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Mock test 4

Choose the word or phrase (A,B,C or D) that best fits the blank space in each sentence.
1. The class is______ contronl because of the game.
a..off b.away from
c. out of d. below
2. The use of computer aids in teaching,______the role of teacher is still very important.
a. yet b. unless
c. despite d. where
3. Do it right now, _____?
a.will you b. shall you
c.do you d.don’t you
4 The next train ______at 3 p.m.
a. will arrive b.is arriving
c.arrives d.would arrive
5. -Would you like to eat out now?
-Well, I’d_____to,but I’m busy.
a.better b.love
c.rather c.prefer
6. The barbecue was cancelled _____ the heavy rain.
a.because b.because of

c.although c.despite
7. - _____ dose it take you to go to shool?
-About half an hour.
a.How many b. How far
c. How much c.How long
8. He remembers______ to the zoo once a month when he was young.
a.taking b.to take
c.being tke d.to be taken
9. Lake superior is______any other lake in the world.
a.larger than b.the largest of
c.largest of d.the larger than
10. _____volleyball players, footballers cannot use thei their hands in the game.
a.Like b.Different
b.Unlike d.Oppositely
11. The boys are quite excited______doing the experiment.
a.for b.with
c.at d.about
12. I wish I _____the direction closely.
a. be followed b. will follow
c. yourselves d.had follow
13. You should undertand ______ better to work together
a.one the other b.each other
c.yourseves d.yourself
14. There’s no point_____a fuss over it.
a.to make b.making
c.being made d.to be made
15. Had he learned the lesson well, he_____ more confident now.
a.would feel b.would have felt
c.will feel d.will have felt
16. Are you ready_____the axam?
a.with b.about
c.for d.on
17. They each ______ responsible for all the activities.
a.be b.are
c.is d.being
18. That teacher is a(n)______one. His pupils like his sense of humnor.
a.amusing b.amused
c.amusement c.self-amnsed

19. That dining room wants____.
a.redecorate b.redecorated
c.redecorating d.redecorator
20. If is just a small area with about 100,000______.
a.inhabitations b.inhabitants
c.habitats d.inhabit
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
21. a. eradicated b. habitat c.endanger d. badminton
22. a. deal b. heal c.health d. steal
23. a. honesty b. honorable c. vehicles d. hilarious
Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others.
23. a.intention b. achievement c.experienced d.politics
24. a.paper b. tonight c.lecture d.sometimes
Choose the word or phrase (A,B,C or D) that best fits the blank space in the fllowing
Modern cinema audiences expect to see plenty of thrilling scenes in ation films. These scenes,
which are (26)_____as stunts, are usually(27)_____by stunment who are specically trained to do
dangerous things safely. Anyone can crash a car, but if you’re shooting a film, you have to be
extremely precise, sometimes stopping right in front of th camera and film crew. At an early stage in
the(28)_____, an expert stuntman is called in to work out the action scenes and form a team. He is
only do this in the interests of safety.
Many famous actors like to do the dangerours parts themselves,(30)______pro-duces better
shots, since stuntmen don’t have to stand in for the actors like to become(31)______in all the
important aspects of the character they are playing, but without the reent progress in safety
(32)_____,insurance companies would never (33)_____ them take the risk. To do their own stunts,
actors need to be good athletes, but they must also be sensible and know there (34)_____. If they
were to be hurt, the film would (35)______to a sudden haft.
26. a. remarked b. known c. referred d. named
27 a. performed b. given c.fulfilled d. displayed
28 a. production b.creation c.imagination d.manufacture
29 a. despite b.so c.althought d.atherwise
30 a. that b. who c.what d.which
31 a. connected b.arranged c.involved d.affected
32 a. equipment b.tool c.intrument d.device
33 a. allow b.let c.permit d. admit
34 a. limits b. ends c.frontiers d. borders
35 a. come b.fall c. pull d.go

Read the passage below carefully and choose the correct answer A,B,C or D.
Your body needs energy, protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber. In order to get all of these it is
important to have a varied and balanced diet, and to eat the right amount. Your body burns’food to
get energy:the amount of energy provided by food is mea-sured in units called calories.
How many calories do you need? This depends on your weight and on what you do. When yu are
asleep, your body uses nearly one calorie an hure for everykilo-gram of weight. So a person who
weighs seventy kilos uses about 560 calories while sleeping for eight hours; in other words, he
needs about 1680 calories just to stay alive for 24 ours, even without doing anything. More calories
are needed for different activities-from 100 calories an hour for reading or waching TV,to 350
calories an hour for playing footboll. To calculate the number of calories needed per day for an
average person, first find out that person’s ideal weight. (Your ideal weight is what you shoutd
weigh. It depends on your height and your build,and it may be very differ-ant from your present
weight!) then multiply the correct weight(in kilograms) by 40 for a woman, or 46 for a man. A 57-kilo
woman,or may need about 2300 calories a day-more if she dose heavy physical work or a lot of
sport, less if she is very inactive.
If you eat more than you need,the extra calories turm into fat;if you eat less than you need,the
body burns fat to get energy and you lose weight. One way of losing weight is by dieting-eating
less. Another way is to go on eating the same amount, but to increase to slim-or to start an
exercise propram-gradually. Don’t try to lose a lot of weight fast. It dose’t usually work, and it can
be dangerous.
36. According to the passage, a 49-kilo woman needs about
a. 1,720 calories a day b. 1,760 calories a day
c. 1,960 calories a day d. 2,960 calories a day
37. A balanced diet means
a. one with the guantity and variety of food needed for good health.
b. one with exact portions of food.
c. one with no fat at all.
d. one that helps you to lose weight.
38. The work inactive most nearly means
a. unable b. thin
c. unhappy d. idle
39. The writer advised us to lose weight by.
a. eating as little as possible.
b. eating no protein, minerals, vitamins and fiber at all.
c. getting all the fall out of our body
d. having no extra calories.
40. Another way of losing weight is
a. exrcising.
b. doing a lot of homework.
c. taking as much exercise as possible
d. staring an intensive exercise propram.\
Choose the underlined word or phrase (A,B,C or D

) that needs correcting.
41. Jack London is known as one of the great novelist of the word.
42. I told him once again not to make much noise while I am working.
43. You are always driving your car such fast that you often cause accidents.
44. Seldom did her classmates and she go on a picnic with together.
45. Our class will visit the teacher when we will have free time.
Choose the anwer (A,B, C or D) that is nearest in meaning to the sentence printed before
46. Did you see Alice at the meeting last week?
a. Did you have an appointment with Alice at the meeting last night?
b. Was there a meeting with Alice last week/
c. Did you eactch sigh of Akice then come
d. Did you see Alice and then come with her to the meeting last week?
47. Sam gave a good answer to the question.
a. Sam came acoss a good answer to the questiom
b. Sam came down with a question to answer.
c. Samuel came roud after answering the question.
d. Samuel came up with a good answer to to the question.
48. Many people wrngly believe that all snakes are poisonous.
a. It’s a misconception that all snakes are poisonous.
b. It is wrong of many peiole to poison all the snakes.
c. All snakes are supposed to be poisonous to eat.
d. It is unbelievable that all snakes are poisonous.
Choose the best sentence (A,B,C or D)made from the given cues.
49. no/ atmosphere / living things / not survive / this planet//
a. Without the atmosphere, living things couldn’t survive on this planet.
b. No atmosphere can survice living things on this planet.
c. Without the atmosphere, living thins cannot survive on this planet.
d. Living thinds need no atmosphere to survive on this planet.
50. car / expensive / than we / expect//
a. The car was so expensive than we expected
b. Cars are expensive more than our expectation.
c. The car was more epensive than we had expected.
d. We expected the car to be more expensive than ever.

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