I I I I

9 You mustn'( c
10 OIher students
during lessons because it disturbs the lesson.



10 You muSI d _ _ _ _ _ your h _ _ __
in order to remember what you stud ied in
the lesson.


Acro ss

The _ _ limit tells you how fast you can

go .


4 ___ lights are red, yellow and g reen
light s which regu late tfaffic.
6 PedeSlrians can cross the road safely a t a
zebra _ _ .


Look at the s ig ns, a nd use the informa tion to
write sentences with must or 11I11 SIlI'I.

7 You can drive fa ster on thi s type of road.
9 You can'l overtake if there is Cl _ _ w hite




2 You can '! park if there i s Cl no _ _ sign.


3 You must SlOp when you see this. (4,4)

5 Four roads meet here.
S Traffic only moves in one direction in Cl
_ _ street. (3-3)



Classroom behaviour


Complet e the text with Ihe missing words.
The firsl lette r of each word is given.
g _ _ _ _ _ in class because it's against


th e rules.


messages during lessons because you have
to pay allen(ion to the teacher.


...&U mustH 'tfeedthe elephants.

YOLl Ill ustn', chew cc_ _ _ __

2 You mustn'! s_____ L _ _ __






6 _____________________
7 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___
8 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___


4 Rewrite the sente nces using must or InIlStl!".
There may be more than one possible answer.
It 's important that
goes out.


phone Jessica before she

Last wee k I I
go to the
Indi an Emb.lssy. I al so 2
write'lIl a rticle for an Indi an

I mu.stplumeJwita hfere s/te--JM$_Q}t' 't.__
2 I'm going QUI too often and I haven't got

time to study.

Today I' ve got lot s to do. First I
write a letter 10 my
parent s then I 4
lunch for me and my fr iends and la st
of alii 5
s tart my a rt icle
fo r the Internat io nal Young Jo urnalist
Competit io n .

3 "ye gOI a terrible toothache.
4 It's importa nt that [don', forget 10 invite
Emm,l to the pa rt y.

The next two weeks I 6
a lot o f things. ] 1
do some
research at the library and I
fini sh my article too.

5 ['m eati ng too much and I'm pUlling on

6 I'm never on time for work because I get up
too la te.


have to

Write two sentences about what you have 10
and two sentences about whal you don't have
to do this week .

2 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

Complete the sentences with th e correct form
of ha ve to.


Read the text in which Amar writes about
w ha t he had 10 do las l week , what he has
to do this week and what he will have to do
next week. Complete the lext with the correcl
fo rms of fUlllc to.

3 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

go to her music

4 _______________________

lesson now.


do an English

must or have to?

test last week?
3 We

go 10 school next

week because we'll be in France on a school
4 She


wa lk to school

Underlin e the correct alternative.
Police officers must/ ha ve to wea r a un iform .
2 He musl/has /0 stud y harder if he wallls to
go to university.

because s he missed the bus.

3 Last yea r he had to/ must do his exams.

take an early train
tomorrow 10 gel 10 the ai rport on lime.

4 You have to/ nwst be 17 to drive in the UK.

6 There were lots of seats available. We
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ book.


Chemistry next year?


8 Cbris al read y has a driving licence. He
_ _ _ _ _ lake driving lessons next

5 You l1Iusl/haue to phone me if you are going
to be [ate.
6 [flaue to/ must remember to top up my
7 You

must/ have to have a ViS,l to visit the USA.

8 If yo u go to London you Iwve to/must visit
the Brit is h Musuem.



Underline the correct alternative,
You will must/have to pass an exam when
you're 18,

2 When I was litt le, I have tolfwd to share a
room with my brother,

Talking about rules

Look at the signs, and complete the sentences
about what you mll st or 1ll1lstn ' l do.

3 Sorry, I can't stay, I lIUlsl/1T!USm'l go home
4 Had your parelHs to/Did your parents liave 10
go to schoo l on Saturdays?

5 What fwve you/ do you Ilave to wea r at a
fancy-d ress party?
6 We ca n have an ice cream. I lIUISIII'f/do/l'f
have to hurry home yet.

I (stand) You _ __

2 (switch of0 You

3 (eat or drink) You

4 (use) You _ __

7 I didn't go to the match last night. I musled/
had to do my homework,

8 We lIuls//had fa remember to buy a present
for Chris next week!

mustn't or don 't have to?
10 Co mpl ete the sentences with the correct form
of must" '( or dOli '( 'w ve (0.
bring your tennis racket. I can
lend you one.
2 You ____ lake reference books OUl of the


3 They

phone to confirm the flight.
I've already done it.

4 Studen ts ____ smoke at school


tell Rachel. 11 's a secret.

6 She speaks perfect French. She _ _ __
go to French classes.

5 (stop) You _ __

6 (d rive) You _ __

7 You ____ drink and drive!
8 The tra in doesn 't leave until ten o'clock,
so you ____ get up early.



Translate the sen tences with tIIu stn 'c or dOli '(
ha ve to into En glish in your exercise book.


Zde se nesml pOLl'-lvat mobil n l telefony.
2 Nemus f~ mi volal k,lZdy den. JednoLl tydne to
3 Nesmlm si 7..apomenout cestovnl pas.
4 Nemltsf~ kupov<1lty Ustky. MtU.u 10 udelat ja.
5 Cestujfcf nesmf behem letu kaufit.
6 Vcera jsem nemusel brzy vstaval.

7 (fasten) You _ _

8 (talk) You _ __

13 Complete the ru les in the quiz with
don 't


fwve to or


B Complete the dialogue with the miSSing
words. Write one word in each g.l p.
A ['ve found a part-

UK Quiz

job in
a restaurant. I start late 2
_ __
the afternoon, so I don 't have
work during the day
and ['ve gOl time (0 study,

In the UK" ,

when you ride


wear Q helmet

B ~


carry an identity

drive a car.


lime do you have



at the restaurant?
A I have 10 be there at six and I work until


eleven al night.

seventeen la

B What exact ly S
do military service,

A I 6



school books,

buy your own

you have

to do?

eighteen 10 buy


lay the tables a nd

serve pizzas and drin ks.
you earn much?

B '

A No! much,

I like thi s



C Translate the sente nces inlo English in your
exercise book ,

Did you know?
Many people believe that the UK is one of the
few countries where you drive on the left, It's
not true! About 34% of the world's population
dnve on the left, in a total of 75 countnes.
These countries include Japan, Australia and
South Afnca as well as the UK and Ireland.

MusB jft dnes veter ven?

2 Connor musel vcera vecer pr.lcovat do deseti
hod in.
3 Na


4 pmll


nesmlte hrM fotbal.

si budu muse! najit pr.lci.

5 Muslm si pamatovat, !e ma m veter 7..avolat

Naomi .

Units 1-2 Revision


A Complete the second sentence so it has the
same mean ing as the first one,

7 Vcera ve~e r nemuseli

Ealing and drinking are nOI allowed here.
(must) You
2 It isn't necessary for her 10 arrive early.
(have to) She _ _ _ _ _ __
3 If you visi l New York, you shouldn' t miss the
Guggenheim Museum.
(must) If you visit New York,
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ the Guggenheim Museum.
4 It 's necessary for Joe [0 book the tickets in
(have to) Joe
in advance,

the tickets

5 It wasn'l necessa ry to pay fo r parking . It was
(have to) They
parking. It was free.
6 I started school at 8,05 and I couldn't be late,
(have to)


Musl~ mlt pfi jlzd~ na kole ve Spojenem
kralovstvl helm u?

a[ 8,OS.

d~lat Mdn~


8 Zltra muslm hrzy vstM a dokontit svuj domaci



Abychom vyjadnli, 'l e je nI!co zakazane, pouflvame
v anglittinll mustn't, NIKOU can't,
You mustn" smoke. NIKOU Y8t1 et,,!f ameke,
Pro vyjadfenl zakazu take poufivBme zapornj
imperativ. Don't smoke. ;:: You mustn't smoke,
Na varovnem oznaeeni mu!ele take najil No
smoking!, ale nenl 10 gramaticky uplna veta,


Pfectete si cla nek A school for the future a n a za klade informaci z textu rozhodnete,
zda jsou tvrzeni 1-6 pravdiva (P) nebo nepravdiva (N).

l~ ~~ff(:J(Jf~

TI((JR TffE fiTJTTJl1rr

Multicultural Britain
The first survey of London's languages has shown that only two thirds of its 850,000
schoolchildren speak English at home and that, in total, they speak more than 307 different
languages. But, of course, all students who attend London schools have to speak English at
The highest concentration of language groups are in the City of London district, where 56,4%
of pupils speak Bengali as their first language.
This enormous diversity of languages is a good thing for business in London. A bank recently
needed speakers of 38 different languages when it opened its offices in London and found all
of them in the city.

Hi-tech classrooms
In 2001, nearly 300 pupils in seven schools in Northern Ireland became the first in the UK
to sit exams online instead of on paper. On the night before the exams, the questions were
sent over the internet to the schools. The online tests were sent back electronically to the
curriculum authority for marking.
Pupils at Ballyclare High School had mixed feelings about the experience. 'I thought it would
be a lot harder, but it was a lot less stressful,' said ]ayne Coulter. Tom Burch said: 'It was hard
to navigate through the questions. You couldn't see how many questions there were, so it was
hard to manage your time.'

Students sharing problems
More than one in four British fifteen-year olds smoke. Most schools try to solve the problem
with a ban on smoking. This obviously doesn't work because students continue to smoke.
But at one Leeds school psychologist Mike Presley is running a 'stop smoking ' group
for students at Hollyfield High School. The weekly counselling group helps smokers
understand why they smoke and how they can stop. Students must first have an interview
with the school nurse and then they have to attend the group about three times.
'I tried to stop smoking in the past,' said one student, 'but I wasn't strong enough. Thanks
to the group, I haven't had a cigarette now for six weeks and hopefully, I won't smoke any


1 A third of London's schoolchildren don' t speak English at home.



2 More than half of the pupils in the City of London district speak Bengali as their

first language.


3 The Northern Ireland curriculum authority sent the questions electronically on the

5 Bans on smoking in schools usually stop students smoking.


6 Students in the support group learn how they can stop smoking with the
help of a psychologist.


day of the exams.
4 All the pupils at Ballyclare High School liked doing their exams on computer.

Her favouri te swim ming costume has two
s_ __
colours : ;4

Use of English

l)fcttNe s i text a vybe rle s pravllou mOZIlOSt.

She must be fit for

swimm ing gala for next

She usually has trai nings on



' --Among her other sports are 9

w _ _ __

She likes Geography, so she 3 goes I might I
wants I must study it at university. She's also
good at languages. so 4 maybe I might I certainly I
won't she'll study French. She 5 may I will !
can't f doesn't have a place at university, but it
realty depends on her exam results.


Nejdrive si vidy pozorne prectete vsechny vely
v uloze. To vam pomuie po poslechu soustredil svoji
pozornosl na informace, klere polrebujele zjislil.

GaH does..'" know what she's going to do all
summer. Her friend, Sonia. 6 went I is going I
go I won't go to Germany because she's got a
job as an au pair in Ber1in and She has invited
Gail to go with her. However, Gail doesn't want to
work as an au pair, so she probably 7 will ! can I
may / won't go.


' ---

Gail is in her final year of sixth-form college. She
1 doesn't I isn't I not I won't sure what she wants
to do next year. She 2might I maybe I
definitely I will wants to continue studying
because she'd like to get a good job, but she
doesn't know what subject to study.


She swin go I isn't going I is going I goes on
holiday with her parents at the end of July. They've

Popiste vas obHbeny s port v rozsahu 120- 150
slova v popisu nezapomei'ite lIvest n.isled lljid
• ntizev sportu,
• kdy jSle se zacal!,1 0 tento sport zajhnal.
• kdy a jak casta trenlljcte/se dlv.1te n.1lenl0
sport ,
• prot se vam tento sport lib!.

already booked a 'Ngek in Greece. Her parents
think she 9 mightn't I won't I did I wiN need a
holiday after her exams and it's also her birthday in
July. She 10 is I wiN I may I might be eighteen!

(Writing Bank. Student's Book p. l02)

Use of English
Pokud nemate jistotu, ie vase odpoved je spravna,
presvedcte se, ie zbyvajici moinosti feseni jsou
spalne. Tak poznale, jestli vase varianta je la nejlepsi.

(Student's CO· ROM )



I) rav~ jste skonciI/ a auto~kolu .1 slal!a jSle se
uc,lslnikem siInicnlho provozlI . Na pi ~ le kratky
text v rozsahll 60-70 slov, ve klerem shrnele
z.ikladni pravidla , klera mUSI fi dici dodrzovat.
ZamHte se n.1:

• parkovant,
• bezpecnost jtz:dy.
• rychlosl.

():D Poslechn~le si vypraveni studentky,
klera miluje vedlc ostatnich sporlu nejvice
plava ni a popisujc pravidla, ktera se musi na
plave-ckych slad ionech dodrZovat. Na z.ik l ad~
vyslechnule n.lhravky dophlte vyroky 1- 10.
Pou t ijle vzdy nejvy~e 2 slova. Prvni (IIoha
slouz! jako nor (D). Nah ravku u s ly~ he
She was on holiday in 0 Spain

Pamatujte si, ie si text musite zkonlroloval vfdy
dvakr.it. Poprve se ujislete, le jste uvedli vsechny
v zad.imi poiadovane infarmace. Polom se zamerte
na poulity jazyk (spisovnylhovorov)i), na poeet slav
a nezapomente na 10 nejdulelitej~ i : zkontroloval,
zda nemale v textu pravopisne chyby!

In the hotel's swimming pool you had to wear
a(n) , _ __

At the local swimming pool where she lives,
or j
in from
you l11ustl\', 2
the side.

(Oral maturita skills. P.44)



I Look at the pictures and write the na mes

Match the words to the numbers in the
pictu re.

cursor _

folder _

tool bar _


of th e objects.






First conditional


4 Complete the sentences with the Fi rst
cond itiona l. Use th e correct form of the
phrases in t he box.


2 Complete the sentences with a suita ble word.
[ often

the Internet in

the evenings.

2 _ _ _ _ _ me an email soon!
3 You can _____ those documents wc don't need them anymore.
4 I don't

llSUi1l1y _ _ _ _ _

documen ts

snow this weekend
be fully booked
nO( have a picnic

gel the message on lime
not listen 10 the leacher
miss the last train
I If il rains tomorrow, we _ _ _ _ _ _ __

because it wastes paper.
you !" work before you finish or


2 He'll wail for us, if he _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

you'll lose it.

very well - [ use all my
fingers and I don' t make ma ny mistakes.


3 You won't understa nd if you _ _ _ _ __

7 You can
some really good
games fro m this website.

4 If he's late, he _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

8 I can _ _ _ _ _ a DVD of a film in about
ten minutes.

5 Where will you slay if the hotels _ _ _ __

9 To open a document you have to

_ _ _ _ _ the icon tw ice.
10 To protect information on your computer it's


a good idea to use a password and
_ _ _ _ _ every lime you lIse your
machine .

6 We'll go skiing if i1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __


Use the words to write sentences with the
First conditional. Don 't change the order of
the words.

7 Write true answers to the questions,
What will you do if the we,lther is nice this
weekend? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

I if/I/ find/ cheap fl ight/lfgo to Australia

2 he/ get fat/if/ he/ eat/ too many sweets

2 What will you do if yo u don't have any
homework th is evening? ________

3 if/she/ not study/ enough/ she/ not pass/ the
final exam _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

3 If you go o ut wit h you r friends at the

weekend, what will you do? _______

4 who/ look after/ the dog/ if/ we/ go away/on

holiday? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

when, as soon as, unless
8 Complete th e sentences with

unless, wllen or

as Sooll as.

5 if/we/ go/ to London/ this weekend/ we/ go
shopping/ in Ca mden Lock _ _ _ _ __

He won '[ be able to go 10 China
he has a visa.
you see Bob, give him


6 you send/ me a postcard/ if/ you/ go 10 Cracow?

my love,
I get

3 I'll let you know


some news.

Complete the conversation at the cin ema
with the correct form of the ve rbs in
bra ckets.
Tom I'm really hungry. Have you got anything
to eat?
Amy No, I haven 'l. But if you 1, _ _ __
(lend) me .£5, I l
(go) and
buy some crisps and popcorn from the

Yes, but if I j

(lend) you .£5,
(not have) any money for

the weekend.
Amy Mmm ... But I 5
(be able to)
pay you back tomorrow if you
(ca n) wait until then.

1 gel

4 I'll brush my teeth

ready la go la bed.

5 We're late, so

ready. we'll leave.
6 You won't pass your driving test

________ you lake lessons.


Complete the sen tences lIsing the phrases in
the box,
watch TV
wake up ea rly
buy a CD player

go cam ping
leave school


I'll go to the seaside tomorrow un less _ __

All right. Here you are.

Amy Thanks ... oh ... the film's about 10 start .
If I 7
(go out) now, I
(miss) the begin ning of the
Tom OK. I' ll go then. If I 9
have) something 10 eat, I 10,_ _ __
(get) really hungry during the fil m.
Amy OK, but hurry up.

2 When I gel home, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

3 She' ll get a job as soon as _ _ _ _ _ __

4 If it does n't rain at the weekend, [ _ _ _ _
5 I'll gel to school on time tomorrow if _ _ _
6 As soon as I have enough money, _ _ _ _
7 I'll send you a postcard when _ _ _ __

Defining relative clauses'
who, which, that, whose, where
10 Complete Ihe sentences with a s uitable

12 Use a rela tive pronoun to connect the two
sentences. Put the pronoun in brackets if it
can be omitted.

relative pronoun. There may be more tha n

London is a city. J want to visit il.

onc correct answer.

London is a cl'¥' (whuh) I want to visd.

I can't find the stamps

2 The people

[ bought

live in Beverly Hills are

2 J don't like that T-shirt. Sarah is wearing it.
3 She likes a boy. He works in a video shop.

lIsually rich.
3 Isn't he the boy
Chemistry at Ollr school?

father teaches

4 [met a girl. Her mother is J famous actress.

4 I like the music ____ my friends list en

5 Have you got the books? [ need them.



S Last nigh t I saw a horror film

me niglllmarcs.
6 New York is the city
Lopez was born .

Jenn ifcr

7 A mechanic is a person _ ___ repairs


6 I know a girl. Her brother is a skateboard
champion .

13 Translate the sentences into Englis h .

1 Nelibi se mi Iy

In which two sentences can you omit the

2 Hotel, ve kterem jsme bydleli, byl pohodlny.

Complete the text with W il D, wh icl! or wh ose.
Ca n you g uess who the article is about?

She's an actress 1_ _ _ _ _ started her career
in Spain, but has become an international star
for the fi lms 2
she's made in the
USA. She was born in Madrid on 28 th April. 1974
• and Madrid is the city 3
appears in
many of her early films. Belle Epoque and Jamon,
Jamon are the two Spanish films ~ _____
helped her become well known. Although she's
ma de many films in Europe, Van illa Sky, with
Tom Cruise and Cameron Oiaz, was the film
changed her career, as it was
• spectacula rly successful. She's also famous as
the fi lm star 6
had a relationship
with Tom Cruise when his marriage to Nicole
Kidman ended. She's a friend of Pedro Almod6var.
• Almod6va r is a Spanish film director
films have had enormous success
all over the world . Valver, by Almod6var, is the
film 8
marked the actress's return to
Spain after a number of years in Hollywood. She
now makes films both in the USA and Spain and
acts both in Spanish and English.
The name of this actress is

co ma Mary na

sob~ .

8 That's the woman ____ dog bit me.

3 Hudba, kterou posJouchajf rnt rodite, se mi
opravdu nelfbf.
4 Vesnice, odkud pochazfrn, je velice slavna.


jsern ty kHte, co jsi hledal.

for and to • purpose
14 Compl ete the sentences with the correct form
of the phrases in th e box.
store docu ments
li sten 10 music

watch films
copy movies

You use a memory stick for _ _ _ _ __
2 You use a DVD burner 10 _ _ _ _ _ __
3 You use a DVD player for _ _ _ _ _ __
4 You use an MP3 to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __


7 YOLL LLse a keyboard for to type documents.

Talking about purpose

8 YOLL llse a remote control to changing TV
channels. ___

15 Match the answers a-e to the questions

What's a memory slick for?

2 _

What's a compass for?

3 _

What's a telescope for?

Underline the correct alternative 10 comp lete
the dialogue.

4 _

Wha t's a torch for?

A Would you like lcom illg/ to come 10 Liz's party?

5 _

What's a stopwatch for?

B I don·t thin k so. Fi rs t of all , if Kate is there,
I ~WOI1't /dO Il't stay. Then, I don·tlike the music
~thot/wha t Liz likes. If the music 4WO T/ ·t be/islI't
good, the party swill/cal! be boring.



A I'm going to the party anyway, 61l 11 less/as SOOIl
as you suggest something more interes ting. The
parties 7wllOse/tl!ot Liz organises are ,1 lways
good fun!

.1 It limes how fas t someone is runni ng.
b It shows YOll which direction you are facing.

B Where Swill/must the party be?

c It stores computer files.
d You look at distant objects with it.

A If It 9doesl1·t/wOT/'t rain. it lOis/will be in the

e You llse it to see in the dark.

Bl ll'il/may think about it.

Now use the informa tion from the exercise 10
write sentences with (or, like in the example.

A memory stick is for stonnJ tomfuter files.


lranslale the sentences into English in your
exercise book.
On je ten muz, ktery vynalezltelevizi.

Units 1- 3 Revision

A Correcl the mistakes in the sentences. There
be more than one mistake in some

Unless I have enough money next summer,

I'll buy a new bike. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
2 ThaI's the si nger which 1 like.

2 Zavolam ti, jakmile dorazJrn domCt.
3 Tiskarna je na tisknut( dokllment(t z

lestli se opozd(~, po~kam




5 Tahle je la kniha, kteroll jsem


minlll y

vikend .
6 Z(tra r,\no se pojedu projet na kole, pokud
nebude pr~el.

7 Bude mil opravdu rados\, az dostane ten di\rek.

8 51i do baru, ktery je vedle ni'idrazi.
3 If John will decorate his room tomorrow, I
give him a hand .
4 Zak is the boy who father manages the hotel.
5 Who took the book what was on the table?

La nguage



Pokud hovorime utelu neteho, pouiijeme
bud samostatne infinitiv 5 to- nebo tvar -;ng po
predloice for. Nikdy nepouiivame for s infinitivem
s to-. You use a knife to cut things. = You use
a knife for cutting things. NIKOU 'l8tt ttSB elfflife
fo1 to et" things.

6 She won·t be in the team unl ess she doesn't
play a bit belief. _ _ _ __ __ _ __


1 Do the crossword.
8 Beijing and Mexico City are two of the most
_ _ cities in the world.
9 There aren't any sta irs in a _ _ .
11 [live with my parents in a two-_ _ fl at.

12 Living in New York is very _ _ , There's so
much 10 do and see.
14 My street is very _ _ . Not many cars go
by and my neighbours aren't noisy,
IS London is a very _ _ city, Everywhere
you go there are lots of people.
16 He goes sailing every day on the _ _ near

his house,

must, may, might, could, can't

Look at the information, the n write sentences
using must or call't ,
Emma is always out in the evenings, (she/
have a lot of friends)

3 It's llsually _ _ in April, in the UK - it's nO(

warm, but it's not cold.
6 Dave lives in a _ _ flat. It's very small - just

2 There's no answer when I phone them,
(they/at home)

one room.
7 We buy all Ollr food in the supermarket at the
_ _ centre.
ID 'live in the _ _ of Manchester, but I'd
prefer 10 live in the city centre.

3 She's got blonde hair. (she/be Chinese)

13 Her parents have gOI a house _ _ so she
goes to the beach every day. {2,3,3}

4 I' ve just heard the good news. (you/be happy)

17 Public _ _ in our area isn't very good . There
aren't many buses into town.

5 I don't feel well and I'm very hot. (you/have
a temperature)

18 The climate in England is quite _ _ .
It rains a lot!

6 He's just had two weeks' holiday. (he/ be

19 They li ve in a _ _ hOllse with a big garden
all around it.

[ don't like living in the country - it's so _ _ .

[ Ilever know what to do at weekends.
2 The weather isalways _ _ in Greece in August.

4 [ go to the gym at the _ _ centre.
S [ don't dri ve 10 the office because the _ _ is
always full . (3,4)



Complete the sentences with the correct
modal verb: must , ma}'. migllt, could or call 'I,
There may be more than one possible answer.
He ha s eaten two pizzas. He ____ be

2 Joh n is a ba nk manager. He
lot of money.

earn a

3 Carolyn is absent today. She
I don' t know ...

be ill.

4 I don' t believe it! It

6 This DVD player doesn 't work wel l. We

bOllght it two month s ago . _ _ _ _ _ __

be ten o'clock

5 The story

be true. I heard it on the

the new Biology leacher, or he
the new lab assistant .
7 He looks so young. He

7 Picasso was a Cubist painter. He was Spanish.


6 I saw that man al Ihe lab. He

8 Canada is an amazing country. My penfriend
lives there. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

be 40!

8 They're late. The traffic
the road

5 Adam Brod y is a n actor. He beca me famoll s
fo r his role in Tile D.e. _ _ _ _ _ _ __

be bad, or

be closed.

4 Complete the d ialogues with the correct


Match the sentences 1- 6 to the add itional
in formation a- f. Then write sentences with
a non-defi n ing relative clause.

moda l verb.
A I'm going bungee jumping.

2 _

Albert Einstein developed the theo ry of
relativit y.

3 _

Everest is the highest mountain in the
world .

4 _

Pi casso was born in Spain but spent a
long time in France.

5 _

Ma ny vis itors 10 the UK enjoy visiting the
Lake Districl.

6 _

J.R.R: lblkien was a un iversity professor.

B What? You ____ be serious!
A Yes, I am.

B You

be crazy!

2 A Wh ere's Naomi?
B She sa id she w,1Il ted
I suppose she
shoppi ng cent re.


buy a new T-shirt.
be at the

A No, she
be at the shopping
centre. Her scooter is in the garage.
3 A Gemma looks very bored. She _
be very in teresled in the lesson.
B I thi nk she
be tired . She went
to a party last night and gal home late.

Jesse Owens won four Olympic gold
meda ls in 1936.

a pailllings cost mil lions of pound s
b lived in Ihe USA for many years
c in Ihe Himalayas
d wrote "fhe Lord of the Rings
e a very talented alhlete

Non-defining relative clauses

Use who , which, where or whose to connect
the two sentences.
The cook is fro m Fra nce. His food is
delicious. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

2 Maria lives in Melbourne now. Her husband
is Australian. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

in Cumbria

j we OwcW, who Was a very talented
athlde. won fourQ9wI'if..j 'driwM(ds inlm.
2 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
3 ______________________

4 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
3 The White House is in Washington. It 's
where the Presiden t lives. _ _ _ _ _ __
4 We went to a new restaurant. [t serves
Indian food. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

5 ______________________

6 _ _

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___

Complete the text about J.K. Rowling with
the informa tion a- f. Write the correct letter
in the gaps.
a who later became the hero of the Harry
Poner books

Tra nslate the sentences into English.

Zn,H lu divku. co s Jackem hraje squash!
2 Chlapec, klery vyhral soutel:, je Rek.

b which is a human rights organ isation
c which was where she studied French
d who was born on July 31st. 1965
e who published the book in 1997
whose name is Di
J .K.Rowling, 1_ _ , is one of the most famous
writers of children's fiction in the world. She
started writing stories when she was about five
years old. When she left school, J.K.Rowling
attended Exeter University, 2 _ _ • After
leaving university she worked for Amnesty
International, J _ _ , in London. When she
was 26 she moved to Port ugal to be an English
teacher. Whi le she was a teacher, she started
work on a story about a wizard, 4 _ _ • She
got married in Portugal and had a daughter,
Jess ica. but she got divorced soon after and
moved to Edinburgh to be near her sister,
' _ _ . She continued working on her wizard
book, which she sold la Bloomsbury, 6_ _ _
In 2001 she married Neil Murray and she now
has IWO more child ren, David and Mackenzie.

3 Bob, col: je kamarad meho bratra. zpiva v
4 Mul:. se kterym ses vcera setkai. je muj utilel.
5 Ch loe. ktera studovala v Edinburgu. ma
diplom z nemtiny.
6 Tohle je ten utile!, ktery mi vloni davallekce

Making deductions
IO Look at the pictures, and complete the
sentences about them with mll y/migllt/eoulcl,
must or ean 't.

Defining and non-defining
relative clauses


Read the senten ces a nd decide if they contain
a defining (D) or non-definining (N) relative
cla use. Write 0 or N.

He works in Ihe big factory which is by
Ihe river.

2 _

The magazine, which you can buy in
mosl shops. is al so available on line.

3 _

We like Ihat li111e cafe where they make
Iheir ow n ice-cream .


This garden. where I often sil. has a lot
of roses.

5 _

My son. who's only 16, would li ke to live
on his own .

6 _

I've foun d Ihe sunglasses you were
looking for.

7 _

I don' l know anythi ng about Ihe boy my
daughler is going out with .

S _

LOls of people were at the concert. which
look place in the rain .




be rich. He

be a film

_ _ be
2 It
be Superman. It
Spiderman because he can't fly.
3 It

be her birthday. She _ _ __

be 100.

4 He


_ _ _ have



policeman. He _ _ __


be cl postman because they don"' wear [hat
6 It

Choose t he correct word:
the dialogue,

be hot. [I

be Spain.


b whose

11 Choose six places from the box a nd write
sentences about them. using cl non-defining
relative clause, like in the example.

c who



San Marino



Hong Kong
Aust ralia

a doesn't
B So, il

2 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
3 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

4 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
6 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Units 1-4 Revision
A Correct the mi stakes in the incorrect sentences.
Tick ..... the sentences that are correct.
That shouldn't be Tim's bike - his bike is red.
2 You can be ti red. You've had a long journey!

3 We may to go for


picnic tomorrow. It

depends on the weather. _ _ __

c can't

be in Ihe car. I used it when

have 10

b can' t

c mLlsln't

be somewhere in [he hOLlse.


b has to

c 's going to

A Yes, probably.

B I5
phone your number and we
mighl hear your mobile ring.
b '11

c might

A Call1his number, 6
is my new
mobile number, beca use I don' t use Ihe old
one any more.

1{gffG which" in Nedh Air"" " vcryhutqn,u"}'

b might

A It j
1 got home.



bar c, to complete

be in the CM.

a 's goi ng 10

a musl

Describing places

il ,

A I can't find the mobile phone 1_ __
Jake gave me Cor my birthday,
B I think it ~

_ _ _ be Ill. He

5 He


b tha t

c which

B OK. No problem.

C 1fanslate the text into Engli sh in your exercise
Dilli, coz ie rodne mes [o Amara Prabhu, ie jednfm

z neizaj(mavej~ich mest v Ind ii. Je [ 0 fascinlljfci
smes stareho a noveho. Ma 12,8 rniliOtlll obyvatel
a zablr,~ ob l,lst okolo 1 500 clverecnych kilomctfl't .
V Dillf se [0110 da hod ne videt a deJa!. Stare meslO
majl v oblibe ILlrist€, kterl prozkollmavaii starobyle
ulice a nav~tevui( hislO ricke bu dovy. Nove rneslQ
je docela jine, s velkymi parky, ~irokymi ulicemi
a pam(I.Zasna .



V anglicline pouiivame pro oddeleni tisicu a stovek
tarku. 30.000 (thirty thousand) NIKOLla&eee
Pro desetinne zlomky pouiivame tetku, NIKOll
1.5 (one point five = one and a half) NIKOll +;5

4 This is the cafe which I uSllally have breakfast.

5 Marlin Kent, that I don't like, sits next to me in
class, _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _

6 That's the boy is goi ng out with Jade.



Use of English

Pfeclele s i inzeraly 11a pronajmy by tu
ci pokoju (A- H) a pf irad'lc je k osobam
hledtlj fchn ubytova ni (1- 6). NapiSte
odpovida jicf pismeno ke katdC osobe.


which quickly beca me ve ry popular

b who died

Ova inzeraty z nabidky jsou navic a nebudou
pout ily.

c who wa s a professo r

Someone who has got a car and doesn't

d who was the c realOr of

want to park in the street.

e which described hi s experiences

2 Someone who doesn't want (0 have to
buy beds , tables. bookcases, e tc.

f which was the fi rst book

3 Someone who has got s mall children.

Si, lrthur (onan Ooyle

4 Someone who loves peace and qui et.

Sir Arlhur COllll ll Ooylc. '.....Ji....... Sherlock Holmes.
was born 0 11 22nd May. 1859 in Edinburgh.

5 Someo ne who doesn't wam 10 live alone.

In 1887 Ooylc wrOle If SIIIlI)' ill Scar/el. 2 _ _ with
Sherlock Holmes as the main character. Ooyle based
the famous de h::ct ive on Or Joseph Hell. J _ _ at
Edinburgh University.

6 Someone who has n't gal a car and goes
to work by public tra nsport.



Dopli'Jle do textu fraze a-f. Nap i ~le pis mena
do veiny-ch mist.



r-' Two-bedroomed flat
with easy access to city
centre, onc minute from
Bethnal Green tube/rail

spacious flat in large
square wi th playground

and kindergarten within
walking distance.





furnished apartment in
four-storey block, fitted
kitchen, central heating.

:::; Single bedroom in
friendly Victorian terraced
house. Non-smoker.
£490/ month.

£600/ month.


Attractive flat in
Georgian house:
kitchen, superb
bathroom with bath and
shower, garage.


Fin sbury Park,

5 minutes from the park,
two-bed roomed, no
traffic or o th er noises.

~,.ght. spacious room in
friendly houseshare with
3 Olhers. Great loca tion.
Shopping centre nearby.

Aner "bout fi\'e years o f writ ing the Shcrlock
Hohnes stories. Doyle described the dcath o f
Sherlock Holmes in Thl>Filial Prob/t'III.
Tcn years later. Ooyle produced :mother series of
Shcrlock Holmes storics. but "ncr these he went
back to mcd icine and was 11 doctor in the Boer W"r
in Arriea. When he returned to England. he wrole
threc books. 5_ _ duri ng the wa r.
After the death of his son. 6
in b:mle during
World War I. Doyle continued writing books. which
wcre not detectivc storics. His final work was his


Pfet tete si dopis a vyberle spr,ivlloll moi nos!.

Rent £S40/ month.

USO/ month.


He then wrote Tllt'Sigll of FOllr. TIlt' Adl'clllllrt·s
of Sher/ock Hollllt,S :lIld Thl' Mi'lI/oirs of S/It'r/ock
I-Iolme.~. These stories. ~_ _ . allowed Doyle to stop
working as a doctor and become a rull-time writer.



Unfurnished single

room in four· bedroomed )
house. Rent
USO/ month ,

Dear Kate,
Have you heard from Jasmin? I think she lcan't/might/
must be in London at the moment. but I'm not sure.
She 2can't/may/must be in Germany any more
because I gol a postcard from her from Cannes last
week. She 3might not/can't/may Slill be in Cannes.
On the other hand, she 4may/must/can't have much
money left now and she 5must/might not/can't be very
tired after three months of travelling round Europe. She


6can't/mightl must like travelling

Proelele si vfdy vsechny moinosli, klere mufele
pfifadil a nesnaile se doplnil hned prvni moinosl,
klerou prectele. Ta dalsi muie bYlla prava a bude
lepe odpovidal zadanH

a lot!

Anyway, I'll see you when I come to Loodon next week.



4 Why did they h.lVe 10 pay a fine to the police?
A Because they parked their bikes in the
wrong place in the park.

(Student's CD·ROM )

B Because they were d rinking alcohol in the
Work in pairs clnd a nswer the following
When you travel to


C Beca use they slept in the park.
D Because th ey were loud in the park.

new place. what

5 Who helped them in the end?

things wou ld you like to see and do?
2 What things would you like to buy?

A Victoria's sister.

3 Do you learn ,lilYthing abou t [he country
and the ),ltlguage before you go there?

S A driver who stopped to pick Ihem up.
C The policemen they met the previous day.


Dan ie ll e's paren ts.

5 ut

deIs f dobu si dopisujete s .lngliekym
k.lmaradem . N,lpisle mu 0 fihnu , klery jSle
nedavno vid~I/,l. Zhod nolle, zda se vam IfbiI
t i ne a v rozs,lhu 120-150 s lov nC7Alpomeote
na nasledujfcf:


• nazeva typ filmu,
• dej filmu, zda je p fesv~ d c i vy ci pf([B
• dalSl zajfmav~ aspekt y fil m u - sc~ nhereck~ vfkony, kaskad~fi a Id .,
• vas osobnl nazor.

Q::D Poslechn~le si nasJedujfcf nahrcivku,
ve klere Danielle popisuje svou n ej h or~1
dovolenou. Na z..iklaM vyslechnute nahravky
vyberte k uloham 1-5 vzdy jednu spravnou
od povM' A-D. Na hravku usly§He dvakrat.
I What is the rela tionship between DanieJle

Zkonlrolujle, zda ma dopis vsechny fOfrnalni

and ViC1ori,1?
A They are sisters.
B They are friends from university.

(Writing Bank. Student's Book P.l02 )

C Dan iell e is Victoria's sister's friend.
o ViclOria is married to Daniel1e's brother.

2 Why did they go to France on



A They wanted to lose weight.
B Danielle was bored with the sa me kind of
holiday every year.

C They wal11ed to learn French there.


They wal11ed to visi t Victori.l 's sister who
lived there.

3 How much did the girls have to pay to the
A €345

C £435

B €335




Phjel Z.-1 va mi na navst~vu kam,u.id z Anglie
a chee si prohlednout m~slo. Bohuzcl se mu
nemuzele venovat cely pobyt, a prolo mu
pujcUc luristiekou brozuru, vc klere najde
pOl fcbn~ informa ee. NapiStc v rozsahu 60-70
s lov kratkou instfuktaz, jak s broZUfOU
z,le h.izet a eo v ni najdc. Z.l m ~fte se na
• jak je brozura cle n ~ n a,
• v jakem je jazyce.
• zaj imave tipy (napf. nocnl fivo! apod.).

(Oral maturita skills. P.44 )



Air travel
Do the crosswo rd.
Ac ross
4 The _ _ officer searched my suitcase.
6 Don't put anything heavy in the overhead
_ _ . It's dangerous .
8 Some people prefer an _ _ seat so they

can get up and walk round easily.
10 Flight BADS? is departing from ___ 25 _

I Z Your seat number is wrinen on your _ _
card .

IS ]( was very windy when the plane _ _ at
Manchester Airport and [ was scared.

17 When you get to the airport go to the _ _


There was a long _ _ at the check-in .

2 Our flight was delayed so we spent two
hours in the departure _ _ _
3 The plane didn't _ _ from Madrid on time
so we arrived in London [,lte. (4.3)
5 The _ _ attencl,lIl[ was very kind to me
when J felt sick.




get a _ _

seal so that I can see

Past continuous

Use th e words to w ri le sentences in t he Past
con tin uous.
1 you/ drive home/ at midnigh t?

where we are.
9 The check-i n _ _ lold me Ihe plane was


2 at 8.30/ last night/ they/ watch/a football
match _ _ _ _ __

11 You can wail to meet passengers in _ _ _
13 Before you can enter the UK, you have to go
through _ _ COnt rol.

3 Robert/ not have/a bath/ he/ have a shower

14 When yOll _ _ Ihe plane yOll have to
show your boarding card. (3,2)

4 what/you/ do/yesterday at four o'clock?

16 Don't leave anything on the plane when you
_ _ _ (3.3)

5 at ten o'clock/Julia/sleep

6 they/ not listen la/the teacher

Did you know?
Heathrow is the busiest airport in the UK. About
64 million passengers travel through It each

7 yesterday afternoon/we/sit/at a caft~/and/
we/ drink/co ffee _ __

8 the sun/shine/and/ the birds/s ing

Past continuous and Past


Comp lete the sentences with the correct Past
continuous or Past simple form of Ihe verbs

Look at the pictures. and write sentences that
describe what happened in e,lch situation ,
like in the exa mple.

in brackets.
As I

(sleep) on Ihe so fa .

2 Some birds


Uump) on me.

(si ng) while
(walk) in the woods.
(you/ have breakfast )

when Usa

(phone) from

4 When David

5 It
night. The wind
when wc

(arrive) •
(get ready),

6 Mum and Dad
sleep) w hen I



(get back),

2 we/sil/beach/ it/start/ to ra in


(drive) so fast Ihal
(nol see) thal the

traffi c lights
S Dad
station when J

He was rear/in} the newsfl!1pcr when the
train arrived (or) Wht/e he WttS rcwnj.
the new~ the train arrived

(be) a dark and stormy

(hear) a
strange noise down in the kitchen ...

7 Peter

he/ read/ ncwspa per/ train/ a rri vc

(be) red.

(not wait) at the
(arrive) .

4 Complete the sentences with a suita ble word.
Write one word in each gap.
[ was talking to my friend
teacher ca me in.


3 she/do/homework/she/ fal1 /as[eep

2 He was playing computer games w hile his

brother was

a DVD.

3 I was having a shower when the phone
4 What
match began?

she doing when the

5 They weren·t
their homework
when their parents came home.

4 I/fal! over/ ice·skate

6 [was listening 10 tile radio _ _ _ __
was writing an emaiJ.
7 She was
the bus arrived.

at the bu s stop when

8 We were walking to school
saw the accident.


5 they/have a party/ parents/a rrive home


could, was/were able to,
managed to


Unde rline the correct a lterna tive.
Yesterday 1 [vas able to/didn't manage to se
Neil. 1 was too busy.

Ma rk is lea rning Ma nda rin . Look at th e table.
and use th e in fo rma tion to complete the

2 He COil/rill 'C/ C(l1I 'f come tomorrow.

sentences about his progress with could,

3 Could yoU/Did you manage la play the pia n
w hen YO ll were seven?

could" '(, earl or catl 't.
lasl year


4 Katie ma1laged to/ could pass all her exams.

speak Mand.lrin "

[,llk about himself ..-: _

count 10 100 .....

5 I'll be able to/ collld speak Spanish when 1
finish my course.

understand Mand.uin

6 1 could/collldn 'f go to the gig last week.



10 tI'

unders1.lnd [he leacher


films "

write in Mand,Hin "


read .my words "

re,ld simple selllences V'

write simple sentences


When I was a child 1 _ _ _ _ __
swim much better than now.

fpuldnf-¥Jeak MondaY/n.
eqn talk tlbuut himscll.

Last year Mark

but now he

2 1 hope 1"11
exercise. It·s so difficu lt.

.2 Last year he _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
a nd now he _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

4 Last yea r he

do the

3 He worked really hard and
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ pass all the exams.

3 Last yeM he

4 I'm sorry bu t I _ _ _ _ _ __


but he still

Complete the sente nces w ith th e correct fo rr
of COUld , be able to o r manage to. Th e re m ay
be more tha n o nc correct a ns we r.

understand a word of wl1<1 t yOll sa id.
5 l"ve never ________ ski well.

but now


6 1 rang the office five times and at last I
talk to the manager.
7 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ speak French when
I was a child .
8 A year ago s he _ _ _ _ _ _ _ drive .1S
she was only 16.

5 Last year he
but now he

7 Underline th e correct .l lte rna tive 10 complete
the text.
Ja dy. who is [9. is a very talented tennis player.

She 'could/mal/aged (0 already play tennis vcry
well when she was six years old and now she
plays tennis in tournaments a ll over the U K.
She 2c:ollldhms ablt' 10 go to a special tennis
C.Ill1p in thc USA when shc was 14.
She wantcd to ge t a job in the USA when
she was 17. but she 3COllldlcOllldll'l find o nc.
However she 4//ulIllIged rolcould find onc in
Lo ndon wit h a sports equipment com pany.
Last year she played in to urnaments all over
Europe and seouldlmallaged 10 win fou r of
them. She also 6w lt ldlmwwged to find time to
go sig htseeing and visi t friends. Her parent s
7colt ldll','mallag(!d 10 go with her beca use they
had too much work. but they 8couldhr{'/"e able
to sce he r play in a big tourn ament in Munich.
which she wo n .


Tra ns la te th e text into Englis h.
Kdyz jsem byl dft~. neum~1 jsem t ist .1lli ps.'i t,
neum~1 jsem mluvit Mdnymi cizimi jazyky <1
neu mlll jsem pl.wat ani lyzovat. Tea. kdyz jsem
star§i. umlm tfst knfz ky, psat emaily, mluvit
anglicky, pl,wal a lyzov<1t celkem dobte, .l le zda
se mi. xe je st,11e je§te spousta veci. ktere d ~ l at

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