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Install websense agent

How To Install Websense Agent
It is Boyd’s policy that any facility with over 50 pc users will have a Websense appliance installed. A Boyd
user issued a Boyd pc that does not regularly sit at a Boyd facility covered with a Websense appliance
must have the Websense Agent installed and active. Websense appliances and agents must be
connected to Boyd’s Centralized Websense administration server.
Following up the policy above, this is the manual for how to install Websense Agent.

Step 1, go to \\boydcorp.com\data\share\Corporate\Software\Websense\endpoint

Step 2, double click on corresponding file (32 or 64 bit), it may pop up a warning, click on Run


Step 3, waiting for the processing, may take around 5 minutes till it disappear itself

Step 4, once the command windows disappear, check if there is an icon (like highlighted in yellow
below), TRITON AP-ENDPOINT Web: Enabled

Step 5, visit www.qq.com (this is a website blocked), and if you see below message, Agent (endpoint) is
turned out working.


Step 6, reboot the computer, complete.

If you have any questions or problem, please contact Andrew Yin.


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