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Vững vàng nền tảng, Khai sáng tương lai


1. I feel really tired. I wish I didn’t go to the meeting last night.
2. He used to going to the zoo by bus. Now he goes by bike.
3. The Chinese build the Great Wall over two thousand years ago.
4. Mai is used to do her homework by herself.
5. We get used to live in the countryside before we moved there.
6.Thank you for inviting me to the party. I wish I can but I can’t.
7. The kitchen is not very big but there’s a lot of cupboards.
8. Nancy can play the violin when she was three and now she practises it.
9. We were very poor when we were first in America, we can’t buy anything.
10. They are going on a sightsee tour in Dalat.
11. We have lived in Vietnam for a long time so we used to the hot.
12. Primary school children can learn three language at school in India.
13. The West and East Malaysia are divide by about 640 km of the sea.
14. Can you tell me when the telephone is discovered?
15. When my brother went to work in the city library, he became interesting in books.
16. My uncle wishes he didn’t waste time when he was young.
17. We had to use the stairs because the elevator was out order.

18. He has worked for the same company since he leaves school.
19. Tom is good at Math. He is fond of attend a higher Mathematics course.
20. After living in England for a year, they finally get used to drive on the left.
21. I wish I didn’t tell him the truth. He looks so worried now.

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Vững vàng nền tảng, Khai sáng tương lai

22. I wish I can earn more money and work less time but of course I can’t.
23. The road on which we are driving is built in 1990.
24. The police asked her if she witnessed the accident and if she can recognize the guilty man.
25. He told us that he was absent from class the day before because his illness.
26. The teacher ordered us not open our books until she told us to do so.
27. I was prevented of arriving on time by a delay in the railway system.
28. The television is too expensive for we to buy at this time.
29. My dear friends, I wish you will visit us someday this summer.
30. My father has started teaching in a small town by the sea ten years ago.
31. I will come and stay with you and your family on March .
32. He used to working full time, but now he is a part-time worker .
33. Let’s gathering somewhere for a coffee after this wonderful meeting.
34. I wish you can help me solve this mathematical problem .
35. They said that they would come there that day to attend the wedding.
36. Jim said that he was playing the piano in the hall now.
37. I look forward to hear from my mother in Singapore.
38.What about play tennis in stead of going to the cinema ?
39. Would you mind turn on the light, please? I can’t sleep with a light .
40. If the little girl knew how to do it , she will be pleased.
41. He doesn’t like chocolate. If he does, he wouldn’t leave them all over the kitchen.
42. Although my next-door neighbor is not very cleverly, he is hard-working.
43. In spite the danger, they managed to cross the river during the night.

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Vững vàng nền tảng, Khai sáng tương lai

44. They sing so beautiful that everyone wants to listen to them.
45. She is so a good student that all her teachers like her.
46. He used to climbing mountains with his father in summer.
47. The book consists four chapters.
48. Don't tell him the truth, do you?
49. How much languages can you speak fluently?
50. It took Peter three hours to opening the doors.
51. Mr John is the teacher now. He has been taught English since he came here in 1999.
52. They started learning English when they are 10 years old.
53. The children enjoyed to watch the performing lions.
54. Would you like visiting the museum with us ?
55. She wishes she is the most beautiful girl in the world.
56. Sally said she will be a teacher someday.
57. Are you interesting in learning foreign languages ?
58. I’m really looking forward to work with you.
59. The students seemed very nervously before the final exam.
60. You know where Karen is, do you ?
1. didn’t go

7. there’s

2. going to

8. practises

3. build

9. can’t

4. do

10. sightsee

5. live

11. used to

6. can

12. language

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Vững vàng nền tảng, Khai sáng tương lai

13. divide

37. hear

14. is

38. play tennis

15. interested

39. turn on

16. didn’t waste

40. will be pleased

17. out order

41. does

18. leaves

42. cleverly

19. attend

43. In spite

20. drive

44. beautiful

21. didn’t tell

45. so

22. can

46. climbing

23. is build

47. consists

24. can

48. Don’t

25. was

49. much

26. not open

50. opening

27. in

51. has been taught

28. we

52. are

29. will

53. to watch

30. has started

54. visiting

31. on March

55. is

32. working

56. will

33. gathering

57. interested

34. can help

58. work

35. that day

59. nervously

36. now

60. do you

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Vững vàng nền tảng, Khai sáng tương lai
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