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Kiểm tra anh văn lớp 10

Choose best answer
1. Although our sales are at a satisfactory level, Mr. Hendrix would like to increase our brand recognition
abroad to make Fields Sports' apparel more _________with both local and foreign equivalents.
A. competitiveness
B. competitor
C. competitive
D. competitively
2. Matt appears ________ by all the media attention
A. unaffected
C. unaffectedly

B. affect
D. affection

3. The general hospital was able to improve patient care ________ without hiring more staff by investing
in a new information system
A. significant
B. significance
C. signify
D. significantly

The traffic and crowds this shopping center will bring is _______ what we don't want here
A. exactly
B. exact
C. exacting
D. exactingly

5. Last year's projections were proven ______ when the annual budget report was released.
A. accurately
B. occurrence
C. accurate
D. accuracy
6. At the program's completion, internship opportunities in China will be offered to students who have
_________ completed the coursework.
A. success
B. successful
C. successfully
D. succeed
7. At the program's completion, internship opportunities in China will be offered to students who have
_________ completed the coursework.
A. successful
B. successfully
C. succeed
D. success
8. The Quanex Gas Card will give you a five percent cash back bonus reward every time you use it to
purchase gas, have your car ________, or buy something at our online automotive store.
A. repairing
B. repaired
C. repair
D. to be repaired
9. The company will also have one of its staff ________ a home and lifestyle evaluation to determine if
each applicant's living situation is suitable for the jobs
A. conduct
B. conducted
C. conducting
D. conducts
10. Small shoulder pads, full polyester lining, and inside pocket will make this a _______ and great
looking coat
A. duration
B. durable

C. endurable
D. due
11. We hope that the company can get more staff ________ to the charities next year
A. donate
B. to donate

C. donated

D. donating

12. Attempts to ease congestion during peak hours are being made, but seem to prove _______ at the
A. unfruitful
B. fruitful
C. fruitfully
D. fruits
13. ______ remain complicated economic problems to be resolved, while the economic conditions have
been good
A. They
B. There
C. It
D. That
14. Security features must be purchased _______
A. separate
C. separateness

B. separately
D. to separate

15. Basin Air announced that it would begin running flights at Stewart Airport, which is _______ under the
State Port Authority control.
A. current
B. currently
C. currency
D. currant
16. Working alongside Burt Edwards, named CEO of InfoQuest in June, Black plans to make InfoQuest
more __________
A. competitive
B. competitively
C. competition
D. compete
17. we are getting ______ to implement a new computer system at the office
A. readily
B. readiness
C. ready
18. Interest rates remain fairly _______
A. low
C. lowliness

B. lowly
D. slow

19. We _______ believe that the development of this area will be vital to the city's economic growth and
A. strong
B. strength
C. strongly
D. strengthen
20. This newly employed system may worry some of you, but it is actually designed to ________our lives
A. do
B. make
C. access
D. give
21. Because next week's holiday falls on a Thursday, we will have to reschedule our ______ faculty
meeting to Friday
A. week
B. weeks
C. weekly
D. weakly
22. Here the road turns ______ to the right
A. sharp
C. sharpness

B. sharply
D. sharpen

23. I'll make _______ we have enough accommodations to receive such large audience for this memorable
charity function
A. surely
B. fun
C. sure
D. funny
24. The weather is turning _____
A. bad
C. badness

B. badly
D. bat

25. How long does it _______ take to get a reimbursement?
A. ordinary
C. ordinal

B. ordinarily
D. oderly

26. The unit price would need to be at least $140.50 before my client could consider the contract financially
A. feasible
B. feasibly
C. fear
D. feared
27. Our team of professional personal shoppers can make your busy life __________ by giving you back
the time and energy you had previously been wasting on shopping for office clothes
A. less easy
B. a little easier
C. less easily
D. a lot easy
28. He is considering ______ whether to accept another job offer.
A. thorough
C. throughout

B. thoroughly
D. _________

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