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Internet Marketing Assignment 1 BTEC Nguyen Huu Phong 2017

In the 21st century, the era of information technology and Internet boom flourished. Existing enterprises
not only promote their products through sales channels like before anymore but they also need to access
the new advertising channel according to the customer's habits. The development of the Giants in
technology such as Google and Facebook have gradually become familiar in the life of every person, the
businesses that also enhances his product advertising on these channels to reach customers.

In this report, I will state it clearly details about the strengths and benefits of Marketing, advertising
through Google and Facebook to see clearly why any business large or small must promote their
products through this channel if the client wants to receive.

1. Present your understanding about Internet Marketing
About 10 years back this is the most flourishing period of internet marketing and technology. The
Internet completely dominated the world with so many benefits that it brings aims to improve recreation
and living activities reform of humanity, and people began to depend on internet services, search engines
and services online conversation (chat).
At the same time, Google also has to promote its strengths on the global internet to deploy ad services to
serve customers besides Google's advertising services on the momentum developed during nearly 10
years now, then about 2 years, the planet's largest social network Facebook has also started a successful
campaign prospective mining thanks to your ad. Deployment at new advertising service, Facebook
actually pay attention to the advertising partner with the cheap cost effective nor inferior to Google.


Let's learn about potential 2 directions of advertising are more users, for now, Google and Facebook to
see the strengths and limitations of the two platforms.
Facebook Ads is advertising show the automatic distribution of targeting based on demographic criteria,
preferences, behaviors, geographic location, ... of users. Accordingly, businesses and individuals wishing
to advertise products, services or brands should pay a fee to display ad template in the location specified
on the social networking site Facebook.

The ads are often seen on Facebook – Source: Internet


Facebook charges based on clicks on ads, page likes, the amount of interaction posts or click on the
website, ... The higher the advertised price, the greater the chance of the ads appearing.
With more than 1 billion users around the world, Facebook has the power to build a very good ad
targeting to the right audience. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of Facebook ads to see why
Facebook attracts many advertisers.
- Facebook ads direct the right audience that the advertiser wants to target. Understanding the
characteristics and the message of more than 1 billion users, facebook classified very well and depending
on which ads to the right type of customers desired. This not only helps Facebook ads effectively, but
also saves money.
- The ability to spread effectively is the strength of Facebook ads. Because it's a global social network,
it's getting easier and more effective. When a person likes to comment or share, the ad will appear on the
newsfeeds of his friends. In addition, the interaction between customers and businesses is much easier to
improve the quality of services and products.
- Low cost and effective is an important factor to help Facebook attract many users. It's easy to set up
your ad and it costs less than a tenth of the cost of advertising on television. Facebook Ads charges 2 in
the form of CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per impression).
Types of advertising by facebook, as of 2017, there are about 11 types of advertising applied by
- Page Post: A form of advertising on Facebook to add interactivity to Fanpage posts on Facebook.
Indulge fans for Fanpage. Interactions include: like post, comment, share, photo view. Facebook charges
on CPC.


Page post – Source: Internet
- Page Like: A form of effective Facebook advertising that adds fan (like) to your fan page. Users will
only see a Fanpage summary and it has a Like Page button to facilitate the likes. Facebook charges under
the CPL.

Page like – Source: Internet


Domain ads: A form of website advertising integrated with Fanpage leads directly to the business
website or Fanpage when the user clicks on the ad. This ad helps to add traffic to the website and the
page of the customer as well as indirectly like the fanpage. Users only pay by CPC.

Domain ads – Source: Internet

Standard ads: The form of website advertising is not integrated with Fanpage. Only appear in the right
column and link directly to the website of the business when the user clicks on the ads, helping to add
traffic to the website. Users only pay by CPC.


Standard ads – Source: Internet

Multi-product: A form of website advertising integrated with Fanpage. Display multiple products,
content at the same time and can download up to 5 images, corresponding to 5 links on one ads.
Customers only pay by CPC.


Multi-Product – Source: Internet
These are the main ads that we often see on Facebook, in addition to the other six types of Facebook ads,
but are often less used and we are rarely seen on Facebook. Other types are Dynamic products, Event
responsive, Video view, Offer Claim, App Install, and Local awareness. Facebook is still developing
more types of ads on its social network to collect more money from more than 1 billion users.

Other types of Facebook advertising – Source: Internet


Google currently has two forms of advertising is Google Adwords and Google Adsense. However, we
will not talk about Google Adsense but focus on Google Adwords because Adwords is the most
powerful weapon that Google is holding to dominate the world advertising market.
Google Adwords simply understands that businesses and organizations will buy relevant keywords to
advertise their customers. When customers search for keywords on Google, Google Adwords will push
the ads of these businesses to the top of the search results.

Google Adwords Example – Source: Internet
So what are the benefits of Google Adwords that Google attracted a lot of advertising business? Google
advertising has three main benefits that may or may not be the three reasons consumers want an
advertising agency to offer.


First, Google Ads reach people at the precise moment they are looking for
what you offer. Your ad is shown to people searching for the types of
products and services you offer. Therefore, those people are more likely
to take action. Your ads will be actively searched for, rather than the
usual advertising to reach customers. Google will help your customers
search for them.

Second, Google Advertising helps control your budget. More specifically,
with cost-per-click (CPC) bidding, you are charged only when someone
clicks on your ad, not when your ad appears. There are many different
bidding options you can choose from, you decide how much you want to
spend each month, and you'll never be charged more than that. Especially
no minimum spending commitment. This will help you feel that the money
you spent on advertising is completely effective and not wasted on the

Finally, Google will help you see exactly what works in your ad and build
on that. In addition, we can use Adwords tools to correct and improve your
ad and increase the number of potential customers who contact your
business. We may be able to see and see reports of how effectively your
ads are performing, seeing the number of new customers connecting with
your business from the ad, where they came from.

And those are the special features of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, two of the most powerful and
popular advertising platforms on the Internet that any business, organization or individual must know to
reach customers. Its in the digital age today.


2. Create a page with detail for selling product/service
In this section, we will go into Facebook Ads specifically to see how Facebook helps our business reach
the target audience of the one billion existing Facebook users.
I created a Tiki.com Page based on Tiki.vn to clearly analyze what to do before advertising and reaching
our potential customers.

First, any business or company before you want to advertise on Facebook also needs a Page to promote
the image, information and strengths of your business.
We can see Page's Avatar is the main logo of the business, but to be more effective, instead of using the
main logo, refine it to a small section to see the company's Slogan. This will help customers visit Page
will trust and know what we are providing.
Next is the name of Page, we can name Page in many ways to optimize the Facebook search box or
named after the company. In this case, due to being an online sales company, Facebook does not play a
major role as the new website is aimed at customers. We named Page as the website address: Tiki.com.
Finally and quite important in the main part of Page is Cover, Cover must be eye-catching design and
introduce to customers the programs, events and promotions that we are applying to attract customers. In
addition, Cover must contain less words and the information should be concise, concise and professional.
That is the first part of a Page, the next part that needs to be updated is the About section of the Page.


In the About section, we need to provide all the information necessary for the customer. In addition,
Page needs to show customers the mission of our business, the origin and commitment of the business,
return policy - delivery - warranty. In the Contact section, we must provide phone number, online
support and website address so that customers can contact support at any time. We should also list a few
products for customers to imagine what products we are bringing.


Next, in anyone as we all know, Facebook post is one of Facebook's most basic and popular things. We
see hundreds of thousands of posts every day when we watch a newsfeed. Facebook Page also share
information in the form of Post, the post must be beautifully designed, full information so customers can
grasp the promotions that our business brings. Post is the main tool to attract the fastest customers on
Facebook because it appears regularly on the newsfeed and is what we advertise. It's a post on Facebook
Post, so how does Post work?


Above is a post for Tiki.vn designed and has attracted more than 3500 likes and more than 100 share, we
can easily see this Post focuses on the promotion being held that they have. Introduced in Cover of Page.
As mentioned above, Tiki focused and directed its customers to the main Website, so in the Post often
leads to the Website. In this post focused on the FreeShip when buying books at TikiTiki, the phrase
"Freeship" is appearing 5 times in the Post to help customers impressed many more, besides the less
well-written and well-informed. This is important because it makes it easy for customers to read and
understand the program. On the other hand, we should also add more helpful phrases such as "Buy Now
- Buy Now" at the bottom of the post.
Finally, the most important part of a Page is Products. For stores that focus only on mainstream products
and strengths or as the main business product, in the Products section, let's show them all.

In our current case, Tiki is a retailer - e-commerce company, so Tiki's products include a wide range of
products from a variety of fields and genres, without focusing on any product. . Tiki brings all what
customers want with the best quality. In the Products section, we can not update thousands of products,
specific products will be updated on the main Website and that is why. Why Tiki directs customers to the
Website instead of focusing too much on Facebook Page. So the question is, in the Products section,


what will our Page post? We will post the best selling products, the most promotion we can count on the
website. Of course, there are just a few of the products sold on Tiki.
And that is all the main things that a Facebook Page needs before thinking about advertising. Focusing
on and doing well on these items will help our customers to trust and choose our business.

3. Running Internet Marketing
So in the above section we have clarified what to do in setting up a sales Page and show them in the most
professional way. In this section, we will talk about running Facebook Ads ads to see what Facebook is
doing so we can reach our target audience of more than 1 billion users. I will introduce and clarify the
post settings window that Facebook provides to businesses to bring ads to the right customers. Here is
the Boot Post window Facebook offers

Through the above window we can see that Facebook provides us with a full ad setup window. On the
left are detailed information about the customer and payment of the advertisement, we will detail this
section below. The right column is the post we will advertise to the customer, the interface of the post
that the customer will see when the ad is run. We can preview ads under two types are on the Web and
on the Smartphone. The Facebook window provided simply so, hereafter we will detail the left part as
First we will install the Audience section, select Edit and we will open a new window to install details
for the customer group we are aiming for.


In this section, we will select the gender, age, location of customers and the most important, most
interesting part of Facebook Ads is Detailed Targeting.
In our case, our customers are all sexually irresponsible so we choose gender as All, the age we want to
target is from 18-65. Because our products want to advertise this time, books cover a wide range of
sectors and fields, so we choose a target in such a large scope, of course, if a particular product we can
choose. The most appropriate goal. Next is the location of the customer, Tiki has the ability to deliver
nationwide so we choose advertising locations across the country, of course we will choose the big city
for the convenience of transportation and public. Technology is most accessible. If the specific product
and ability to transport is limited, we can narrow down to a small extent depending on the circumstances.
This is followed by the Detailed Targeting section, which is the most interesting and unique item that
only Facebook can bring us, which will help us choose the interests of our customers and what they used
to be. Like, search on Facebook. Facebook has billions of customer information so they can filter out the
exact habits and needs of the user, based on which we simply select items related to the product. In this
section, you can conduct surveys to make the right choice. For Tiki, we have a team specializing in
market analysis to make the most appropriate choices.
Next we will go to the payment section and the number of customers that Facebook is expected to reach.


In this section, we will choose how much our budget is spent on advertising. Advertising will end when
we spend all of our money, which helps us control the advertising dollars best without fear of losing
control when the ad crosses the financial reach. In addition, Facebook will filter out the number of
people the ad will reach through the choices we have selected above. In the case of Tiki is 600,000 - 1.6
million people. We can choose ad run time, Facebook gives us 3 choices as 1 day, 7 days and 14 days.
We are researching to focus one day or seven days for ads to appear based on when the promotion takes
effect. And finally the payment for Facebook, our ads will be censored from 5 minutes to 24 hours
before appearing on the newsfeed of millions.
Facebook advertising is so simple and easy for most people, of course compared to Google Ads is much
easier. However, simple and easy like that but Facebook Ads is not less effective and can be very
effective evaluation. Hundreds, millions of businesses around the world are using Facebook Ads every
day and there is no reason why we ignore the marketing of our products to customers.

4. Present process of selling
In this section, in this section, we will talk about Tiki's sales process from receipt of the order until
delivery to the customer. A highly effective business model requires a good sales process and the
business must be in control of the sales process.
The first step in the buying process at Tiki, the initiative is the customer when customers choose the
product on the Website:


Step 1: Log in to Tiki.vn account
Step 2: Select the product and see the price details of that product, if you agree to order, click "Add to
cart". You can buy many different products in an order.
Step 3: Please fill in the address "Get to this address". Select the prepayment item for the order and
payment method, then press the "Order" button of the buyer's order will be sent to Tiki.vn "Code Order"
Step 4: After ordering the buyer's order Tiki.vn will confirm the order by contacting the buyer by
address information, phone number sent.
After confirming and closing the order, the order processing step will be executed by Tiki.

Source: Youtuber – Vinh Vat Vo
Firstly, the order will be transferred to the order receiving department of Tiki in two large warehouses of
Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The order includes any information that the customer has provided from
his or her full name, address, merchandise, contact, etc. will be aggregated here.


Source: Youtuber – Vinh Vat Vo
After that, the staff at Tiki will go to Tiki's shelves to get the order. Tiki's warehouses are always clean
and tidy to ensure that the goods are always stored and stored, without compromising product quality.

Source: Youtuber – Vinh Vat Vo
All Tiki products are controlled by bar code scanning to ensure accuracy and source quality.


Source: Youtuber – Vat Vo
After checking the order again, the goods will be shipped to the packing department. Tiki is very
interested in the quality of shipping products so the product is packed very carefully through the layers,
especially fragile products are packed to 2 layers carton. Stamps are easy to seal and easy to put on the
outside to ensure the confidentiality of the package.

Source: Youtuber – Vinh Vat Vo


After careful packing, the goods will be shipped to the vehicles and distributed throughout the country.
Delivery time depends on the customer's location, but not more than 1 week.
And that is the whole Tiki sales process from receiving orders until the customer reaches the customer.
Not only being careful in the sales process, customer support after purchase is also a process where Tiki
wants to focus on making customer purchases happen easily, quickly and safely.

The article above, we also understand a bit about advertising on Facebook and Google, especially
Facebook. We understand how important the sales process is and how it should be controlled, specifically
Tiki. Facebook and Google are bringing tools to help us advertise our products to more people through the
Internet, which is really difficult if we do not find out and use them for our business.


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