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100 câu trắc nghiệm về cụm động từ trong kỳ thi THPT quốc gia (có đáp án)

Choose the correct option (A, B, C, or D) for each of the following questions.
1. The twins look so much alike that no one can
A. take/ apart

B. tell/ away

2. Sorry for being late. I was
A. carried on
3. I



C. tell/ apart

D. take/ on

in the traffic for more than an hour.
B. held up

C. put off

D. taken after

very well with my roomate now. We never have arguments.

A. carry on

B. go on

4. It's hard work looking
5. Remember to take
A. up B. in
6. Please

three children all day.
B. to
C. up
your shoes when you go into the temple.
C. with
D. off

D. get on

D. through

and see us when you have time. You are always welcome.

A. come away
7. I can't

C. put on

B. come to

C. come in

D. come round

with this noise any longer. I'm going to write a letter of complaint

to the local authority

about this problem.
A. put up with

B. take away from

C. get back to

8. The new manager laid down very strict rules as soon as he had
A. taken over

B. come over

9. She was tired and couldn't keep
A. up with

D. taken off

C. on to

D. out of

the group.

B. up against

B. track about

11. Our flight was delayed, but we finally
A. took on
12. Whenever problems
A. make up

B. put off

B. come up

B. pick off

14. My responsibility is to wash dishes and
A. take care of

B. take out

15. The H5N1 infected patients have to
A. take care of

the changes in the market.

C. touch with
shortly after midnight.
C. took up

D. took off

B. get away

C. put up

B. let me down

D. turn up

everything after they use it.
C. collect up

D. catch on

the garbage.
C. take off

D. take over

others to prevent the virus from spreading.
C. look after

16. Whenever I have problems, Jane is always very dependable. She never
A. turns up

D. up with

, we discuss frankly and find solutions quickly.

13. Children should be taught that they have to
A. put away

the position.

C. taken up

10. It is very important for a film or a company to keep
A. pace of

D. make out of

C. turns me off

D. stay away from
D. turns out

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17. All his plans for starting his own business fell
A. in

B. through


C. down

18. It's rude to

D. away

people while you are talking to them.

A. point at

B. look at

C. point out

19. It is important to have someone you can
A. talk B. confide


C. know

20. It was very difficult to

D. smile at

D. speak

what he was saying about the noise of the traffic.

A. pick up

B. make up

C. turn out

21. Shy people often find it difficult to
A. take part in

group discussion.

B. take place in

22. He was tired and couldn't keep
A. out of

C. get on with

D. get in touch with

C. on to

D. up with

the group.

B. up against

23. He did not particularly want to
A. use up

D. make out

any competitive sport.

B. do with

C. take up

D. go on

24. Everyone knows about pollution problems, but not many people have
A. come up with
25. Gervin is

B. looked into

C. thought over

B. putting on

C. trying out

26. The invention of electricity has brought
B. about

27. Could you turn

D. out

the TV? The soap opera is about to start.
B. on

C. off

28. There was nothing good on TV so I turned it
A. off B. up

C. in

A. up B. out
30. I´ve been looking
A. up B. for

and went to bed.

C. off

a bit?
D. down

my car keys for half an hour. Have you seen them anywhere?
C. after

D. at

31. If you don´t know what the word means, you'll have to look it
A. for B. up

C. out

32. The meeting has been put

34. The company is taking
B. on

in the dictionary.

D. off
to Friday as so many people have got the flu.

C. back

33. The meeting has been brought
A. on B. out

D. out

D. down

29. The TV is too loud. Can you turn it

A. up B. in

D. turning up

a complete change to our lives.

C. up

A. back

A. at

D. got round to

a new computer application to see whether it works.

A. looks after

A. in

any solution.

D. out
to Monday due to the seriousness of the situation.

C. down

D. forward

new workers to meet this projected demand.
C. up

D. over

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35. We will have to start laying people
A. off B. down

if things don´t start to improve.

C. away

36. Brian asked Judy

D. out

to dinner and a movie.

A. out B. on

C. for

37. My wife backed me

D. of

over my decision to quit my job.

A. down

B. up

38. The racing car

C. of

after it crashed into the fence.

A. blew out

B. blew over

39. Our car

C. blew up

B. broke away

40. Mike

C. broke in

B. comes in

41. Jane had a difficult childhood. She
A. came from

C. comes across

D. comes from

a broken home.

B. came over

42. The woman

C. came in

D. came up with

when the police told her that her son was arrested.

A. broke down

B. broke away

43. Our teacher broke the final project
B. into

C. broke in

D. broke into

into three separate parts.

C. away

44. Somebody

D. down

last night and stole our stereo.

A. broke off

B. broke in

45. The firemen had to break
A. off B. up

C. broke out

C. out

A. gone over

D. into

B. gone on

47. Does this jacket
A. go with

D. broke up

the room to rescue the children.

46. No one really believed it when the news came through that the "Titanic" had

on her maiden

C. gone down

D. gone off

C. go ahead

D. go off

C. goes out

D. goes off

my trousers?
B. go through with

about his new car all the time.

A. goes over
49. Do you think you could
A. go over
50. We have permission to
A. go ahead

D. broke down

Alaska, so he's used to cold weather.

A. comes over

48. He

D. blew down

at the side of the highway in the snowstorm.

A. broke into

A. in

D. for

B. goes on

this work with me some time, Peter?
B. go on

C. go out

D. go off

C. go on

D. go off

with the plan.
B. go over

51. I know you find the course boring, Pauline, but since you've started it, you might as well
A. go with

B. go through with

52. The building of the new bridge will

C. go ahead

D. go off

as planned.

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A. go up

B. put up

53. I see the price of bread has
A. gone up

C. go out

D. go ahead

C. gone out

D. fallen out

B. put up

54. He was caught shop - lifting but since this was his first offence he was

with a warning.

A. gone out

D. let off

55. She

B. gone ahead

C. fallen out

her father; everyone says how alike they are!

A. takes after

B. takes off

C. falls out

56. There was a power cut and all the lights


A. went up

C. went out

B. put up

57. You look upset, Sven. Have you and Niger
A. gone out

A. let me off

60. The doctor asked me to

A. take off

B. take off

C. to

66. Did Mr. Tan
A. take away

B. take on

69. Why do they
A. keep on

D. take

her private life.

B. enquire after

C. ask about

D. enquire with

after ten kilometers.

B. closed down

C. broke up

D. made up

his examinations.

B. get through

C. keep up

D. keep off

the class while Miss Fiona was ill in hospital?
B. take over

B. checked out

68. If orders keep coming in like this, I'll have to
A. give up

D. put out

C. take part

67. Paula applied for the post but she was
A. turned down

C. take out

in this school activity.

65. Billy hasn't been working; he won't
A. get off

D. let off

D. of

64. She ran in a marathon last week but
A. dropped out

C. fall out

a drink?

63. She got angry when they started to
A. ask for

D. put me up

my shirt.

61. Shall we go somewhere

62. Everyone can

C. fall me out

B. go grey

A. put off

D. let off

for the night? It's a bit too late to go home now.

B. go me out

A. go out

A. for B. from

C. fallen out


59. Children made their hair

D. went ahead


B. gone grey

58. Paul, do you think you could

D. lets off

B. add in

C. take up

D. take off

C. kept under

D. pushed ahead


more staff.
C. gain on

D. take on

talking about money all the time?
B. side with

C. take after

D. work off

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70. We were too tired to wash
A. overB. out

after the meal.
C. up

D. on

71. Do you want to stop in this town, or shall we
A. turn on

B. turn off

72. Who will

C. go on

D. look after

the children while you go out to work?

A. look for

B. look up

C. look after

D. look at

C. turn over

D. turn into

C. Put off

D. Put into

the light, it’s getting dark here.

73. Please
A. turn on

B. turn off

74. It’s cold outside.

your coat.

A. Put on

B. Put down

75. The bomb

with a loud bang which could be heard all over the town.

A. went on

B. went out

76. The government hopes to
A. turn out

C. went off

its plans for introducing cable TV.
B. carry out

C. carry on

77. When the tenants failed to pay their bill, the authorities decided to
A. cut down

B. cut out

78. I was born in Scotland but I
A. grew up
79. Get

D. keep on
the gas supply to the flat.

C. cut off

D. cut up

in Northern Ireland.

B. raised

C. brought up

D. rose

the bus before it's impossible to get a seat.

A. up B. over

C. on

D. off

80. This is my stop. I have to get
A. away
81. Get

the bus here.

B. off

C. out

D. down

and I´ll give you a lift.

A. up B. into

C. over

D. in

82. What time does John's flight get
A. in

D. went away

B. onto

? I think it's due at 6.30.

C. out of

83. Thanks for the lift. I can get _
A. off B. down
84. I´ll have to get

D. up to


C. out

D. over

the car. I think I´m going to be sick.

A. off B. out

C. out of

D. down

85. As so many people are ill, the meeting has been put
A. out B. down
86. The police are looking
A. into B. onto
87. I don´t how how he gets
A. overB. through

C. out

to next Friday.

D. back

the matter, which they regard as very serious.
C. to

D. by

on his salary. He can't earn enough to pay for food, the car and rent.
C. in

D. by

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88. John can just about get

in French if he has to. He can normally make himself understood.

A. overB. through

C. by

89. I´d like to fix

D. down

a meeting for some time early next week.

A. down

B. on

C. up

90. He has finally managed to give
A. up B. on

smoking after years of trying.

C. in with

91. If we don´t check

B. away

92. I´m going to try and cheer John
A. on B. over

C. off

D. out

with a surprise party.

C. out

93. It took a while to calm him

94. They do

D. to

by 11.30, we´ll have to pay for another night.

A. down

A. up B. out

D. in

D. up
as he was really upset.

C. off

D. down

houses and then sell them on at a profit.

A. on B. off

C. down

D. up

95. I’m sorry I had to cancel our dinner date, but I promise I´ll make it
A. overB. on

C. out

D. up

96. He won a lot of money on the lottery but gave most of it
A. for B. off

C. away

97. I think we'll have to throw this milk
A. by B. down

C. away

98. I owe John $50. I really must pay him

as it's really starting to smell.
D. off
soon before I forget all about it.

B. out

99. The children all ran

when the big dog started barking.

A. back

B. out

A. down

to charity.

D. out

A. away

100. Put your toys

to you.

C. on

C. away

D. back

D. forward

now children as it’s time for dinner.
B. away

C. by

D. in

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