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Business communication building critical skill 6th module030

Letters and
Calls and Job

Module Thirty


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Learning Objectives
LO 30-1 Apply strategies for follow-up phone calls
and letters.
LO 30-2 Solve dilemmas with job offers outside of
your first choice.
LO 30-3 Apply strategies for enthusiasm on the
LO 30-4 Develop behaviors for future job
application success.


What should I say in a follow-up
phone call or letter?
 “Is there more information I can give you?”
 “I’ve been giving a lot of thought to your
project and have some new ideas. Can we
meet to go over them?”
 “Where do I stand? How does my work
compare with the work others presented?”


What should I say in a follow-up
phone call or letter?

Remind the reader of what he or she liked about you.

Counter any negative impressions.

Use the jargon of the company and refer to specific things from the interview.

Be enthusiastic.

Refer to the next move.


What do I do if my first offer isn’t the
one I most want?
 If your first offer is not from your first choice,
express your pleasure at being offered the job,
but do not accept it on the phone.
 Call your first-choice employer to see where
you stand if you get another offer.
 Make your acceptance contingent on a written
job offer.


Follow-Up Letter after an Office Visit
 A well-written letter
can be the deciding
factor that gets you
the job.


Being Enthusiastic
The ideal job would let you

 Use the skills you want to use.
 Work with the kind of people you want to be
 Work with a product, service, or idea that
interests you.
 Have the level of responsibility you want.


Being Enthusiastic


Letter Expressing Continued
Interest in a Position
 If you already have a
job, you may decide
to wait until your
desired employer
does offer you a job.


Is there anything else I should do?

Celebrate your accomplishment!

Reflect on what you could improve for future job searches.

 How might you even better prepare for future
job interviews?

Start a file with the answers, and include copies of job application materials.


Is there anything else I should do?
Navigate your career course better, answer these questions periodically:

How have your habits, expectations, and goals changed?

What do you want from your job or career in the next year? Five years? Ten years?


Is there anything else I should do?
 How has your job
field changed, and
what should you do to
stay current in it?
 How committed are
you to staying in your
career? If you want to
change careers, why?

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