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Commas unit 14

Misused Words
Unit 14

Unit 14 Misused Words
accept, except

among, between

advice, advise

angry, mad

affect, effect

any, either

all ready, already

bad, badly

all together,

beside, besides

Unit 14 Misused words

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Accept, Except
accept (verb): to take or receive
except: with the exclusion of

I accept your apology.

Everyone arrived on time except Tad.

Unit 14 Misused words

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Tryout Sentences
1. I cannot (accept, except) such an
expensive gift.

2. Everyone (accept, except) Latoya will
(accept, except) the invitation.

3. Crystal works every day (accept, except)

4. Please (accept, except) my sincere

5. (Accept, Except) for Gene, everyone

refused to (accept, except) responsibility
for the error.

Unit 14 Misused words

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Advice, Advise
advice (noun): a recommended
advise (verb): to give counsel; to
offer an opinion

Libby, I need your advice.

Bennett was unable to advise me.

Unit 14 Misused words

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Tryout Sentences
1. Consuelo asked the attorney for his (advice,

2. “(Advice, Advise) to the Lovelorn” is a
weekly column.

3. I (advice, advise) you to seek someone
else’s (advice, advise).

4. “Please (advice, advise) me” I begged Omar.
5. People who constantly seek (advice, advise)
are not equipped to (advice, advise) others.

Unit 14 Misused words

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Affect, Effect
affect (verb): to produce a change in; to
influence; to assume, pretend
effect (verb): to bring about
effect (noun): the result, impression

My low grades will affect my average.

Andrew affects a French accent with ease.

Congress tried to effect a change in the tax

My past eating habits had an adverse effect
on my health.

Unit 14 Misused words

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Tryout Sentences
1. The cold weather had a bad (affect, effect)
on my cough.

2. A pinch of salt in the soup will (affect,
effect) its taste.

3. Ella attempted to (affect, effect) a

reconciliation between the two boys.

4. You may be sure that Camillia will (affect,
effect) an air of superiority after passing
the test.

5. The supervisor tried to (affect, effect)
changes in the filling system.

Unit 14 Misused words

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All Ready, Already
all ready: fully prepared
already: by this time; previously

I am all ready to begin my

The presentation has already been

Unit 14 Misused words

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Tryout Sentences
1. The invitations have (all ready, already)
been mailed.

2. Kenny is (all ready, already) to leave his

3. My manager is (all ready, already) for the

4. The police officer had (all ready, already)
written the ticket when I arrived.

5. The pilot is (all ready, already) to take off.
Unit 14 Misused words

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All Together, Altogether
all together: collectively; in a group
altogether: completely; entirely

The tour group is all together at the

You speak altogether too rapidly.

Unit 14 Misused words

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Tryout Sentences
1. I am (all together, altogether) at your

2. (All together, Altogether) we stand or fall.
3. The department members were (all

together, altogether) when the visitor

4. You are (all together, altogether) too
discourteous for my liking.

5. The distance is (all together, altogether)
too far to cover in one day.

Unit 14 Misused words

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Among, Between
among is used when referring to
more than two items.
between is used when referring to
two items.

The responsibilities were divided
among three assistants.

The responsibilities were divided
between two assistants.

Unit 14 Misused words

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Tryout Sentences
1. There were differences of opinion (among,
between) the members of the board.

2. The hostess walked (among, between) her
guests and chatted.

3. For the award the judge chose the Dalmatian
from (among, between) all the breeds.

4. The pair of seals was tossing the ball
(among, between) them.

5. Each writing assignment was divided
(among, between) two students.
Unit 14 Misused words

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Angry, Mad
angry: enraged
mad: insane

I became angry when Shakira
revealed my secret.

The doctors determined that the
woman was mad.

Unit 14 Misused words

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Tryout Sentences
1. In the book the (angry, mad) woman is
locked in the tower to protect the populace.

2. Are you (angry, mad) with me because of
something I did?

3. When I lost my keys, my father was very
(angry, mad).

4. He must have been (angry, mad) to have
committed that terrible crime.

5. The defense attorney claims that his client
was temporarily (angry, mad).
Unit 14 Misused words

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Any, Either
Any refers to one or more of
several persons or things.
Either refers to one of two persons
or things.

You may sit in any of these three

Either of the two seats is available.

Unit 14 Misused words

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Tryout Sentences
1. (Any, Either) of the two candidates would be a
good choice for the job.

2. In our office (any, either) of the three
programmers could solve this problem.

3. (Any, Either) of the association’s members may
receive a discount.

4. Jack and Jill are on the hill; (any, either) of them
may fetch the water.

5. Ask to speak with (any, either) of the four
doctors on call.
Unit 14 Misused words

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Bad, Badly
bad: sorry; wicked; offensive; ill
(use after the verb feel or look)
badly: in a bad manner; poorly

I felt bad after drinking the sour milk.

The dog behaves badly when left

Unit 14 Misused words

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Tryout Sentences
1. I felt (bad, badly) after eating that
chicken salad.

2. You should be ashamed of yourself for
behaving (bad, badly).

3. The critics agreed that the star acted
(bad, badly) in the part.

4. Paulie looks (bad, badly) after losing all
that weight.

5. The class felt (bad, badly) when Mrs.
Kurtz retired.

Unit 14 Misused words

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Beside, Besides
beside: at the side of
besides: in addition to; in addition,

Please sit beside me.

Besides Loraine, Ellie has two other good

Besides, Loraine knows Ellie’s stepfather.

Unit 14 Misused words

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Tryout Sentences
1. Jay sat (beside, besides) his friend’s
bed during her hospital stay.

2. (Beside, Besides) Orlando my family is
also traveling to Sarasota.

3. I don’t want to go shopping; (beside,
besides) the pantry is full.

4. Come and sit (beside, besides) me.
5. (Beside, Besides) Elinor I have two
other good friends.

Unit 14 Misused words

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