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Mock test 3

Choose the word or phrase (A, B, or D ) that best fits the blank space in each sentence.
1. The boy did the embroidery________.
a. on himself b. by himself
c. by his own d. his own self
2. Just a minute too late, he _______ on the train when the girl came.
a. leaves b. had left
c. would be leaving d. left
3. The fire- fighters________ put the fire out after an hour.
a. could b. managed in
c. were able to d. succeeded to
4. Have you got an idea ________we should do to deal with this matter?
a. how b. where
c. what d. why
5. According to the weather ________we should do to deal with this matter.
a. prediction b. guess
c. foretelling d. forecast
6. – I’m sorry about that !
- ______!
a. that’s right b. Of course

c. You’re welcome d. It’s OK
7. You _______ have been delighted when you won the competition.
a. can b. must
c. may d. could
8. This is the third parking ticket I have had_______ the past few months.
a. for b. during
c. in d. since
9. The car hit a lamppost , making it _________ over .
a. fall b. to fall
c. falling d. fallen
10. You should clean the cut thoroughly ________ prevent any infection.
a. so that b. as to
c. or d. in order to
11. My dog as well as my cats __________ twice a day.
a. eat b. eats
c. has eaten d. have eaten
12. When I come into the class I realized I knew_______.
a. them all b. all of they
c. they all d. all them
13. This is the girl _________ farther owns the biggest shop in the area.
a. who b. which
c. her d. whose
14. I wished I ________ on another diet.
a. could live b. can live
c. will live d. am living
15. I don’t get much chance to go to the movies ___________ when I ‘m on holiday.
a. only b. but
c. except d. as
16. She told him __________ up late.
a. not to staying b. that he not stayed
c. to stay not d. not to stay
17. There was a long pause. The seconds went __________ slowly.
a. by b. away
c. on d. in
18. The road has just been _________ for better flows of traffic.
a. width b. wide

c. widely d. widened
19. She wants to look ________ in her wedding reception.
a. natural b. naturally
c. nature d. natured
20. Don’t talk about in my brother’s ___________
a. present b. presenter
c. presence d. presentation
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that the
21. a. round b. wound c. mountain d. cloudy
22. a. with b. northern c. both d. smooth
23. a. advised b. praised c. practiced d. closed
Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others
24. a. accuracy b. exercise c. compliment d. preserves
25. a. conservation b. perversity c. magnificent d. potential
Choose the word or phrase (A ,B or D ) that best fits the blank space in the following
Gary Smith yesterday (26)________ his 18
birthday, and he’s lucky to be alive. In March this
year, he was climbing Ben Nevis, Britain’s highest mountain, when he (27)_________ his away and
spent three days in subzero temperatures.
‘’ My friends (28)________ at me for having so much survival equipment, but (29)_______
saved my life. ‘’
On the first night, the weather was so bad that it tore his new mountain tent to pieces, so he
moved into a Youth hostel for the night. He left the hostel at 10: 00 the next morning, but he was
soon in trouble. ‘’ I (30) _______ off a rock and (31)________ my knees, I couldn’t move “ .
Mountain (32) _________ teams went out to look for Gary and (33)_________ him at 1:00 in
the morning. A helicopter took him to hospital, (34)_________ he needed several treatment. “ Next
time I’ll go will my friends, not (35)_______ my own !’’ he joked.
26. a. memorized b. entertained c. celebrated d. enjoyed
27. a. cancelled b. lost c. missed d. dropped
28. a. smiled b. laughed c. scolded d. criticized
29. a. it b. they c. he d. she
30. a. passed b. moved c. went d. fell
31. a. killed b. dropped c. hurt d. wounded
32. a. rescue b. help c. saving d. investigating
33. a. searched b. found out c. found d. realized
34. a. who b. whom c. why d. where
35. a. in b. on c. at d. for
Read the passage below carefully and choose the correct answer A, B or D.
Most large cities now have an underground system, like the French ‘Metro ‘. When you need to
change trains, you usually ought to walk along bare, uninteresting corridors. Sometimes, if you are
lucky, there will be ‘ buskers ‘- people playing music in the hope of earning a few pence. They

Will be very pleased if you throw a few coins into the hat they placed on the ground in found of
them, but they will go on playing happily even if you don’t. These buskers give us a moment of
pleasure as we wait for our train. It is a pity, then, that the authorities are against busking, and do
what they can to stop it. Buskers may be breaking the law, but I think that most people are glad to
have a little music to brighten their busy lives.
36. The writer of the passage wants to _________________.
a. complain about the metro system
b. encourage people to use the metro
c. feel pity for buskers
d. say that busking is doing no harm
37. According to the writer, waiting for train is most of the time _______________
a. boring b. exciting
c. costing d. embarrassing
38. Buskers are those who __________
a. earn money selling train tickets
b. play music for fun
c. play music for a living
d. beg people for food
39. According to the passage, busking is ____________
a. a kind of music b. against the law
c. a kind of hobby d. not what train passengers like
40. The word “bare “ in line 2 nearest in meaning to ____________
a. crowded b. comfortable
c. old d. empty
Choose the underlined word or phrase ( A, B ,C or D ) that needs correcting.
41. Because there are less member present tonight than there were last night, we must wait until
the next meeting to vote.
42. Sandra has not rarely missed a play or concert since she was seventeen years of age.
43. The governor has not decided how to deal with the new problems already.
44. There was a very interesting news on the radio this morning about the earthquake in Japan.
45. So many people tried leaving the burning building that the police has a lot of trouble
controlling them.
Choose the answer ( A, B ,C or D ) that is nearest in meaning to the sentence printed
before it.
46. I don’t care all whether you stay or go.
a. It isn’t careful of you to stay or go
b. Whether you stay or go is my concern.
c. It doesn’t matter much to me whether you stay or go.
d. I won’t take care of you whether you stay or go.
47. You act as though you didn’t study this before.
a. You didn’t study this before coming here.
b. You don’t seem to have learnt this before.
c. Your reaction to this means you have studied before.
d. Before you act something, you should study this.

48. Under no circumstances should you leave her alone.
a. Whatever happens, do not leave her alone.
b. Leave her alone if necessary.
c. Her loneliness is a circumstance you should take notice of.
d. In certain circumstance, leaving her alone is a must.
Choose the best sentence ( A, B, C or D ) make from the given cues.
49. I / not know / what/ / she / do / the moment //
a. I do not know what she is doing at the moment.
b. I do not know what she does on the moment.
c. I not know what is she doing at the moment.
d. I do not know what can she do at the moment.
50. American / said / discover /1498 / Columbus //
a. American said that Columbus was discovered in 1498.
b. American is said that it was discovered by Columbus in 1498.
c. American is said to have been discovered by Columbus in 1498.
d. American said that Columbus discovered it in 1498.


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