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Commas unit 04

Unit 4

Unit 4 Semicolons
Replacing Conjunctions
Before Conjunctions in Compound
Before Transitional Words or Phrases
Between Items in a Series

Unit 4 Semicolons

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Replacing Conjunctions
When the conjunction is omitted, a semicolon
is used to separate two closely related
independent clauses.

Mario ran as fast as he could; he missed the
I applied for the job; I was hired.

Unit 4 Semicolons

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Tryout Sentences
1. The voters liked the candidate they voted for
him overwhelmingly.
2. World leaders want peace they have not yet
negotiated a treaty.
3. My decorator requested my color preferences
the kitchen is now blue.
4. I waited over an hour at the train station
Audrey did not arrive.
5. Felicia’s birthday is today the staff is surprising
her with a cake.
Unit 4 Semicolons

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Before Conjunctions in
Compound Sentences
When a conjunction separates two
independent clauses and one or both of the
clauses contain a comma or commas, place a
semicolon before the conjunction.

If you have questions, please call; and we can
discuss them.

I called Dr. Nozaki; but, unfortunately, he was

Unit 4 Semicolons

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Tryout Sentences
1. As the newspaper reported, the accident
occurred yesterday but no one witnessed it.
2. I know that reservations are required but,
unfortunately, I forgot to make them.
3. Ms. Montoya, our supervisor, insists on our
best work or we will not be considered for
4. My team, which is playing tomorrow, is highly
ranked and we usually win.
5. Edward’s computer is a new, state-of-the-art
machine and he needs instruction on its use.
Unit 4 Semicolons

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Before Transitional Words
or Phrases
When two independent clauses are
connected by a transitional word or phrase,
place a semicolon before the word or phrase
and a comma after it.

I have the qualifications; therefore, please
consider me for the job.
The performance was delayed; in fact, it was
nearly canceled.

Unit 4 Semicolons

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Tryout Sentences
1. The travel agent carefully planned our trip
nevertheless we experienced delays.
2. I am calling a meeting of all managers
meanwhile please contact the reps in the field.
3. The artist painted my portrait however he did
not get a good likeness.
4. Our company will pay your moving expenses
furthermore we will help you sell your house.
5. Let’s not rush the decision besides you do not
have all of the information.
Unit 4 Semicolons

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Between Items in a Series
A semicolon is used to separate items in a
series when one or more of the items
contains a comma.

This summer I plan to visit Dublin, Ireland;
London, England; and Wales.
I would like to introduce Ethan Stanley, the
show’s producer; Marcia Lord, its director; and
Lorelei Kent, the star.

Unit 4 Semicolons

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Tryout Sentences
1. My guests included Harvey Kriss Meredith Swensen,
the famous designer and Gunnar Gannon.
2. I called the company spoke to the production manager,
Beverly Contini and set up an appointment.
3. The play tried out in Chicago, Illinois had a short run in
Boston and opens in New York City next week.
4. The club’s owners include Carol Bonn, head chef Wali
Otero, dessert chef Dino Lambert, headwaiter and me.
5. Let’s meet to discuss the cost, which is rather high the
proposed location and other aspects of our business
Unit 4 Semicolons

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