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How Startups Can Build a Recruiting Machine
Thursday April 7, 2016


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There used to be two essential
startup skills. Now there’s a third.

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Two core startup skills

Build a product with
great product/ market fit


Build a sales and
marketing machine

What’s changed?
● Explosion in startups

● Low growth in skilled workers
● Software is eating the world - everyone wants developers

Demand now significantly outstrips supply especially for technical talent

And recruiting has undergone its own revolution...

The hires that most
impact your
performance aren’t
looking for a job

Enter the third crucial startup skill

Build a product with
great product/ market fit


Build a sales and
marketing machine

Build a recruiting

Sourcing & Selling
are the key new skills

Recruiting well takes the entire village

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The catch: your village probably
didn’t study recruiting at college

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The recruiting funnel




& Sell







Top of funnel:
What makes it so hard?




Q. When should you hire
your first recruiter?


Q. When should you hire
your first recruiter?
A. Earlier than you think.

3 reasons to hire a full-time in-house recruiter early
1. They can bring more focus to your sourcing efforts
2. They’ll sell your company better than an outsourced
recruiter would
3. They can build out a better candidate experience
Note: you may still need to enlist the help of a headhunter
for exec roles. If you do, choose carefully.

A full-time recruiter does NOT mean you’re off the hook
“I have seen some companies get into trouble when team
members think that having an in-house recruiter means they
can now ‘pitch this problem over the fence.’
I tell clients (from CEO on down) that they are all part-time
recruiters. Ensure that the CEO in particular visibly embodies
this behavior.”

Jordan Burton
Founder, Burton Advisors LLC
Former Partner, ghSMART

Referrals are much easier in the digital age

Sit with employees and
review networks from all
past jobs

Offer referral bonuses

The biggest motivator for
your team: a strong

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Sourcing passive candidates
Sources we like:

AngelList - startup hires

GitHub, StackOverflow - developers

Dribbble - designers

Sourcing.io - engineers

Xing - select European talent

LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter - all

Conference speaker lists - all

For more tips on how to source a quality pipeline, download our free ebook:


Why you need a strong talent brand
Companies with a strong talent brand have



lower cost per hire

faster rate of hire


Source: LinkedIn

How to articulate your talent brand

Consider your brand as experienced
by your employees. What makes you
different/ special?

Keep in mind what motivates your
target talent, e.g., technical talent:


opportunity to solve technical problems
co-workers they can learn from
opportunity to contribute to open source
cool mission
culture they can relate to

Think about channels to showcase
your brand

Promoting your talent brand will boost your recruiting efforts
1.8 million views to date


A few thoughts on
getting to Developers

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