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Internet Marketing Assignment 2 BTEC Nguyen Huu Phong 2017

Any service, product of a business, any organization when reaching the customer also want to
get the highest satisfaction. Sometimes the information about the satisfaction, feelings and
opinions of customers about products, services, ... helps the business or organization can
improve the quality and overcome weaknesses. cream. There are many ways to get feedback
on customer satisfaction, but in the information age, Internet surveys are becoming more
popular and are being used by a majority of businesses. Cross information from customers.
Once the information is available, businesses and organizations will be able to analyze the data
to draw conclusions and solutions to improve the product.

In this report, I will explore the facts and analyze the data in a college environment to assess
how well students are satisfied with the environment they are attending. More specifically, in
this report, I will examine student satisfaction at the University of Greenwich in Vietnam,
currently the university I am attending.
After launching a survey and survey of 23 students, I will process the data and step by step
assessments from that data as well as give some tips to help improve the environment I am
working on.


1.Understanding of customer satisfaction
There are many different views on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is their reaction
to the perceived difference between known experience and expectation (Parasuraman, 1988).
Understandably, the customer's known experience when using a service and the results after
the service are provided. More specifically, customer satisfaction is the mood or feeling of the
customer about a company when their expectations are met or exceeded over the life of the
product or service. Satisfied customers will gain loyalty and continue to buy the product or use
the company's services.
In this section, we will detail the customer satisfaction theory - SERVQUAL proposed by
Parasureman in 1985.
Parasuraman is one of the pioneers in the study of service quality. The success of the model is
a major breakthrough for businesses to apply to improve service quality. The quality
assessment must be through the perception of the customer that is the person who uses the
services of the business.

Based on the traditional definition of quality of service, Parasuraman has built SERVQUAL to
measure the quality of service, including five key components: Tangibles, Reliability,
Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy. These five factors will determine the level of customer
satisfaction for a product or service provided by an organization.


1. Tangibles
Physical visibility is the external image of the facilities, equipment, machinery, staff style,
materials, manuals and communication systems. On the other hand, we can understand
Tangibles as something that a customer looking at first will see right away and this is often
first appreciated by customers before they think of the quality of the product or service / In
general, all that the customer sees directly with the eyes and the senses can influence this factor:
the equipment has always been modernized; The company's infrastructure facilities are eyecatching, beautifully decorated, the staff in the company is always neat and clean; The
company's picture booklet related to the service looks beautiful.
For example: When customers come to buy a phone at a store, there are two phones at the same
price, same quality but the model A is more beautiful and fashionable than phone B. Customers
will choose the electricity. Phone A because the form outside the phone A more eye-catching
and customers feel more satisfied.
2. Reliability
This factor focuses primarily on the trust that customers place on the business when they use
the product or service of that business, they accept the commitment and support after-sales of
the business. Businesses build trust with customers by promising to do something for their
customers. When customers encounter obstacles, enterprises are always concerned about the

problem and dedicated to helping customers. If a business promises to perform right from the
beginning, at the right time and does not make any mistakes and make the customer feel his or
her problem solved, then the customer will believe and feel that the business has done. Just as
committed and deserve to be trusted.
For example: When customers purchase Samsung products, Samsung is committed to
supporting and solving the best product problems for its customers. In the case of the Samsung
Galaxy Note 7 that led to Samsung's Note 7 phones exploding all over the globe that
endangered their customers, Samsung immediately recalled all of its products globally and paid
back for Customers also give gifts and provide boxes for safer retrieval. Samsung's moves have
made customers feel satisfied that Samsung has made the right commitment and in time to
avoid unfortunate events. This has helped Samsung get more customer trust.
3. Responsiness
This factor speaks to the ability and speed of interaction between customers and businesses
providing products and services. In other words, this is a measure of the ability to quickly solve
a problem, handle complaints effectively, be willing to help customers, and meet customer
requirements. More specifically, service effectiveness is the response from the service provider
to what the customer expects: the company employee will tell you when and when the service
will be delivered. Does it quickly. Always be prepared to help you with difficult problems.
Never too busy to meet your requirements. When this factor is met, the customer will feel
respected and the service of the business is best supported and fastest for the customer using
it, from which the customer satisfaction will increase. on. No customer satisfaction when their
problem is solved slowly and not really effective.
For example: When I was studying at the University of Greenwich in Vietnam, because my
school automatically placed a grade for each student, sometimes it was classed as having an
effect on other activities and making students feel difficult. I wrote the transfer application and
stated the reason, the school responded very quickly within 8 hours after I wrote and solved
the problem was to move me to my desired class. This helped to increase my satisfaction with
the place and felt that my problem was responded very quickly and efficiently.
4. Assurance

This is the factor that creates credibility, trust for the customer to be felt through professional
service, expert knowledge, elegant style and good communication ability so that the customer
feel Peace of mind when using the service. Employee behavior leads to consumer confidence.
Guests feel safe while dealing with business. Staff are always happy and answer questions in
detail. We can better understand, this is building a safe and comfortable environment while
customers use the services of businesses, customers feel they are using the services of a
business. Have the excellent team and can help them solve any problems, professionalism to
help customers more confident and more confident, the business is sure enough to fulfill the
For example: When buying a Manulife insurance product, a customer is satisfied and assured
of the quality of the place when the Manulife staff team is dedicated to explaining and guiding
customers, answering questions. About the problems that arise. Professional staff on the form,
knowledge, and behavior, this creates a peace of mind for the customer.
5. Empathy
Empathy is the attention, caring customer care, giving the customer the best possible care, can
help customers feel as "guest". Always pay close attention to the customer. Enthusiastic staffs
care and see the benefit of customers is mindful. Understand but the customer needs. Work at
convenient times and in accordance with customer habits. In other words, this reflects the
insights a business has on a customer and, when customers see it, the level of customer
satisfaction increases.
For example: Come back to the University of Greenwich that I am studying. Where I am
studying is probably more special than other universities when placing classes before paying
tuition fees and for extended periods of time. Due to the high cost of tuition payment, the school
knows it well and creates the best conditions for the students to stay in class and can pay for
tuition instead. May be suspended if payment is not due on time. It is customer insight and
students feel very pleased about this.
And based on these five factors, a business or organization can measure the level of customer
satisfaction with their products and services. These 5 factors are often applied in live surveys
or online surveys conducted by companies on their clients to better utilize that data.

2.Analysis of survey results
In this section, I will create a small survey with Google form with some questions based on the
customer satisfaction theory that Parasureman offers. This survey was based on 23 students at
the University of Greenwich in Vietnam through Google forms and the results I will process,
evaluate and analyze. Finally, I will give some tips to help improve a small part of the
unresolved weakness.


This is a survey questionnaire I used to survey 23 students at the University of Greenwich in

The satisfaction of students at University of Greenwich
Hello everyone, my name is Nguyen Huu Phong. I'm studying at University of Greenwich Viet
Nam and having an Internet Marketing Assignment. In this report I need to create a form to
survey everyone about the satisfaction when we studying at here.
I really need your ideas to complete this important survey and appreciated it. By the way, I'm
sure that your information and ideas will be secret. One more time, thank you so much for
being here to help me.
Part 1:
Are you currently studying at Greenwich University of Vietnam?
- Yes
- No
Which campus of Greenwich VN do you study?
- Ho Chi Minh
- Ha Noi
- Da Nang
- Can Tho
Part 2: Some of your information
The information in this section will be kept confidential and security.
This information I used to thank and send gifts to you, after 2 weeks all your information will
be removed from the system.
What is your full name? _________________________
What is your email? ____________________________
What year are you currently in?
- First year
- Second year
- Third year
- Prepare graduate
What subject do you study? ______________________
Part 3: Assess your satisfaction with the University of Greenwich Vietnam
In this section you evaluate the level of the 5 questions as level 1 (Worst) to level 5 (Pretty
Your ratings are really important because it contributes to make better the quality of the
environment and quality of everything here.


How satisfied are you with the University of Greenwich Vietnam?

Part 4:
Would you mind to leave some words here what you want from Greenwich Vietnam to

Thank you so much!
Thank you very much for taking the time to help me make this survey.
All your ideas is truly appreciated and contributes to the University of Greenwich better.


Then, I sent this survey to 23 students at Greenwich University of Vietnam and collected the
survey data of you. Data collected from Google Form is synchronized and processed through
Google Spreadsheets, which is the raw data that I collected after the survey.

From this raw data, I have aggregated this raw data into column charts so that we can more
easily evaluate and analyze it. The chart below will show an average rating through 5 factors:
Tangibles, Reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy of students for University of
Greenwich Vietnam.


Throughout the chart, we can see the highest levels of student satisfaction at the school's
credibility and credibility (3.78/5), which is slightly lower than student satisfaction with access
Understand (3.48/5) and the assurance (3.39/5) that the University of Greenwich brought to
students. However, students also had the lowest satisfaction level with the school facilities
when the average satisfaction level was just 3.17/5, the same level of student satisfaction as
well. At the lowest level of support and feedback in helping and solving problems of the school.
Learning in this environment, I also find that this data is true when the facilities and the
feedback of the school to students are not really good and not meet the wishes of students.
I will analyze these two smallest elements carefully below to understand why the level of
student satisfaction is so low and suggest some solutions to improve.
In first question, I went directly to the surveyed students to understand why they are not
satisfied with the facilities. Most of the answers are small parking lots and quality equipment
in the classroom is not really good. Last year, the school moved to District 6 of Ho Chi Minh
City, although new facilities still did not meet the school's students when the parking basement
was overcrowded and the school rented. More parking nearby but the problem is still not solved
best. In addition, the equipment in the classroom is not as good quality as projectors, speakers.
Specifically, the projector usually provides poor picture and common speakers malfunction.
The two factors in parking and equipment in the classroom are the factors that make the student
satisfaction level drop to a low level with an average satisfaction of just 3.17/5.
Along with the lowest level of satisfaction with the facilities, the ability to respond and support
problem-solving for students is not well received by students when the average level of
satisfaction is just 3.17 / 5. The reason may be that the school can not effectively solve the
problems of students. More specifically, in some cases, students would like to comment on
classroom restrictions such as overhead projectors, inactivity speakers, broken desks and
furniture, but schools do not respond or respond slowly. In addition, some students have a need
to change class to facilitate scheduling but are not resolved. And many other issues that have


not been addressed by the school or have been slow to deal with have resulted in a low level
of student satisfaction.
As seen above, the two elements of Tangibles and Responsiness receive the lowest satisfaction
when students are dissatisfied with the facilities and feedback and problem solving of the
school. Realizing that, I have some temporary solutions to overcome these problems.
First of all, about the school's facilities, when moving to a new campus in District 6 of Ho Chi
Minh City, the biggest problem is that parking for students and faculty is too small even though
there are basements and schools. Rented a new garage to meet. However, the large and growing
number of students in the years leading up to the parking lot did not meet. To solve this
problem, the school should rent a parking lot that is wider and more convenient than the
existing parking lot. Nearly the facility now has a fairly large site near the County's abandoned
basin, so the school may consider reducing the truckload at school.
The second is the speed of response and the ability to solve problems of ineffective school,
leading to a decrease in student satisfaction. To address this problem, the school should
increase the number of student support staff, possibly due to the limited staffing and the high
student population that overload the department. Increasing the number of staff for this
department will contribute to addressing the problem and the problems of students will be
resolved more quickly and efficiently.
These are the solutions that contribute to improving students' satisfaction with the two lowest
elements. These may be temporary solutions, but they can improve the current situation.
Through the past sections, I have collected survey data and processed raw data to give my
assessments and comments, as well as my advice to help improve the learning environment. .
It is also a basic survey process that any business or organization needs to do to change,
improve and understand its customers better.

Obtaining customer feedback and information is extremely important as it helps a business
evaluate the level of customer satisfaction with the products and services it provides. Data
collected is also used to evaluate and provide solutions to improve quality and overcome
weaknesses. Understand the customer, the business can be successful, to understand customers,
businesses need to have the evaluation through a survey like this.


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