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tai lieu tieng ang lop 8 khoa 1_E8 khoa 1

Ket trainer / test 1/ page 19)
Read the article about a girl who found something strange.
Are sentences 21 – 27 ‘Right’ (A) or ‘Wrong’ (B)?
If there is not enough information to answer ‘Right’ (A) or ‘Wrong’ (B), choose ‘Doesn’t say (C)
Something strange falls from the sky
Mikaya Shears was riding her horse across the fields at the farm where she and her parents live in
Australia last November, when she saw something very strange on the ground. ‘At first I was
afraid to touch it!’ she said. ‘I thought something may jump out of it!’ It was a 22 kilo ball made of
lots of different metal parts.
Mikayla called her dad and he came in a truck and drove it back to the farmhouse. People don’t
drive hundreds of miles of a field. ‘It dropped from above!’ he said. ‘I was sure of that!’
Mikaya’s father emailed a photo of the ball to the Planet Museum.
He was told that the ball was possibly part of a rocket. Two days earlier a rocket was used to fly an
America satellite into space to study the sun. Most of it fell into the sea after the satellite was
safely in space, but maybe this part didn’t.
‘I know a lot about cows and sheep.’ Mikaya said, ‘but I don’t know anything about rockets. I want
to find out more about them now. Perhaps I’ll be an astronaut one day!’
0. Mikayla lives on a farm in Australia.
A. Right
B. Wrong

C. Doesn’t say
1. Mikayla saw something that looked very unusual in the field.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say
2. When Mikaya touched the ball, another piece of it dropped off.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say
3. Mikaya drove back to collect the metal ball in her father ‘s truck.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say
4. Mikayla’s dad was certain that the ball fell from the sky.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say
5. AN American can from the Planet Museum emailed Mikayla.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say
6. We know that the metal ball came from another planet in space.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say
7. Mikayla is thinking about being an astronaut in the future!
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say
Greenland has a very interesting summer. In the months of May, June and July, the sun never sets
so there’s daylight for twenty-four hours every day. In winter, thing are very different because the
sun never rises! It’s dark for twenty-four hours every day! Can you imagine seeing the moon and
the starts at the lunchtime?
Antarctica is an amazing place. It’s covered in snow and ice, but it rarely snows and it almost
never rains. This mean it’s a desert. Explorers and tourists visit Antarctica, but it’s too cold to live
there. There are penguins and birds on the coast and fish and whales in the ocean, but it isn’t warm
enough for most animals.
Imagine hot sun and rain every day of year! This is what it’s like in the Amazon rainforest. Here
there’s no such thing as summer and winter. The temperature changes very little and there’s no dry

season. Rain and sunshine help plants grow. This is why there are so many tall trees and plants in
the rainforest.
2. Read the text again and answer the questions.
1. In summer in Greenland it is always light.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say
2. Greenland is without sun in winter.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say
3. It snows all the time in Antarctica.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say
4. Tourists only visit Antarctica in summer.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say

5. There are lots of different creatures in Antarctica.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say
6. There are two seasons in the Amazon rainforest.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say
7. The temperature is always exactly the same in the Amazon rainforest.
A. Right
B. Wrong
C. Doesn’t say
Sol-Pre Inter/WB/page108
In the UK (1)..............., people throw away about 1,500 kg of food packaging (2)............... second.
It makes up about 25% of household waste. This is a (3)............... problem for the environment,
and it is also expensive. The amount of rubbish that ordinary families produce is increasing by 3%
every year. The (4)............... of collecting this rubbish is about £2.5 billion, and rising.
Where does all this packaging go? A lot of it ends up (5)............... China. Each year, the UK
(6)............... China to receive about two million tonnes of its waste. Most of the plastic waste goes
to Lianjiao, a small village in the south of the country. As a result, the river there has become dirty
and the air is (7)................ There is also a growing problem with (8)..............., as some of the
workers at the recycling centres are as young as four.
Most people agree that the companies who make sandwiches, pizzas and other products should
take action. If they used less packaging, it (9)............... reduce the amount of waste. So some
newspapers and politicians in the UK are telling people that they (10)............... to take unnecessary
plastic packaging back to the supermarket and leave it there.
1. A. one
B. lovely
C. alone
D. single
2. A. all
B. any
C. every
D. every
3. A. big
B. strong
C. heavy
D. bad
4. A. money
B. cost
C. price
D. refund
5. A. at
B. upon
C. on
D. in
6. A. affords
B. costs
C. earns
D. pays
7. A. polluted
B. stressful
C. busy
D. noisy
8. A. homelessness
B. famine
C. child labour
D. racism
9. A. can
B. must
C. will
D. would
10. A. should
B. ought
C. must
D. mustn’t

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