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Internet Marketing Assignment 3 BTEC Nguyen Huu Phong 2017

Business process planning is an important process because it helps a business to get the best
preparation and a clear, specific strategy, especially in the process of communicating through
media channels to carry products, services to the target customers that businesses want to
target. The development of large media channels such as Facebook and Youtube are also
advantages that businesses have in the early 21st century to access easier than in previous
decades. However, the advantage and take advantage of that advantage or not is the problem
of each business.

1. Present





Communication is the exchange of information with a specific purpose that helps information

recipients to update their knowledge, helping them to change their perception and better
orientation on a specific subject. Businesses who want to reach users are inevitably through the
media channels, which are the means of conveying the message from the business to the
customer and potential customers.
At present, there are many popular and popular media outlets, most prominently Facebook and

First of all, the name is the biggest social network on the planet - Facebook with numbers that
when heard, businesses can not ignore this channel if they want to promote a message to
potential customers. . With 1.71 billion users worldwide and 1.1 billion users per day, there are
more than 2 billion searches on Facebook every day and up to 500,000 new users every year.
In Vietnam, there are more than 20 million Facebook users daily in Vietnam. Three out of four


Facebook users in Vietnam are between the ages of 18 and 34. Two-fifths of Facebook users
search for new products and habits through Facebook. With such rapid growth and growing
dependence on Facebook every hour, every minute is a factor that businesses want to reach to
deliver a message to their customers. Be a Facebook user. The main reason is that so many
people around it use it to create a trend and entice people around to use it, which diversifies
customer segments from age, interests, sex and A lot of other things. The benefit of using
Facebook is that Facebook filters out all the information about its customers and provides
tailor-made advertising services to the customers it needs. Karma does not have to spend too
much money on unwanted objects.

The next name that can not be missed next to Facebook is Youtube, Google's darling. Why
Youtube is one of the channels of communication to the direction of the business? Over the 10
years of its development, YouTube has built the world's most popular video sharing platform,
which has created a creative community. Millions to hundreds of millions of people,
companies, and organizations have invested to bring innovative, useful and fun video channels
to attract enormous viewership. It is these elements that help YouTube to implement adverts
on its site, filtering channels according to its audience, helping YouTube know what kind of
customers are watching and giving suggestions. Businesses want to advertise. Then the
business will run ads on these channels to target the right audience, combined with record
viewers have made Youtube one of the channels can not be ignored.

2. Present how to optimice efficent indicator of
media channel


Facebook and Youtube are two leading media channels for businesses to look forward to, so
there are too many competing businesses and disputes over here. The fact that businesses
choose experienced people helps them create certain attraction for customers. There are
millions of ways to optimize the media indicators that experienced media users use to attract
more customers to your channel. In this article, I will cover some of the common tactics that
many people use to optimize their communication channels.

First, for Facebook, there are many ways to optimize and attract more customers such as
increasing View, increasing like, increasing share and increasing interactivity. In these ways
there are tips like posting ads in golden time frames to optimize viewership, share, and Like,
according to Online Marketing statistics, good days to post ads are on Wednesday and
Thursday. During the week (according to the study of this site, 86% of posts in these two days
have peaked access), and 10% happy increase on Friday is also a good time to do so
implementation. In addition, many posters wanting to reach and interact should be posted, and
about 1p.m to 3p.m (according to research, when people get bored the most will tend to
Facebook to see). The optimization of the search through keywords, SEO keywords are also
often applied when the media people often put titles, descriptions, keywords, ... related to the
keyword search habits of people. Use, this will make search results show their results more.


It's Facebook, and for YouTube, businesses will be more likely to reach customers through tips
like optimizing keyword SEO for video ads, setting descriptive titles and search terms to
overlap. Video placement in the search. Or instead of advertising through Youtube, businesses
choose directly the youtube channel is famous and ask them to insert ads into their videos. A
very successful example of this tip is Biti's, the Biti's hunter line has been so successful in how
they use tips to optimize the media is not focused much advertising through youtube ads that
advertise directly on videos of Youtube channels.
There are several ways to help optimize the index of advertising through the media, but there
are many other ways. However, these are the most common ways that businesses use to do.

3. Drow process of Email Maketing & explain how
to handle each section

Process of Email Marketing
Above is an email marketing process that I would like to present to the product, the message
of a business to certain customers. Each step will have its own characteristics that we need to
keep in mind that the whole process is going smoothly and achieving the desired results.


First, we need to identify our customers, what their customers need, and the ability to pay for
them. An analysis of customer needs and capabilities is an important step before conducting a
marketing process for that customer, and not knowing the customer from the beginning will
make every process ineffective and time-consuming. Time, effort, financial resources.
Customer analysis in this first part can be conducted in several ways. For email marketing,
businesses often choose to buy data from third parties. For example, when you want to sell
something High-value apartments, luxury jewelry, these businesses will often buy data from
banks or private parties. From there, the business will know whether the customer has sufficient
economic resources to meet the cost of the product that the business is headed for or not. After
having the necessary information about the customers, businesses start the money in the next
stage is the design of communication content.
About Content, businesses want Email marketing often apply Email marketing promotion and
news are the most popular email marketing campaigns. A promotional email promoting
products and services and usually includes special offers/discounts to send to recipients.
Promotional emails are less frequent than newsletters, a popular form of communication that
keeps your customer base up-to-date with your company's products, offers, and news. In
learning how to create a successful email marketing campaign, you can use several different
ways to design. You send a standard style email with a simple, stylish interface. Or you could
also design a more polished campaign using HTML or specially designed software to create
unique styles to easily catch your eye and show your company face or service in an
unforgettable way. After designing and building Content, continue to the next step is how to
reach the best customers.
In Approach, the time the email is in the recipient's mailbox is very important to the message
view rate, click on the link and convert. If the email is in the first place when the recipient
checks the mailbox, chances are different. Work-related emails can be sent to the recipient
during early hours. But emails related to personal products/services should be sent in the free
time. At the same time, measurement, statistics, reporting, email marketing software now have
basic metering functions related to email delivery. It also incorporates other parameters related
to website efficiency, landing page effectiveness. Not all emails have an equal delivery
frequency. There are emails that need to be sent every day, as well as regular emails like weekly
newsletters. Most importantly you have to decide what works best for you and your customers.
From there, determine what you would like to achieve from your email marketing campaign.


In feedback, customer feedback is an important element, it shows the customer's interest in the
product, the message we direct to the customer, feedback from the customer also helps us
improve the service. The service, product, or message is more efficient or needs some
customers want but can not afford it and needs another form. So how to get valuable feedback
from customers? The first is to focus on simplicity and have a nice design, this is the deciding
factor whether the customer should provide feedback to us or not. Then tell the customer why
we need their feedback and the benefits they receive from feedback. Finally, think about the
whole process that the customer has to go through, if we are not happy about it, even if a little
bit, the customer does not like it, so design accordingly.
In consultant, please give your customers clear details about products and services in the
message that we aim to. Caring for customers is very important and one of the last steps to get
customers, when customers have the need to care and listen to the advice, the customer has the
intention to buy or use. Use our services, products and advice should be dedicated to the
customer better understand and trust is more important. Use your heart to advise your
customers and do not see them as sales.
In the trial, this is an important step, we must build a good trial system so that customers can
try it before making a purchase decision or use. A successful trial process is that after the Trail
phase, the customer decides to continue buying the product instead of not paying attention.
Show your customers the true quality of the Trial process.
In the end, getting customers, however, is one thing but keeping customers is hard. Always pay
attention, support and customer support in the process of using it to keep that customer as well
as their referrals to other potential customers about our product.
The above I have detailed and how each stage in the process of Email Marketing takes place
smoothly and smoothly. Depending on the situation, enterprises are more suitable and flexible.

4. Present marketing planing by SOSTAC for
particular product/service
Marketing Planning SOTAC derives from the SOSTAC Planning System created by writer and
speaker PR Smith in the 1990s, and is actually a protected registered trademark (registration
number 2219677 to be precise). The SOSTAC model and associated methodology are now
used by many companies in the worlds.
The SOSTAC process developed by Paul Smith consists of six basic steps:


Situation Analycis : where are we now?

Objectives : where do we want to be?

Strategy : how do we get there?

Tactics : how exactly do we get there?

Action plan : what is our plan?

Control : did we get there?

In this section, I will develop a marketing plan based on SOSTAC reasoning for a given product
so that we can better see the application of this theory to a real product. The real product that I
want to apply is Biti's Hunter, a new line of Biti's sportswear. I will analyze each element of
SOSTAC for Biti's Hunter.

In Situation Analysis, let's look at where we stand in the market today. Biti's for more than 20
years before Biti's Hunter focused on the segment of children with traditional shoes, the market
in Vietnam is dominated by many leading brands such as Nike, Addidas, Puma, Converse, ...
Biti's Hunter is in a weaker position and only one advantage is to carry on Vietnam brand name
and much cheaper price, quality is trusted by Biti's Customers are always rated as high
durability. After we determine our position on the market, the next is to identify the customer.
In Objectives, the customers we want to target are those. As a Sneaker product line, our target
audience is young and dynamic sports enthusiasts with ages ranging from 18 to 35. In addition,
young people want a pair of shoes. Beautiful, genuine and reasonably priced is also the object
that Biti's Hunter wants to target.


In Strategy, we will create a strong advertising campaign on the media that young people tend
to. We will choose the hot singers and idols of many young people such as Son Tung M-TP,
Bich Phuong, Soobin, ... As mentioned in the first part of the optimization methods, we
advertise Strong on Facebook and Youtube, on Facebook, is actively post ads to attract visitors,
increase views, create promotions to stimulate people interested in products, on Youtube, the
new music of these singers will be exported. Nowadays, Biti's Hunter products, the wearing of
their idols, accessories will stimulate the curiosity and desire of the fans. Promote both the
most popular channels of communication today to bring the product next to the most targeted

In Tactics, however, to increase the appeal, we will be releasing the fewest hottest products to
make that product scarce and believers will do everything possible to get that Biti's Hunter.
When the level of scarcity has reached a certain level, we will launch large quantities and sales
will increase very high. However, if you do not control this process well enough, you will get
bounced back and the user will be overwhelmed. In fact, Biti's has done this poorly and has not
taken full advantage of the advertising campaign. Extremely successful report.
In Action and Control, this section refers to the use of manpower to perform tasks and measure
the performance statistics. Please do not analyze in depth because of the requirements of
personnel management plans, job analysis, data analysis ... but to put in very specific work to
In general, the media plan I am analyzing above is just an idea but based on the fact that the
success of this idea is possible. The proof is that although it does not work well with this idea,
Biti's Hunter outside is in fact still a Biti's success.


In this article, I introduced the most popular media channels, Facebook and Youtube, to better
understand the ways of optimizing the index of the media, drawing the process of Email
Marketing and pressure. Use SOSTAC on a real product. These processes are the basic things
that every business and individual needs to do well and know clearly if they want to reach the
best customers and achieve the highest results.


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