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u5 technology and u + spe

Unit 5

a radio

An Electric cooker
e t o

A television
v e t o s

A Fax machine
n v e t o s

An Air conditioner
i n v e n t i o n s

Work in pairs.
Ask and answer questions about the

uses of modern inventions.
A: Can you tell me what a cell phone is
used for?
B: Well, it is used to talk to people
when you are away from home.
Task 1

Radio Listen ( news/ music),
learn ( foreign languages)

TV watch (news/ football
matches/ performances )

Fax machine send/ receive ( letter/
picture) quickly

Electric cooker cook ( rice, meat, fish),
keep ( food/ rice) warm

Air conditioner keep air ( cool/ warm)
when it ( hot/ cold)

A: Can you tell me what a TV is used for?
B: It is used to watch news and
performances. And you can even learn
foreign languages on TV.
Sample conversations

Sample conversations

A: Can you tell me what an air
conditioner is used for?
B: It is used to keep the air cool when
it’s hot and to keep the air warm when
it’s cold.

Task 2
Complete the sentences below about the
uses of Information Technology ( IT). Use
the words in the box. ( Some verbs are used
more than once)

Send Receive
Design Store
Process Transmit

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