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Relationship selling through service mkt 173 chap 13

Service and Follow-up for
Customer Retention


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 Guided by The Golden Rule:
 Prove you truly care with royal service.
 Prove what you said in your presentation was the
 Take your time to build long-term business
 Realize that customer satisfaction leads to

customer retention.
 Place the customer’s interest before your own.
 You can see that ethical service builds true

The Importance of Service and Follow-Up
 How does this chapter refer to service?
A. As part of a product, such as insurance or

In the context of helping others?

Correct! The answer is “B”
Service Refers To:
B. Helping others

What Is the Difference between Service
and Follow-Up?
 Follow-up refers to maintaining contact with a
customer (or prospect) in order to evaluate
the effectiveness of the product and the
satisfaction of the customer.

Words of Sales Wisdom and Sales
 Examples are:
 You do business with the one you trust and you
trust the one you know.
 Obtaining new customers and selling more
products to present customers are the ways to
increase sales.
 It is always easier to sell to a satisfied customer
than to an unsatisfied one or a prospect.
 The cost of acquiring a new customer is higher
than keeping a present customer.

Words of Sales Wisdom and Sales
Proverbs, cont.
 More examples are:
 Customer choice between suppliers has never
been greater.
 You lose “X” percent of sales or customers per
 80 percent of your profits come from 20 percent of
your customers (80/20 Rule)
 People do not care how much you know until they
know how much you care.

What Do These Sales Proverbs Mean to a

Take excellent care of your
current customers.

When Does the Business Relationship
After you first sell to someone and they
become a customer

Which of the Following Is the Purpose of
the Sales Call? Is it:
 Solely to make a sale?
 To help someone?

Now You Have it! The Purpose Is to:
 Help someone by:
 Solving a problem
 Fulfilling a need

Is Being More Concerned For Helping Someone
than Making the Sale Hard for Most People?

 Yes it is!
 Motivation needs to come from the heart, not
from the bank account.

Putting the Customer First Requires Salespeople to
Have Personal Characteristics That Allow Them to:

Care for the customer
Take joy in their work
Find harmony in the sales relationship
Have patience in closing the sale
Be kind to all people
Have high moral ethics
Be faithful to their word
Be fair in the sale
Be self-controlled in emotions

How Would You Answer these Questions:
 Do these success characteristics describe
 Do you have all, or part of them?
 Can you develop the missing ones?

Once Again, Are You:

Able to get along with others?

These Personal Characteristics Are
Important if You Want to:
 Have personal friends
 Have business relationships

Building a Long-Term Business Friendship
 What Is A Business Relationship?
 A relationship that revolves around business issues
 A business relationship is much like a personal
 Build a business relationship in much the same
way you build regular friendships.

Building a Long-Term Business Friendship
 Several things happen between people

before they become business friends.
1. Self disclosure – sharing a few things about your


client and allowing your client to share a few
thing about himself or herself.
Acknowledgement – everyone has a desire to be
heard, acknowledged, and understood; take time
to listen to your client.
Attending – pay attention, or attend your client.
Use body language to show you are paying

Building a Long-Term Business Friendship
 Several things happen between people
before they become business friends, cont.
4. Talking – the foundation of any good relationship
is good communication; be a good listener, share
information, and allow information to be shared.

In a Business Friendship, How Can You:
 Mistreat a person you consider a friend?
 Be uncaring, sad, pushy, impatient, rude,
unethical, untruthful, self-centered, and/or

Building a Long-Term Business Friendship
 Structure for survival – good relationship
needs structure to survive; must be established
at the beginning and reaffirmed to avoid

 Avoid control and one-ups – do not try to
control your client, do not allow yourself to be

Relationship Marketing and Customer
 Transaction selling – customer not contacted
again after sale.
 Relationship selling – periodically stays in
touch. After sale, customer contacted:
Satisfied? Future needs?
 Partnering – continually works with
customers. Improves sales, operations, and

The Product and Its Service Component
 Customer service:
 Product  Promotion
 Price
 Exchange transaction
 Place
 After the sale
 Expectations determine service quality
perception (personal needs, past experiences,
salesperson information, word-of-mouth)

People Buy the Product Plus What?
 Plus the services (other attributes of the product)
 A product (good or service) is a bundle of tangible
and intangible attributes, including package, color, and
brand, plus the services and even the reputation of
the seller.

Here Are Several Expected Services
 Product has no defects
 Price is fair
 Product is available when and where needed
 Correct, honest advertising
 Transaction handled correctly, quickly,
professionally – the first time
 Warranty honored

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