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TOPIC ENGLISH topic thi tiếng anh b1

Topic 1: What can you do/ can’t you do in
some public places in your town/city /
country ?
Public places are ones where there are a lot of
people. So we should observe the rules here.
Firstly, we must not smoke. It is the fact that
smoking is harmful and may cause lung cancer.
Moreover, the fact that you smoke in public
places not only influences yourself but also
everyone. So, if you are an understanding person,
you should be more self-conscious in these
Secondly, We should not throw rubbish way.
If each of us litters a small piece of waste paper,
the whole area/site will become quite dirty. That
action makes (surrounding )environment around
polluted. Now we can see waste bins everywhere
so we should put rubbish/unnecessary stuff into
Last but not least, at several public sites like
libraries, hospitals, or on public means of

transports, we shouldn’t use phones or speak out
loudly. Ringtones of coming calls can distract
everyone’s attention. Or loud talks will make
everyone feel unpleasant and we will become
impolite people.

In short, public places aren’t our own world. So
we had better be polite, observant and should
learn these rules of conduct to become more


Topic 2: Talk about the traffic and
transportation situation in your town/ city/
Have you ever got stuck in a traffic jam? I think
the common answer is “yes”, especially we’re
living in Viet Nam- the most terrible place of
traffic jam. Not only in Viet Nam, cities
everywhere in the world are battling an increase
in demand and an inability to build sufficient
infrastructure to cope. So all countries in the
world must face to this problem as a certain point
in their way of developing
The traffic can be a nightmare for visitors to Viet
Nam for the first time. Believe it or not, there are
transport rules but people don't seem really
interested in following them. The fact that three
or four people being on one motorbike is a
common sight, particularly with the young.
The traffic is the worst during rush hours when
everyone is attempting to get to work or get home
quickly. Some people ride their motorbikes on the
pavement rather than waiting in the traffic jam.
Pedestrians are likely to get hit on the pavement
as. It's crazy. Road users become very impatient,

constantly using their horns when there's

obviously nowhere to go, even shouting at others
to get out of the way. You have to be quite
aggressive or you get nowhere.
The most annoying thing about the traffic is the
way people use their horns. It's a (worthless)
habit which serves no purpose most of the time.
A disturbing trend is installing air horns on
motorbikes. This is really annoying for other
people and sometimes it causes accidents.
And imagine how many people are waiting in
the traffic jam, it means how many hours of
working and how much gasoline we are wasting.
The losses we are suffering may be more than
that. The losses of health as breathing the
polluted air must be taken into account. Riding
motorbikes in big cities brings to us zero/no
pleasure and much stress. Bad traffic causes/leads
to more dangers. traffic jam can be a silent killer
that holds up ambulances because patients caught
in gridlock often don’t receive the attention they
need in time and often die because of it..


Topic 3: Do people have the right to smoke in
public area? Why? Why not?
Firstly, It is known that children who grow up
with smoking parents have more chronic
respiratory diseases, such as colds, bronchitis and
pneumonias, than children who grow up in nonsmoking households. Besides, the risk of
cardiovascular disease increases. Passive
smoking may affect children's cardiac system.
These effects include the limited supply of
oxygen to the tissues of the body, reduces the
heart rate response to activity, and increased heart
rate slowly venture.
Secondly, Many people are allergic to
cigarette smoke, especially for predisposed
individuals such as asthmatics, people with
bronchitis and the elderly. Cigarettes contain
extremely toxic ingredients to health are:
Nicotine, carbon monoxide, tobacco particles and
carcinogens as causal directly caused by the
disease: lung, esophagus, larynx, mouth ,
affecting the ability of lung, heart and adversely
impact property gynecology during the
Finally, Some studies now indicate that
second hand smoke may be the second leading

cause of lung cancer occurring in non-smokers.
Inhaling cigarette smoke increases the risk of
breast cancer than other smokers toxic smoke
contains thousands by toxic chemicals, including
over 250 carcinogenic substances, passive
smoking causes dangerous diseases in both adults
and children.
Scientists said that the area reserved for
smokers in public places even if equipped with
air filtration systems, advanced to where
ventilation can not protect the people around
before the hazardous materials emanated from
tobacco smoke.


Topic 4: A free university education should
be applied in Vietnam. What is your opinion?
In recent years, more and more people have
been attending universities and people discuss
whether students should pay for this privilege or
not. Personally, I don’t think a free university
education should be applied in Vietnam.
First of all, university education is not water in
the ocean, but water in a bottle. You can take or
drink water in the sea as much as you want
because no country or no one put the water there.
But water in a bottle like mineral water is
produced by someone or company, they are also
produced by professors with high investment.
They are completely different. It should not be
free. Moreover, university education can lay the
foundation of students’ career. And a lot of
students can have a good chance of getting highpaid job, going abroad, developing their future.
So it is fair that they pay for at least some of the
Secondly, a free university education leads to
poor quality because it will be supplied or served
by low-paid human resources.How would the
professors who teach us get paid ifwe made

education free? Standard of living isn’t ensured,
they will be less inspired to teach.
Finally, a free university education is a good
thing. But if you take a special view on this, you
will notice that the government cannot offer a
free university education to all students because it
depends on the economy and some problems
which exist in our country.Vietnam is a
developing country, its economy doesn’t allow us
to apply a free university education.
In short, good things come with a price. So I
don’t agree with applying a free university
education in Vietnam. Instead of this, we can give
scholarships to the best students and reduce
tuition fee for poor students.


I have made lots of decisions in my life and
frankly I have taken those decisions by myself or
sometimes discussing with my parents. The
particular decision which seems very important to
me was the time when I decided to become a
Journalist or an Economist. My mother wanted
me to study at National Economics University
while my fascination was studying at AJC. My
father did not force me to do anything and he just
said that I could do everything which I wanted to.
I had to fight a lot with my inner self and
convinced my mom to let me study in a
university I love. Making this hard decision also
means that I have to do really well to show how
great I am in my university life to my mother.
After considering several issues, finally I decided
to get admitted in AJC. I am very happy that I
chose AJC and I think I have been doing very
well so far. This might be a rough time for me –
an eighteen-year-old girl but until now I haven’t
regretted about my decision at that time.


Topic 6: talk about your suggested solutions
to the situation of food safety in your capital
city contry
Nowadays people are getting more and more
concerned about their health. It is not a secret that
the proper nutrition is one of the major conditions
of a good health. This is why restaurants where
the vast majority of the population has meals
regularly should provide their customers with a
really safe food.Here are my suggested solutions
to the situation of food safety in my country.
Firstly, it is important to underline that
government should create a program containing
the profound training of employees on food safety
including safe storage, preparation of food,
knowing the meaning of labeling terms used in
food, basic principles of hygiene . On learning
this information, employees should practice their
knowledge, which may be a part of the training
program. Secondly, To control food safety
offenses, severe penalties should be used because
these violations are indirect murder in a wide
range. Moreover, the fine on food safety crime
needs increasing to curb the profiteering motives
of crime and prevent recidivism. The state should
carry out regulations to severely punish crimes

which endanger food and drug safety. Last but
not least, improving public understanding of food
safety is extremely significant. For instance, The
VTV24 News Centre of the Vietnam Television
launched the programme “Say no to dirty food”
on April 1, a move to join efforts being made to
eradicate unsafe food – a pressing issue in the
country in recent years. The programme reveals
unsafe food and violating producers, while
receiving information from the public via its
hotline and social network page. It also provides
the results of testing popular foods and others
suggested by viewers, giving a guide on how to
differentiate between safe and unsafe food.


Sometimes, when life is getting harder, I always
get stressed out and it’s make me feel very tired.
The reasons why I get a lot of stress in that time
it’s because of my studying or from some projects
I plan to do.
For example, when I have a test or exam, I
always thinking too much & being so worried.
It’s make me feel very exhausted and pressure.
Stress is a feeling when U have to faced with a
challenge and it’s make you feel very nervous,
worry about that, also you are so scare. Stress has
bad effects on our health. It will make us get
sickness. We can’t eat well, sleap well & become
more tired. It willcause some disease like
headache, stomachache,…
Also stress make us can’t focus, lack of energy.
Dementia & can’t do anything well. So when I
get stress out, I always find some solutions to
Reloeve Stress.
Firstly. I’ll try to take a break &listen to music.
Playing calm music has a positive effect on the
brain & body, can lower blood pressure, &reduce
cortisol, a hormone linked to stress.
Secondly, I’ll talk&have some conversation with
my friends&my family. They’ll help me to reduce

the stress&make me fell very relive&be more
confident about myself.
Thirdly, I will talk calmly to myself, take a deep
breath&remember that everything will be okay.
Just try ourbest.
Specialy, I’ll take care of my health. I’ll sleep
well, eat the right things&maybe do some small
exercises. It’ll make us have an better attitude, be


Topic 8: talk about your most enjoyable
holiday that you would like to go on
The good place where I want to go for my
holiday is DA Nang. I would like to go there
because of the following reasons.
Firstly,Da Nang is very beautiful and
interesting.It is such a wonderful city that I don't
want to go to another place. When people go to
DA Nang they’ll feel very comfortable and static
because the weather is very cool and the air is
very fresh. Besides,there are many nice beaches
and so beautiful scenes.The first place I would
like to go when I come to Da Nang is Hàn bridge.
It is built on the main road and it connects HAi
Chau district to Son Tra dictrict. This is the most
attractive bridge in the city, I will see a sparkling
bridge at night. It special that the bridge rotates
at midnight every friday and stop at 1a:m. The
next place that I want to visit is Son Tra
peninsula. It is 10km from the Da Nang city. It is
a great place and it is like a gem of Viet Nam.
There are many activities for everybody in the
land, for example going fishing, swimming
underwater,water-skiing,….In addition, when you
go to Son Tra you will be able view various
corals in the sea. I believe that you can't forget

there.The third place is Ba Na Hill, which is one
of the most interesting places in Da Nang. It is
40km from Da Nang southwest. In Ba Na there
are 4 seasons in a day, spring in the morning,
summer at midday, autumn in the afternoon and
winter at night. You have to move by cable car
when you go to mountain top. I believe that you
have an enjoyable feeling.Besides,you can visit
buildings that are designed with French style:
Linh Ung temple,Mo stream and flower- garden,
Fantasy Park leisure centre. Da Nang is also
famous for delicious food. Not only is it delicious
but it also very cheap. Only 2 million dong you
can eat all local specialities what you want,there
are many special foods for instance country
pancake,mixed noodles, Da Nang bread, chicken
rice, and the others. Finally,the native people are
very friendly. They will help you whenever you
need and especially, they never tell lie. So,you
don't worry ,they don't fool you.


Topic 9: What forms of transport ways of
traveling do you use most often ? when do you
use them ?
I’m a student and most of my free time is spent
on going out or traveling with my friends. our
trips usually last for 2 or 3 days. We go to
somewhere which have beautiful view as Ba Vi,
Moc Chau, Tam Dao.
The vehicles which are used on these trips are
motorbikes. I think traveling by motorbike not
only a fun experience but also a surprising
memory. It absolutely is the special chance to
Firstly, motorbike’ll take you to anywhere you
want. The strong point of this vehicle is
convenience when using. A good motorbike not
only can be with you to conquer any difficult
roads, but also with you to any where you like.
Secondly, when you travel by motorbike you can
stop any where to take a photo, talk with friends,
…so after any trip, you can get many beautiful
memories and many interesting stories too.
Thirdly, traveling by motorbike can teach you
how to solve difficult cases that unexpectedly
happen on the road. Finally, motorbike is the

expenditure . Travel saving is the best choice for
everyone, especially students.


Topic 10:Talk about a new skill that you
want to learn. What is it? Why do you want to
learn it?
I do not have many skills and I would like to
learn web development and designing. This is
something I feel very passionate about and since
my major in university is Political relations and
international communication, it will support to
my career in the future.
These days,the internet is everywhere. More
than 30 million websites are present on the World
Wide Web and they are the backbones of
information communication in the world.
Knowing about web technology and actually
implementing one is very important in personal
and professional life nowadays. I can run a
personal blog, publish great contents online that
would be viewed by millions of people,…This
knowledge would also help me to do better in my
career as a diplomat or a marketer.Understanding
about the web designing would also help me to
do better in my profession, especially in
marketing. I can perform my ideas in many ways,
not only writing but also presenting, doing a
creative portfolio, express the ideas through the
sample web/blog designing. And in another

aspect, web development and design is very
artistic and trendy that I feel eager when I start
learning it.
In a few months, I will get enrolled in a course
offered by a reputed IT training institute in Hanoi
and then purchase some related books to practise
at home. Moreover, the YouTube and similar
video sharing websites would be very helpful to
watch and learn the web designing and
development. In fact, there are plenty of resources
available to start learning it and I would take
advantages from/of them.After I learn creating
websites, I will launch my personal blog where I
would start writing and building my personal
branding. That would be about travelling.
Honestly, those are yet in the planning phase and
implementation of these plans would be possible
only if I can learn the skill successfully.
Although learning web development and
design is quite hard, I believe that I could use this
skill very smoothly


Topic 11. Talk about the teaching and
learning of foreign languages in your country
Nowadays, foreign languages play an
important role in modern life. Vietnam has
experience in teaching and learning of foreign
languages. Most of Vietnamese students have to
study at least one foreign language during their
school life. English as a foreign language has
been taught widely as a compulsory subject in
Vietnam. The teaching and learning of foreign
languages attract a lot of interest from society. In
Vietnam, each school or university has at least
one faculty of foreign languages such as English,
French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese...with many
teachers who graduated from famous universities
and have many experiences of teaching. Foreign
language teaching methods are varied and depend
on each class and each skill. The teachers try to
let students communicate a lot and also let them
practice in pairs. They teach students many skills
in languages such as reading, speaking, listening
and writing in order to help students gain
knowledge completely. However, the school
curriculum is burdensome to both teachers and
students. Students have to learn lots of subjects

and the time for foreign languages is very limited.
Most of them only practice during classes or with
teachers and friends, they also practice at home
by talking to themselves or roommates. They are
very serious about studying and try hard. They
follow what their teachers say, learn what their
teachers teach and do a lot of grammar exercises
at home. But they are passive in the classroom,
they feel uncomfortable with cooperative
interaction with partners or teachers. They learn
vocabulary and grammar quite well, but their
listening, speaking and writing skills are not very
proficient. About vocabulary, students learn in
word families/groups of words, look up new
words in dictionary, write them down in
notebooks, read stories to remember vocabulary.
Currently, changes in curriculum are suitable for
improving their skills. The final examinations are
not only about grammar and writing but also
speaking skill. When the speaking tests are
included in the exams, the students will have to
try hard to improve speaking and communication
to pass the exams and hence, their skill will be
better. Vietnamese students like learning foreign
languages by some ways such as: listening to the
radio, using internet listening resources, attending

a discussion group…. In conclusion, the teaching
and learning of foreign languages in Vietnam has
both good and bad sides, so we have to find some
effective ways to improve it.


Topic 12: Talk about the advantages and
disadvantages of studying abroad.
When people's standard of living increases,
they often think about improving their knowledge
for a better life.To do that,they choose to study in
developed countries where they can get
progressive education.However,everything has its
advantages and disadvantages.
In my opinion, studying abroad is the best way
to improve ourselves. There are a lot of
advantages to study abroad. Firstly, we have
chances to improve our language. Nothing is
better than learning language by speaking to the
native speakers. We can practice what we study at
school with local people, so it is very useful for
us to improve listening and speaking skills.
Secondly, studying abroad helps us to expend our
knowledge. We have opportunities to study better
because of the new technologies and the most
recent science achievements. We can learn about
many things which aren’t taught in our country,
the new cultures, the way of thinking, the history
and customs and lifestyles of the country where
you are studying in. Last but not least, in a
strange country, we can make friends and have
interesting days. There are many beautiful places
abroad for us to visit. We become more confident

Besides that, studying abroad has some
disadvantages. The first one is how to be well
adapted to the new environment. Students may
get “culture shocks” and have to adjust to these.
For example, a Vietnamese college junior may
find it difficult to drive on the left; while a British
one may encounter problems using chopsticks
during meals.
The other matter of the students is related a
great amount of money. Therefore, after the
official lessons in class, they must work part-time
outside. That makes them feel tired and bored,
study not well.
Another challenge awaiting the students is
how to maintain the relationship with their
families. People may no longer find their link
with their acquaintances as close-knit as it used to
be after some years living abroad.
In conclusion, while studying abroad offers
great opportunities for a better future,it also has
challenges that we must try our best to overcome
to make our dreams come true. Therefore, if you
have a chance, I think you should take that
chance to study abroad.


Topic 13: Advantages and disadvantages of
shopping on the Internet
Today, shopping is simple and convenient.
Now you stay in door but you can buy everything
only by clicking mouse. There is an undeniable
fact that online shopping has become more
popular than in-store shopping. Shopping on the
Internet has both advantages and disadvantages.
The biggest benefit of shopping online is to
save time. You can find everything about shape,
colour, size, price, .ect...on the searching websites
or call the shop. You don't waste time to go to the
shopping malls, supermarkets or any shops. You
don’t need to spend any money for transportation
to the store, either. The second, you can get items
at low prices. There are probably thousands of
online stores, the prices are getting more
competitive, not only between online stores, but
also their offline counterparts. In many websites,
they lower the price or offer some great bundled
deals to attract more customers.
Besides, there are also many disadvantages of
this kind of shopping. Firstly, one of the biggest
disadvantages of online shopping is that we can't
guarantee the product’s quality. You only know it
basing on the posted photos. Sometimes the

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