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Mau CV xin viec CV anh telesales4

► Career goal

Use presentation skill to convince the
customer and create a better relationship
with them
Become a telesales expert after 5 years and
guidance for new Telesales staff
Write an EBook about Telesales, raise
awareness about Telesales

► Job experience
2014 – Present | ADT international
Telesales Vice Manager

► Skills
Microsoft Office:


- Build an effective Telesales structure

► Activities

- Search customer database

MC Club and English presentation club

- Mail chimp and customer care.

10/2013 - 08/2014

- Recruit and telesales training

- Take part in English presentation training

Telesales Staff

- Critical thinking

- Customer support

2013 | First prize ADT got talent

► Award

- Resolving claims

Date of Birth: 01/12/1992
Gender: Female
Mobile: 098223344
Email: xuanngoc@gmail.com
Address: A30, TT9 Van Quan Ha Noi

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