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Commas unit 09

Unit 9

Unit 9 Homonyms
Homonyms are words that sound
alike but have different meanings.

The grass was covered with dew.

I will do my best.

The plane is due at noon.

Unit 9 Homonyms

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Tryout Sentences

I wonder if my supervisor (might, mite)
consider a (raise, raze) so that I could
better (meat, meet) the payment dates
of my (currant, current) bills.


This particular (root, route) calls for the
ship to (sail, sale) (threw, through)
(weather, whether) so (foul, fowl) that
many (soles, souls) have been lost in
the (passed, past).

Unit 9 Homonyms

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Tryout Sentences



We could (hear, here) a (grate, great)
(groan, grown) as our (guessed, guest) ate
the last morsel of (meat, meet); he (knew,
new) his (waist, waste) had (groan,
I must (complement, compliment) you on
your (flair, flare) for style and (for, fore)
your ability to (complement, compliment)
your (fair, fare) complexion with the (right,

write) colors.

Unit 9 Homonyms

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Tryout Sentences


Resolution of the last (miner,
minor) details of the (peace,
piece) treaty (allowed, aloud) it
to be signed on time, and
everyone (heard, herd) the
joyous (peal, peel) of bells.

Unit 9 Homonyms

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