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- Introduce yourself
- Practice introducing yourself in a group/to the class
- Suggestions: to who you want to introuce yourself? Whhat is your purpose
of the introduction? What are the man points you want to introuce yourself?
How long do you intend to talk about yourself?(Thinks of more questions to
be answered before you prepare for a speech or a paper)
Who I am
My personality

My values

My beliefs
My talents

My strengths

My Hobbies
and interests

My full name’s …… You can call me….( I come form…..); (my

birthday is…..)
My parents say I am stubborn and determined to do what I like
To think the simple words about my personalities are 30% of
extroverted and 70% of introverted. I love people and have
good will to help people, always, with all my efforts. I always
work to learn, not to earn….
If I were not in this world, the earth was moving without a very
kindhearted boy who spends any of her second to bring love and
happiness to people around. My values, also my missons, are to
release people from stress and lead peaceful lives with their
I believe in Law of causes and effects, law of love, and fairness
in life
People love to hear my voice, I know it is because of the sound
of love and passion inside me. I am good at visualization and
drawing. I can master languages in my simple ways. I am
always fast at study & application and I’m eager to learn about
the world anytime I can. I am proud of my flexibility and
proactiveness in my life coaching.
My strengths are love and empathy, pure, transparent, samrt,
giving and forging, matenity, independence.
Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Public
Speaking/Presentations, Goal Setting & Strategic Planning,
Decision Making, Stress and Energy Management, Time
Management, Team Building, Leadership / Supervision
I like being around people, making plans, always try to manage
my docs, website link, email, books, contacts my working in the
best way( as well as possible).I also enjoy staying active through
a variety of activities like swimming and hiking. Oh, and I am
interested in English and science books.
Listening to all kinds of music, singing, playing piano, playing

My weakness

My vision

My missons

guitar, playing drums and percussion instruments, social
networking, socializing in person, playing word games and
puzzle games, talking on the phone,texting, caring for
animals,volunteering to help people with disabilities
I have some weakness of focus and detailed management
sometimes. I want to decreace my greed of knowledge a bit to
have time enjoy a relaxed life but it still stays with me. I wish to
have enough passion in money making to surve my needs.
I have a simple dream of a happy and peaceful life with my big
family among happy people around….To become an icon in the
field I have chosen; also want to be an inspiration and to be a
moltivator to all people who will be part of my life………
I want to be a unique person in management through my
qualifications, skills... …
Have found my vision these recent years to share values to
people and their families since 23 yeares old.. I apply best
methods in the world to help people can speak english fluently,
My mission is to come as close as possible to reaching my full
potential, in every aspect of life, so when I'm dying I'm left
without regrets……
My mission is to achieve a happy life to be loved, especially
with family and longevity. To live a life that is full of everlasting happiness and excellence. Which also means that I want
a balanced life; physical health, mental health, relationships,
work life etc.. and to teach others to do the same.

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