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Some people think that it is good for a country

Some people think that it is good for a country’s culture to import foreign
movies and TV programmes. Others think that it is better to produce these
locally. Discuss both views and give your opinions
In recent years, the communication industry is developing significantly and
occuping an important position in the whole economy. Whiles many argued
that the import of foreign movies and TV programmes should be
encouraged, others consider about domestic produce industry. From my
perspectives, there are own negative and positive impacts from each choice.
On the one hand, the decision to import TV entertainment programs leads to
many effects. Integrating into international film industry is really necessary
for countries which aim to learn more experiences. However, if too much
attentions are paid to foreign movies or TV shows, a strong pressure will be
put on the fledgling entertainment intrustry of country. Although there are
many opportunities for enriching recreational activities, depending too much
on foreign programs causes the shortage of creativity and even leads to the
backward of brainpower.
Persionally, I believe that controlling the import of movies and TV shows
hand in hand developing domestic produce instrustry is a useful decision.
Besides receiving knowledge through technical produce film of the world,
we should encourage the people’s abilities which contributing a lot for local
entertainment activities. It is an undeniable fact that competing capability of

domestic films is lower when comparing to similar foreign product.
Therefore, improving quality of TV shows or films produced in our coutries
is an important issue.
In conclusion, besides approaching to another part of the world by importing
entertainmental products, we also need to protect our producing these
locally. Additionally, concerning carefully about the benefits and negative
impacts received by each choice is necessary for country.

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