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Studying the english language in an english speaking country is the best but not the only way to learn language

The English language is an international language which dominates
almost all relationships between countries. In addition, simple people should
know English. Learning English while living in a country like UK, USA, Australia
and Canada, is a very good idea but in my opinion, it is not the only way to learn
the language. There are other effective ways to learn it as well.
Firstly, people can study English online. Every person, who has the
internet accessibility at their house, has a great alternative to acquiring
knowledge of speaking English. The internet provides a great deal of
opportunity to study English on the chair you sit. Moreover today the English
lessons are taught on the internet as efficient as they are taught in the class.
Secondly, you can also learn english by listening to the radio. The
objective of listening to English is to hear as many words as possible in as short
a period as possible. The more times you hear a word, the better you will be able
to use that word. The vocabulary is very diverse and there are no periods of
silence because unlike television, visuals cannot be used to keep an audiences
attention. The key is to listen as often as possible. Maximize your time by
listening to the radio when doing other activities such as driving, walking,
cooking, eating, getting dressed. Moreover, even if you don’t live in an Englishspeaking country, there are probably many foreigners living nearby. You can
talk or chat with them. This way will help you improve your english a lot.
However, in my opinion, it is not the only opportunity to study English.
Because there are good enough programs that are applied by well-educated

teachers all around the world. All you need is the perseverance that induces to
hardworking. Thereby, you can study whatever you want wherever you are by
trying hard.

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