Tải bản đầy đủ

ôn tập học kì 2 tiếng anh 11

Họ và tên thí sinh: …………………………………………………………. Số báo danh : ……………
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.
Question 1: A. A. finished B. marched C. stopped
D. robbed
Question 2: A. letters
B. books
C. cats
D. accidents
Question 3 : A. death
B. Eaten
C. deal
D. feat
Question 4: A. stop
B. post
C. offer
D. from
Question 5 : A. Asian B. basketball C. tennis
D. solidarity
II.Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences.
Question 6 : Do you know when the 2006 Asian Games took place?

A. happened
B. deepened
C. added
D. struggled
Question 7 : You have got a new car, ……….?
A. do you
B. aren’t you
C. don’t you
D. haven’t you
Question 8 : The paintings _________ Mr. Brown has in his house are worth around $100.000
A. whose
B. which
C. what
D. whom
Question 9 : More and more rare animals are _______danger of extinction.
A. for
B. on
C. at
D. in
Question 10 : The city of London was founded by the Romans in the year 43 AD.
A. established
B. located
C. developed
D. characterized
Question 11 : It was me who………you last night.
A. calls
B. called
C. call
D. To call
Question 12 : Linda: "Excuse me! Where's the post office?" Maria: "______."
A. I'm afraid not
B. Don't worry
C. Yes, I think so
D. It's over there
Question 13 : When he ______, we ______ dinner.
A. arrived/having
B. was arriving/had C. arrived/ were having D. had arrived/had
Question 14 : Laura had hurt her leg and she _____________walk very well
A. could
B. couldn’t

C. can
D. can’t
Question 15 : The man _________ his car outside hasn’t come back for it yet.
A. who left
B. who he left
C. whom he left
D. whose
Question 16 : The man
a black suit is a football referee.
A. to wear
B. wearing
C. who wear
D. wears.
Question 17 : This shirt is too big for me, ………….?
A. is it
B. isn’t this
C. isn’t it
D. doesn’t it
Question 18 : Natural parks should be set ____________to save animals and plants.
A. into
B. out
C. up
D. down
Question 19 : Mr. Pike -------------------- the most famous archaeologist in our city.
A. says to be
B. is said to be
C. is said that
D. said to be
Question 20 : People say that six out of the seven wonders of the ancient world were destroyed.
A. It was said that six out of the seven wonders of the ancient world were destroyed.
B. Six out of the seven wonders of the ancient world is said to be destroyed
C. Six out of the seven wonders of the ancient world are said to have been destroyed.
D. Six out of the seven wonders of the ancient world is said to have destroyed.
III.Choose the underlined part that needs correcting.
Question 21 : You and I went there together , weren’t we ?
Question 22 : : It was Mrs Lan who was give a lot of friends by her students.
Question 23 : George are said to be planning another trip to Greece.
Question 24 : He works at Heathrow Airport, that is one of the big airports in the world.
Question 25 : The girl who name's Alice gave you this letter.
IV.Choose the best option to complete the blanks in the following passage:


Before the telephone invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876, it was hard for people (26)____over long
distances. They wrote letters to each other. It could take days or even weeks for letters to be (27)____Then people
learned how (28)____telegraph messages. The messages traveled as electric signals that represented a code of dots and
dashes. An operator on the other end converted the dots and dashes into a regular message. Bell’s first telephone call
went over the same wires used for telegraph messages. As the telephone became (29)____and more popular, it largely
replaced the telegraph. Today, our huge telephone network does many things besides carrying telephone calls. It sends
copies of letters and pictures from one machine to another, called a (30)____machine.
Question 26 : A. to communicate B. communicated
C. communicate
D. communicating
Question 27 : A. arrived
B. delivered
C. coming
D. seen
Question 28: A. to send
B. to call
C. to leave
D. to see
Question 29: A. more
B. much
C. less
D. better
Question 30: A. phone
B. telegraph
C. printing
D. fax
V. Read the passage and choose one correct answer for each question.
Scientists often divide resources into two groups: renewable and non– renewable. When a resource is used, it takes
some times to replace it. If the resource can be replaced quickly and easily, it is called renewable. If it cannot be
replaced quickly and easily, it is non-renewable. All fossil fuels are non-renewable resources. Solar energy, air, and
water are usually called renewable because there is an unlimited supply.
However, this definition may change if people are not careful with these resources. The amount of solar energy
that reaches the earth depends on the atmosphere. If the atmosphere is polluted, the solar energy that reaches the earth
may be dangerous. If humans continue to pollute the air, it will not contain the correct amounts of these gases.
Many resources are limited and non- renewable, and many are in danger of pollution. As a consequence,
resources must be conserved and the environment protected. Conservation must become an important part of
everyone’s life.
Question 31. How many kinds of resources are mentioned in the passage?
A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Question 32 . Non-renewable resources are those which _______
A. are unlimited
B. can be replaced quickly and easily
C. take millions of the years to replace
D. are used every day such as solar energy and water
Question 33 . What will happen if the atmosphere is polluted?
A. The air won’t contain the correct amounts of natural gases
B. Life won’t continue as it does
C. Renewable resources will soon become non- renewable
D. All are correct
Question 34 . The word conservation in the passage is opposite to
A. prevention B. Destruction
C. protection
D. preservation
Question 35 . Why do we have to conserve resources?
A. Because many resources are limited and non-renewable
B. Because conservation plays an important part in everyone’s life
C. To keep the air from being polluted
D. To make natural resources renewable
VI. Rewrite the following sentences as requested
Question 36 : People say that he beats his wife. (Passive voice )
He is said ___________________________________.
Question 37 :That’s must be Jenny’s father ,…………… ? (tag question )
Question 38 :The boy hit the dog in the garden
It _____________________________________________(cleft sentence )
Question 39 :The picture was beautiful .She was looking at it
The ________________________________________________(preposition + relative pronoun )
Question 40 :I will be staying with Adrian .His father is one of my closest friends ( relative clause)


V. Read the passage carefully and choose the best option A, B, C or D to answer.
The Asian Games owes its origins to small Asian multi-sport competitions. The Far Eastern Championship Games
were created to show unity and cooperation among three nations: Japan, the Philippines and China. The first games
were held in Manila, the Philippines in 1931. Other Asian nations participated after it was organized.
After World War II, a number of Asian countries became independent. Many of the new independent Asian
countries wanted to use a new type of competition where Asian dominance should not be shown by violence and
should be strengthened by mutual understanding. In August 1948, during the 14 th Olympic Games in London, Indian
representative Guru Dutt Sondhi proposed to sports leaders of the Asian teams the idea of having discussions about
holding the Asian Games. They agreed to form the Asian Athletic Federation. A preparatory committee was set up to
draft the charter for the Asian amateur athletic federation. In February, 1949, the Asian athletic federation was formed
and used the name Asian Games Federation. It was decided to hold the first Asian Games in 1951 in New Delhi the
capital of India. They added that the Asian Games would be regularly held once every four years.
Question.31 The text is about
A. the origin of the Asian Games
B. the Far Eastern Championship Games
C. the Games in Manila
D. the relationship of Japan, the Philippines, and China
Question.32 The Far Eastern Championship Games
A. were held in Manila after World War II
B. were held in Japan
C. were attended by all countries in Asia
D. had the participation of only three nations
Question.33 The 14th Olympic Games took place
A. in 1913
B. in august 1948
C. before the World War II
D. in February 1949
Question.34 The Asian Games
A. were first held in China
B. were first held in Indian
C. were suggested establishing by a Londoner.
D. were held in same year of the 14th Olympic Games
Question.35 The Asian Games were first held in
A. 1931
B. 1941
C. 1948
D. 1951
VI.Rewrite the following sentences as requested
Question 36 : People said that he stole their bike . (Passive voice )
He was said ___________________________________.
Question 37 :That must be Jenny’s father ,…………… ? (tag question )
Question 38 :The boy hit the dog in the garden
It _____________________________________________(cleft sentence in the passive )
Question 39 :The picture was beautiful .She was looking at it
The ________________________________________________(preposition + relative pronoun )
Question 40 :I will be staying with Adrian .His father is one of my closest friends ( relative clause)
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.
Question 1: A. lifted
B. lasted
C. happened
D. decided
Question 2: A. miles
B. words
C. accidents
D. tensions
Question 3 : A. speed
B. person
C. temperature
D. psychology
Question 4: A. post
B. busy
C. swim
D. spacious
Question 5 :A. best
B. text
C. exist
D. letter
II.Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences.
Question 6 : This post office is equipped with advanced technology.
A. modern
B. outdated
C. fashionable
D. Beautiful
Question 7 :He seldom goes to the library, ………?
A. isn’t he
B. does he
C. is he
D. doesn’t he
Question 8 :Have you seen the money…………… was on the table?
A. where
B. Who
C. Which
D. whom
Question 9 : Our office is equipped ……………..advanced technology


A. on
B. about
C. with
D. on
Question 10 : Only 489 athletes took part in the first Asian Games.
A. gave up
B. got rid of
C. added to
D. participated in
Question 11 : It was me who………you last night.
A. calls
B. called
C. call
D. To call
Question 12 : “ ________ ! Can you help me with this?”
A. Sorry
B. Excuse me
C. Pardon
D. My apology
Question 13 : When he ______, we ______ dinner.
A. arrived/having
B. was arriving/had C. arrived/ were having D. had arrived/had
Question 14 : Laura had hurt her leg and she _____________walk very well
A. could
B. couldn’t
C. can
D. can’t
Question 15 : Cathy is trustworthy. She’s a person on _________ you can always depend.
A. who
B. whom
C. that
D. X
Question 15 : Airplanes _______ in the twentieth century is one of the sources of pollution.
A. which invented
B. to invent
C. invented
D. that is invented
Question 17 : They took the letters to the post, ___________..?
A. didn’t they
B. did they
C. don’t they
D. didn’t she
Question 18 : The natural environment consists __________ all natural resources.
A. in
B. of
C. at
D. by
Question 19 : The X- ray --------------- in 1895.
A. is said to have been discovered
B. is said to be discovered
C. said to have been discovered
D. said to discovered
Question 20 : It was thought that the building had been destroyed.
A. The building was thought had been destroyed.
B. The building thought to be destroyed.
C. They have destroyed the building.
D. The building was thought to have been destroyed.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.
1. A. shoulder
B. sure
C. save
D. sugar
2. A. puts
B. clubs
C. tests
D. delights
3. A. launch
B. change
C. technical
D. chief
4. A. asked
B. robbed
C. stepped
D. danced
5. A. burrial
B. curiosity
C. cure
D. pure
Choose the best option to complete each of the following sentences.
6. Customer: “Could you help me send this document to my office by fax?” - Clerk: “_________”
A. Certainly.
B. That's right.
C. Excuse me!
D. Don't worry.
7. Malaysia Airlines ranks …………………………..in this year Aviation Global Service.
A. the secondth
B. second
C. two
D. number second
8. We are afraid of the radiation _.........................._from the nuclear plants.
A. leaking
B. to leak
C. leaked
D. leaks
9. Laws have been introduced to ban the killing of endangered animals.
A. restrict
B. prohibit
C. decrease
D. limit
10. Sue: “Let’s go camping next Sunday.” Mary: “ …………………………….”
A. I will.
B. Why not?
C. I’d love to.
D. That’s a good idea.
11. Yesterday, I went to Thanh Ba Post Office, _________I had never been to before.
A. where
B. that
C. which
D. to which
12. The average TV _________time of the British is about 25 hours a week.
A. seeing
B. viewing
C. looking
D. observing
13. Solar energy does not make the environment_............................................
A. pollutant
B. pollution
C. pollute
D. polluted


14. The job for ……………….I applied was not as good as I had expected.
A. which
B. that
C. it
D. no relative pronoun
15. Dr. Brown is the only one in the discussion …………………………to using nuclear power.
A. objects
B. to object
C. objected
D. which object
16. _________in my family loves boxing. We all hate it.
A. No one
B. Someone
C. Anyone
D. Everyone
17. It was on my birthday ………………………………………my parents gave me the fish tank.
A. when
B. that
C. which
D. on it
18. You have no food left, …………………………………..?
A. haven’t you
B. don’t you
C. have you
D. do you
19. The fire spread quickly, but luckily, everybody _________escape.
A. could
B. was able to
C. were able to
D. was not able to
20. …………………………..we can see a lot of advertisements.
A. It is on TV that
B. It is TV that
C. TV that
D. It is TV on that
21. When …………..astronaut travels into space, if a technical failure happens, he can never get back to
A. no article/ an
B. the / the
C. an/ an
D. an/ the
22. Either you or Tom …………………………….going to help Mark with his work.
A. are
B. is
C. were
D. be
23. After the opening ceremony, the athletes got ready to start the …………………………_________.
A. compete
B. competitor
C. competitive
D. competition
24. I have to leave for Hanoi tomorrow, …………………means I can’t go to the party with you.
A. when
B. why
C. which
D. that
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.
1. A. athlete
B. appreciate
C. wrestling
D. freestyle
2. A. raised
B. ranked
C. surpassed
D. laughed
3. A. occupy
B. simply
C. accompany
D. hobby
Choose the word that has stress pattern different from that of the other words.
4. A. agriculture
B. extinction
C. environment
D. establishment
5. A. hobby
B. guitar
C. modest
D. common
Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to complete each sentence.
6. My English teacher, Mrs. Brookes, was someone ________ I had great respect.
A. that
B. whom
C. for who
D. for whom
7. These adults, ________ come to my night class, are very eager to learn.
A. whose
B. who
C. that
D. when
8. He was very busy at work, but he ________ take a short holiday on March 10 lunar month.
A. was able to
B. can’t
C. be able to
D. couldn’t
9. The hotel staff are always friendly and courteous.
A. efficient
B. polite
C. helpful
D. perfect
10. People in this region cultivate mainly rice and vegetables.
A. destroy
B. grow
C. develop
D. support
11. We offer a very ……………_ rate for parcels of under 15 kg.
A. competing
B. competent
C. competitive
D. competition
12. Oil, coal and natural gas are _.............._ fuels made from decayed material from animal or plants.
A. unleaded
B. smokeless
C. solid
D. fossil
13. I don't know the title but I recognize the ……………….. of this song.
A. sound
B. rhyme
C. tune
D. theme
14. Linda: “Excuse me! Where’s the post office?” - Maria: “________________.”
A. It’s over there
B. Don’t worry
C. I’m afraid of
D. Yes, I think so
15. A: “Do you like films?” -B: ‘________________.’


A. Yes, I’d love to
B. That would be nice
C. Yes, mostly love story movies
D. Love story movies
16. Football is a sport that attracts the most spectators.
A. reporters
B. viewers
C. observers
D. players
17. My mother, ……………… is in her seventies is a doctor.
A. who
B. that
C. which
D. who
18. He seldom goes to the library, _......................_?
A. doesn’t he
B. is he
C. does he
D. isn’t he
19. Despite the bad weather, he _................ get to the airport in time.
A. could
B. was able to
C. couldn't
D. might
20. Wild animals ________ in their natural habitat will have a better and longer life than those which are kept in
protected areas.
A. live
B. to live
C. living
D. lived
21. People think that he was born in a rich family.
A. That is thought he was born in a rich family.
B. He was thought to be born in a rich family.
C. That he was born in a rich family is thought.
D. He is thought to have been born in a rich family
22. _..................__, instructed me how to make a good preparation for a job interview.
A. John Robbins to that I spoke by telephone
B. John Robbins, that I spoke to by telephone
C. John Robbins I spoke to by telephone
D. John Robbins, whom I spoke to by telephone
23. No one is illegal, __........................._?
A. is one
B. isn’t one
C. is he
D. are they
24. He is said __.................._ this building.
A. designing
B. to have designed
C. to design
D. designed
Read the text carefully then choose the correct answers.
Since the world became industrialized, the number of animal species that have either become extinct or have
neared extinction has increased. Bengal tigers, for instance, which once roamed the jungles in vast numbers, now
number only about 2,300. By the year 2025, it is estimated that they will become extinct.
What is alarming about the case of the Bengal tiger is that this extinction will have been caused almost entirely
by poachers who, according to some sources, are not always interested in material gain but in personal gratification.
This is an example of the callousness that is contributing to the problem of extinction. Animals such as the Bengal
tiger, as well as other endangered species, are valuable parts of the world's ecosystem. International laws protecting
these animals must be enacted to ensure their survival - and the survival of our planet. [gratification: satisfaction;
callousness: cruelty]
Countries around the world have begun to deal with the problem in various ways. Some countries, in an effort to
circumvent the problem, have allocated large amounts of land to animal reserves. They then charge admission prices to
help defray the costs of maintaining the parks, and they often must also depend on world organizations for support.
This money enables them to invest in equipment and patrols to protect the animals. Another response to the increase in
animal extinction is an international boycott of products made from endangered species. This has had some effect, but
by itself it will not prevent animals from being hunted and killed. [circumvent: prevent; allocate: allot; defray: pay
25. What is the main topic of the passage?
A. The Bengal tiger
B. International boycotts
C. Endangered species D. Problems with industrialization
26. The word 'poachers' used in line 7 could be best replaced by which of the followings?
A. Illegal hunters
B. Enterprising researchers.
C. Concerned scientists D. Trained hunters
27. What is an act of cruelty according to the passage?
A. Having interest in material gain.
B. Hunting endangered animals.
C. Killing animals for personal satisfaction.
D. Causing the problem of extinction. .
28. Which of the following is not mentioned in the passage as a way to protect animals from extinction?


A. Introduce laws to prohibit the killing of endangered animals.
B. Establish wildlife reserves.
C. Refuse to buy animal products.
D. Raise money to invest in equipment and patrol.
29. Which of the following best describes the author's attitude?
A. Forgiving
B. Surprised
C. Vindictive
D. Concerned
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
1. A. extinct
B. fix
C. expensive
D. example
2. A. wrong
B. swim
C. white
D. well
3. A. exhaust
B. cause
C. source
D. enormous
4. A. criticism
B. small
C. smoke
D. smart
Choose the best answer to complete the sentences.
5. This school is only for children ______first language is not English.
A. who
B. which
C. whose
D. whom
6. The ___will be a happy planet where human beings, animals and plants peacefully co-exist.
A. Earth
B. moon
C. land
D. sun
7. Solar energy is not only plentiful and infinite but also clean and safe.
A. abundant
B. unlimited C. rich
D. limited
8. A pacifist is a person _________believes all wars are wrong.
A. which
B. whose
C. whom
D. who
9. There is one person _________I owe more than I can say.
A. to whom
B. on who
C. on whom
D. to who
10. This is Mr. John, _________helped me last week.
A. who
B. whom
C. which
D. that
11. Dinosaurs became _________millions of years ago.
A. die
B. extinct
C. disappear
D. death
12. The song _________which we listened last night was interesting.
A. in
B. with
C. to
D. on
13. Water energy can produce _________, which is used to operate machines.
A. electricity
B. electrical
C. electric
D. electronic
14. The blue whale is a(n) _________species.
A. danger
B. extinct
C. dangerous
D. endangered
15. Efforts have been made to _________the environment.
A. dirty
B. protect
C. pollute
D. contaminate
16. The boy who is playing the piano is Ben.
A. playing
B. is playing
C. played
D. to play
17. Laws have been introduced to _________the killing of endangered animals.
A. encourage
B. prohibit
C. ban
D. both B& C
18. The number of rare animals is decreasing __rapidly that they are in danger of becoming extinct.
A. very
B. so
C. really
D. such
19. Alexander Fleming, _________discovered penicillin, received the Nobel Prize in 1945.
A. who
B. whom
C. that
D. which
20. That little girl, _________sister I know, is a film actress.
A. whom B. that C. who D. whose
21. It was a service for _________I was grateful. A. that
B. whom
C. which D. who
22. Many national parks are _________danger of being destroyed. A. with
B. on
C. in
D. to
23. I come from a city that is located in the southeastern part of the country.
A. locating
B. located
C. is located
D. to locate
Choose the underlined part that needs correcting.
24. The film is about a spy his wife betrays him. [betray: be disloyal to]
25. We are trying to find solutions about environmental pollution. [find sth/sb for sth/sb: discover sth/sb]
26. They work in a hospital sponsoring by the government.
27. The sun, water, and the wind are other alternative source of energy.
28. The problem about which we are very interested has been discussed in class.


Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.
1. A. architect
B. arch
C. church
D. cheese
2. A. summer
B. tutor
C. struggle
D. study
3. A. vacation
B. exhibition
C. nation
D. question
Choose the word that has different stress pattern from that of the other words.
4. A. sophisticated
B. painting
C. interesting
D. popular
5. A. provide
B. struggle
C. ethnic
D. village
Circle the best answer for each sentence.
6. By the time I __________into town, the shops __________.
A. did/was closing
B. got/had closed
C. did/had closed
D. was closing/closed
7. In some countries, women’s rights are not equal _________men’s.
A. for B. with C. from D. to
8. I'll be staying with Adrian, ___brother is one of my closest friends. A. whom B. whose C. which D. that
9. The little girl _________I borrowed this pen has gone.
A. from that
B. whose
C. from whom
D. from who
10. Their efforts were much _________when they won two gold medals in bodybuilding and billiards.
A. expended
B. appreciated
C. required
D. considered
11. __________________I first met my girlfriend.
A. It was in London that
B. It was in London where
C. It was London that
D. It was London which
12. Many rare _________of animals are in danger of extinction.
A. species B. classes
C. being D. pairs
13. Fossil fuels will be exhausted with in a relatively short time.
A. comparatively
B. shortly
C. rapidly
D. disadvantageously
14. John often uses Express Money___ to send money to his parents in the countryside.
A. Change
B. Exchange
C. Transfer
D. Send
15. Their____ is rejected due to some problems of pollution.
A. suggest
B. suggestion
C. suggestive
D. suggestible
16. Yuri Gagarin lifted off into space aboard the Vostro 1. A. attracted B. occurred
C. reacted D. launched
17. The most important thing is to keep yourself occupied. A. busy B. relaxed C. comfortable
D. free
Choose the underlined part that needs correction.
18. The policeman ordered the suspect to not remove his hands from the car.
19. I’m very hungry and thirsty now. I could ate a horse and drink an ocean.
20. They prevented her from to go out without their permission that night.
21. He said he was accused of have deserted his ship two months before.
22. Paul said that he is enjoying an interesting film on TV the night before.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
1. A. population
B. commune
C. punctuality
D. stimulation
2. A. dissatisfaction
B. spacious
C. facsimile
D. telegram
3. A. pesticide
B. city
C. centre
D. campaign
4. A. survive
B. service
C. notify
D. stimulate
5. A. comment
B. solar
C. ecologist
D. fossil
6. A. with
B. tooth
C. both
D. tenth
7. A. come
B. capture
C. coexist
D. appreciate
8. A. nature
B. Asian
C. squash
D. spacious
9. A. purity
B. tiny
C. reply
D. happy
10.A. standard
B. dark
C. spark
D. pharmacist
11. A come
B. love
C. some
D. dome
12. A. dread [fear]
B. bead
C. bread
D. thread


13. A. afraid
B. mistake
C. appointment
D. organism
14. A. failed
B. absorbed
C. solved
D. reached
Choose the one best answer to complete each sentence.
4. This hotel has got a very________ kitchen.
A. spacious
B. space
C. spaceship
D. spacing
5. A ________is someone who sells meat.
A. baker
B. butcher
C. chemist
D. shopkeeper
6. A person who sells flowers is called a ________.
A. florist
B. farmer
C. vegetarian
D. biologist
7. We call a man who delivers the mail a ________.
A. newsman
B. mailbox
C. mailman
D. officers
8. We’d like to buy the house________ overlooks West Lake.
A. who
B. whose
C. where
D. which
9. The woman ________daughter Jack loves is very kind.
A. whose
B. who
C. whom
D. which
10. The letter________she received this morning is from the USA.
A. whose
B. who
C. whom
D. which
11. I don’t know the girl________is wearing a long blue dress.
A. whom
B. whose
C. which
D. who
12. Would you mind________ this parcel to Mr. Brown, please?
A. send
B. sending
C. to send
D. sent
13. I would like to have my mails and newspapers________ early in the morning.
A. deliver
B. delivery
C. delivered
D. to deliver
14. Tom is sitting at his desk. He has a test tomorrow. He ________.
A. could study
B. should be studying
C. will study
D. must be studying
15. The teacher gave back the papers which ________marked.
A. was
B. has been
C. had been
D. have been
16. By the time a baby has reached his first birthday, he should ________sit up or even stand up.
A. to be able to
B. able to
C. to be able
D. be able to
17. ________of this huge stone pyramid was to serve as a tomb.
A. The purpose
B. The completion
C. The revolution
D. The development
18. ________during the storm.
A. The fence collapsed
B. The fence were collapsed
C. They collapsed the fence
D. they were collapsed the fence
19. Some streets in our city need ________.
A. broaden
B. broadened
C. broadening
D. to broaden
20. What did the woman die of ? ________did the woman die ?
A. How
B. Where
B. What
D. When
21. In 1987, The Great Wall was listed as a World Heritage ________UNESCO.
A. with
B. to
C. of
D. by
22. We are all keen ________taking a trip to the Great Wall of China.
A. to
B. on
C. of
D. in
23. The Ponagar Cham Towers are located on Cu Lao Marble Hill, 2 km north of Nha Trang.
A. lain
B. built
C. situated
D. detected
24. Neil Amstrong was the first man to ________ foot on the moon.
A. try
B. let
C. put
D. set
25. Scientists try to ________ a breakthrough in manufacturing new materials for space exploration.
A. make
B. achieve
C. get
D. A and B
26. Yuri Gagarin was the first human being ________ around the Earth.
A. to whirl
B. to spin
C. to orbit
D. to run
27. Her name is Jane, ________?
A. is she
B. is it
C. isn’t she
D. isn’t it


28. No one knows this answer, ________?
A. does he
B. doesn’t he
C. do they
D. don’t they
29. He never tells a lie, ________?
A. does he
B. doesn’t he
C. he does
D. he doesn’t
30. I have heard nothing from him since ________.
A. he had left
B. he leaves
C. he has left
D. he left
31. Don’t talk in class, ________?
A. will you
B. do you
C. won’t you
D. don’t you
32. Everything is alright, ________?
A. is it
B. isn’t it
C. are they
D. aren’t they
33. Let’s go, ________?
A. do we
B. don’t we
C. shall we
D. shall not we
34. No one knew precisely what would happen to a human being in space.
A. exactly
B. clearly
C. carefully
D. vividly
35. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon ______ 20 July 1969.
A. in
B. at
C. on
D. of
36. She is never satisfied ______ what she's got.
A. to
B. with
C. for
D. in.
37. In 1961, Yuri Gagarin lifted ______ into space aboard the Vostok 1.
A. off
B. up
C. on
D. Ø
38. After landing, the team members were greeted like ______ heroes.
A. conquer
B. conquering (adj.)
C. conqueror
D. conquest
39. Neil Armstrong, an American ______, was the first man to step on the moon's surface.
A. scientist
B. cosmonaut
C. astrononaut
D. astronomer
40. The 27-year-old Soviet cosmonaut became the first person to eat and drink in ______.
A. weight
B. weighting
C. weightless
D. weightlessness
41. About 100 Russian satellites are ______ the earth.
A. flying
B. orbitting
C. traveling
D. circuiting
42. Many people are demonstrating to express their ______ with the new land law.
A. satisfied
B. satisfactory
C. satisfaction
D. dissatisfaction
43. The astronauts were able to send the information back to the earth.
A. spaceships
B. space stations
C. space man
D. space shots
44. Hobbies are the things we like to do in our________ time.
A. leisure
B. free
C. spare
D. All are correct
45. I just collect stamps from discarded envelopes.
A. thrown away
B. given up
C. got away
D. done up
46. There are also other hobbies that I ________ in for a while.
A. interested
B. indulge
C. move
D. include
47. “If I were you, I would try again”, Peter said to me.
A. Peter advised me to try again
B. Peter advised me try again
C. Peter advised me trying again
D. Peter advised me tried again
48. You had better ________ at home until you feel better.
A. stay
B. to stay
C. staying
D. stayed
49. The students ________ the highest score will be awarded a scholarship.
A. who receive
B. receiving
C. whom is receiving
D. receives
50. It is the room ________ we usually hold our meetings.
A. that
B. which
C. where
D. when
51. The singer was ________ on the piano by her sister.
A. served
B. accompanied
C. assisted
D. sounded
52. The ________ were all invited to the school.
A. boys parents
B. boys parents’
C. boys’parents
D. boys’s parents
53. We can hardly tell you ________.


A. nothing
B. something
C. anything
D. none is correct
54. Mr. Hung is the teacher who teaches us ________.
A. gymnast
B. gymnasium
C. gymnastics
D. gymnastic
55. Olga is a good ________.
A. gymnast
B. gymnasium
C. gymnastic
D. gymnastics
56. Every day he practises in the ________.
A. gymnast
B. gymnasium
C. gymnastic
D. gymnastic
57. ________ from all over the world take part in the Olympic Games.
A. Athlete
B. Athletic
C. Athletes
D. Athletics
58. Many people like football because it is a very________ sport.
A. strong
B. aquatic
C. unfair
D. competitive
59. Literature is the subject________.
A. I am good in
B. I am terrifying of
C. I am bored at
D. I am bad at
60. The film________ we are going to see tonight was made in Hollywood last year.
A. which
B. that
C. Ө
D. All are correct
61. The problems________ they are discussing at the meeting are very important.
A. that
B. about that
C. about which
D. who
62. The job________ the coal miners does is very dangerous.
A. that
B. which
C. it
D. A&B
63. The man________ must be intelligent and handsome.
A. whom loves her
B. who loving her
C. she is loving
D. she loves
64. Oil, coal and natural gas are ________.
A. nuclear energy
B. fossil fuels
C. plentiful
D. infinite
65. We try to make full use of our local________.
A. ecology
B. potential
C. economics
D. geothermal
66. Scientists have done researches on ________ activiries of the world’s volcanoes.
A. sport
B. ecological
C. geothermal
D. geodetic
67. Vietnam is rich in ________ , such as coal, apatite, bauxite, etc.
A. natural resources
B. seas
C. land
D. fish
68. Some people think nuclear power is the only real________.
A. alternation
B. energetic
C. alternative
D. fossil fuel
69. Do you know the girl ________ a long white dress?
A. wears
B. to wear
C. wear
D. wearing
70. The house________ 40 years ago is still in good condition.
A. which built
B. to build
C. built
D. building
71. I like the food________ by my mother.
A. was cooked
B. cooked
C. which cooked
D. cooking
72. Linda was the last student________ at the oral exam.
A. to be asked
B. asking
C. asks
D. to ask
73. The man________ the bank is a millionaire.
A. is entering
B. entering
C. to be entered
D. enters
74. Has she bought the dress ________yet?
A. that she is fond in
B. which she is fond of
C. who she wants it
D. which you made of
75. My father is the man________.
A. who I belive of
B. whom I belive in
C. whom I belive into
D. that I belive at
76. The man ________is the headmaster of that school.
A. who I am introduced B. to whom I am introduced
C. whom you are introduced about
D. to who I am introduced
77. There are a lot of species of being in the ________world.
A. alive
B. living
C. live
D. lived
78. Human being have great ________on the rest of the world.
A. focus
B. attention
C. influence
D. attraction


79. Some snakes lay eggs, but others give birth to live________.
A. pesticide
B. offsprings
C. species
D. survival
80. Some chemical ________which farmers use to make the soil richer can pollute our environment.
A. medicines
B. elements
C. fertilizers
D. proportion
81. Farmers use ________to kill insects that devastate their crops.
A. pesticides
B. toothpaste
C. cheese
D. plums
82. The society was set up to ______ endangered species from extinction.
A. prevent
B. distinguish
C. preserve
D. survive
83. People in this region cultivate mainly rice and vegetables.
A. destroy
B. grow
C. develop
D. support
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others
1.A. handbags
B. fans
C. tickets
D. robs
2.A. ducked
B. opened
C. laughed
D. dressed
3.A. exhibition
B. happen
C. inhabit
D. highly
Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from that of the others.
4.A. potential
B. official
C. cosmonaut
D. ecologist
5.A. excursion
B. gravity
C. generate
D. passenger
Mark the letter A,B,C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
6. I …………………………..since I was seven.
A. can swim
B. could swim
C. have been able to swim D.was able to swim
7. How many people participated in the global Internet vote ?
A. applied for
B. filled in
C. looked for
D. took part in
8. NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space ……………..,is an American government organization concerned with
spacecraft and space travel.
A. Attraction
B. Assignment
C. Administration
D. America
9. The path was made by walkers ………………the mountains each year.
A. crossed
B. crossing
C. they crossed
D. which they crossed
10. “Excuse me, but there is something about ………….immediately”
A. that I must speak to you
B. that I must speak to you about
C. which I must speak to you
D. which I must speak to you about it
11. The use of more natural and renewable energy sources is needed to take the burden off our current dependence on
A. solar energy
B. nuclear energy
C. wind energy
D. fossil fuels
12. A plane crash in March 1968 made Gagarin’s desire …………..revisiting space impossible.
A. for
B. of
C. to
D. with
13. If I ………..English when I was at university, I ……………for this job now.
A. learnt /would apply
B. learnt/would have applied
C. had learnt/could apply
D. had learnt/could have applied
14. You need English to travel around ……….world because it is a language almost everybody understands .
A. a
B. an
C. the
D. no article
15. It was in Dalat ………..I met my old friend.
A. which
B. where
C. whom
17. He went back to work in his country after he …………..his course on Advanced Engineering in London.
A. finishes
B. was finishing
C. has finished
D. had finished
18. The Asian Games ….held for the … .of developing intercultural knowledge and friendship within Asia.
A. is – purpose
B. are – purpose
C. are – benefit
D. are – objective
21. Choose the sentence (A,B,C or D) that is almost the same in meaning as the sentence given.
The last person to leave the room must turn off the lights.
A.The last person, who left the room, must turn off the lights.
B. The last person, who left the room must turn off the lights.
C. The last person whom leaves the room must turn off the lights.


D. The last person who leaves the room must turn off the lights.
22. He was admired by the people …………..
A. whose he worked with
B. he worked with them
Trang 1/đề139
C. with that he worked
D. with whom he worked
23. “ ...................................................” – They were held in 1958 in Japan.
A.When were the 3rd Asian Games held ?
B. When and where was the 3rd Asian Games held ?
C. Where were the 3 Asian Games held ?
D. When and where were the 3rd Asian Games held ?
24. Choose the sentence which has the closest meaning to the original one.
Alfred Nobel invented dynamite.
A.It was Alfred Nobel that dynamite was invented B. It was Alfred Nobel that was invented dynamite
C.It was dynamite that Alfred Nobel was invented D. It was dynamite that was invented by Alfred Nobel.
25. choose the best sentence that can be arranged from the words given.
the show / attracted/ the children/by / performed / the animals/were/by .
A.The children were attracted by the show to have been performed by the animals
B.The children attracted by the show which was performed by the animals
C.The show performing by the animals attracted the children
D.The children were attracted by the show performed by the animals
26. Select the antonym of the underlined word in this sentence
Recreation and entertainment are very important to people anywhere in the world.
A. insignificant
B. weak
C. unfamiliar
D. poor
Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order to make the sentence correct.
27. Forty years after Yuri Gagarin became the first man in orbit , Dennis Tito, an American businessman
has become the world first space tourist.
28. The earth has resources enough to support billions of its inhabitants.
29. He was offered the job despite he had no experience.
30. The only good way to getting achievement in learning English is to practise it as frequently as possible.
Choose the word or phrase among A,B,C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage
Hobbies are activities in which one (31)…… strictly for amusement.They help one to maintain a mental and
emotional balance.Hobby can cost almost nothing.Music is the most popular.For example, many people all over the
world play pianos simply for (32)..…..and fun in their free time,and they don’t play (33)…….. Sports provide other
(34)……..hobbies.Cycling, running,tennis,table tennis,and countless other sports are (35)…….by millions of people
during their leisure time.
31.A. play
B. knows
C. participates
D. enjoys
32.A. training
B. educating
C. earning
D. relaxing
33.A. carefully
B. professionally
C. excellently
D. interestingly
34.A. normal
B. strange
C. favourite
D. various
35.A. enjoyed
B. participated
C. played
D. competed
Read the text carefully and then choose the correct answer
Forty - two years ago, two Americans landed on the moon, taking the human race to another planet for the first
time.On July 16, 1969 Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins climed into Apollo 11 .The unit’s Saturn V rocket, equipped with
the most powerful engines ever built,blasted them into space.
Their trajectory took them around the Earth and toward the moon when a third-stage rocket fired.Two modules-the
Eagle ,for landing, and the Columbia, a command and service center- entered the moon’s orbit on July 19. Neil
Armstrong ,Buzz Aldrin, piloting the Eagle landing module, stepped down on the moon on July 20,1969.The third US
astronaut ,Michael Collins ,was in the orbiting command module overhead. “That’s one small step for a man,one giant
leap for mankind”, said Armstrong.The words were seared into the memories of the 600 million some people- about
1/5 of our planet’s population at that time-who watched the broadcast transmitted from the lunar surface.And for a
time it seemed the impossible was just the beginning.
36. What was the name of the module that landed on the moon?
A. the Columbia
B. Saturn V
C. the Eagle
D. the Earth
37. Which is not mentioned about Apollo 11 ?
A. It belonged to the USA
B. It was launched 42 years ago
Trang 2/đề139


C. It had the most powerful engines at that time D. It failed to land on the moon
38. Apollo 11 ………
A. had two men on board
B. had no man on board
C. was launched on July 16,1969
D. was launched on July 20,1969
39. Which sentence is not true ?
A. Michael Collins did not step down on the moon
B. Neil Armstrong was too excited to say anything when he was on the moon.
C. Only two astronauts of the crew of three stepped on the moon.
D. There were 600million people watching the scenes sent from the moon
40. Relative pronoun who refers to ………
A. the TV viewers
B. Neil Armstrong
C. the astronauts
D. the Earth’s population
I. Pronunciation
0. A. admire
B. avid
C. variety
D. while
1. A. occupy
B. simply
C. accompany
D. hobby
2. A. practised
B. stamped
C. indulged
D. accomplished
3. A. collect
B. common
C. modest
D. accomplish
4. A. friends
B. tunes
C. clubs
D. stamps
5. A. bridged
B. raged
C. reached
D. managed
6. A. washed
B. watched
C. marched
D. pitched
7. A. ranged
B. managed
C. changed
D. raged
8. A. sits
B. eats
C. meets
D. reads
9. A. marched
B. watched
C. reached
D. bridged
10. A. tonnes
B. learns
C. walks
D. phones
11. A. month
B. cloth
C. tenth
D. loath
12. A. within
B. without
C. strengthen
D. clothing
13. A. month
B. seventh
C. thirteenth
D. that
14. A. arrived
B. laughed
C. proved
D. improved
15. A. coughs
B. kisses
C. misses
D. finishes
17.A. roughly
B. cough
C. though
D. laugh
18.A. variety
B. wilderness
C. facsimile
D. infinite
19.A. hair
B. hear
C. bear
D. square
20. Yuri Gagarin lifted off into space aboard the Vostok 1
A. attracted
B. occured
C. reacted
D. launched
21. The world “ astronaut” means: …………….
A. hero
B. telegram
C. spaceman
D. orbit
22. Gagarin became the first person to eat and drink in zero gravity .It means …………….
A. conquest
B. weightlessness
C. spacecraft
D. experiment
23. The flowers are made of plastic.They look unnatural
A. beautiful
B. artificial
C. phychological
D. human
24. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the famous man-made wonders of the world.
A. artificial
B. natural
C. modern
D. enternal
25. Hoa didn’t want to go camping with us at first, but we ………..persuade her to go with us.
A. are able to
B. were able to
C. can
D. will be able to
26. Pham Tuan was the first Vietnamese …………….into space.
A. flew
B. flying
C. who flies
D. to fly
27. The first shuttle flew into space in 1981, ……………?
A. didn’t it
B. wasn’t it
C. wouldn’t it
D. couldn’t it
28. After Mrs. Tuyet _______ to her house from work, she _______ dinner.
A. had returned / cooks
B. returned / cooked
C. was returning / was coooking
D. had returned / cooked
29. I think it was your Dad ……………….
A. phoned
B. phoning
C. that phoned
D . which phoned


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