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Free university
Nowadays, universites are founded all over Viet
Nam. Everybody can get access to high level
education everywhere, but can they afford it
when the tuition fees are also getting more and
more expensive. That brings us to the argument:
“should a free university education be applied in
Viet Nam?”. In my opinion, there are many
reasons to support this idea. Firstly, it will
encourage more people to attend and this will
benefit society. This is because it will lead to a
more productive and educated workforce.
Research has generally shown that those
countries that have a better educated population
via university have higher levels of innovation
and productivily. In addition, there is the issue
of equality of opportunity. Every normal human
being have the ability to accquire knowledge
and contribute to society, so everyone should be
given the same opportunity to be educated
whether if they are rich or poor. In conclusion, I


am totally for the idea that free university
education should be applied in Viet Nam. This
is not only fair, but will also ensure that our
country can prosper and develop into the future
with a well – education workforce


Hard decision
In life, we have to make so many decisions.
Sometimes we make the right call and
everything work out just fine, but there’re times
when we make the wrong one and suffer from it.
We’re all scared of the second posibility, that’s
why making a decision can be the hardest thing
in the world. Take my story for example, when I
was in my senior year of highschool, I had to
make the decision that could change my entire
future: Stay in my hometown to take over the
family’s business, or go to the university in Ha
Noi and pursue my dream. My family own a
pretty successful clothing shop in Yen Bai City,
and I’m the only child, so of course my parents
would like me to stay and follow their steps. I
knew that if I stay, I wouldn’t have to worry too
much about the future. Also, many people told
me that not every one can make it in Hanoi. But
then it hit me, if I leave my hometown, there’s a
50/50 chance that I will fail, but if I stay, I will

always be wandering. So I decided to go to the
university in Ha Noi, and by far, I’ve learned so
much that I don’t think I will regret it at all.


Problems and solutions - money
Getting in to the Academy of Journalism and
Communication and moving to Hanoi is my
life’s first big milestone. It marks the beginning
of adulthood and independence, but also goes
hand in hand with a lot of problems. And what
I’ve been struggling with the most is living in a
budget. My first month living alone was a
complete mess since I spent all of my money in
the first two weeks and had to eat noodles
everyday till the end of the month. But now, I
have some solutions to fix this situation. Firstly,
I will make up a plan, listing everything that I
will have to spend on that month, then make
some adjustments so that I can stick to my
budget. Secondly, I will try to eat at home as
often as I can, because eating out can be much
more expensive. And finally, maybe I will get a
job to make some more money. There’re so
many part-time jobs in Ha Noi that I can apply
for and earn just a little bit to live more

comfortably. If I can follow this solutions, I
don’t think I will be flat broke ever again.


Shopping on the Internet
Online shopping is very popular nowadays, and
just like any other form of services, it has both
adventages and disadventages. Let’s begin with
the adventages. First, online shopping saves
time and energy. No more waiting in lines for
hours, no more moving from shop to shop just
to find your right size, with just a few clicks ,
your order is completed and delivered right in
front of the door. . You are also able to look for
specific merchandise that includes model
number, style, size, and color that you want to
purchase. In addition, online shops are available
24/7, 7 days a week and 365, so that you can
have the freedom to shop at your own pace and
convenience. But still, there are some
disadvantages of online shopping that you just
can’t ignore. Unlike buying at retail stores, you
are able to use the product instantly after you
buy it, which can be satisfying. However, online
shopping requires patience to wait for the item

to arrive at your door step about 2 to 3 days or
even longer depending on the location you've
ordered it from. And of course, you cannot
check if the product is 100% like the
descriptions or photos online. So be careful
when you shop online.


Study abroad
In recent years, there has been a growing trend
toward studying abroad among young people.
But of course, it has both adventages and
disadventages. Let’s begin with the adventages.
Studying abroad allows us to gain real
knowledge of a new culture and a new
language. By interacting and communicating
with native speakers daily, we can enhance our
foreign language skills. We will simultaneously
explore the values and ways of life in developed
countries. While studying abroad has its
advantages, it might its drawbacks. Most of the
students are lack of life experience when they
first travel overseas. Failure to cope with the
problem that arise from everyday lives might
cause frustration. We might feel helpless,
homesick and in worse cases, have a
breakdown. And oftentimes, studying abroad is
very expensive, not just because of the tuition
fees but also the cost of living in developed

countries.Therefore, finance may become the
biggest problem. So think carefully before you
decide to buy that plane ticket.


Teaching and learning EL
Since the open-door period, the importance of
English has already been acknowledged by the
Vietnamese people and government. As a result,
English education programs were made
compulsory beginning with the secondary
schools and subsequently the high schools and
finally university. The teaching of English in
secondary and high schools mainly focus on
grammar, sentence structures and vocabulary.
The problem is, in such a teaching format,
conversational English is not taken into
consideration. Therefore, Vietnamese students
can do written test very well, but cannot
communicate effectively in the real world. But
this is about to change, more and more people
have realized the important of spoken English
and changed their study methods. In the future, I
strongly believe that the learning and teaching
methodologies of English in Viet Nam will be
improve drastically.

“How I Met Your Mother” is a very famous TV
series in the U.S, and my all time favorite
comedy. I can go on and on about it all day
long, but to summarize, here are the most
important facts you need to know about How I
Met Your Mother. It tells the story of five
friends living in New York City: Ted, Marshall,
Lily, Robin and Barney. In each episode, they
go through a different adventure that would
somehow teach them (and the viewer) a lesson
about love, life, or friendship. Not only does the
show provides us with a lot of laughters, it also
touches our soul, make us appreciate true values
in life so much more. Perhaps the biggest lesson
that I’ve learned from HIMYM is wrapped
inside Barney’s quote: “Whatever you do in this
life, it's not legendary, unless your friends are
there to see it.”


Public places
No matter where you go, no matter what you do,
when you are in public places there are reasons
for the practice of good etiquette. Especially in a
traditional country like Vietnam, here are some
don't that you should follow. First, avoid public
displays of affection with a person of the
opposite sex. Second, dress conservatively,
never wear shorts, tank-tops or low-neck shirts
Third, take your shoes off when entering
somebody's house. In addition, you shouldn’t
smoke in any public places such as park,
hospital, bus station, school,… And finally, be
friendly, great people, and shake hand. If you
follow these guidelines, you are more than
welcome in Vietnam


Traffic jams
Traffic congestion is an all too familiar situation
in Hanoi . There is no fixed rule for the time the
traffic jams to happen but it is worst during the
rush hour when everyone is in a hurry to get to
work or come back home. Apart from peak
hours, the time between 9 am to 10 am and
between 3 pm to 4 pm also witnesses long lines
of vehicles, mainly motorbikes, struggling to get
out of narrow streets. Whenever it rains, things
get even worse. Taxis are extremely hard to
catch or wave during the downpour. However, it
only takes about 30 minutes on average for a
standstill and 2 hours to get through the worst,
not really bad compared to that of other
countries. Nobody likes traffic jams, but it’s
something that we have to learn to live with.
The right to smoke in public areas has always
been a controversial topic all around the world.
In my opinion, people can do whatever they

want, as long as they don't do any harm to other
people. Countless medical studies have shown
that smoking not only leads to health problems
for smokers, but also for the people near by. Of
course, smoking is not against the law, and
smokers are not criminal, they know what they
are getting into. But many of them overlook the
fact that the people around them, their children,
parents and friends will also face the risk of
developing deadly diseases such as lung, mouth
and throat cancer. This is not just about
themselves anymore. In conclusion, people
shouldn't have the right to smoke in public


Food safety
These day food safety is a hotly debated topic in
Viet Nam, especially in our capital city – Ha
Noi. After many cases of unsafe food stocking
and transporting have been exposed recently,
consumers are concerned about what they put in
their mouth more than ever. To improve the
situation and protect the health of our people, I
would like to suggest some solutions. First of
all, the government will have to investigate and
check up on major retaurants, markets, food
stores,… more often and more strickly, shut
down or heavily fine any place doesn’t meet up
to the standards. Secondly, make every
consumers an investigator by creating a hotline
or website, so that they can inform the
government about any food safety violation that
they know about. Finally, the most important
thing is to change our consuming habit. People
tend to buy their daily food in local market due
to convenience, and the food safety is much

harder to control there. Now food safety should
be their number one concern, and we can direct
that by get as much information out there as
possible. If everyone by their food in a licenced
trustworthy store, we wouldn’t so many
problems to begin with


Now is December and I'm going to have a trip
on next summer holiday. I want to have a great
holiday with friends and boyfriend so I need
prepare a perfect plan. We are going to go to Co
To island on three days by motobike and boat.
Our trip will start from Hanoi to Van Don about
250 kilometer by motobike and from Van Don
to Co To island by boat. After, we will hire
room in a hotel and have lunch in a restaurant
near hotel with seafoods, such as shrimp, bib
and so on. After lunch, we'll walk around places
near there. The second days, we'll go watch the
sunrise in the morning after hire motobike of
people in the island to visit nature places there,
especially the lighthouse. Next to we'll go bathe,
sunbathing and look at sunset together. The
third days, we'll go to market on the morning to
buy things, which is only available here. Finally,
we'll prepare luggage to return to Hanoi. During


trip, camera, money, swimsuit, sunscreen, map,
jacket, hat are indispensable things.
If I ever get the chance to learn a new skill, I
would like to learn karate which is a form of
martial art. I had a great fascination and
attraction to learn it but never had the chance
actually to learn it. This is important for keeping
a sound body and to remain fit. It is also a great
weapon of self-defence in time of adversity and
sudden attack by rogue people. The greatest
benefit this karate offers is a discipline and selfcontrol. Besides the physical exercise, patience
and hard work karate requires a great deal of
mental power, calmness and a type of discipline
which are necessary for a modest life.
If I get the chance, I would get admitted in a
good karate learning training centre that would
offer a really good training so that I can
efficiently learn it. I will need to devote a great
deal of regular time and will have to have the

determination to learn the necessary skill. I
would like to get involve in some kind of
activity which is helpful to keep the body and
soul sound. Physical exercise is one way to do
that but karate would be more helpful as it
would require steady patience and determination
as well. I have found some of my friends and
relatives found it very helpful in their lives and I
was inspired by their discussion regarding the
usefulness of this martial art.


Form transport
Obviously, there's quite a mixed variety of
public transport in my country. When we travel
on the roads, it’s easy to find a mass of buses,
taxis, or even trains. If someone wants to have
an outbound trip, plane is crucial. However, the
most commonly-used would potentially be
buses, since they are so cheap and reliable. As
far as I'm concerned, I take buses more often
than any other means of transport. That might
be due to the fact that I am liable to carsickness
and buses aren’t so stuffy. Moreover, bus
wouldn’t set me back because with only
200,000 dong for a monthly commutation ticket,
I could commute to work everyday without any
anxiety. Most of the time, I enjoy my journey in
these buses especially when I can get a seat
beside the window of the bus. I can watch the
natural scenarios besides the roads and the
ticketing system of this bus has become online. I
can get tickets or a pass card f the tram bus from

home using the internet and that is another
reason I prefer this transportation system over
other available forms of transportation in my


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