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Relationship selling through service mkt 173 chap 10

Elements of a Great Sales


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Main Topics


The Tree of Business Life: Presentation
The Purpose of the Presentation
Three Essential Steps within the Presentation
The Sales Presentation Mix
Visual Aids Help Tell the Story
Dramatization Improves Your Chances
Demonstrations Prove It



Main Topics


Technology Can Help!
The Sales Presentation Goal Model
The Ideal Presentation
Be Prepared for Presentation Difficulties



The Presentation

 Create elements of the

presentation that appeal to the
buyer’s senses and lead to
improved understanding.
 Liven up your talk with drama and
a demonstration.
 Use technology to help make your
message clear.
 Be professional about competition.
 You will see that ethical service
builds true relationships.

Exhibit 10-1: The Presentation is the Heart
of the Sale
 An effective approach
allows a smooth transition
into discussing your
product’s features,
advantages, and benefits.

The Purpose of the Presentation
 Your main goal is to sell your product to
your customer – to help him.

The Purpose of the Presentation, cont.
 Purpose of the presentation:
1. Provide knowledge via features, advantages,

and benefits of your product, marketing plan, and
business proposition
Allow buyer to develop personal attitudes toward
your product
Attitudes result in desire (or need)
Convert a need into a want and then into the
belief that your product can fulfill a certain need

The Purpose of the Presentation, cont.
5. Convince the buyer that not only is your product

the best but also that you are the best source
to buy from
When this occurs, she is in the conviction stage

Exhibit 10-2: The Five Purposes of the

Three Essential Steps Within the
1. Fully discuss the features, advantages, and benefits
of your product.
2. Present your marketing plan – tell whole story:
 How to resell (for reseller)
 How to use (for consumer and industrial user)
 Promotion plans, delivery, etc.
3. Explain your business proposition.
 What’s in it for your customer?
1. Value/Cost comparison

1.Should be last (why?)

Exhibit 10-4a: Salespeople Use These
FABs in Their Presentations
Features, Advantages, and Benefits of Bix Buckwheat Pancake Mix




1. Great tasting, fluffy and
1. Traditional “farmhouse”
light; highly nutritious
recipe, with freshest
ingredients; fortified with
vitamins A, B, C, and D;
no preservatives
2. User needs only to add
2. Quick and easy to
water, stir, and cook

1. Provides an appealing
item; expands breakfast
menu; increases
breakfast business
2. Requires minimal
kitchen time and

Exhibit 10-4b: Salespeople Use These
FABs in Their Presentations
Features, Advantages, and Benefits of Bix Buckwheat Pancake Mix




Marketing Plan
3. Just in time delivery;
weekly as needed

3. No need to store large

4. Local distribution center

4. Additional orders can be 4. Prevents out-offilled quickly
stock situations

5. An experienced sales
representative to serve

5. Knowledge and
background in
food-service industry

3. Requires minimal
inventory space; keeps
inventory costs low

5. Provides assistance for
meeting changing needs
and solving business

Exhibit 10-4c: Salespeople Use These
FABs in Their Presentations
Features, Advantages, and Benefits of Bix Buckwheat Pancake Mix




Business Proposition
6. Quantity discounts

6. Reduces costs

7. Extended payment plans 7. Reduces interest costs

6. Increases your profits
7. Increases your profits

Exhibit 10-5: The Sales Presentation Mix

Persuasive Communication
 Seven factors of good communication:
(Chapter 4)

1.Use questions
2.Be empathetic
3.Keep the message simple
4.Create mutual trust
6.Have a positive attitude and enthusiasm
7.Be believable

Persuasive Communication
 Sell Sequence = FAB + trial close
 To be a persuasive communicator:

Use logical reasoning
Persuade through suggestion
Have a sense of fun
Personalize relationships
Build trust – being honest; doing what you say you will do
Be aware of your body language – always smile!
Control the presentation – questions rechannel an off-course
Use diplomacy – choose your battles
Use words as selling tools (simile, metaphor, analogy)

The Sales Presentation Mix
 Sales Presentation Mix
 Persuasive communication
 The SELL sequence + Trial Close

Show – Explain

– Lead

(features) (advantages) (benefits)


(customer talk)

 Trial Close: after strong selling point, after answering
objection, immediately before move to close

Persuasive Communication, cont…
 Logical Reasoning – presentation
conducted around three parts
 Ex.:
1. Major premise: All manufacturers wish to reduce


costs and increase efficiency.
Minor premise: My equipment will reduce your
costs and increase efficiency.
Conclusion: Therefore, you should buy my

Persuasive Communication, cont…
 Persuasion through suggestion
1. Suggestive propositions – suggest the prospect

should act now
Prestige suggestions – name the famous or
respected people or companies that use your
Autosuggestions – attempt to have buyer sell
herself by imagining herself using the product
Direct suggestions – suggest that prospect buy
your product

Persuasive Communication, cont…
 Persuasion through suggestion, cont.
5. Indirect suggestions – make it seem as if the
purchase of your product is the buyer’s idea
 “Should you buy 50 or 75 dozen…?”
 “Have you talked to anyone who has used their

6. Counter-suggestions – get the buyer to express
why he needs the product and will also compel
him to defend his decision

Persuasive Communication, cont…
1. Simile – a comparison statement using the words

“like” or “as”
 A poorly manicured lawn is like a bad haircut
2. Metaphor – implied comparison that uses a
contrasting word or phrase to evoke a vivid image
 Our power mowers sculpt your lawn
3. Analogy – compares two different situations which
have something in common
 Our sun screen for your home will stop the sun’s
heat before it gets to your window. It’s like having a
shade tree in front of your window without blocking
the view

Exhibit 10-5: The Sales Presentation Mix,

Participation is Essential to Success
 Questions
 Product use: appeals to senses
 Visuals (to be discussed)
 Demonstrations (to be discussed)

Exhibit 10-5: The Sales Presentation Mix,

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