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(A) The man is unlocking a door.

(A) One woman is picking up a bag.

(B) The man is holding some packages.

(B) One woman is putting on a hat.

(C) The man is loading a cart.

(C) The women are wearing coatr.

(D) The man is standing near some boxes.


(D) The women are waiting outdoors.

(A) A man’s walking down an escalator.

(A) A woman is opening an umbrella.

(B) A man’s wrapping some merchandise.

(B) Customers are shopping in an open-air

(C) Some people are cleaning the floor.


(D) Some people are seated next to an

(C) A vendor is reaching into a display case.


(D) Some people are bicycling through a




(A) She's jotting down notes on a notepad.

(A) Some people are climbing the stairs.

(B) She's arranging some flowers in a vase.

(B) Some people are leaning against a railing.

(C) She's attaching items to a bulletin board.

(C) A woman is reading on a bench.

(D) She's moving her computer monitor.

(D) A man is working in a garden.


(A) A framed picture is hanging above a

(A) The vehicles are all traveling in the same



(B) A sofa has been positioned across from a

(B) A traffic signal is suspended above an



(C) A television has been set on a bookshelf.

(C) Painted lines separate the lanes of traffic.

(D) Some books have been stacked on a table.

(D) A high-rise building is being erected near


a busy roadway.


(A) An instrument has been left on a piano.

(A) Some boards have been piled on a deck.

(B) The floor is partially covered by a rug.

(B) Workers are fastening their helmets.

(C) A music stand is being adjusted.

(C) A ladder has been placed next to a

(D) A stage is being prepared for a concert.

vertical beam.

(W-Am) What flight is he arriving on?

(D) Pipes are being carried up some steps.
(M-Cn) When did you join the company?



(W-Br) (A) Yes, I’m enjoying it here.


(A) Flight 48.

(B) Three years ago.

(B) Only an hour.

(C) The Strauss Company.

(C) At the airport.
(M-Au) Where are you staying in town?


(M-Cn) (A) Yes, often.

(W-Am) Who's meeting with Ms. Clark right

(B) At the Lakeside Hotel.

(W-Br) (A) The accountant.

(C) For a conference.

(W-Am) How many clients will be visiting?

(B) The meeting was rather short.

(M-Au) (A) Yes, they are.

(C) Yes, you're quite right.
(M-Cn) What are these sweaters made of?
(W-Am) (A) In Mexico, I think.

(B) At two o'clock.

(C) About a dozen.
(W-Br) Where can I get a copy of the weekly

(B) I like the blue ones.



(M-Cn) (A) Every other week.

(W-Am) (A) It’s not very likely.

(B) I read that, too.

(C) On our Web site.
(W-Br) When do you expect the merger to be

(B) No, thanks. I'd prefer to walk.


on this job tomorrow?

(M-Cn) (A) By the end of the month.

(W-Br) (A) I'm not free tomorrow.

(C) Yes, sales ought to improve.
(M-Cn) Why did Yumi leave the seminar

(B) We walked through the lobby.

(C) Let's make him an offer.
(M-Au) Where can I attend an evening



(M-Au) (A) Seven o'clock this morning.

(W-Am) (A) It's a four-course meal.

(B) Some are in Room 26.

(B) Yes, attendance is required.

(C) She had a doctor’s appointment.

(C) The university has some night

(W-Am) Who will replace Mr. Fernandez


(W-Br) When will we begin marketing the

when he

new alarm



(W-Br) (A) I've never been there.

(M-Au) (A) After more tests are completed.

(B) I heard that Maria Ortega will.

(C) I'll return his call then.
(M-Au) Should we stay late tonight or work

(B) I expect so.

(C) They're cotton.
(M-Cn) Would you like me to call a taxi for

(C) No, I'm not tired.
(M-Cn) Why are our supplies so low?

(B) It's an efficient system.

(C) In Europe and North America.
(W-Am) Why don't we go out for some fresh

(M-Au) (A) I'm surprised to see you!


(B) The bottom shelf.

(M-Cn) (A) It's out of stock.

(C) The delivery's been delayed.



(W-Br) Who shipped the product samples

(B) Yes, I'd like to take a break.

(C) The chairs go over there.
(M-Au) Those French lessons were very


useful, weren't they?

(W-Am) (A) In the afternoon shipment.

(W-Am) (A) At the training center.

(B) Ms. Kang sent them.

(B) It's held Monday and Wednesday.

(C) I've already tried them.
(W-Br) Aren't you supposed to be on holiday


(C) Yes, I really learned a lot.
(W-Am) You've gone through customs,

this week?

haven't you?

(M-Au) (A) No, I had a scheduling conflict.

(M-Cn) (A) Is she one of our customers?

(B) I go there with my family.

(B) Yes, it was faster than usual

(C) They used to be.
(M-Au) I thought the discussion was helpful.


(C) I haven't received one yet.
(M-Cn) Do I have to complete this

(W-Am) (A) Sure, help yourself.

application now?

(B) The quarterly reports.

(W-Br) (A) We're competing for market

(C) Yes, our goals seem clearer now.

(B) Yes, I confirmed my reservation.




(W-Am) I think the vice president should


(C) You can fill it out at home if you'd like.
(M-Au) Your new assignment looks quite

select the location.


(M-Cn) (A) But she asked us to.

(W-Am) (A) It's nicer than the old sign.

(B) A wide variety.

(B) I'll distribute them tomorrow.

(C) We couldn't find them.
(M-Cn) How about a game of tennis this


(C) It's actually easier than it looks.
(W-Br) Have the emergency exits been



(M-Au) (A) No, I'm afraid I didn’t.

(M-Cn) (A) Only in an emergency.

(B) Well, I do need the exercise.

(B) Through the main entrance.

(C) I bought ten of them.
(M-Au) Do you have to phone your office


(C) Yes, everything's fine.
(W-Br) Hasn't Mr. Chu finished compiling

now, or can you wait until later?

the data?

(W-Br) (A) I'd better do it before I forget.

(W-Am) (A) Of course, you can borrow my

(B) A waiter will be with you in a moment.


(C) Our new offices will be bigger.

(B) He hasn't received all the figures yet.


(M-Au) How can we identify the best


(C) Sure, he can come by anytime.
(W-Am) Why don't we take a few minutes to


go over the proposal?

(W-Br) (A) We may want to consult some

(M-Cn) (A) It lasted a few hours.


(B) Should we ask Sarah to join us?

(B) Everyone must show identification.

(C) I didn't select the speaker.

(C) In the laboratory.
Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Am) Good morning.41I have a reservation at this hotel - my name's Clara Dawson.
(M-Au) Hello, Ms. Dawson, and welcome to the San Sebastian Inn. Unfortunately, your room won't be
available until noon, but 43 I'd be happy to keep your luggage behind the counter until then.
(W-Am) Oh, that's fine. I just flew in from New York, and I'd like to get a late breakfast. Do you have any
recommendations for restaurants in the area?
(M-Au) 43 Here's a city restaurant guide - breakfast places are listed at the beginning.
Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Cn) Nancy, 44I heard that you're transferring to our office in Hong Kong. What will you be doing
(W-Br) Oh, it'll be the same thing I've been doing here.
The company's ready to start marketing our new speech recognition software in Asia - and 45 since my
team's had a lot of success selling the product here, they've asked me to move to Hong Kong to head up
the sales efforts there. (M-Cn) That sounds like a great opportunity. You know, my cousin works in Hong
Kong for a big retailer. 46 I'll give you her e-mail address in case you want to contact her. I'm sure she'd be
happy to help you find an apartment there.
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Au) Ms. Patel? This is Eric from facilities. We’re replacing the carpeting on the second floor, and 47
we'd like to replace the carpet in your office on Friday.
(W-Am) That's not a problem.48 But I need a computer that day so I can access my files on the server. Will
that be possible?
(M-Au) Well, Room 203 has a computer you could
probably use.49 I'll get in touch with technical support to make sure you'll have access to your files there.
Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation.

(W-Am) Hello,50 I'm planning to order flower arrangements for an awards banquet next month. A
colleague recommended your shop. (M-Cn) Yes, we specialize in centerpieces for corporate events. Do
you know what type of flowers you're looking for?
(W-Am) 51I have a picture of one of the arrangements from last year's banquet that I can e-mail to you. If
you could make something similar, that'd be great. How far in advance should I place the order?
(M-Cn) 52 You'll have to submit your order two weeks before the event. That way we can be sure that we
have the flowers you request in stock.
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Br) Daniel, I know how much you love to cook. 53Did you hear that the chef from the Spontaneous
Gourmet show on TV will be teaching a class at the culinary institute this summer?
(M-Au) Really? 54Steven Okada? I've been a fan of his show for years! I learned how to make some of my
favorite dishes from watching him cook.
(W-Br) Well, 55if you're interested in the class, you should sign up right away - there are only a few spots
available to the general public.
Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Cn) Hi, 56 I'm from the machine-repair department. I got a call about a problem with one of the sewing
(W-Br) Yes - the machine at the station over there stopped working - the foot pedal broke. 57 Do you know
how long it'll take to fix that?
(M-Cn) 58 Let me check the supplies in the storeroom - if we have the right part, it won't take long. But if I
have to order a part, it could be a couple of days.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Au) Wasn't that surprising news about the budget? 59 We actually have money left over this year.
(W-Am) Yes, but if we don't spend the money, we lose it. 60 That's why Ms. Han has asked everyone to
come up with some ideas for special projects - things that can be done before the end of the year.
(M-Au) But projects take time to plan and there's only a month left. 61 What if we just buy new
videoconferencing equipment instead? It would be really useful for all those conference calls with
colleagues in branch offices.
Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Au) Good evening, I'm calling from the Mountain View City Council office. 62We're surveying local

residents to get their opinions about the recent proposal to expand highway 1. Would you be willing to
answer a few questions?
(W-Br) I'm sorry, I'm just leaving to go out. 63But I've been reading the articles in the newspaper - the ones
about all the plans to improve our local roads, and I'd very much like to respond to the survey. Could you
call back at another time?
(M-Au) 64If it would be more convenient, you can take the survey online. All you have to do is go to the
city council's Web site and click on the button that says "Roadway survey." It'll only take you about five
minutes to fill out the form.
Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Br) Hello, this is Gina Masterson, the director of the Churchill Theater. 65I loved your audition and
would like to offer you a role in our upcoming play, Town and Country. Rehearsals begin next Wednesday.
(M-Cn) That's great, but I didn't realize rehearsals would be starting so soon. 66I'm already performing in
another theater production, so I won't be available until the end of next week.
(W-Br) Well, we can work without you for the first few days, but I do need your measurements so I can
give them to our costume designer. That usually happens on the first day of rehearsals.
(M-Cn) That's not a problem.67I can stop by earlier in the day and meet with the costume designer then.
Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Cn) Dr. Adams, this is Justin McBride from the Foundation for Health Research. I'm pleased to tell
you 68that your article about the benefits of a low-fat diet has been accepted for our journal.
(W-Am) That's wonderful news.


I actually just presented my research at a symposium and it was well

received. When will the article be published?
(M-Cn) Well, 70 we've made some editorial suggestions, so revisions will have to be made first. Once
you've done that, we can let you know the exact date the article will appear in the journal.
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following telephone message
(W-Br) Hello, this is Diana Gorman calling about the advertisement that you placed in the Cliffdale
newspaper for a used bicycle. 71 I've been looking for a bike for a while now, and the one you described in
your ad seems perfect. I have some questions about it, though,72 so please call me back at 555-0116. 73 I'm
going on holiday on Friday and won't be back for two weeks, so if you could call me before then, I'd really
appreciate it. Thanks!
Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following announcement.

(M-Au) 74Attention, all employees on the engine assembly line. 75The maintenance team has found oil
leaking under a conveyor belt, so we'll have to shut down production until the leak can be fixed. We don't
expect the repairs to take long, so ... since your lunch break starts in about 15 minutes, we're just going to
extend lunchtime today from the usual half hour to 45 minutes. 76Enjoy the extra time, and we'll see you
back at your workstations at one o'clock.
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following telephone message.
(W-Am) Hello.77 I'm calling from the Pine Hill Medical Clinic about your appointment with Dr. Smith on
August fourth at ten A M.78I want to remind you that our office has recently relocated. We re now in the
new medical professional building at the corner of Cooper Avenue and Main Street. 79 Will you please call
us back at 555-0145 to confirm that you'll keep your appointment? Thank you.
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following advertisement.
(M-Cn) 80Looking for fresh and inventive cooking?
Come to Adrian's! Located on the top floor of the Metford Building, 81 Adrian's offers breathtaking views
of the entire city. Along with the stunning view,80 we feature many authentic Italian dishes you won't find
anywhere else. Best of all, our carefully prepared entrees are surprisingly affordable. In fact, for five years
in a row, 82we've been on The Daily Times' list of "Best Bargain Restaurants." So come to Adrian's today
for an unforgettable dining experience.
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following telephone message.
(W-Br) Hello, this message is for George Woo at Riverdale Publishing. This is Helen Sanders. 83 We met
last month at the Southwest Literary Conference, and I told you about a book I was writing — Travels by
Land. I’ve 84 just completed the first draft, and I'm going to go ahead and e-mail you a copy, as you
suggested. 85 I'm very excited about the possibility of working with you since you've edited so many books
by other travel writers that I admire. I hope you find the manuscript promising, and I look forward to
hearing from you
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following radio broadcast.
(W-Am) You're listening to KLX, your favorite folk music station. Next up, 86you'll hear an exclusive
interview with songwriter and singer Robert Vega. I'm particularly pleased to have Robert on the show as

we've been friends ever since we met in a music class at Coast University. Robert will be talking about

his new album, Total Vega, which was recorded live at the famous Willingboro Festival. When we come

back from the break, 88we'll let you know how you can win a pair of tickets to his upcoming concert at
Midland Arena — so, stay tuned.
Questions 89 through 91 refer t< the following excerpt from a meeting
(M-Cn) 90 I want to remind you to tell patrons about a new service we're offering on the library's Web site.

Patrons can now access the library's catalog and their accounts online, so they can put titles on hold,

search other libraries for an interlibrary loan, and review checkouts — all from their home computers. 91
We've had magnets made that have our Web site printed on them. Please offer them to people as they
check out at the circulation desk.
Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following announcement.
(W-Br) Attention, Pacific Trends shoppers. We'd like to invite you to visit our newly remodeled third floor
display area.93 After several months of renovations, we've transformed the entire floor into a bright, 92 open
space to showcase our large selection of living room furniture. The additional space has allowed us to
display even more creative room layouts and design ideas. We also now offer complimentary in-store
design consultation services. 94Speak with a member of our talented design staff today to find the perfect
fabric for your sofa or choose the best lighting and accessories to decorate your room. So be sure to come
and take a look!
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following excerpt from a meeting.
(M-Au) It's time to start planning the fall travel section that we publish every September. And, 95this year,
we've decided to have the summer interns write most of it. It's a good long-term project for them, and it
will solve our biggest problem from last summer. That was the first time that we'd used interns to work on
news articles for the weekday editions — which seemed like a good idea, but I'm sure you all remember
how time-consuming it was giving the interns daily feedback on their articles. And, unfortunately, 96some
of us missed important deadlines for our own pieces. So, this summer, everyone will have mentoring
assignments just once a week, rather than daily. 97Please take a look at your calendars and then e-mail me
the days when you're free to mentor someone.
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following talk.
(M-Cn) Welcome to Sunlight House. My name is Stephen, and I'll be leading you on this afternoon's tour.

Despite its name, Sunlight House was designed by Edgar Thompson not as a residential home but as the

office for his architectural business. It was here that he worked on many of the industrial buildings that
he's so well-known for today. You'll see when you enter the building that it's simply one large room with

cleverly designed modular work spaces for Thompson and each of his associates. 99That type of floor plan
is quite common today, but it was revolutionary for Thompson's time. As we walk around, feel free to take
photographs, but please 100 do not handle or lean against anything, as many of the items on display have
become fragile with age.






(A) He's filing some folders.

(A) A horse is resting by a tree.

(B) He's holding a cardboard box

(B) A horse is entering a barn.

(C) He's stacking some magazines.

(C) There's a car in the driveway.

(D) He's turning on a television.

(D) There's a fence near a building.


(A) They're reading some newspapers.

(A) Some men are looking at menus.

(B) They're moving some furniture.

(B) Some men are preparing a meal.

(C) They're facing each other.

(C) A waiter is writing down an order.

(D) They're opening their briefcases.

(D) A waiter is carrying some glasses.


(A) A woman is pushing a shopping cart.

(A) An audience has filled a movie theater.

(B) Customers are approaching a cash

(B) Spectators are attending a sporting event.


(C) Vendors are climbing some stairs.

(C) A man is paying for a purchase.

(D) The players are leaving the field.

(D) A man is selecting an item from a display.



(A) An instrument case is lying on the floor.

(A) People have gathered by a fountain.

(B) A bookcase is between two benches.

(B) People are strolling through an outdoor

(C) Some shoes are being placed into boxes.


(D) A rug is laid out in front of a window.

(C) Some sacks are being unloaded from a




(D) Workers are hanging out laundry to dry.

(A) A shelving unit is being installed.

(A) Scaffolding has been erected next to an

(B) A woman is bending down to read a label.

exterior wall.

(C) A stack of cups is covered in plastic

(B) A worker is burying pipes in the ground.


(C) Steps have been constructed from stone

(D) A woman is serving beverages in cups.


(D) Cement is being poured at a construction







(W-Am) What time is it?


(M-Au) How was your stay at the hotel?

(W-Br) (A) Just a few minutes.

(W-Am) (A) I'm sorry, I can't.

(B) Almost five o'clock.

(B) Near Fourth Avenue.

(C) Yes, it is.
(W-Br) Do you want me to schedule the press

(C) I enjoyed it.
(M-Cn) When should I have this paperwork


conference for Thursday, or for Friday?

ready? (W-Am) (A) As soon as possible.

(M-Au) (A) A television reporter.

(B) At the print shop.

(B) I'd prefer Thursday.

(C) A billing form.

(C) The latest press release.
(W-Br) Where was Mr. Wagner yesterday?


(W-Am) Michael, is this your coat?

(M-Cn) (A) The whole department.

(M-Au) (A) Because it's cold outside.

(B) No, that’s tomorrow.

(B) No, mine's brown.

(C) With a client.
(W-Am) Who can l ask to revise our

(C) A different postal code.
(M-Au) You manage this apartment complex,


orientation materials?

don’t you?

(M-Cn) (A) l just realized that.

(W-Br) (A) Yes, I have for twelve years.

(B) An earlier version.

(B) It's apartment 16.

(C) Yoko has the time.
(W-Am) Why did you get a new mobile


(C) It wasn't that complicated.
(M-Au) Does Samir work in accounting or


customer service?

(W-Br) (A) In my briefcase.

(M-Cn) (A) That's the right account number.

(B) I lost my old one.

(B) How can I help you?

(C) Next September.
(M-Au) Would you like to share a taxi to the


(C) He's a supervisor in customer service.
(M-Cn) What color should I paint the living

train station?


(W-Br) (A) Actually, I was planning to drive.


(B) I've already been trained.

(M-Au) (A) Yes, you should.

(C) Every twenty minutes.

(B) He's nearly finished.

(W-Br) When is the Morrison Bridge going to

(C) Yellow would look nice.
(M-Au) Why's the shopping center so busy?



(W-Am) (A) I have to buy food for dinner.


(B) A new store opened there last week.

(M-Cn) (A) A pair of them.

(C) A business proposal.

(B) He was stuck in traffic.

(C) Sometime next spring.
(W-Br) My flight to Chicago's been delayed


(M-Cn) Shouldn't we distribute these

for six



(W-Am) (A) Black and white's fine.

(M-Cn) (A) Have you tried to get a different

(B) Not until more people get here.


(C) Martin designed them

(B) Unless he's waiting at the airport.





(C) Sure, I'll put it on display.
(W-Am) Who's going to do the presentation


(M-Cn) Why don't you call Ms. Garcia this

with you?


(M-Au) (A) I'm doing it by myself.

(W-Br) (A) I don't think I have her number.

(B) It was a good presentation.

(B) Because she asked for one.

(C) Baolin also received one.
(M-Cn) Let's order a bigger sign for the front


(C) I can answer the phone.
(W-Br) The cafe's out of sandwiches.


(M-Cn) (A) An extra slice of cheese.

(W-Am) (A) What size should we get?

(B) They open at nine.

(B) No, in the bottom drawer.

(C) Try the soup instead.

(C) You can sign it later.
(M-Au) Who’s in charge of stocking the


(W-Am) Are they putting an addition on the




(M-Cn) (A) She's the head librarian.

(W-Br) (A) Oh, we take turns.

(B) No. but they are remodeling.

(B) Don't forget to close it.

(C) Seven more years.

(C) Some office supplies.
(M-Au) What's on the agenda for the staff


(W-Am) Hasn't Marcus found a location for


the photo shoot?

(W-Br) (A) Next to the lobby.

(M-Au) (A) It's for an advertisement.

(B) Attendance was good.

(B) Hang them up there.

(C) It hasn't been finalized.
(M-Cn) The new copier's been delivered.


(C) He's still looking.
(M-Au) There's only one entrance to this

(W-Br) (A) I'll order it this morning.

building, right?

(B) Is it ready to use?

(W-Am) (A) He's standing right over there.

(C) I'd like some, too.

(B) No, there's a side door too.
(C) By showing your identification badge.



(W-Br) Where will the training session be


(W-Am) The contract negotiations took


longer than I expected.

(W-Am) (A) I'll check the e-mail Erika sent

(M-Cn) (A) Yes. I was surprised by that.


(B) It's a little more than ten kilometers.

(B) Safety procedures.

(C) Are you expecting him?

(C) Because of a schedule change.
(M-Cn) How do I renew my membership?


(W-Br) Could you give me feedback on my

(M-Au) (A) A teachers association.

research proposal?

(B) There's a form online.

(M-Au) (A) Improvements in medical

(C) No, it's not new.

(B) I didn't think it was.
(C) If you don't need it immediately, I can.

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Br) Good evening. 41 I see that your restaurant's pretty busy right now - do you have any available
(M-Cn) We are busy, but we do have some free tables, so you won't have to wait.
(W-Br) Marvelous. There is one thing though - I'm in
a bit of a hurry. 42I have tickets to see a play in an hour at the theater next door. Do you think that I'll be
done in time?
(M-Cn) Our servers are used to having diners who are going to shows next door. 43 I'll let your waiter
know that you're in a rush.
Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Au) Hi, I've been working in one of the library's study rooms this afternoon. I left to find a book, and
when I came back, the door was locked. 44 My laptop is still inside, so could you please unlock the room
for me?
(W-Am) Oh, 45 the doors lock automatically when you close them. What was the room number?
(M-Au) I forget the number, but it's the room immediately to the left of the elevator.
(W-Am) OK, that's room 315. We keep a set of keys here at the desk. Let me find the one for 315.



open that door for you, so you can get your computer.
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Au) Excuse me, 47I have a ticket for the five o'clock train to Baltimore. But I just got out of work, and

since it's only 3:30 I was hoping I could get on an earlier train. Is that possible?
(W-Br) Yes, 48there's an express train that leaves at four o'clock, but it costs $45 more. Would you like to
change your ticket?
(M-Au) That's more than I wanted to pay — 49I'll just wait until five. I have some work I can finish up in
the meantime.
Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Am) Peter, could you tell me what you covered during this morning's staff meeting? I'm sorry I
couldn't make it - 50I had a meeting with a client at the same time.
(M-Au) No problem. 51 The most important item on the agenda was the new project-management
software. I'm going to set up a separate training session for each department.
(W-Am) Oh, really? When are you doing the training for the marketing staff? I want to make sure I'm
(M-Au) On Monday afternoon. But before that, 52I'll be sending attendees a brochure that describes the
new software. I'd like everyone to take a few minutes to read the information before the training session.
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Cn) Hi, 53I saw on a television commercial that your art-supply store offers classes. What kinds of
courses do you have?
(W-Am) Right now we're offering a variety of classes in drawing, painting, and sculpture. Would any of
those interest you?
(M-Cn) |'d like to try sculpture. 54 But I've never studied any type of art before, so I'd be looking for an
introductory-level class.
(W-Am) Well, our Sculpting for Beginners class is starting tomorrow evening at seven o'clock. If you'd
I can tell you what supplies you'll need. 55 It's a good idea to buy everything in advance so you have it for
the first class.

Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Au) Do you know why it's so noisy today? 56 I've been trying to prepare a presentation for this
afternoon's board meeting, but I'm having trouble concentrating.
(W-Br) 57 There's a construction crew doing renovations on the second floor. They're combining two
empty offices to create an employee break room. Unfortunately, the hammering will probably be going on

for a while.
(M-Au) Well, it'll be good to finally have a break room, but I hope I can get my presentation done on time.
I don't want to be unprepared in front of the board of directors.
(W-Br) 58 If it'll help, I have a pair of headphones that you're welcome to borrow. Maybe that will
eliminate some of the noise.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Br) Hello, my name is Jane Woodruff and I'm an event coordinator for Eastern Tour Agency. 59 I'm
interested in bringing a tour group of about 50 people to your farm. Would you be able to accommodate a
group of that size?
(M-Cn) Of course. In fact, 60for groups of over 25 people, you can choose a hands-on demonstration for
your group to participate in. We offer cheese making, candle dipping, or your group can learn how to spin
yarn. Just let us know in advance which you'd prefer.
(W-Br) That sounds wonderful.61 I'll check with the group taking the tour to find out which they'd like to
Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Am) Mr. Logan, 62this is Clara Jackson calling from Moreland Insurance. We saw your resume on an
employment Web site and wanted to speak with you about a position that's opened up at our company.
We're looking for someone with an insurance background to head our customer service department.
(M-Cn) That sounds interesting, 63 but I'm about to leave on a business trip. Could I call you back once I
get to the airport? I'll have some time before my flight, and I'd really like to learn more about the position.
(W-Am) I'll be in a seminar later, so why don't you call me when you return from your trip? In the
meantime, 64I'm going to e-mail you more details about the job. I think once you've had a chance to review
them, you'll find that this position is a great opportunity for someone with your experience.

Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Cn) Sally, 65I just finished preparing the catering order for the Kingsley Company. Could you help me
load the food into the delivery van?
(W-Br) You haven't heard? 66One of the vans broke down this morning, and Julia took the other one to
make a delivery to the film festival in Brighton. She just left five minutes ago.
(M-Cn) That's not very long ago. 67 I'm going to call her and ask her to come back for this order. The
food has to be there in an hour, and the Kingsley Company's right on her way to Brighton.

Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Am) Hello, 68this is Cindy Kato from Northern Builders. 69Your magazine printed an article about our
company in the June issue, and I'm calling to let you know there's a mistake in it.
(M-Au) I'm sorry to hear that, Ms. Kato. We work really hard to get all of our facts right, but occasionally,
mistakes do get through. Could you tell me exactly what the problem is?
(W-Am) Yes. The article said that our firm recently built the sports stadium in Greensville - which is
correct - but it was accompanied by a photograph of a different stadium.
(M-Au) I apologize - I'm sure there was a mix-up at layout. 70 I'll find the right picture, so that the magazine
can publish a correction.
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following recorded message.
(W-Br) Hello, and 71 thank you for calling Palko Incorporated, the leading delivery service in the Franklin
area.72Last night's heavy rains have caused poor road conditions, so our offices are closed this morning.
We will not be able to deliver any packages at this time and we apologize for any inconvenience this may
cause. We expect to reopen at one this afternoon, so please 73 call back then if you need to reschedule a
delivery or if you have any questions.
Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following recorded message.
M-Au) 74 I'm Joseph Randall, owner of the area's most popular bicycle shop. 75 Randall's has always been
famous for its wide selection of bicycles, offering models for riders of all ages. With so many options,
you're sure to find one you’ll like. And 76I'm pleased to announce that now in addition to selling bikes, we
also rent them out. The same brands we have available for purchase are also available as rentals. So stop
by Randall's to buy or rent your bike today!
Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following news report.
(W-Am)77 Last week, the highly anticipated Cabrillo West opened in Palmesa Square. With 200 spacious
guest rooms and an ideal location in the city center, the Cabrillo West is sure to bring more visitors to the
area.78 79 The city's mayor, Anton Jensen, expects the hotel to be quite popular since it's within walking
distance of many shops and restaurants. In fact. Mayor Jensen was the one who pushed the city council to
approve the building project, in the hope that local businesses would benefit from the boost in tourism.
Questions 80 through 82 refer to tfie following announcement.
(M-Cn) Attention Central Museum patrons: it is now 4:45 and 80the museum will be closing in fifteen

minutes. We hope you've enjoyed your visit today and that you’ll be back soon. 81 Next month we're
starting a new program specifically for children. Our staff has created special activities using the
museum's collection that help children to explore their creative abilities. Details about the program are
available at the information desk. Again, we'll be closing in fifteen minutes. As you exit, please 82don't
forget to pick up your coat and any personal items you may have checked in the coatroom.
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following telephone message.
(M-Au) Hi, this is Alex from maintenance. 83I got your call about the light switch in your office that isn't
working. 84l've left a message asking the electrician to come out and check the problem. I'm not sure
whether we can just replace the switch, or if more extensive wiring work will be needed. 85I'll give you a
status update tomorrow after I've spoken with the electrician, but it may take a couple of days to get the
problem taken care of.
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following radio broadcast.
(W-Am) You're listening to Radio 103's weekly events calendar. 86This Saturday, the Hunter City
Historical Society will hold its annual walking tour of historic homes. 87 This year's tour will feature six
houses in the Garden District designed by the famous architect, William Robillard. The guided tour will
start at ten and take pproximately four hours, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes! 88The event will be
followed by a free presentation at the historical society by Mr. Robillard's grandson, who will be
discussing a recent book that he wrote about his
Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following conference announcement.
(W-ESr) Hello everyone. Before we go to lunch, I have an update about this afternoon's agenda. 89, 90 Ellen
Miyagi's one o'clock presentation on Internet security has been moved to accommodate the large number
of attendees. The talk will now take place in the Grand Ballroom. There's been a high level of interest in
network security issues since it's been the subject of many national news reports recently. Ms. Miyagi's
talk is very timely in today's business market, and we hope you'll attend. We'll break for lunch now. 91
Since we're on a tight schedule, please keep an eye on the time so you're not late for your next session.
Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following telephone message.
(M-Cn) Hi, Ms. Pinto, 92I'm calling from TGM Apparel regarding the order you placed last week. Your
order included a green striped sweater, 92but unfortunately, we no longer carry that particular item. I've
refunded the charge for the sweater back to your credit card, and 94 to compensate you for the
inconvenience, I will mail you a coupon for $10 toward your next purchase. We hope you'll take another

look at our Web site - you might be interested in one of the other sweaters we carry.
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following talk.
(W-Am) Good morning and welcome to this orientation session for new employees. My name's Marilyn
Carter, and I'm the head of the human resources group. 95Our first topic today is the company's payroll
process — and I'm sure you're all eager to know how and when you'll be paid. Paychecks are issued
weekly, and 96I'm going to be handing out forms with the information we'll need to get you set up in the
payroll system. Make sure that you write clearly and that all the information is accurate before you give
them back to me. ,97One thing you should be aware of is that it takes about a week to process this
paperwork, so that means there'll be a delay before you receive your first paycheck.
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following excerpt from a meeting.
(M-Cn) Good afternoon. 98I called this meeting for the entire engineering team to discuss a new product
the company wants us to develop. According to recent market surveys, customers would like to see an
underwater digital camera in our line of products. So, the company wants to produce a camera that can be
used in water up to a hundred feet deep. As you know, our target customer is your average amateur
photographer on a budget. 99The retail price needs to be reasonable without compromising quality. 100 I'd
like for us all to break into small groups to start brainstorming designs. Later on, we'll reconvene as a team
to go over our various ideas.






(A) They're lifting a desk.

(A) Some planes are on the ground.

(B) They're opening a package.

(B) A plane is taking off from a runway.

(C) They're carrying a box.

(C) Some trucks are at an intersection.

(D) They're walking outside.

(D) A truck is coming out of a garage.


(A) The man is standing next to a bench.

(A) A woman is shaking hands with a man.

(B) Flowers are being arranged in pots.

(B) A woman is holding some sheets of

(C) Some people are walking through a



(C) A woman is taking notes on a board.

(D) The man is handing the woman a camera.

(D) A woman is passing a briefcase to a man.


(A) He’s putting away some tools.

(A) Some people are riding bikes on a brick

(B) He's trying on a pair of shoes.


(C) He's adjusting his eyeglasses.

(B) Some bikes are leaning against a wall.

(D) He's repairing a shoe.

(C) Some bikes are parked in a long row.
(D) Some people are looking at bikes in a






(A) A table has been set with dishes.

(A) Some people are entering an auditorium.

(B) The shelves of a bookcase are empty.

(B) Some people are seated in a circle.

(C) Some pictures have been placed on the

(C) A man is distributing some books.


(D) A man is addressing a small group of

(D) A couch has been pushed to one side of


the room.


(A) Recording equipment is being moved

parking area.

onto a stage.

(B) Cars are being driven across a bridge.

(B) Some women are practicing their

(C) People have gathered near a building.


(D) A bridge has been closed for construction

(C) Chairs are being arranged in a classroom.

11. (M-Cn) When do you start work in the

(D) One of the musicians is turning a page.
(W-Br) Who is Mr. Park meeting at the


airport? (M-Au) (A) Inside the terminal.

(W-Am) (A) Yes, I do.

(B) They called a taxi.

(B) At eight o'clock.


(C) A new client.

(C) She just started.
(M-Cn) How much do the theater tickets cost? 14

(W-Am) Which of these notebooks is yours?

(W-Br) (A) Only sixteen dollars.

(M-Au) (A) At the library.

(B) I'm sure they're not lost.

(B) The black one's mine.

(C) There's a concert at the theater.
(W-Br) Why has the train been delayed?

(C) Thanks, it is.
(M-Au) Where's the nearest supermarket?


(M-Cn) (A) For about two hours.

(W-Am) (A) He asked about marketing.

(B) Lay it over there.


(A) Streetlamps are being installed in a




(C) They're repairing the tracks.
(W-Br) Do you have this shirt in a different

(B) Just down the street.

(C) No, there isn't.
(M-Cn) Excuse me, can you tell me what
time it is?

(W-Am) (A) Yes, we also have it in medium.

(M-Au) (A) It’s a digital clock.

(B) Sure, she can go.

(C) No, for an exercise class.
(W-Am) I'm looking for the personnel files.

(B) Do one at a time.

(M-Cn) (A) They're in the top drawer.

(C) A little past noon.
(M-Au) When will the furniture for the lobby

(B) I saw him arrive earlier.


(C) I don't think so, personally.

(W-Am) (A) At the service desk.
(B) Some blue chairs.


(M-Cn) Does Ken work in the accounting or



before, haven't you?


(M-Cn) (A) Yes, many times.

(W-Br) (A) My e-mail account still works.

(B) In the training manual.

(B) I think he's in sales.

(C) No, the factory.

(C) He preferred the first apartment.
(W-Br) Who's been selected to lead the design 24

(M-Au) Can I get you anything from the


supply room? (M-Cn) (A) They've been our

(M-Au) (A) Sign here, please.

supplier for a while.

(B) Will he read it?

(C) Probably tomorrow.
(W-Am) You've operated this equipment

(C) Ms. Lee was chosen.
(M-Au) Where will you be working for the

(B) Some pencils would be nice.

(C) She hasn't changed rooms.
(W-Br) Can we review the budget now, or

rest of the day?

should we wait till later?

(W-Am) (A) After I go home.

(M-Cn) (A) Let's find out when Sally can join

(B) At the district office.


(C) It's a tight deadline.

(M-Cn) When will the tour begin?

(B) Yes, that's all they've got.

(W-Am) (A) A history museum.


(B) He's a tour guide.

(W-Br) (A) To the cinema.

(C) In about fifteen minutes.

(M-Cn) Do you need help setting up the

(C) It weighs about ten kilos.
(M-Au) How did you find out about that

(B) We have a good view.

(C) Marco mentioned it.
(W-Am) The workshop's been canceled,

dining room for the banquet?

hasn't it?

(M-Au) (A) She went to the bank.

(M-Cn) (A) It's about managing your time.

(B) Everything's ready, thanks.

(B) No, it's just been postponed.


(C) It's sitting on the table.
(M-Au) How did you find out about that


(C) It was a very nice shop.
(W-Am) Would you please fill out an



(W-Br) (A) To the cinema.

(M-Au) (A) Actually, I already have.

(B) We have a good view.


(C) Marco mentioned it.
(W-Br) Do you think there'll be a company

(B) A job opening in the city.

(C) No, mine's still full.
(M-Au) Why does Mr. Tang look so

picnic this year?


(W-Am) (A) Maybe they'll be there.

(W-Br) (A) Yes, so he told me.

(B) For the last ten years.

(B) OK, I'll look it up.

(C) Yes, they’ve asked me to organize

(C) He left his briefcase on the plane.

(M-Cn) You have a call from Ms. Kazmi on


(W-Am) What else is required to complete

line two.

the loan agreement?

(W-Br) (A) Oh good, I've been trying to reach

(M-Cn) (A) I was just about to.


(B) Why'd he go alone?
(B) Have you checked our Web site?

(C) We don't need anything else.

(C) At least we don't have to wait to

get in.
(W-Br) Are you going to write up the research 38

(M-Au) Hasn't George commented on our

results, or would you like me to do it?


(W-Am) (A) No, I'm not wrong.


(B) I don't mind doing it.

(W-Br) (A) He said he'd look at it today.

(C) I'd like to reserve one.

(B) Not at this intersection.

(W-Am) How well do you know the new head 40

(C) What a nice compliment!
(M-Au) My company is looking for land to



(M-Cn) (A) He's ahead of schedule.

another factory.

(B) Yes, the main branch.

(W-Br) (A) Floor plans for the building.

(C) We've worked together for years.

(B) I can show you some possible
(C) They'll be happy to lend us one.

Questions 41 through 43 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Am) Hi, Carlos. Do you know where I can catch the bus that goes to Sherwood Avenue? 41 I'm

meeting a friend who lives there after work.
(M-Au) Oh, sure. It's the number twelve bus, and "you can catch it right across from the office, at the
corner of Elm and Hudson. But why aren't you taking your car?
(W-Am) Well, it's a long story, but43 my car's air
conditioner stopped working, so I had to take it in to be fixed. It won't be ready until tomorrow.
Questions 44 through 46 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Br) 44 Hi. I'm looking for party invitations. Do you know where I can find them?
(M-Cn) They're in aisle four, next to the printer paper. We have a large selection — some of them can even
be printed on your computer.
(W-Br) Thanks. 45 I'm organizing an office party to celebrate a coworker's retirement. I wanted to send out
an announcement in the mail rather than just e-mailing everyone.
(M-Cn) You might be interested in our custom design service. 46 I can show you a couple of things we've
done. You wouldn't have to print them yourself, and you'd have a wider range of choices.
Questions 47 through 49 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Au) This is Richard Griffin from Lincoln Press. 47 I'd
like to check the food order I placed with your restaurant for a luncheon here next Monday.
I ordered assorted sandwiches, beverages, and cookies for dessert.
(W-Br) Yes, Mr. Griffin, 48 I have your order right here in front of me. Our restaurant's driver will deliver
your lunch to the lobby of Lincoln Press headquarters by eleven-thirty that morning. And, as you know,
the total of 74 dollars will be due at the time of delivery.
(M-Au) Yes, that's fine. 49 I’ll leave the money with the receptionist at the front desk.
Questions 50 through 52 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Am) Excuse me, I'd like to return this sweater. It was a gift, and I don't really like the color. It's from
your store, but 50 I've lost the gift receipt. Is it possible to get a cash refund without one?
(M-Au) No, I'm afraid you need a receipt to get cash back. 51I can give you a store credit, though, so you
can buy something else in our store.
(W-Am) Oh, that would be fine. I have some time right now, so 52 let me see if I can find another sweater I
Questions 53 through 55 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Cn) Minjee, 53 something's wrong with my computer — it won't connect to the Internet, and I need to

send some documents to our legal team in Chicago.
(W-Am) Have you tried restarting it? Sometimes that's all it takes.
(M-Cn) Oh, I tried that already, but I still can't get on the Internet. I'm concerned because


I promised to

e-mail these documents in time for the meeting with our lawyers at three o'clock.
(W-Am) Well, let me take a look - but in the meantime, 55 why don't you save the files onto a disk and email them from a different computer?
Questions 56 through 58 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Br) Hello, my name is Melissa Stein. I'm calling because I'm planning to sell my house. 56 I was
referred to you by a coworker. You helped her sell her house a while ago, and she was very pleased with
your agency.
(M-Au) I'd be happy to help you with that, Ms. Stein. Are you ready to put the house on the market
(W-Br) Well, 57 before I sell the house, I'm considering doing some remodeling that might increase its
value. Could you advise me on what would be the best improvements to make?
(M-Au) Certainly. Why don't we set up a meeting at your property? 58 We can walk through the house, and
I can make a few suggestions.
Questions 59 through 61 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Cn) This traffic is unusually heavy tonight. Let's call Juliana and tell her 59 we'll be a little late getting
to the theater.
(W-Br) Oh, we won't be able to reach her. She told me she's having dinner with some of her coworkers
before she meets us at the theater. 60 She always turns her mobile phone off when she goes out to eat.
(M-Cn) That makes sense.


I guess we'll just see her at the theater. 61 I'm glad I gave her a ticket

yesterday. I'd feel terrible if she missed the beginning of the performance because we arrived a little late.
Questions 62 through 64 refer to the following conversation.
(W-Am) Good morning. You're listening to Cooking Tips on Radio 102. Today we're pleased to have Chef
Gustavo Moreno here in the studio. 62 He's just written a new cookbook, Simple Dinners by Chef Moreno.
Mr. Moreno, tell us about your new book.
(M-Cn) Thanks for having me on your show. I wrote this book because I want people to understand that
good cooking doesn't have to be complicated. 63 My recipes are exceptionally easy to make.
(W-Am) Now, I understand many of the recipes in the book come from your restaurant, which has been
popular for many years.

(M-Cn) That's right. 64 I own a restaurant in Madrid, and in this book I share the simple recipes that have
contributed to its success.
Questions 65 through 67 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Cn) 65 We're so glad you'll be joining the institute's staff of research scientists, Dr. Spencer. This
laboratory on the right will be yours - here's the key. It's right next to the equipment storage room.
(W-Am) Thank you. Does this key open the storage room, too?
(M-Cn) Actually, 66 I'll have to ask the security office to have a storage room key made for you, but I'll
need a copy of your company identification card to show them. 67 Do you have your card yet?
(W-Am) No, but 67 I have an appointment this afternoon to get one.
Questions 68 through 70 refer to the following conversation.
(M-Au) Ms. Garcia? This is Mr. Hewitt from R & L
Incorporated. We were very impressed by your interview last week, and 68 we'd like to offer you a sales
position with us.
(W-Br) I'm very flattered. But, if you don't mind, 69 I'd like to take a day or two to talk it over with my
family, since taking the job would require us all to relocate.
(M-Au) Of course - that's fine. I know it's a big decision, but I think this is a great place to live. Tomorrow

I'll send you some additional information about our company benefits, including the policies about

helping employees move. And please feel free to call me if you have any questions.
Questions 71 through 73 refer to the following recorded message.
(M-Au) 71 You have reached the voice mail of Dr. Robert Lewis. 72 I am currently attending a medical
conference and will not return to my office until Monday, March fifteenth. 73 My associate, Dr. Satomi
Mori, is available to see patients while I'm away. To schedule an appointment with her, please call 5552021. Thank you.
Questions 74 through 76 refer to the following introduction.
(W-Am) Good morning, Radio 82 listeners. On today's show we'll be joined by 74 Adam Brennan, the lead
singer from the rock music group Thunderbear. This group, based right here in Toronto, gained a
worldwide following after the release of their debut album, Room for Two, last year. And 75 next month the
group will begin their first European tour. Mr. Brennan will be joining us shortly to talk about the
upcoming tour. Until then, 76 let's listen to one of the hit songs from the group's album.

Questions 77 through 79 refer to the following talk.
(W-Br) Our meeting today is about updating the image of 77 Margate kitchen appliances. Consumers have
a lot of confidence in our stoves and refrigerators, and we've done a great job making Margate a familiar
name. But now senior management has asked us to develop a marketing campaign that emphasizes the
modern look of our latest appliances.78 Next week we'll need to present our plans for the new campaign to
the executive team, so today 79 I'd like all of us to begin coming up with ideas for promoting our
contemporary-looking product line.
Questions 80 through 82 refer to the following announcement.
(M-Au) May I have your attention, please? There has been a room change for one of 80 this afternoon's
management training sessions. 81 More people registered for the workshop Creating Spreadsheets than
expected, so that training session has been moved to Conference Room A, which is a larger room. No
other changes are anticipated at this time, but be sure to check for updates throughout the afternoon.


We'll post any schedule changes on the boards outside of the meeting rooms.
Questions 83 through 85 refer to the following telephone message.
(M-Cn) Hi, Ms. Patel, it's Matthew Schwartz from Green Grounds. I just wanted


to confirm the

landscaping details for the office park you manage. As we discussed, 84 we'll be planting 70 new trees and
bushes throughout the property. We'll also put in a large flower garden in the courtyard. You mentioned
that you might want us to do some additional work near the pond. If you could call me and explain what
you'd like to have done there, 85 I can prepare a final price estimate for you. We look forward to working
with you on this project.
Questions 86 through 88 refer to the following introduction.
(W-Br) And finally this evening, on behalf of the Organization of Film Musicians, I’m delighted to
announce the winner of the lifetime achievement award. This award goes to 86 Rebecca Langhorn, one of
our most exceptional composers of music for films. 97 I met Rebecca on her very first project, when we
collaborated on the soundtrack for the movie A Year in Denmark. Since then, Rebecca has gone on to
compose music for more than 50 other movies, and her music has become familiar to audiences
worldwide. 88 We now have a short video of movie clips for you, highlighting some of Rebecca's bestknown pieces.
Questions 89 through 91 refer to the following radio announcement.
(W-Am) Hello, XPA radio listeners. This is Meg Williams, with news of events around the local area. This

weekend, 89 the Hartman Medical Clinic is hosting a health and wellness fair. There will be activities for
the whole family — including cooking demonstrations and children's games — plus lots of information
about diet and exercise. And doctors from the clinic will be offering eye examinations. 90 They've reduced
the cost for the eye exams, so this is a good time to have your vision checked.


You'll need an

appointment, though. If you're interested, be sure to visit the Hartman Web site, at www.Hartman.com, to
sign up.
Questions 92 through 94 refer to the following announcement.
(M-Au) Welcome aboard Parkwood Transit Line B. This train runs from Parkwood to Wellington, with
several stops in between. Unfortunately, 92 because of repairs on the Wellington bridge, trains are running
more slowly than usual. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Be advised that 93 if you are
headed for the International Airport, you should get off the train at Wellington and switch to Line C, where
the Airport Express train will be waiting. 94At this time, we request that all passengers have their tickets
ready for inspection, as the conductor will be coming through in just a few minutes.
Questions 95 through 97 refer to the following news report.
(W-Br) In other business news, 95 AgroDrive Incorporated, one of the leading manufacturers of
agricultural machinery, announced today that 96 it will release a new line of fuel-efficient tractors early
next year. The new tractors' engines will consume about twenty-five percent less fuel than the older
models. The company's leadership says that this decision reflects


their corporate philosophy of

minimizing environmental impact and conserving natural resources.
Questions 98 through 100 refer to the following excerpt from a meeting.
(M-Cn) Before we end the meeting, 98 I have some news involving the recent changes in the company's
security policy for visitors. After they check in at the security desk, visitors are now required to wait in the
lobby for an employee to escort them wherever they need to go in the building. We want our visitors to be
as comfortable as possible while they wait, so we've decided
to expand the seating area in the lobby. 99 A construction crew will begin renovations next week.100 We
won't be able to use the main entrance during the construction period, so please use the rear doors to the
building. The work should only take a few days, and things will be back to normal quickly.
(A) The men are putting on headphones.


(A) A woman is typing on a keyboard.

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