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As you know, vietnam has 54 ethnic

As you know, Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups such as the Kinh ,the Tay,

The people of Vietnam are very diverse but very peaceful.

Among the ethnic minorities , the Khmer is one of the
biggest ethnic
groups in the south of Vietnam

The Khmer have a pollution of about 1,260,600 people in the
provinces of Mekong Delta

The Khmer language belong to Mon-Khmer groups with
writing system

They live by farming mostly rice-and fishing on the Mekong

Life is sometimes hard as their work depends heavily on the

The children and woman love walking around the beach to wait for the
boats to come in

Like other minorities, the Khmer costumes quite picky with vivid colors
and sharp crystals with unique.
From an early age, his Khmer campaigned on traditional costumes to
attend the holidays, festivals.

Traditional costumes as exalted grace, tenderness of the girls to the age of
the Counter Statistics dances gently, gracefully

As for the boys, as his campaign on traditional costumes performed the
orchestral sound is contingent creates strong, talented and masculine

Khmer has a rich musical repertoire and distinctive. Pentatonic instrument is the
orchestra's traditional Khmer typical Southern. It has a large volume and is often
used in important rituals at the temple Khmer and in the festive days..

Not only special costumes but also the most important festivals are Chaul Chnam
Thmey and Greeting the Moon festival

Thousands of Khmer people in the Mekong Delta to participate Date "3rd Festival
Thmey Chol Chnam" (15/4) with Buddha bathing festival, splash, requiem, offering
the rice for this year's Festival monk ... people are crowded due season.

Children in wetland draw water flowed into the river, the falls together,
with the concept as wet as much luck in the new year.

People bring an offering to the temple to worship Buddha Chnam Thmey
Chol celebrate Tet.

This year was the season, carrying rice to Khmer Buddhist ceremony and
build sand mountain, worship to atone for the sins over the past year

Hundreds of people participated Buddha bathing ceremony
to pray luck

Every year on April 14 and October 15 lunar southern Khmer people
jubilantly held Ok Om Bok Festival also known as the moon festival or
"Insert nuggets up".

Ok Om Bok Festival is the biggest festival and the most awaited Khmer people in the South.
Khmer moon ceremony to pray for a year of good weather, good harvests, the villagers are
entitled to happiness, so this day, every household participated moon ceremony.

Khmer ethnic groups are also known for the beautiful dance

Khmer temples are sacred. Every year it attracts thousands of tourists both
domestic and international Buddhist ceremony

The Khmer worship their ancestors like the another ethnic groups.

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