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Organizations and Behaviour Assignment 3 BTEC Nguyen Huu Phong 2017

Table of content
I/ Introduction
II/ Analysis
LO1. Understand the relationship between
organizational structure and culture
Task 1.1 Compare and contrast different
organizational structures and cultures
Task 1.2 Explain how the relationship between
an organization’s structure and culture can
impact on the performance of the business
Task 1.3 Discuss the factors which influence
individual behaviors at work
LO4. Understand mechanisms for
developing effective teamwork in organizations
Task 4.1 Explain the nature of group and
group behavior within organizations
Task 4.2 Discuss factors that may promote
or inhibit the development of effective teamwork in organizations
Task 4.3 Explain and evaluate the technology
impact on team performance


III/ Conclusion




I/ Introduction
Organizational structure and organizational culture are highly correlated performance
factors by analyzing the case of THACO. It basically defines the appropriate structure
of an organization in order to get more than average performance. THACO is wisely
using the technology in developing the productivity as well as insuring the safety for
employees. Understanding of organizational structure and organizational culture help


managers to run company effectively by individual behavior and teamwork. In this
report, we will discuss about the elements which can affect direct or indirect to the
survival and development of company. We will understand more clearly the important
of teamwork and how thing operate. From that point, we apply the suitable strategies
to develop our business. This report is going to discuss and analyze all the factors that
may impact the company development, even the company’s culture and employees’
working behavior.
Abstract: organizational structure, organizational culture, teamwork, technology.

II/ Analysis

LO1. Understand the relationship between organizational structure and culture
Task 1.1 Compare and contrast different organizational structures and cultures



According to McLaughlin (2017) organizational culture is stated that:
"Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which
governs how people behave in organizations. These shared values have a strong
influence on the people in the organization and dictate how they dress, act, and
perform their jobs. Every organization develops and maintains a unique culture, which
provides guidelines and boundaries for the behavior of the members of the
organization. "
Dimensions of organizational culture

(Source: Management by Robbins and Coulter, 7/e, Pearson Education)
Organizational culture consists of 7 characteristics and these characteristics define the
culture, values separately for each organization. Combined these characteristics
together make up the unique to each business. These factors include: Innovation and
Risk Taking, Attention to Detail, Outcome Orientation, People Orientation, Team
Orientation, Aggressiveness, and Stability. This specification applies to an
organization formed a certain culture and be expressed by each individual in the



To be more precise, Innovation and Risk Taking are the acceptance of risk to promote
employee development and creativity, Attention to Detail is the attention to the small
details, Outcome Orientation is a factor of productivity when business thesis that only
interested in results that employees without the need for the process to have the result
that However, this creates the adverse business environment. People Orientation is a
positive factor when all employees are respected the personal comments, comfortable
environment and be treated fairly. Team Orientation is primarily held focused on









competitiveness and overcome opponents create the rivalry and strong competition in
the organization. Stability is the key factor that keeps a certain stability and strong
growth. This factor helps maintaining businesses in a certain level.
There are 4 main types of enterprise culture model including Power culture, Role
culture, Task culture, and Person culture. Depending on the business, each company
will follow a different cultural models to achieve the best results.
To be clearer, Power culture is the culture of focusing power in person and the only
person in power will make decisions for all situations in all areas. Role of culture is
the culture that power will focus on each position and each department, and each
department will decide specific situations. Task culture is the culture in which the
members of the company will support and coordinate with each other to complete
assigned tasks. The last one is Person culture. According to this culture, people freely
work and are not be led by anyone.
According to Friend (2017) organizational structure is stated that:
"Organizational structure is a system used to define a hierarchy within an
organization. It identifies each job, its function and where it reports to within the
organization. This structure is developed to establish how an organization operates
and assists an organization in obtaining its goals to allow for future growth. The
structure is illustrated using an organizational chart."



The organizational structure has many forms and depends on many factors which
directly influence organization. These factors often influence the organizational
structure such as: the purpose of the organization, the size, the complexity of the tasks
that the organization carries out, the external environment and organizational culture.
To be more specific about the effects of these factors, the purpose of the organization
is organized and what it was created to do what task, the size of the organization that
is small and medium size business or large, the complexity and difficulty of the work
that the organization works to achieve the purpose of the original issue external
factors, and organizational culture will decide which organizations are affected and
effective activity or not. In addition, the products, services and distribution market
also affect the structure of an organization. Each organization will choose the most
suitable structure and application, the selected structure will govern the way the
organization works and bring the affected positively or negatively depending on the
Identify your company’s culture
The culture of THACO always focused on two key elements are: the discipline and
the humanity. Discipline is considered foundational and core issue elements that
THACO towards. The company focuses on improving the sense of discipline,
disciplinary action, and the discipline in every man, in every personnel of THACO,
this helps to build the digital culture of THACO. In THACO, cultural construction
company under the principle known as the 8T: DEDICATION-HONESTYINTELLIGENCE-SELF-CONFIDENCE-RESPECT-FAITHFUL-COMMITMENTCONVENIENCE. 8 factors that would coordinate with each other to create a culture
within the company from people to these activities.
The meaning of 8T is described as below:
• DEDICATION: work with the best of his ability, dedication to development of the
company-has a responsibility to themselves, their families and society.
• HONESTY: brave accept responsibility when there are errors.


• INTELLIGENCE: always learn advanced knowledge, always be creative in work.
• SELF-CONFIDENCE: believe in yourself, have a field of work and life.
• RESPECT: in compliance with the principles of the organization, the respect and
affection of colleagues-customers.
• FAITHFUL: loyal to the company, kept his promise with colleagues-customers.
• COMMITMENT: the patience to listen to the opinions of colleagues-clientdedicated to the work for the development of the company.
• CONVENIENCE: Create favorable environment in partnership with colleaguescustomers.
On humanistic elements, there is a slogan of THACO which is: "The mighty that
loves, the business that is kind". THACO always aspires to devote themselves and
contribute to these products, the best service for the society. The company always
creates the best conditions, encourages as well as supports employee in the company,
encourages creativity and innovation, and improves productivity. These factors create
the best products and services to customers, create a productive working environment
and development.
Through the principle of 8T, we can see that THACO’s culture are Task Culture and
Role Culture, when the employee is assigned to be facilitated the operation together,
work together and must comply with discipline according to the head of a certain
In recent years from 2013 to 2016, THACO has achieved many success and was the
province's leadership, the city recorded as well as awarding merit about trying and
benefits that THACO brings. Gain more noble titles awarded by the State as "Golden
Star of Vietnam", "Vietnam's strong brand", "Top 10 business in 5 years",... The
success has been thanks to the continuous development and the effectiveness of


company culture, from the culture of 8T THACO until his hard effort has helped the
THACO headed and overtake Toyota in automotive sector

Identify your company’s structure (functional, product based, geographically based,
multi functional, etc.)
THACO's organizational structure includes the Board will manage and has the power
of the highest in the group. Then depending on the function, product, geography, ...
that will be the senior executive management of each Department to achieve the
highest efficiency.
The head of the Board is Mr. Tran - Chairman of the Board of THACO, besides five
other Board members and a Vice Chairman of the Board. This group will run the
company's operations and below will be more senior management for each function.

Leadership structure of THACO consists:
Chairman of the Managing Board
Board member

Board member

Board member

Board member

Board member

Deputy Chairman the Board

Depending on the geographic location, the Board will operate and allocate resources
in a reasonable manner:



The organizational structure is divided into several regions making THACO can
easily manage large in scope that still achieve certain efficiencies. When the subgenus
organization according to each region, each region will be managed separately and all
will be administered by the Corporation. Because of this division, THACO currently
has expanded nationwide, and it is planning to reach out to the world. With a
distribution system consisting of 89 and 56 showroom dealers spread across the
country. Up to mid-2016, the number of employees of the company were up to more
than 16,000 people show the distribution by region of activities to help expand
THACO developed quickly.
Depending on the product that THACO will have the appropriate management for
each Department to improves efficiency and bring the product to the customer.



The main activity of THACO currently is assembling-producing-distributing, the
provision of repair and maintenance service auto parts: manufacturing and sales of
commercial vehicles (trucks and busses); Manufacture and sales of passenger car
brand: Kia (Korea), Toyota (Japan), Peugeot (Europe). The Division of organizational
structure based on each separate product will help more convenient to THACO for
each brand to achieve high efficiency.
Compare and contrast the identified culture and structure of your company to other
companies (companies in the same industry)
Until the present moment, we can say THACO has pushed Toyota to reached the
number one position in Vietnam's car market. It can be said that the great opponent of
THACO lost and THACO are dominating this market. We make the comparison over
the structure and culture of Toyota and THACO to see these company works to
understand how they are developing.
Compare about the culture of THACO and Toyota
About cultural, the first for THACO, THACO always upholds humanism and
discipline in the culture of the company. They want the staff must always respect the
discipline in the work, in communication to achieve high productivity. They create a


productive work environment and meet the needs of that superior. The coordination
between the personnel will help complete the work assigned. The authority has to
focus on one position and depending on the location of different decisions.

For Toyota, Toyota always respect the staff and always believe that the success of the
business is due to the creativity of each individual capability group. Toyota created
the best growing conditions for its employees. Toyota has always supported the equal
opportunities at work, always respect and honor anyone in active trading. Always
attach importance to and support staff promotes the ability and it is the culture that
Toyota headed instead to impose the work onto employees. This we can see the
contrast in comparison with THACO.
Compare the structure between THACO and Toyota



(Source: Author)


About the structure, then Toyota has similarities with THACO although Toyota has a
larger scale. However, the failure of Toyota in Viet Nam before THACO is a true
development potential of THACO is huge. First is THACO, as mentioned above, the
THACO have organizational structure includes the Board will make a decision and
most of the operating companies, below will be the Senior Manager in each
Department to meet the performance. This is adjusted based on the product,
geography, ... for Toyota, due to larger scale structure is somewhat more complex than
THACO but still homologous. Toyota is managed according to the same structure as
the THACO at Toyota Motor Corporation. After that the subsidiaries in many
countries will be managed by Toyota Motor Corporation and has the same
organization structure. Toyota also distributed structure according to the product and
their market participants.
Organizational structure of THACO present time are very productive and showed the
right decision from the leadership of THACO. However, there are many challenges
ahead when THACO plans reaching out to the world. In a competitive market is
fierce, THACO will also encounter many difficulties and differences in comparison
with the market in Vietnam. However, Toyota is the ideal model of the management
world wide that THACO can learn and change accordingly.
Task 1.2 Explain how the relationship between an organization’s structure and
culture can impact on the performance of the business
Explain how and why the relationship between the culture and structure of your
company can impact on its performance
Organizational structure and culture have a relative relationship with one another
because there are theories about the relationship between business structure and
different business culture and have more complex by the fact those two similar parts,
and relate to each other. The success of a company to meet the objectives of the
cultural organizations is now depending on the determination of a clear relationship
between business structure and culture. A model of detailed planning can distinguish



the relationship between business structure and organizational culture will be more
effective use employers to work to toward the ultimate goal company.
With the company structure, all of leaders in THACO are able to fully manage as the
flat organization and centralization; it makes THACO gain many profits in business.
Having the goal of becoming a diversified industrial group and Vietnamese brands
have leading positions in the ASEAN region, THACO constantly invest in developing
inner strength power, innovative thinking and action, improving quality, improving
range of staffs. Not only that, the company also conceived officials and employees are
important resources that make success and sustainable development so we can see the
first profit is good communication in internal of company between employees and
managers. Thanks to flat organization, it is making the process work and make
proposals awaiting approval will be shortened, do not spend too much time. It is also
including rent human resources management positions will also be reduced, all of
these elements will be get more benefit to the company. Therefore, the relationship in
company will be better and motivate the employees to work harder. Moreover, it
makes employees easy to work in team together; they connect to each other so the
task will run smooth and efficiency. In company, employees have more opportunities
to show up themselves and they can discuss their work more clearly because they
have the chance to work directly with the leaders under command in the flat structure.
Regarding role organizational culture, THACO take discipline construction as the
foundation of culture. Company promotes and raises awareness focused discipline,
disciplinary actions, human discipline THACO staffs, formed cultural oriented
discipline, and it can see this as requisite to expand production and business
development and human resources of the company in the context of integration.
Beside, THACO culture always upholds humanitarian "contribution, dedication to
society" through products and services. Therefore, we always encourage, support and
facilitate for the workers and employees, applying the innovations and improvements
in production and business operations in order to reduce costs, improve productivity,
product quality and service.
So, the culture and structure of THAO takes care of all aspects of employees to
motivate them and all aspect of things so it makes the fully company with good
people and good things. With flat organization structure, all leaders have overview in


their business and cooperate with employees to make the successful of the company
and gain a foothold in the automotive business market. Flexible in decision making
and way to achieve task make effective of its culture and structure. We can detect the
effectiveness through its performance.
Financial performance

(Image: Author)
Consolidated financial statements were audited in 2015. Accordingly, revenue in 2015
reached a record high of 41.532 THACO billion, up 89% compared to 2014. If
calculated at the interbank interest rate in the range of 22.300 VND/USD, the revenue
has surpassed THACO 1.86 billion. Based on the stats sheet, total assets of THACO
2015 reached 30.810 billion, up 62.7% from a year earlier. On average the period
2011 - 2015, the growth rate of total assets at relatively high THACO, reaching 33%.
Can be say, 2016 was the brilliant year for THACO Group because it does not just set
the impressive record of revenue and profit, but also establish a leading position in the
automotive industry in particular in the automotive industry of Viet Nam. Thus, in just
over 1 year since 2015, THACO has surpassed Vietnam Dairy Products Vinamilk


Joint Stock Company (JSC), JSC SC Group DOJI Jewelry, FPT Corporation and JSC
Vingroup. Not only that, the life of every business depends on customer's choice, the
quality of the product will be measuring through consumer votes. The number of
people who voted very low proven product or brand that will fail in the market. With
THACO is not, in 2015 THACO a topped rating Association of Vietnam Automobile
Manufacturers (VAMA), TOP 10 brand award Vietnam. In stock market, THACO
currently has 414.5 million shares; THACO currently has 414.5 million shares,
corresponding to the charter capital 4145 billion. With that prices, THACO is being
priced at 2.7 billion dollars. Through the achievements that the company has
achieved, image and brand value of THACO has been raised to a higher level. This
can be help THACO expands the market easily.
Number of loyalty
As of mid-2016, the number of personnel of the company has risen to more than 1600
people. Almost all the staffs loved their jobs because THACO was defined as good
working condition company which through principles 8T including: conscientious,
honesty, wisdom, confident, respectful, faithful, caring, and convenient. Besides that,
welfare may occupy the most important factor because THACO concepts employees
are important resources that make success and steady development, is expressed
through remuneration and benefits includes salary, bonuses, insurances, allowances.
For example: On holidays, employees who work will be rewarded with double salary,
or overtime will get a raise. Not only that, THACO also organizes an annual tour;
participate in extracurricular activities for employees can relax after stressful or
opening soccer award for all officials and employees to arouse the spirit of sport, good
for health after work hard.. Each year, pay increase once. This is considered as the
criteria that each officer and employee must strive to achieve success for the
company, leading strike rate will decrease.
Regarding many report of businesses performance of THACO Group, we see it can be
successful in Vietnam by standing at top of Vietnam automotive industry market
share. Besides that, business performance of THACO is sustainable and increase
annually therefore we ensure that organizational structure and culture of THACO is
right and suitable.


Task 1.3 Discuss the factors which influence individual behaviors at work
As we know, people are the distinct objects. That means everyone is different. So
individual behaviors can be affects by many things such as the organization structure,
culture, motivation and personality. I can say that the culture and structure of
organization that has a very large impact individual behaviors as well as the
productivity activities and the development of a company. So what is the culture and
structure of organization? And how they affect to the company?

(Source: Markumgroup.com)
According to Elliott Jaques (1952) “organizational culture is the habits, ways of
thinking and ways of working in the organization shared by all members of the
organization”. Robbin (2000) stated that “organizational culture is a system of shared
meaning held by members that distinguishes the organization from other
organizations”. Therefore, the organization culture is the beliefs, habits, rules used by
the members of a certain organization, and each organization has a distinct culture.



How the culture affect to the organization and individual behaviors?
Organization culture composed of 7 key characteristics:

Innovation and Risk Taking
Attention to Detail
Outcome Orientation
People Orientation
Team Orientation

These characteristics would be used or composed together by the distinct
organization. It based on the size and field of organization, the satisfaction of
employees, individual personality and so on to choose the culture which can get the
highest efficiency. Benefits of the application of the organizational culture in the
company is the company will operate more organized, the relationship between
employees of each Department more closely, and easy to control. I think the only
disadvantage happened when potential employees cannot integrate with the culture of
the company reporting the loss of talents in company.
THACO’s culture composed many of characteristics above. Employees must
complete the work within the stipulated time, working hard and rising constant.
Managers should be based on the effort as well as work results of the employees to
make decisions should reward or punishment. Every year, THACO has a party for
everyone call “Tat Nien party”, the reason is to create a party for employees to
improve their relationship, and to commend and reward for who has a great
performance at work. Besides that, at work managers must give employees a
comfortable environment, learning as well as maintaining stability in the development
of the company. The 8T Principles of THACO’s company has created a cultural
environment work effectively, working in THACO company make you feel like you
are working for your own family, and every colleague is your kindred. The evidence
is THACO is one of the companies that have great influence on the manufacturing
and the assembly of the car industry market in Vietnam, and get many certificate of
satisfactory progress from government.




We can say that the organizational structure is the personnel division of a company to
manage the staff, monitoring the progress and development of the company.
Depending on the size, task, staff, environment, age, culture and management style in
which each company will apply different structure types. In addition, types of
organization and types of business activity also affects organizational structure of
your company. The only difference between the organizational structures of the
companies is the delegation to solve problems and the Remove of the staff together.
There are 2 main structure is formal and informal, and formal or informal has their
own advantages and disadvantages. For example: Formal structure links the
individuals who have the same personality, careers in the same group to complete
their work effectively. In the other hand, the disadvantage is they have not the
connection with another department.
THACO applies formal structure into the company. Evidence for the effectiveness of
this formal structure to THACO is every branch has a great turnover, and keeps
moving for the greater one. With this formal structure, the distance in relationship of
employees has been created, the president has solution for this problem by create
many parties every years besides the charity days for employees to improve their
relationship and relax after hard-working for a long time.
How the structures affect to the company and individual behaviors?
People are very easy to be influence by environment, and the organization structures
give us many ways to be influenced. Such as centralization and decentralization, that’s


based on the delegation to control the employees. Otherwise, organization can set
structure based on geographic, function, production,… to control easily.
Structure of THACO combine geographic and departmentalization. Every branch is
full of different department (finance, accounting, decision and information systems,
management and marketing) to easily make decisions as well as the implementation
of the project and be controlled, commanded by headquarter include the senior
leadership of the company, and administers by the CEO and Chairman of the Board –
Mr. Tran. With the tight structure and leadership as well as the credibility and
competence of THACO helped the company acquire the position as today.
Motivation methods
Besides the organizational culture and structure, motivation methods are very
important to the effectiveness to individual behaviors. That can be the reason for
someone to keep working. Wisely motivation methods can lead employees to working
harder, and create a professional and comfortable environment in company is one of
the reasons to developing a business.
Besides the health insurance, social insurance and laws of labor, THACO also wisely
in using the employee remuneration policy to captured the sentiment of employees as
well as motivate their productivity. Typically, THACO support housing to employees
from another areas, the protective equipment ensuring labor safety, daily shuttle bus
for employees with home far away from the base work, attractive productivity
rewards salary, bereavement mode especially if someone in family died, maternity for
women employees, health care regime for staff...
In my opinion, THACO should consider about dividing the personnel as well as the
coordination of activities to balance the between branches because the distance of
revenue through each quarter is still quite on the deviation. I think the leaders of
THACO can considers the exchange in personnel between departments or exchange
the employees work in the sales department or project development of the between
branches because company has the policy of housing support to the staff, so this is
possible. This created for the company's employees are working in a new environment


to meet new colleagues, can improves the creation and building relationship of
employees with others. Otherwise help employees have more overview on how
company works as well as the situation of the company.
Individual differences

In my opinion, this is the most effectiveness affect to the individual behaviors. The
evidence is people work in the same department at the company not really react the
same. It’s based on the personality, traits and types, perception, attitude, ability,…

Personality: Everyone do not the same, so there will be the diversity individual. The
introvert and extrovert will react in different way with other in the same situation. For
example: There is the party between branches to build the relationship between
branches, extroverts seem to be excited and introverts seem to be bored. People in
Vietnam also have the hard-working spirit, so that is one of the elements for
THACO’s employees to create the great product.

Traits and types: The thing I want to mention here is gender. Women will more
observant and man will more assertive, but also depending on the person's personality.
Because of the nature of business and Asian conception, THACO have not many
workers are ladies, so it seem to be don’t balance in traits of workers.

Perception: Everyone has the different perception. Someone can easily catch the
trend, someone cannot. It leads to the different promotion between people. People in
Vietnam are still quite old-fashioned, it maybe the obstacle for THACO’s employees
to catch the trend of world.


Attitude: Someone wants to get the passion, lesson in work. And someone wants the
stability. Because of the inquisitive about the new things, THACO’s members bring
the new breath of fresh air to the Vietnam’s car industry. The evidence is THACO’s is
leading in the field of production, assembly and distribution of automobiles in

Ability: Someone has the gift, and someone has to hard working every day. THACO’s
workers have both talents and hard-working, so they always get the labor award from
the government.

The best evidence in THACO’s company is Mr Tran Ba Duong. In 1983, He’s just a
technician at the Dong Nai car factory. Because of the talent, patient, hard-working
and the great attitude, perception in work, he is now the Chairman of the Board and
brings the THACO’s company become one of the affective company in the car
industry in Vietnam when his former colleagues now are his staff.








4.1 Explain the nature of group and group behavior within organizations
Define group and group behavior
Group: is the form of two or more members to work together to perform operations
and increase organizational efficiency through effective teamwork . The team
members have a common goal, and are interdependent on each other. The members
approved a general work, become interdependent on their performance, and interact
with each other to promote their achievements. People working in group will be better
than working in individual. Therefore, tasks for group are more difficult than personal
tasks but they will achieve higher and bigger reward. Group dynamics require many
interactions among the members of a group. Groups in organization are the most
significant representation social identity of employees in that organization. Therefore,


working performance and relationships inside and outside the organization are
influenced by the nature of groups in the organization.
Group behavior: it clearly defined roles and status hierarchy, leadership ability, good
development indicators and strong cohesion a team. When the group activities and
interaction with other groups, they develop their own unique set of characteristics
including structural, cohesion, roles, norms and processes. Results will cause many
different problems such as: cooperation or competition, and that will lead to conflict
and unnecessary conflict.
Identify and describe the nature of groups at your chosen company (informal,
formal, etc.)

(Source: University of Education)
Nature of Groups



Different kinds of groups are created to get donations or specific job within the
company. Members of the group have some tasks defined, and there are some presets
rules aim to work with. The members became naturally depends together (Ditomaso
et al., 2007). The members approved a general work, become interdependent in their
activities, and interact with each other to promote their achievements. There are three
factors on the nature of communication between members of a group. The first factor
is the norm, which describes how to perform the operation and management of a
group. The second element, the dynamic of the group includes a set of techniques
including role, sensitivity training, teamwork, and group management. These factors
show that the third group dynamics from the perspective of the internal nature of the
group. The structure of the team and the performance will be discussed at this point,
along with the impact of groups on individuals, other groups, and organizations
Formal Groups: by the organization, group focus on task rather than member’s
satisfaction. Formal group gives tasks and responsibilities to every member and let
them make it done. There are two types of formal group, command groups and task
groups. A command group is long term in nature and has fixed position in the
organization structure. However, task groups are formed for a specific task and motive
which are temporary in nature.
Informal Groups: are formed by employees whom groups focus on the satisfaction of
member rather than task. The reasons for the formation of informal groups can be for
relationship, motivation, growth or support. There are two types of informal groups:
friendship groups and interest groups. Members of friendship groups have a friendly
relationship with each other, common interests and are similar in age and view, but
interest groups are formed to manage an activity and are in short term.
There are many types of groups to affecting to THACO business but THACO always
applies informal groups with employees. They always appreciate the ability and the
dedication and creativity of the individual. THACO has significant successful by
apply working in group in company’s work. Regarding its organization culture,
company applies task culture so almost tasks of company will give to relative and
specialize group. THACO applies the informal group in group identity so it relates to
purpose of company and leadership style of managers are to motivate employees by


creating good relationship and job satisfaction. Managers of THACO identity group
with significant group norm. Employees will have good reward when they complete
task perfectly, such as increase salary, promote position, give appreciation. In
addition, they have code of conduct in group and clearly responsibilities and
discipline. Therefore, many work groups of THACO run very smooth to achieve
vision and mission from company. In the group, each member has their own role
through the formation of group so they will work by their best. The significant
example of successful in group of THACO is the effective working in marketing
department. We see the reputation of THACO is high in Vietnam automotive industry
because marketing department has many groups which hold particular task. We see
the reputation of THACO is high in Vietnam because marketing department have
many group which hold particular task, such as Advertising, PR and social media.
Moreover, leaders of each group empower to members to make them freely to give
ideas and leaders just observe the process and ensure job done effectively. With
clearly group identification, work group of THACO achieve all nature of group. It
leads to make employees interested in work and loyal to company and jobs.
4.2 Discuss factors that may promote or inhibit the development of effective
teamwork in organizations
Teamwork at workplace is believed that pretty important and it may bring many
benefits and opportunities to for professional development of an organization.
Teamwork increases efficiency, helps members to generate ideas, enhances
communication, shares the workload, and supports network (Hutton, 2016).
According to the above-mentioned belief, teamwork is considered as necessary and
cannot be avoided while people is working together. Teamwork in organizations is
affected by many external and internal factors, and it can be said that internal factors
are the root to effectively control good teamwork. However, every factor can promote
the effectiveness of teamwork, or in contrast, inhibit the teamwork. The matter here is
each organization should find out which factors take the vital role in promoting and
enhancing teamwork performance, while trying to decrease bad factors that may
inhibit and slow down the development.



Let’s start with the possible factors which may impact the development of effective
teamwork. This report is going to analyze the main 5 factors, which are: leadership,
organizational culture, organizational structure, knowledge, and motivation.
To begin with, take leadership as the first factor to discuss. It can be clearly seen that
the leadership, or else, the leader himself if an organization or a company is the most
important factor to decide whether the business can be success or not. The leader is
who creates the core value, purpose, vision and mission with his own leadership style.
The great leadership will lead the whole organization to the right way to victory.
In the case study of THACO company, the leader tends to use the transactional
leadership style. According to THACO (2013) there was a statement that:
“THACO always directs all of its employees to a working and lifestyle of selfdiscipline. Living and working with the self-discipline and the continuous progress
will benefit the company and yourselves.”
Using and applying discipline in leadership and management somehow shows that
THACO does care about how every employee can dedicate their abilities in order to


enhance themselves beside getting deserved rewards. The clear discipline and rewards
policies of THACO lead to the same belief of every employees that once they achieve
the set goals, it means they are successful in bringing benefits not just for company
but for themselves. In short, sharing the same belief boosts team members to try hard
to work together in order to complete missions and tasks, so the entire team can earn
rewards in glory.
According to Watkins (2013) organizational culture is believed that: “Organizational
culture is the sum of values and rituals which serve as ‘glue’ to integrate the members
of the organization.”
Since organizational culture works as “glue” in a team, it is necessary to understand
what it is in real case study of THACO and what it can actually do. The organizational
culture of THACO is called 8T, which clearly shows how much THACO cares about
company’s core value, company image, and customer’s benefits. Besides, Mr. Tran –
CEO of THACO, believes that while doing business in the automobile industry in
Vietnam, the simple theory “Do small things first, big things later” always takes the
spot (VNEconomy, 2015). This vision and culture of THACO is also represented
through the way THACO takes employees as the root of success, since THACO lets
the employees to be able to learn new technology, adapt new innovation, and improve
their skills at work. All of the evidences about culture above eventually create norms
in THACO working environment. For instance, all the employees respect the vision
and 8T culture of leaders, they believe that they must work hard as a worker in order
to satisfy customers and accomplish goals, so they naturally try to blend in to be a part
of THACO team. The theory of CEO inspired the employees to perfectly focus on
what is the majority of company. Finally, since THACO creates chances for
employees to study more and improve their professional skills, they will keep their
loyalty to the company and try to prove their individual abilities. Hence, when each
employee has that mindset of willing to dedicate their abilities to company, the
teamwork process is going to be easiest than ever. Every member of the team,
whichever team it is in the company, will put effort to effectively work together.
The next factor is organizational structure. As this report discussed above in Task 1.1,
the clear structure of THACO which is flexibly divided into two different types:


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