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English 8: Unit 10: recycling

* Chatting:
a. What do we collect and recycle?
-> waste paper/ scrap metal / old
plastic / empty bottles and cans / waste
b. Why should we collect and recycle
those things?
-> to save money / to help the
environment / to reduce the amount of
garbage we produce

New words:
®¹i diÖn
Represent/ˌriːprɪˈzent/(v) :
Representation/ˌreprɪzenˈteɪʃnn̩ /(n): sù ®¹i diÖn
Representative/ˌreprɪˈzentətɪv /(n): người ®¹i diÖn.
tµi nguyªn
Natural resource/ˈnætʃrəl rɪˈzɔːs/(s): nguån
thiªn nhiªn.

Overpackage/ˈəʊvə ˈpækɪdʒ /(v):
Reuse/ ˌriːˈjuːz /(v):

®ãng gãi qu¸
t¸i sö dông.

* Pre-questions:
+ What is this?
-> This is a logo “Friends of the earth”
+ Which organization does this logo represent?
-> This logo represents a Friends of the earth
+What does this organization do?
-> This organization shows people how to protect the
environment and save natural resources.

Ex1: True or False

F 1. Friends of the Earth is an organization to help
and save natural re
people makeprotect
each other.
T 2. Miss Blake asks the students to remember 3
things: reduce, reuse, recycle.
not buying the products which are overpack
F 3. Reduce means buying the products which are
F overpackaged.
4. We can’t
can reuse things like envelopes, glass,
T plastic bottles, old plastic bags.
5. Miss Blake says that we should use cloth bags
T and shouldn’t use plastic bags at all.

6. Recycling means not just throwing things away
but trying and finding another use for them.

Ex1: Answer the questions on
page 90.
a. What does Miss Blake mean by reduce?
-> Reduce means not buying products which are overpacked.
b. What things can we reuse?
-> We can reuse things like envelopes, glass, plastic bottles
and old plastic bags.
c. What does recycle mean?
-> Recycle means not just throwing things away. Try to find
another use for them.
d. Where can we look for information on recycling things?
-> We can look for information on recycling things by having a
contact with an organization like Friends of the Earth, going to
the local library or asking your family and friends.
e. Why does Miss Blake tell Lan that we shouldn’t use plastic
bags at all?
-> We shouldn’t use plastic bags because we throw them away
they could stay very long and could not be self destroyed / self
demolished / because plastic bags are difficult to be destroyed,
so the amount of garbage increase.

Ex2: Complete the sentences,
using the word cue
a. with “be + adj + to Vinfinitive”
1. simple / use the computer.
-> It is simple to use the computer.
2. Easy / learn English.
-> It is very easy to learn English.
3. Comfortable / fly to HCM City.
-> It is comfortable to fly to HCM City.
4. Expensive / go by taxi.
-> It is expensive to go by taxi.

Ex2: Complete the
sentences, using the word
b. with “be + adj + (that) + noun clause”.
1. he will win the game. I am sure.
-> I am sure that he will win the game.
2. They passed all exams. They are lucky.
-> They are lucky that they passed all
3. We might be late. I was worried.
-> I was worried that we might be late.
4. She can’t come. She is afraid.
-> She is afraid that she can’t come.
5. Mary was ill. I was sorry.
-> I was sorry that Mary was ill.

* Homework:
- Learn by heart new words and
read the dialogue.
- Translate into Vietnamese.
- Redo all exercises in Unit 10 in
- Prepare lesson 2.

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