Tải bản đầy đủ

Đề cương ôn thi đh THPT môn tiếng anh

I. Different sound
1. A. heat
2. A. prepared
3. A. thrilling
4. A. idea
5. A. face
6. A. around
7. A. teacher
8. A. Germany
9. A. scholarship
10. A. house
11. A. sing
12. A. hundred
13. A. head
14. A. choir
15. A. charge
16. A. reason
17. A. motion
18. A. gather

19. A. change
20. A. hand
21. A. cooks
22. A. share
23. A. clothes
24. A. naked
25. A. laughed
26. A. apply
27. A. choice
28. A. final
29. A. average
30. A. course
31. A. worker
32. A. honest
33. A. character
34. A. interview
35 A. explained
36. A. economy
37. A. right
38. A. measure
39. A. though
40. A. improve
41. A. future
42. A. chore
43. A. threaten
44. A. wipe
45. A. service

B. scream
B. particular
B. other
B. going
B. place
B. sound
B. other
B. garden
B. Christ
B. harm
B. morning
B. exhausted

B. ready
B. cheap
B. child
B. clear
B. question
B. good
B. children
B. bank
B. loves
B. rare
B. cloths
B. looked
B. weighed
B. university
B. achieve
B. applicant
B. indicate
B. four
B. whom
B. holiday
B. teacher
B. minute
B. disappointed
B. industry
B. private
B. subsidies
B. encourage
B. introduce
B. mature
B. technology
B. earth
B. allow
B. practice

C. meat
C. pagoda
C. through
C. will
C. prepared
C. only
C. together
C. gate
C. school
C. hour
C. any
C. however
C. mean
C. child
C. teacher
C. mean
C. mention
C. large
C. machine
C. sand
C. joins
C. are
C. roofs
C. booked
C. helped
C. identity
C. each
C. high
C. application
C. our
C. interview
C. home
C. chemist
C. question
C. prepared
C. qualify
C. communist
C. domestic
C. enough
C. move
C. pasture
C. much
C. healthy
C. powerful
C. office

D. dead
D. attract
D. something
D. trip
D. days
D. mouse
D. term
D. gas
D. chicken
D. husband
D. hang
D. heat
D. weather
D. chair
D. champagne
D. each
D. fiction
D. again
D. church
D. band
D. spends
D. declare
D. books
D. hooked
D. missed
D. early
D. chemistry
D. decide
D. grade
D. yours
D. answer
D. happiness
D. technical
D. suitable
D. interviewed
D. priority
D. minority
D. hospital
D. country
D. lose
D. nature
D. exchange
D. breathe
D. answer
D. device

46. A. grasses
47. A. lie
48. A. compound
49. A. dune
50. A. west
II. Stress
1. A. comprise
2. A. Aborigines
3. A. corridor
4. A. remain
5. A. territory
6. A. eject
7. A. canoeing
8 A. participant
9 A. interfere
10 A. award
11. A. social
12. A. marvelous
13. A. verbal
14. A. attract
15. A. solution
16. A. conical
17. A. physical
18. A. ancestor
19. A. commitment
20. A. dissolve
21. A. technology
22. A. between
23. A. waving
24. A. student
25. A. traditional
26. A. economics
27. A. secondary
28. A. education
29. A. because
30. A. ashtray
31. A. farewell
32. A. mischievous
33. A. desert
34. A. measure
35. A. attitude
36. A. survey
37. A. diversity
38. A. European
39. A. America
40. A. confide
41. A. expedition
42. A. appropriate
43. A. culture
44. A. romantic
45. A. bridegroom

B. stretches
B. wide
B. route
B. hummock
B. between

C. comprises
C. circle
C. house
C. shrub
C. growth

D. potatoes
D. comprise
D. south
D. buffalo
D. which

B. sandy
B. expedition
B. enormous
B. hummock
B. Australia
B. crossbar
B. opponent
B. publicity
B. memory
B. defeat
B. conduct
B. attention
B. whistle
B. decide
B. suitable
B. determine
B. mischievous
B. measurement
B. inflation
B. observe
B. psychology
B. result
B. teaching
B. listen
B. professional
B. interfere
B. primary
B. curriculum
B. method
B. music
B. thoughtful
B. family
B. parallel
B. pressure
B. partnership
B. enormous
B. marriage
B. Victorian
B. equal
B. reject
B. exploration
B. interesting
B. engage
B. counterpart
B. bamboo

C. circle
C. kilometer
C. mystery
C. explore
C. geography
C. except
C. windsurfing
C. competitive
C. personal
C. refer
C. survey
C. consider
C. precede
C. reject
C. confidence
C. contractual
C. suitable
C. counterpart
C. collection
C. publish
C. reconstruction
C. ago
C. pointing
C. blackboard
C impossible
C. philosophy
C. fantastic
C. technology
C. standard
C. severe
C. toward
C. supportive
C. hummock
C. unwise
C. actually
C. remained
C. engagement
C. Brazilian
C. maintain
C. precede
C. Australian
C. different
C. majority
C. discussion
C. wedding

D. northern
D. scientific
D. separate
D. between
D. society
D. commit
D. defensive
D. individual
D. vertical
D. scuba
D. value
D. excited
D. marriage
D. beauty
D. family
D. supportive
D. romantic
D. appearance
D. enterprise
D. appraise
D. apology
D. coffee
D. divide
D. between
D. decoration
D. punctuality
D. national
D. integrity
D. wooden
D. temper
D. approach
D. suitable
D. aerial
D. sacrifice
D. Vietnamese
D. mystery
D. importance
D. Korean
D. attractive
D. conical
D. Geographical
D. cultural
D. determine
D. appearance
D. survey

46. A. supernatural
47. A. gymnastics
48. A. financial
49. A. confess
50. A. possibility

B. explanation
B. criminal
B. ambitious
B. function
B. manufacture

C. redundancy
C. investment
C. refusal
C. jealous
C. instrument

D. electronic
D. excitement
D. evidence
D. patient
D. disappointed

1. When I got home I found that water...............................down the kitchen walls
A. ran
B. was running
C. has run
D. had been running
2. After he.......................his English course, he went to England to continue his study
A. has finish
B. had finished
C. was finished
D. would finish
3. How.........................since we .....................college?
A. are you- left
B. were you- left
C. have you been- have left D. have you been- left
4. I..................much of you lately. We..........................three months ago
A. haven’t seen- last meet
B. didn’t see- met
C. haven’t seen- have meet D. didn’t see- have met
5. The Chinese.......................spaghetti dishes for a long time before Marco Polo.................back to Italy
A. made- brought
B. have made- brought
C. made- had brought D. had been making- brought
6. When I arrived at the meeting the first speaker.................speaking and the audience...................
A. just finished- were clapping
B. had just finished- had clapped
C. had just finished- were clapping
D. just finished- had clapped
7. He.............................his job last month and then he..................out of work
A. lost- was
B. was lost- had been
C. has lost- was
D. lost- has been
8. In the last hundred years, travelling.......................much easier and more comfortable
A. become
B. has become
C. became
D. will became
9. In the 19 century, it.............two or three months to across North America by covered wagon
A. took
B. had taken
C. had been taken
D. was taking
10. In the past, the trip...................very rough and often dangerous, but things..........a great deal in the last hundred
and fifty years
A. was- have changed
B. is- change
C. had been- will change
D. has been- changed
11. She................Hanoi last year
A. went
B. go
C. goes
D. is going
12. Now you ..................from New York to Los Angeles in a matter of hours
A. are flying
B. would fly
C. will fly
D. can fly
13. When Carol....................last night, I................my favorite show on television
A. was calling- watched B. called- have watched
C. called- was watching
D. had called- watched
14. By the time next summer, you....................your studies
A. completes
B. will complete
C. are completing
D. will have completed
15. Right now, Jim.................the newspaper and Kathy...............dinner
A. reads- has cooked
B. is reading- is cooking
C. has read- was cooking
D. read- will be cooking
16. Last night at this time, they................................the same thing. She.................and he............the newspaper
A. are doing- is cooking- is reading
B. were doing- was cooking- was reading
C. was doing- has cooked- is reading
D. had done- was cooking- read


17. Sam..............to change a light bulb when he................and.........................
A. was trying-slipped- fell
B. tried- was slipping- falling
C. had been trying- slipped- was falling
D. has tried- slips- falls
18. Every day I _________up at 6 o’clock, _______breakfast at seven o’clock and_______for work at 8 o’clock
A. get- eat- leave
B. have got- eating- leaving C. got- ate- left
D. will get- have eaten- left
19. I.......................... for this company for more then thirty years, and I intend to stay here until I..............next year
A. am working- will retire
B. am going to work- am retiring
C. work- am going to retire
D. have been working- retire
20. My mother is the first.................up and the last......................to bed
A. getting- going
B. to get- going
C. getting- to go
D. to get- to go
21. I must have a bath. I ......................all the afternoon
A. was gardening
B. have gardened
C. have been gardening
D. had been gardening
22. The team.................a single match so far this season
A. doesn’t win
B. didn’t win
C. hasn’t won
D. hadn’t won
23. By the time you receive this letter, I ................for the USA
A. have left
B. will leave
C. will have left
D. am leaving
24. Up to now, the manager ………………..a lot of information about his secretary.
A. learned
B. has learned
C. had learned
D. learns
25. Where is Mary? _ She ……………her homework in her room.
A. is performing
B. is making
C. is doing
D. is learning
26. While I ……………….along the road, I saw a friend of mine.
A. was cycling
B. have cycled
C. cycled
D. am cycling
27. By the time I . . . . . . . . . . this report, I will give you a ring.
A. type
B. will type
C. have typed
D. will have typed
28. While my mother ________ a film on TV, my father was cooking dinner. It was March 8th yesterday.
A. watched
B. was watching
C. had watched
D. watches
29. The plane from Dallas ________ two hours late, so I missed my connecting flight from Frankfurt to London.
A. took on
B. took in
C. took over
D. took off
30. When we came, a party _________ in the hall.
A. is being held
B. had being held
C. will be held
D. was being held
31. He ………….. in the same house since 1975.
A. has lived
B. is living
C. lived
D. had lived
32. When I came to visit her last night, she ________ a bath.
A. is having
B. was having
C. has
D. had
33.When we arrived at the restaurant, the others __________ .
A. left
B. have left
C. had left
D. are leaving
34. By the end of 2010 we_______ in Ho Chi Minh City for 30 years.
A. work
B. will work
C. have worked
D. will have worked
35. I learned that the college ________ in 1900
A. found
B. was founded
C. founded
D. had been founded
36. If I ________ 10 years younger, I _________ the job.
A. am/ will take
B. were/ would take
C. would be/ took
D. had been / would take
37. By the time he _____________ to the meeting, it had begun for 15 minutes.
A. had gone
B. has gone
C. went
D. was going
38. He began to feel ill while ___________________.
A. he is doing the exam
B. he did the exam
C. he would do the exam
D. he was doing the exam.
39. Since 1980, scientists the world over _____ a lot of things to fight against AIDS.
A. have done
B. are doing
C. did
D. had done
40. Now my sister _____ a bicycle of her own.
A. is having
B. are having
C. has
D. had
41. Last week, my professor promised that he _____ today.

A. would come
B. will come
C. comes
42. My girl friend arrived after I _____ for her about half an hour.
A. was waiting
B. had been waiting
C. have been waiting
43. I _____ in Quang Ngai before I moved to Binh Thuan.
A. have been living
B. have lived
C. had lived
44. There are many ways _____ to Rome.
A. is leading
B. are leading
C. leading
45. While I ____________ T.V last night, a mouse ran across the floor.
A. watch
B. watched
C. am watching
46. I still can’t believe it! My bicycle _________ last night.
A. was stolen
B. had been stolen
C. stole
47. While they were ________tables, he was _________ the radio.
A. arranging - listening to B. arranging – hearing
C. laying -listening to
48. I suddenly remembered that I ........to bring my keys.
A. having forgotten
B. have forgotten
C. had forgotten
49. By
A. will have lost
B. will be losing
C. have lost
A. will be working
B. work
C. will have been working

D. coming
D. have waited
D. had been living
D. led
D. was watching
D. was being stolen
D. making- hearing
D. forgot
D. are losing
D. have been working

1. We can’t go along here because the road........................
A. is repairing
B. is repaired
C. is being repaired
2. The story I’ve just read...................Agatha Christie
A. was written
B. was written by
C. was written from
3. I’m going to go out and.................................................
A. have cut my hair
B. have my hair cut
C. cut my hair
4. Something funny ...........................in class yesterday
A. happened
B. was happened
C. happens
5. Many US automobiles........................in Detroit, Michigan
A. manufacture
B. have manufactured
C. are manufactured
6. A lot of pesticide residue can.........................................unwashed produce
A. find
B. found
C. be finding
7. We..................by a loud noise during the night
A. woke up
B. are woken up
C. were woken up
8. Some film stars...................difficult to work with
A. are said be
B. are said to be
C. say to be
9. Why did Tom keep making jokes about me? – I don’t enjoy........................at
A. be laughed
B. to be laughed
C. laughing
10. Today, many serious childhood diseases...........................by early immunization
A. are preventing
B. can prevent
C. prevent
11. Do you get your heating..........................every year?
A. checking
B. check
C. be checked
12. Bicycles.......................in the driveway
A. must not leave
B. must not be leaving
C. must not be left
13. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.......................next weekend
A. is going to be performed
B. has been performed
D. will be performing
D. will have perform
14. All bottles......................................before transportation
A. frozen
B. were froze
C. were frozen

D. repairs
D. wrote by
D. my hair be cut
D. is happened
D. are manufacturing
D. be found
D. were waking up
D. said to be
D. being laughed
D. can be prevented
D. checked
D. must not have left

D. are froze

15. ...............................................yet?
A. Have the letters been typed
B. Have been the letters typed
C. Have the letters typed
D. Had the letters typed
16. English has become a second language in countries like India, Nigeria or Singapore where.................for
administration, broadcasting and education
A. is used
B. it is used
C. used
D. being used
17. The telephones..............by Alexander Graham Bell
A. is invented
B. is inventing
C. invented
D. was invented
18. Lots of houses...................by the earthquake
A. are destroying
B. destroyed
C. were destroyed
D. is destroyed
19. Gold.........................in California in the 19th century
A. was discovered
B. has been discovered
C. was discover
D. they discover
20. The preparation.......................by the time the guest............................
A. had been finished- arrived
B. have finished- arrived
C. had finished-were arriving
D. have been finished- were arrived
21 The boy_____ by the teacher yesterday.
A. punish
B. punished
C. punishing
D. was punished
22. “Ms Jones, please type those letters before noon”_ “They’ve already ______, sir. They’re on your desk.”
A. typed
B. been being typed
C. being typed
D. been typed
23. Sarah is wearing a blouse. It___________ of cotton.
A. be made
B. are made
C. is made
D. made
24. They had a boy _______ that yesterday.
A. done
B. to do
C. did
D. do
25. We got our mail ______ yesterday.
A. been delivered
B. delivered
C. delivering
D. to deliver
26. James……..the news as soon as possible.
A. should tell
B. should be told
C. should told
D. should be telled
27. My wedding ring ______ yellow and white gold.
A. is made
B. is making
C. made
D. make
28. Mr. Wilson is _______ as Willie to his friend.
A. known
B. knew
C. is known
D. know
29. References _____ in the examination room.
A. not are used
B. is not used
C. didn’t used
D. are not used
30. Laura ______ in Boston.
A. are born
B. were born
C. was born
D. born
31. His car needs ________.
A. be fixed
B. fixing
C. to be fixing
D. fixed
32. Her watch needs _______.
A. repairing
B. to be repaired
C. repaired
D. A and B
33. My mother is going _____ this house.
A. sold
B. sell
C. to be sold
D. to sell
34. There’s somebody behind us. I think we are _______.
A. being followed
B. are followed
C. follow
D. following
35. Have you _____ by a dog?
A. bite
B. bit
C. ever been bitten
D. ever been bit
36. The room is being _____ at the moment.
A. was cleaned
B. cleaned
C. cleaning
D. clean
37. It _____ that the strike will end soon.
A. is expected
B. expected
C. are expected
D. was expected
38. It is _____ that many people are homeless after the floods.
A. was reported
B. reports
C. reported
D. reporting

39. He was said _____ this building.
A. designing
B. to have designed
C. to design
D. designed
40. Ted ______ by a bee while he was sitting in the garden.
A. got sting
B. got stung
C. get stung
D. gets stung
41. These tennis courts don’t _____ very often. Not many people want to play.
A. got used
B. used
C. get used
D. get use
42. I’ll get Minh _____ do this for you.
A. do
B. done
C. did
D. to do
43. Those letters ________ now. You can do the typing later.
A. need typing
B. needn't be typed
C. need to type
D. needn't typing
44. “What a beautiful dress you are wearing”- “thanks, it_____ especially for me by a French tailor.”
A. is made
B. has made
C. made
D. was made
45. Somebody cleans the room every day.
A. The room everyday is cleaned.
B. The room is every day cleaned.
C. The room is cleaned every day.
D. The room is cleaned by somebody every day.
46. People don’t use this road very often.
A. This road is not used very often.
B. Not very often this road is not used.
C. This road very often is not used.
D. This road not very often is used.
47. How do people learn languages?
A. How are languages learned?
B. How are languages learned by people?
C. How languages are learned?
D. Languages are learned how?
48. Over 1500 new houses _______ each year. Last year, 1720 new houses _______.
A. were built/ were built
B. are built/ were built
C. are building / were built
D. were built/ were being built
49. Tom bought that book yesterday.
A. That book was bought by Tom yesterday.
B. That book was bought yesterday by Tom.
C. That book yesterday was bought by Tom
D. That book was bought yesterday.
50. The new computer system _____ next month.
A. is be installed
B. is being installed
C. is been installed
D. is being installed by people

1. “Would you mind if we ___you by your first name?”
“Not at all. Please call me Tom.”
A. called
B. call

2. She can t get home ___ she has no money.
A. unless
B. if
3. If I had known your new address, we ___to see you.
A. came
B. will come
4. If we took the 10:30 train, ___.
A. we would arrive too early
C. we will arrive too early
5. It’s very crowded here. I wish there ___ so many people.
A. aren’t
B. weren’t
6. I wouldn’t go there at night if I ___ you.
A. am
B. was

C. calling

D. want to call

C. until

D. without

C. would come

D. would have come

B. we should arrive too early
D. we may arrive too early
C. haven’t been

D. isn’t

C. were

D. had been

7. If I ___ get a pole, I’ll go fishing.
A. can
B. could
C. may
D. might
8. If they had enough time, they ___ head south.
A. will
B. can
C. must
D. might
9. If you ___ a choice, which country would you visit?
A. have
B. had
C. have had
D. will have

10. Trees won t grow ___ there is enough water.
A. if
B. when
C. unless
D. as
11. ___ she agreed, you would have done it.
A. If
B. Had
C. Should
D. Would

12. If you ___ to be chosen for the job, you ll have to be experienced in the field.
A. want
B. wanted
C. had wanted
D. wants
13. If the doctor had arrived sooner, the boy ___.
A. might be saved
B. have been saved
C. was saved
D. might have been saved
14. If there ___, the rice fields could have been more productive.
A. had been enough water
B. were enough water
C. would be enough water D. are enough water
15. The patient could not recover unless he ___ an operation.
A. had undergone
B. would undergo
C. underwent
D. was undergoing
16. If she ___ him, she would be very happy.
A. would meet
B. will meet
C. is meeting
D. should meet
17. If he ___ a thorough knowledge of English, he could have applied for this post.
A. had had
B. had
C. has
D. has had
18. If I had enough money, I ___ abroad to improve my English.
A. will go
B. would go
C. should go
D. should have to go

19. If it ___ convenient, let s go out for a drink tonight.
A. be
B. is
C. was
D. were
20. If you ___ time, please write to me.
A. have
B. had
C. have had
D. has
21. If it ___ tomorrow, we may postpone going on a picnic.
A. rains
B. will rain
C. shall rain
D. raining

22. If you hadn t watched that late mivie last night, you ___ sleepy now.
A. wouldn’t have been
B. wouldn’t be
C. might have not been
D. wouldn’t have been being
23. If you ___ as I told you, you ___ sorry now.
A. did- would not be
B. had done- had not been
C. do – would not be
D. had done – would not
24. If only I ___ him now.
A. see
B. saw
C. have seen
D. seen

25. If I ___, I ll let you know.
A. am staying
B. will stay
C. do stay
D. would stay
26. If only I ___ you wanted to invest money in business.
A. had known
B. knew
C. have known
D. know
27. Linda wishes she ___her car.
A. hasn’t sold
B. hadn’t sold
C. doesn’t sell
D. won’t sell
28. He looked frightened as if he___a ghost.
A. had seen
B. saw
C. would see
D. was seeing

29. I wish it ___ a holiday today.
A. were
B. will be
C. is
D. had been
30. “My car broke down when I was leaving Detroit and I had to take the bus.”
“___, we would have picked you up.”
A. Had we known
B. If we have known
C. We had known
D. If we did know
31. If I ___ as young as you are, I ___ in a boat round the world.
A. were- would sail
B. would be – would sail
C. were- will sail
D. would- would sail
32. If he___tickets yesterday, he ___ on the beach now.
A. had booked- would be lying
B. had booked- would have lied
C. booked – would lie
D. books- will lie
33. If you ___ less last night, you ___ so bad today.
A. had drunk- would not have felt
B. drank- would not feel
C. had drunk- would not feel
D. would have drunk- would not feel
34. It seemed as if he ___ of it before.
A. would never hear
B. has never heard
C. never heard
D. had never heard
35. ___ today, she would get home by Friday.
A. Would she leave
B. Was she leaving
C. Were she to leave
D. If she leaves

36. “He s a very brave man.” “Yes, I wish I ___ his courage.”
A. have
B. had
C. will have
D. would have
37. ___he___ hard last year, he would have lost the first prize.
A. Hadn’t – studied
B. Had- studied
C. Didn’t study
D. If – had studied

38. We re going to be late if ___.
A. we not leave right now
B. we didn’t leave right now
C. we won’t leave right now
D. we don’t leave right now
39. “I wish this city___ so noisy.” “I know. I wish we ___ in the countryside.”
A. isn’t – live
B. wasn’t – live
C. weren’t- live
D. weren’t – lived
40. He acted as though he___ for days.
A. not eat
B. hasn’t eaten
C. hadn’t eaten
D. didn’t eat
41. We ___ the game if we’d had a few more minutes.
A. might have won
B. won
C. had won
D. will win

42. I ___ William with me if I had known you and he didn t get along with each other.
A. hadn’t brought
B. didn’t bring
C. wouldn’t have brought
D. won’t bring
43. If you ___ to my advice in the first place, you wouldn’t be in this mess right now.
A. listen
B. will listen
C. had listened
D. listened
44. ___ interested in that subject, I would try to learn more about it.
A. Were I
B. Should I
C. I was
D. If I am
45. I ___ you sooner had someone told me you were in the hospital.
A. would have visited
B. visited
C. had visited
D. visit
46. ___ then what I know today, I would have saved myself a lot of time and trouble over the years.
A. Had I known
B. Did I know
C. If I know
D. If I would know
47. Do you think there would be less conflict in the world if all people ___ the same language?
A. spoke
B. speak
C. had spoken
D. will speak

48. Unless you ___ all of my questions, I can t do anything to help you.
A. answered
B. answer
C. would answer
D. are answering

49. Had you told me that this was going to happen, I ___ it.
A. would never have believed B. don’t believe
C. hadn’t believed
50. If Jake ___ to go on the trip, would you have gone?
A. doesn’t agree
B. didn’t agree
C. hadn’t agreed

D. can’t believe
D. wouldn’t agree

1. Julia said that she ___________ there at noon.
A. is going to be
B. was going to be
C. will be
D. can be
2. He _______ that he was leaving way that afternoon.
A. told me
B. told to me
C. said me
D. says to me
3. She said to me that she __________ to me the Sunday before.
A. wrote
B. has written
C. was writing
D. had writing
4. I _________ him to sell that old motorbike.
A. said to
B. suggested
C. advised
D. recommended
5. My parents reminded me ________ the flowers.
A. remember to plant
B. not to plant to plant
C. to plant
D. planting
6. I asked Martha ______ to enter law school.
A. are you planning
B. is she planning
C. was she planning
D. if she was planning
7. Nam wanted to know what time ________.
A. does the movie begin B. did the movie begin
C. the movie begins
D. the movie began
8. I wondered_______ the right thing.
A. whether I was doing B. if I am doing
C. was I doing
D. am I doing
9. The scientist said the earth ________ the sun.
A. goes around
B. is going around
C. went around
D. was going around
10. Peter said that if he ________rich, he _________ a lot.
A. is – will travel
B. were – would travel
C. had been – would have travelled
D. was – will travel
11. They said that they had been driving through the desert__________.
A. the previous day
B. yesterday
C. the last day
D. Sunday previously
12. He asked the children _________too much noise.
A. not to make
B. not making
C. don’t make
D. if they don’t make
13. The man said that the days _________longer in summer.
A. will be
B. are
C. were
D. can be
14. The teacher said Columbus _________America in 1942.
A. discovered
B. had discovered
C. was discovering
D. would discover
15. John said he _________ her since they ________ school.
A. hasn’t met – left
B. hadn’t met - had left
C. hadn’t met – left
D. didn’t meet – has left
16. The woman asked __________get lunch at school.
A. can the children
B. whether the children could C. if the children can
D. could the children
17. Laura said that when she_________ to school, she saw an accident.
A. was walking
B. has walked
C. had been walking
D. has been walking
18. He asked, “Why didn’t she take the final exam?” - He asked why __________ the final exam.
A. she took
B. did she take
C. she hadn’t taken
D. she had taken
19. Ba said he__________ some good marks last semester.
A. gets
B. got
C. getting
D. have got
20. They told their parents that they___________ their best to do the test.
A. try
B. will try
C. are trying
D. would try
21. She asked me where I___________ from.
A. come
B. coming
C. to come
D. came
22. She_________ me whether I liked classical music or not.

A. ask
B. asks
C. asked
D. asking
23. He asked me who____________ the editor of that book.
A. was
B. were
C. is
D. has been
24. He wants to know whether I ___________ back tomorrow.
A. come
B. came
C. will come
D. would come
25. I wonder why he___________ love his family.
A. doesn’t
B. don’t
C. didn’t
D. hasn’t
26. They asked me how many children___________.
A. I had
B. had I
C. I have
D. have I
27. Thu said she had been___________ the day before.
A. here
B. there
C. in this place
D. where
28. The student said that the English test_______ the most difficult.
A. is
B. was
C. will be
D. have been
29. He wanted to know _______ shopping during the previous morning.
A. if we had been going B. that if we had been going C. we were going
D. that we were going
30. He asked me _______ Robert and I said I did not know _______.
A. that did I know / who were Robert
B. that I knew / who Robert were
C. if I knew / who Robert was
D. whether I knew / who was Robert
31. The mother asked her son _______.
A. where he has been
B. where he had been
C. where has he been
D. where had he been
32. Martin asked me _______.
A. how is my father
B. how my father is
C. how was my father
D. how my father was
33. The host asked Peter _______ tea or coffee.
A. whether he preferred B. that he preferred
C. did he prefer
D. if he prefers
34. She asked me _______ my holidays _______.
A. where I spent / the previous year
B. where I had spent / the previous year
C. where I spent / last year
D. where did I spend / last year
35. He advised _______ too far.
A. her did not go
B. her do not go
C. her not to go
D. she did not go
36. John often says he _______ boxing because it _______ a cruel sport.
A. does not like / is
B. did not like / were
C. not liked / had been
D. had not liked / was
37. Nancy asked me why I had not gone to New York the summer _______.
A. before
B. ago
C. last
D. previous
38. He asked _______ him some money.
A. her to lend
B. she to lend
C. she has lent
D. she lends
39. Andrew told me that they _______ fish two _______ days.
A. have not eaten / ago B. had not eaten / previous C. did not eat / before
D. would not eat / last
40. Jason told me that he _______ his best in the exam the _______ day.
A. had done / following B. will do / previous
C. would do / following
D. was going / previous
41. John asked me _______ in English.
A. what does this word mean
B. what that word means
C. what did this word mean
D. what that word meant
42. The mother told her son _______ so impolitely.
A. not behave
B. not to behave
C. not behaving
D. did not behave
43. She said she _______ collect it for me after work.
A. would
B. did
C. must
D. had
44. She said I _______ an angel.
A. am
B. was
C. were
D. have been
45. I have ever told you he _______ unreliable.
A. is
B. were
C. had been
D. would Be
46. I told him _______ the word to Jane somehow that I _______ to reach her during the early hours.

A. passing / will try
B. he will pass / tried C. to pass / would be trying
47. Laura said she had worked on the assignment since _______.
A. yesterday
B. two days ago
C. the day before
48. John asked me _______ interested in any kind of sports.
A. if I were
B. if were I
C. if was I
49. John asked me _______ that film the night before.
A. that I saw
B. had I seen
C. if I had seen
50. The guest told the host that _______.
A. I must go now
B. he must go now
C. he had to go now

D. he passed / have tried
D. the next day
D. if I was
D. if had I seen
D. he had to go then

1. The man ________ spoke to John is my brother.
A. whom
B. who
C. whose
2. I must thank the man from _____ I got the present.
A. who
B. whom
C. that
3. It is a car ______ I bought last year.
A. whom
B. who
C. which
4. He is the man _______ son is a doctor
A. whom
B. which
C. who
5. I come from a city _______ is located in the southern part of the country.
A. who
B. whom
C. that
6. The film about _____ they are talking is fantastic.
A. who
B. which
C. whom
7. That ’s the woman to _______ Jim used to be married.
A. who
B. whom
C. which
8. The people who are waiting for the bus in the rain are getting well
A. waiting
B. to wait
C. waited
9. He is the boy _______ is my best friend
A. that
B. whom
C. who
10. I have a message for people __________ by the traffic chaos.
A. to delay
B. who delay
C. delayed
11. I live in a pleasant room ____________ the garden.
A. to overlook
B. overlooking
C. overlooked
12. Melanie was the only person __________ a letter of thanks.
A. wrote
B. written
C. to write
13. The pilot was the only man __________ after the crash.
A. was rescued
B. rescued
C. rescuing
14. I met a lot of new people at the party ________ names I can’t remember.
A. whose
B. which
C. who
15. I talked to a woman __________ car had broken down on the way to the party.
A. which
B. who
C. whose

D. which
D. which
D. whose
D. whose
D. whose
D. that
D. that
D. wait
D. A& C
D. who delaying
D. which overlooking
D. writing
D. to be rescued
D. whom
D. whom

16. Vicky, __________ name was missed off the list, wasn’t very pleased.
A. which
B. whose
C. who
17. The picture was painted by Laura, ____________ is being shown in an exhibition.
A. which
B. whose
C. who
18. The concert ___________ we are looking forward is next Saturday.
A. which
B. that
C. whom
19. I’ll see you near the post office ___________ we met the other day.
A. which
B. where
C. when
20. The success of shared holidays depends on __________ you shared it with.
A. whose
B. who
C. whom

D. whom
D. whom
D. A & B
D. why
D. which

21. The sun, ____ is one of millions of stars in the universe, provides us with heat an light.
A. which
B. that
C. who
D. A & B are correct
22. Tom made a number of suggestions, most of ____ were very helpful.
A. them
B. which
C. that
D. B & C are correct
23. Alaska, __________ my brother lives, is the largest state in the United States.
A. which
B. where
C. w ho
D. All are correct
24. Tell me the reason ____________ you were absent yesterday.
A. where
B. when
C. why
D. that
25. There was a time __________ dinosaurs dominated the earth.
A. which
B. when
C. that
D. A & B are correct
26. The house in ___________ I was born and grew up was destroyed in an earthquake ten years ago.
A. which
B. where
C. that
D. All are correct
27. Summer is the time of the year _________ the weather is the hottest.
A. when
B. which
C. that
D. B & C are correct
28. Sunday is the day on ___________ I am least busy.
A. where
B. when
C. which
D. that
29. Do you know the man about ___________ they’re talking?
A. whom
B. whose
C. that
D. A & C are correct
30. What’s the name of the blonde girl ___________ just came in?
A. who
B. whose
C. whom
D. A & B are correct
31. I don’t like people ___________ lose their tempers easily.
A. who
B. whose
C. that
D. A & C are correct
32. Mexico City, _________ has a population of over 10 million, is probably the fastest growing city in the world.
A. which
B. whose
C. that
D. A & B are correct
33. This is Henry, __________ sister works for my father.
A. who
B. whose
C. that
D. A & C are correct
34. He’s the man ___________ people like at first sight.
A. who
B. whom
C. that
D. All are correct
35. Could you iron the trousers ___________ are hanging up behind the door?
A. who
B. which
C. that
D. B & C are correct
36. Where is the girl _________ sells tickets?
A. who
B. whose
C. whom
D. A & C are correct
37. The man _________ we consider as our leader had much experience in climbing mountains.
A. who
B. whose
C. whom
D. A & C are correct

38. The artist _________ name I couldn’t remember was one of the best I had ever seen.
A. who
B. whose
C. that
D. A & C are correct
39. Frank invited Janet, __________ he had met in Japan, to the party.
A. who
B. whose
C. that
D. A & C are correct
40. The girl __________ design had been chosen stepped to the platform to receive the award.
A. whose
B. whom
C. that
D. which
41. I need to find a painting ________ will match the rest of my room.
A. whose
B. whom
C. who
D. which
42. There are too many poor people ________ do not have enough to eat in the world.
A. whose
B. whom
C. who
D. which
43. The trees __________ have the beautiful flowers grow near the gate of the garden.
A. whose
B. whom
C. who
D. which
44. The teacher ___________ teaches us French is coming today.
A. whom
B. who
C. that
D. B & C are correct
45. What’s the music to ___________ you are listening?
A. whose
B. which
C. that
D. B & C are correct
46. I don’t like the stories __________ have unhappy endings.
A. who
B. which
C. that
D. B & C are correct
47. The students __________ don’t have library cards can’t borrow books from the library.
A. who
B. which
C. whom
D. A & C are correct
48. The dress __________ she bought last week doesn’t fit her well.
A. whom
B. which
C. whose
D. B & C are correct
49. Do you know a shop ___________ sells good coffee?
A. which
B. that
C. whose
D. A & B are correct
50. The teacher punished the student _________ was naughty.
A. whom
B. who
C. which
D. A & B are correct

1. Hundreds of species of Hawaiian flowers have become extinct or rare ___ land development and the grazing of
wild goats.
A. now that
B. due to
C. because
D. for

2. ___ extremely bad weather in the mountains, we re no longer considering our skiing trip.
A. Due to
B. Because
C. Since
D. Due to the fact that
3. Barbara is motivated to study ___ she knows that a good education can improve her life.
A. because
B. because of
C. due to
D. owing to
4. He could not play in the game ___ his foot injury.
A. because
B. due to the fact that
C. because of
D. for
5. ___ I had nothing for lunch but an apple, I ate dinner early.
A. For
B. Since
C. Due to
D. Because of
6. Mr. Watson retired from his job early ___ his ill health.
A. because
B. due to
C. as
D. for
7. She bought a book ___ she had heard it was good.
A. because of
B. owing to
C. due to
D. due to the fact that

8. Josh couldn’t open the door ___ the lock was broken.
A. because
B. because of
C. due to
D. owing to

9. Let s ask our teacher how to solve this problem ___ we can t agree on the answer.
A. Since
B. because of
C. due to
D. owing to
10. ____the need to finish this project soon. I want you to work on this overtime for the next few days.
A. Because
B. As
C. Because of
D. Since

11. I can t ride my bike ___ there isn t any air in one of the tires.
A. because
B. because of
C. due to
D. owing to

12. ___ our apartment building has had two robberies in the last month, I m going to put an extra lock on the door
and install a telephone in my bedroom.
A. Since
B. For
C. because of
D. owing to
13. I turned on the fan ___ the room was hot.
A. due to
B. owing to
C. because
D. because of

14. We didn t arrive at the lecture on time ___ the bus was late.
A. owing to
B. as
C. because of
D. due to

15. I wonder who drank all the milk yesterday. It can t have been Susan ___ she was out all day.
A. because of
B. because
C. due to
D. owing to
16. ___ the old man spoke very slowly and clearly, I could understand him at all.
A. As
B. because of
C. due to
D. owing to
17. I knew they were talking about me ___ they stopped when I entered the room.
A. because
B. because of
C. owing to
D. due to

18. ___ the storm, the ship couldn t reach its destination on time.
A. Owing to
B. As
C. Since
D. Because

19. ___ his parents generosity, all of the children in his family have received the best of anything.
A. Due to the fact that
B. Because of
C. Because
D. Since
20. ___ she has a job, she is able to pay her rent and provide food for her family.
A. Since
B. Due to
C. Because of
D. Owing to
21. We didn’t go to France last summer______ we couldn’t afford to.
A. Owing to
B. due to
C. because
D. because of
22. ______the flight delay, they didn’t attend the conference.
A. Because
B. For
C. owing to
D. Because of
23. The flight from New York to London was delayed ______ the heavy fog.
A. because of
B. because
C. since
D.due to the fact that
24. Hoa was late _____ her car was broken down.
A. because of
B. due to
C. because
D. owing to
25. We couldn’t sleep last night _____ the noise next door.
A. as
B. since
C. because
D. because of
26. ______ he can’t afford a car, he goes to work by bicycle.
A. Because
B. Since
C. As
D. all are correct
27. Huong didn’t participate in the contest ______ her lack of confidence.
A. because
B. because of
C. since
D. due to the fact that
28. The player was ejected because he committed a foul.
A. as
B. due to
C. owing to
D. because of
29. Mary didn't go to school yesterday____ she was sick.
A. thanks to
B. owing to
C. because
D. as

30. I can’t sleep _____ the hot weather.
A. because of
B. for

C. because

D. since

1. My mouth is burning! This is ___________ spicy food that I don’t think I can finish it.
A. such
B. so
C. very
D. too
2. Our village had ____________ money available for education that the school had to close.
A. so little
B. such little
C. so much
D. such much
3. Timmy spent __________ money buying movie tickets that he didn’t have enough left to buy a soft drink.
A. such
B. a lot of
C. too much
D. so much
4. It was _________that we went for a hike in the mountain.
A. so a nice day
B. such nice a day
C. so nice a day
D. such a day nice
5. There are not __________ jobs for all of us.
A. such
B. so
C. enough
D. too
6. The T- shirt in the window was ________ expensive for me to buy.
A. too
B. enough
C. so
D. very
7. _________ that she burst into tears.
A. So angry was she.
B. She was so anger
C. Such her anger was
D. So angry she was
8. Sarah speaks so ____________ that I can’t understand her.
A. fast
B. fastly
C. faster
D. fastest
9. Mr. Brown has ________ many patient ________ he is always busy.
A. too – that
B. very – until
C. such – that
D. so- that
10. The coat is __________for me to wear.
A. too large
B. so much
C. very much
D. too much
11. The furniture was _________.
A. such expensive that I couldn’t buy it
B. enough cheap for me to buy
C. so expense that I did buy it
D. too expensive for me to buy
12. There are ________ planets in the universe that we can’t count them.
A. so much
B. such
C. so many
D. so
13. Paul was ________ sad about his examination results that he didn’t smile all week.
A. enough
B. so
C. such
D. too
14. The road is _______________.
A. so slippery that we drove fast
B. so slippery for us to drive fast
C. too slippery for us to drive
D. too slippery that we can’t drive fast.
15. Uranus is just _________ to be seen on a clear night with naked eyes.
A. bright enough
B. enough brightly
C. as enough clear
D. bright as enough
16. When Franklin Roosevelt decided to run for a fourth term, the opposite said that he was_________.
A. so old
B. too old
C. oldest
D. very older
17. Last Sunday it was _______ wet ______ we couldn’t go to the movies.
A. as – as
B. more – than
C. less – than
D. so – that
18. The corresponding sentence “There are so many for me to do that...” is ___________
A. I have so many things to do that…
B. Nobody has so many…
C. So many things are on me
D. I do many things
19. He was _______ tired that he slept all days.
A. such
B. too
C. so
D. very
20. It was _________ that we had gone for a walk.
A. such a beautiful weather B. such a nice weather
C. so nice a weather
D. so beautiful a night
21. “The new mathematics teacher seems very pleasant”
“Yes, he’s __________ person”
A. a such nice
B. a so nice
C. such nice
D. such a nice

22. “I find the local newspapers to be __________ uninformative”
“Yes, there is hardly any international news”
A. so
B. such
C. so much
22. “Do you know why Eric failed her test?
“I don’t know. She spent_________ time studying.”
A. so
B. such
C. so much
23. “Wendy is really tall for her age.”
“She is ______tall that her friends make fun of her.”
A. so
B. as
C. that
24. “What is your opinion of the Smiths?”
“They are _________ people”
A. such an interesting
B. so interesting a
C. so interesting
25. “Did you like the band last night?”
“Yes, __________ I bought their records.”
A. so much that
B. such much
C. very much that
26. “That is a beautiful dress Jean has on.”
“She always wears ___________ clothes.”
A. such a lovely
B. so lovely
C. such lovely
27. “I enjoy this particular radio station.”
“So do I. it always has _________ music.”
A. so good
B. such a good
C. such good
28. “The dance was fun.”
“But there was__________ there.”
A. so many peoples
B. such much people
C. so a lot of people
29. “Main Market is a nice place.”
“They have _______we recommend it to all our friends.”
A. such good food that B. such a good food that
C. so good food that
30. The cat was _________to wait for the mouse to come out.
A. patiently enough
B. so patient
C. enough patient
31. She told us ________ story that we all forgot about the time.
A. such an interesting
B. such interesting a
C. so an interesting
32. I have never seen __________ people in one place.
A. so much
B. so many
C. so much of
33. We have heard __________about you.
A. so many news
B. so much news
C. a lot news
34. They were ______busy studying ______ they couldn’t go to the restaurant with us.
A. so – that
B. such – that
C. very – that
35. If a house plant is given __________ water, its lower leaves turn yellow.
A. too many
B. very many
C. very much
36. The runners are ______exhausted that none of them finished the race.
A. too
B. such
C. enough
37. So _________ people came that we had to cancel the meeting.
A. a few
B. many
C. little
38. The novel is _________ I have read many times.
A. so boring that
B. so interesting that
C. such an interesting that
39. She is not ___________ to get married.
A. enough old
B. old enough
C. too young
40. The boys are making too ________ noise.
A. many
B. much
C. little
41. That restaurant is _______ no one wants to eat there.

D. such much

D. such much

D. much

D. such interesting

D. too much that

D. so much lovely

D. a so good

D. so many people

D. such as good food as
D. patient enough
D. a so interesting
D. this many of
D. few news
D. to - that
D. too much
D. so
D. few
D. so interesting that
D. so young
D. a lot of

A. such dirty that
B. so dirty that
C. too dirty for
D. dirty enough for
42. It was _____ a difficult question that I couldn’t answer it.
A. so
B. such
C. too
D. very
43. She was a_______ girl that everybody loves her.
A. so kind
B. kind a such
C. such a kind
D. too kind
44. We are not rich enough ________ everywhere by taxi.
A. not travel
B. to travel
C. for traveling
D. can’t travel
45. Most of the students are ________ to pass the examination.
A. good enough
B. enough good
C. too good
D. so good
46. It was ________ a boring speech that I fell asleep.
A. such
B. so
C. much
D. too
47. They spoke _________ for us to understand.
A. quick enough
B. so quickly
C. quickly so
D. quickly enough
48. It was _________ we spent the whole day at the beach.
A. such nice a weather that
B. such nice weather that
C. so nice weather that
D. so nice a weather that
49. He was _______ the job.
A. experienced enough to do
B. enough experienced to do
C. experienced enough doing
D. experienced to do enough
50. I have _________, but I don’t have time.
A. a vacation for a enough money
B. money enough for vacation
C. enough money for vacation
D. enough money for vacation

1. _______ some German and British management styles are similar, there are many differences between them.
a. In spite
b. In spite of
c. Despite the fact that
d. Despite
2. I could not eat _______ I was very hungry.
a. even though
b. in spite
c. despite
d. in spite the fact that
3. In spite _______, the baseball game was not cancelled.
a. the rain
b. of the rain
c. it was raining
d. there was a rain
4._______ he had enough money, he refused to buy a new car.
a. In spite
b. In spite of
c. Despite
d. Although
5._______, he walked to the station.
a. Despite being tired
b. Although to be tired
c. In spite being tired
d. Despite tired
6. The children slept well, despite _______.
a. it was noise
b. the noise
c. of the noise
d. noisy
7. She left him _______ she still loved him.
a. even if
b. even though
c. in spite of
d. despite
8._______ her lack of hard work, she was promoted.
a. In spite
b. Even though
c. In spite of
d. Despite of
9._______ they are brothers, they do not look like.
a. Although
b. Even
c. Despite
d. In spite of
10. We are concerned with the problem of energy resources _______ we must also think of our environment.
a. despite
b. though
c. as though
d. but
11. _______ some Japanese women are successful in business, the majority of Japanese companies are run by
a. But
b. Even if
c. If
d. As though

12. _________ who you are, I still love you.
a. No matter
b. However
c. whomever
d. If
13. __________ others may say, you are certainly right.
A. However
B. whomever
C. If
D. Whatever
14. They decided to go ______ the danger.
A. because
B. in spite of
C. although
D. so
15. ______ they lost, their fans gave them a big cheer.
A. However
B. In spite of
C. Although
D. if
16. Everyone thought she would accept a new job________ it was difficult.
A. despite
B. even though
C. Too
D. Moreover
17. ______ the bad weather, the plan landed safely.
A. in spite
B. in spite of
C. despite the fact that
D. though
18. _______ it was raining hard, he went out without a raincoat.
A. Despite
B. In spite of
C. However
D. Although
19. ______ I meet her, she always wears a blue dress.
A. Whatever
B. However
C. Whoever
D. Whenever
20. Our new neighbors are quite nice _______ they are sometimes talkative.
a. despite
b. in spite of the fact
c. though
d. as though
21._______ of the difficulty, they managed to climb to the top of the mountain.
a. In spite
b. Despite
c. But
d. Although
22. Despite _______, we knew that he was guilty.
a. denied
b. denying
c. he denied
d. his denial
23. Despite the fact that _______, we enjoyed our trip.
a. the weather is bad
b. it is a bad weather
c. the bad weather
d. the weather was bad
24. Julie failed the exam _______ of working very hard.
a. despite
b. in spite
c. even if
d. though
25. Tom went to work despite _______.
a. that he did not feel very well
b. of the fact not feeling well
c. he did not feel very well
d. not feeling very well
26. _______ his exhaustion, he won the marathon by nearly three minutes.
A. In spite
B. Despite
C. Although
D. However
27. ______ the bad weather, the plan landed safely.
A. in spite
B. in spite of
C. despite the fact that
D. though
28. _______ it was raining hard, he went out without a raincoat.
A. Despite
B. In spite of
C. However
D. Although
29. They were sacked _____ their carelessness.
A. because
B. because of
C. although
D. despite
30. Some workers are so poor that they don’t want to quit their job _______ they are ill- treated
A. as though
B. since
C. although
D. if
31. Though _______, they are good friends.
a. their sometimes quarrel
c. they sometimes have a quarrel
32. Despite _______, we arrived on time.
a. the traffic
b. of the traffic

b. to have a quarrel sometimes
d. of having a quarrel sometimes
c. there was heavy traffic

d. of there was heavy traffic

33. John rarely sees Paul _______ they live in the same town.
a. notwithstanding
b. despite
c. in spite of
d. although
34. It was very cold _______ she did not put on her coat.
a. in case
b. but
c. even if
d. even though
35. Gannon was a high-performing midfield linkman in spite _______.
a. of he was at his age
b. he was at his old age
c. of his age
d. his age
36. _______ the increase in their salaries, many French employees spend Saturday at work.
a. Despite
b. Even if
c. Even though
d. In spite
37. _____ he is the boss, he does not find solutions to problems very easily.
a. Although
b. In spite of
c. Notwithstanding
d. Despite
38. Even if _______, they had to continue practicing.
a. the players' soreness
b. the players were sore
c. the fact that the players were sore
d. it was the players' soreness
39. _______ what I said last night, I still love you.
a. In spite
b. Despite
c. Even though
d. Even if
40. ____________ jobs you do, you should do it devotedly.
A. However
B. Whoever
C. Whenever
D. Whatever
41. ______________ you are, I still love you.
A. Whatever
B. However
C. Whoever
D. Whenever
42. _______ we have worked overtime for weeks, we have not completed the project.
a. In spite of
b. Even though the fact that c. Despite
d. Despite the fact that
43. In spite _______ his did not get the highest grade in the final exam.
a. of his intelligence
b. he was intelligent
c. his intelligence
d. of he was intelligent
44. _______ the plane took off late, we still reached our destination on time.
a. Though
b. In spite
c. Despite
d. As though
45. He had a terrible cold _______ he insisted on going swimming.
a. despite
b. although
c. in spite of
d. but
46. _______ I became a millionaire, I would carryon working.
a. Even though
b. Despite of
c. In spite
d. Although that
47. In spite _______, we understood most of what he was saying.
a. of he was lisping
b. his lisp
c. of his lisp
d. he was lisping
48. __________ he is nice, I can’t love him.
a. though
b. in spite
c. despite
d. in spite the fact that
49. He is not happy ______________ he is very rich.
a. Despite
b. Even if
c. Even though
d. In spite
50. _____________ he does, he always careful.
A. Whatever
B. However
C. Whoever
D. Whenever

1. The schoolboys are in a hurry ______ they will not be late for school.
A. so as to
B. to
C. for
2. I gave him my e-mail address ______ he could keep in touch with me.
A. that
B. so that
C. such that
3. We decided to join the English speaking club ______ improve our English.

D. in order that
D. so as to

A. so that
B. so to
C. in order
D. to
4. ______ learn how to use a computer, he decides to take lessons.
A. To
B. In order to
C. So as
D. A & B are correct
5. He walked silently ______ wake the other people.
A. to not
B. to avoid
C. so as to not
D. in order not to
6. She wore glasses and a wig ______ we couldn’t recognise her.
A. so that
B. so as to
C. in order to
D. B & C are correct
7. He locked the door ______ be disturbed.
A. in order not
B. in order not to
C. in order to not
D. in order that he not
8.______ English fluently, we should practise speaking it whenever possible.
A. In order to speak
B. To speaking
C. In order speak
D. In order for speaking
9. The boy always does his homework before class ______ be punished by his teacher.
A. so as not to
B. so as to
C. so that not to
D. in order that not to
10. Seat belt laws were introduced ______ traffic fatalities would be reduced.
A. in order that
B. so as to
C. such that
D. provided that
11. She phoned me ______.
A. so that she invites me to her party
C. to invite me to her party
B. that she invited me to her party
D. for she wanted to invite me to her party
12. Mary took a taxi ______ she could arrive at the conference on time.
A. in order
B. that
C. so that
D. A & B are correct
13. Mary put on her scarf ______ she ______ not get cold.
A. so that / will
B. to / would
C. so as to / will
D. so that / would
14. I’ll give you my telephone number ______ phone me.
A. so that you can
B. to
C. want to
D. A & B are correct
15. She worked hard ______ everything would be ready by 6 o’clock.
A. that
B. for
C. in order that
D. so as to
16. I’m going to make an early start ______ get stuck in the traffic.
A. so that not
B. not to
C. so as to not
D. in order not
17. I work hard ______ help my family.
A. so as to
B. in order to
C. in order that
D. A & B are correct
18. My parents got up early this morning ______ park the car for our journey.
A. so that
B. in order to
C. because
D. in case
19. They got up ______ early in the morning that no one saw them leave the house.
A. too
B. so
C. in order to
D. such
20. She employed a secretary ______ type her letters and answer the phone.
A. in order that
B. so that
C. to
D. for
21. He gave me his address __________me to visit.
A. so that
B. in order for
C. in order to
D. in case
22. They whispered __________ no one to hear their conversation.
A. so that
B. in order to
C. because
D. in order for
23.The piano was too heavy ______.
A. for nobody to move B. for nobody to moving
C. for anyone to move
24. _______ to go to the cinema.
A. it was late so that
B. that it was late
C. it was too late
25. It is such an important matter _______ I can’t decide anything about it myself.
A. so
B. because
C. that
26. Mary jogs everyday ______ lose weight.
A. so she can
B. so that she can
C. because she can
27. She got up early _________ miss the bus.

D. for anyone to moving
D. such too late
D. so that to
D. so that to

A. in order that
B. so that
C. not to
D. for
28. Mr. Thompson is learning Vietnamese __________ to read Kim Van Kieu.
A. so that not
B. so as to C. in order not to
D. so as not to
29. They hurried _______ catch the train.
A. to not
B. as not to
C. in order that not
D. to
30. Tom is saving up __________ he can buy a new car.
A. so that
B. as not to
C. in order that not
D. so as that
31. Alice prepares her lesson carefully ___________ she will get high marks in class.
A. so that not
B. as not to
C. in order that not
D. in other that
32. I went to see him ________find out what had happened.
A. so that not
B. so as not to
C. in order that
D. so as to
33. He does morning exercises regularly __________ improve his health.
A. so as to
B. and
C. to
D. so as not to
34. We learn English _________ we will have better communication with other people.
A. so that
B. in order for
C. in order to
D. in case
35. He lighted the candle ______ he might read the note.
A. so that
B. and
C. because
D. as a result
36. He turned off the lights before going out _____ waste electricity.
A. so that not
B. as not to
C. in order that not
D. so as not to
37. The teacher explained the lesson twice _____ the students could understand it clearly.
A. as long as
B. so that
C. because
D. as if
38. He practises speaking English every day _________ he can speak it fluently.
A. so that
B. in order for
C. in order to
D. in case
39. They are learning English _______________ them to study in Singapore.
A. so as not to
B. in order for
C. in order to
D. in case
40. He was tired _____________ he could not continue his work.
A. so that
B. in order not to
C. in order to
D. in case
41. Those students are trying their best ____________ get the scholarship.
A. so that
B. in order for
C. in order to
D. in case
42. Sound is carried from the eardrum to the nerves _____________ we can hear it.
A. so as to
B. in order that
C. to
D. so as not to
43. In order to help human beings live longer and healthier, many scientists are working hard __________ they
can invent new drugs.
A. so that
B. as not to
C. in order that not
D. in other to
44. Many bridges in London are covered with wooden roofs _________ it can be protected from rain and snow.
A. so that not
B. so as to
C. in order that not
D. in other that
45. Please arrive on time ________ us to be able to start the meeting punctually.
A. so that not
B. as not to
C. in order for
D. in other that
46. The laser beam can attack directly and accurately the diseased cells ___________ the healthy neighbors are
left unharmed.
A. so that
B. as not to
C. in order that not
D. in other to
47. My father and I do morning exercises every day ___________ improve our health.
A. to not
B. as not to
C. in order that not
D. to
48. We learn English ________________ we can communicate with other people.
A. so that
B. because
C. that
D. so that to
49.He studies very hard so that _______________ pass his final exam next month.
A. not to
B. in order to
C. so as not to
D. so that to
50. ___________ waste electricity, we turn out the lights when there is enough light.

A. so

B. so as not to

C. that

D. so that to


1. You have been reading for four hours. This book ___ be very interesting.
A. can
B. might
C. must
D. should

2. Don t phone Ann now. She ___ be having lunch.
A. might
B. can
C. must
D. has to
3. This road is very narrow. It ___to be widened.
A. might
B. needs
C. mustn’t
D. may

4. They have plenty of time, so they needn t ___.
A. be hurry
B. to hurry
C. hurry
D. to be hurried

5. You re having a sore throat. You d better___ to the doctor.
A. to go
B. went
C. go
D. going
6. My mother permitted me to go out at night. She said, “You ___ go out tonight.”
A. may
B. have to
C. must
D. ought to
7. He advised me to take an English course. I ___ it early.
A. should have taken
B. should take
C. will have taken
D. may take
8. You ___ ring the bell; I have a key.
A. mustn’t
B. needn’t
C. couldn’t
D. shouldn’t
9. It must ___ without delay.
A. be done
B. have been done
C. do
D. be doing
10. By the time a baby has reached his first birthday, he should ___ sit up or even stand up.
A. to be able to
B. able to
C. to be able
D. be able to
11. Many birds will ___ more than 3,000 miles to reach their winter homes.
A. flying
B. fly
C. be fly
D. flew

12. The pen won t write; It ___ out of ink.
A. must run
B. must be running
C. must have run
D. must have ran
13. The line is busy; someone ___ the telephone now.
A. must be using
B. must have used
C. must use
D. must have been using

14. She told me that she d rather ___ on the committee.
A. not to serve
B. not serving
C. not serve
D. serving not

15. “Are you still going to Florida for vacation?” “Yes, but I really ___because I don t have much money.”
A. shouldn’t
B. can’t
C. mustn’t
D. won’t
16. “Did Peter go downtown by car or by train?” “He ___by train because his car was in the mechanics.”
A. must go
B. has to go
C. had gone
D. must have gone

17. “Why are you so mad?” “You ___ me you weren t coming to dinner. I waited for you for two hours.”
A. should tell
B. should have told
C. should told
D. should had told
18. “Do you like to play tennis?” “I ___, but now I prefer golf”
A. used to
B. used to do
C. used to played
D. used to playing
19. “Have you seen Kate?” “No, but she ___ be at her desk.”

A. may
B. ought
C. would
D. can
20. “Can I borrow twenty dollars?” “No, you know I ___ lend you money any more.”
A. might not
B. shouldn’t have
C. won’t
D. not going to
21. The plane ___ take off after the fog had lifted.
A. must
B. can
C. was able to
D. may
22. ___ you remember what you were doing at this time yesterday?
A. Can
B. Must
C. May
D. Should
23. I ___ understand this letter. Will you translate it for me?
A. mustn’t
B. may not
C. can’t
D. shouldn’t
24. Daisy’s parents don’t let her go to late- night disco. She ___ be at home at 9 o’clock in the evening.
A. must
B. may
C. can
D. has to
25. ___ you give me some advice about the language course?
A. Have
B. Should
C. May
D. Could

26. Why didn t you give me a call yesterday? We ___ discuss everything together.
A. can
B. may
C. must
D. could
27. Yesterday I ___ finish the work because I was very tired.
A. could
B. can’t
C. couldn’t
D. mustn’t
28. I would rather ___ poor but happy than become rich without happiness.
A. being
B. be
C. to be
D. was
29. Sit down, please. ___ a cup of tea?
A. Do you like
B. Do you like to drink
C. Would you like
D. Will you like
30. It could not tell the difference between Indian music and jazz. It ___ tell the difference between Indian music
and jazz.
A. might not
B. may not
C. mustn’t
D. wasn’t able to
31. I’d rather ___ in the field than ___ home.
A. to work- to stay
B. work – stay
C. working – staying
D. worked- stayed
32. He spent all that money last week. He ___ so much.
A. didn’t need to spend B. shouldn’t spend
C. needn’t have spent
D. didn’t have to spend
33. Sorry, I ___ stay any longer. I really must go home.
A. mustn’t
B. can not
C. couldn’t
D. may not

34. “It ___rain this evening. Why don t you take an umbrella?”
“That’s a good idea. May I borrow yours?”
A. had better
B. could be
C. must
D. might
35. “___taking me downtown on your way to work this morning?”
“Not at all.”
A. Can you
B. Why don’t you
C. Would you mind
D. Could you please
36. Tommy and Mary were mischievous children. They ___tricks on their teachers, which always got them into a
lot of trouble.
A. could play
B. used to play
C. could have play
D. may have played
37. “Since we have to be there in a hurry, we ___ take a taxi.”
“I agree.”
A. had better
B. may
C. have been used to
D. are able to

38. 007 didn t need ___ out of his room in Moscow.
A. go
B. to going
C. going
D. to go

39. I couldn t ___ it even though I had wanted.

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