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Đề Thi HK II Tiếng Anh 9

Thời gian làm bài: 45 phút không kể thời gian giao đề.
Ghi chú: Thí sinh không chép lại đề mà chỉ viết số câu và nội dung trả lời vào tờ giấy thi.
Part I. Listen to the teacher and write the missing words in your paper. (2,0points)
Ha Noi and areas to the north will be (1) .......... Ha Noi will have temperatures between 22
and (2)........... It will be (3)......... along the coast to The south of Hanoi. the south - central coast
can expect (4)........... Hue will expect temperatures will be about 20 and (7)........... Ho Chi Minh
city's temperatures will be between (8)..........and 34.
Part II. Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from
the others. (1,0 points)
1 A. cover B. flow C. row D. solar
2 A. garbage B. car C. quarter D. hard
3 A. balloon B. typhoon C. groom D. door
4 A. disappointed B. received C. polluted D.celebrated
5 A. bulb B. reduce C. nuclear D. humor
Part III. choose the best answer in the brackets to complete the sentences correctly. (1,5 points)
1. I feel tired (because / and / but / so) I worked hard yesterday.
2. If we plant more trees around us, we (have, had, will have, would have) more fresh air.
3. I suggest (go/ went / will go/ going) to Do Son this summer.

4. I like watching films (what / which / where / when) tell about different peoples and their
5. I am writing to the boy (who / which/ whose / what) I met two years ago in Ha Noi.
6. I am (excited / excite / exciting/ excitedly) that we are going to Da Lat next month.
Part IV. Fill in each gap with ONE suitable word to compele the following passage. (1,0 points)
A little waste in a river is not dangerous. But (1).......day millions of tonnes of waste
(2)....... houses and factories get into (3)....... rivers and lakes. The waste takes oxygen out of the
water (4)...... nothing can live, except some very small water plants (5)...... do not need much
Part V. Read the text then answer the following questions.(2,0)
It was a beautiful day. The sky was blue and the weather was perfect. Lan was outside
playing with Skippy, her dog. All of sudden, the dog began acting strangely. She kept running
around in circle, and didn't seem to be herself. Lan ran home with the dog to tell her mother what
Skippy had been doing. Mrs Kemp told Lan that she heard on the radio that there was a typhoon
coming. Mrs Kemp gathered her family and told them that they would have to find shelter in the
house. All of her family were scared, but soon the storm finished and everyone was glad.
1. What was the weather like on that day?
2. How did the dog act?
3. What did Lan do then?
4. Why did Mrs Kemp told her family that they would have to find shelter in the house?
5. What happened at the end?
Part VI. Imagine that you have celebrated your sister's brithday. Now use the cues below to write
a letter to your pen - pal to share this idea (about 80 words). (2.5 points)
- Tell your friend the reason(s) for celebrating her birthday.
- Give details about: When to celebrate; how to celebrate; what special gift to give; what special
food to offer.
chÊm ®Ị kiĨm tra häc kú II - NĂM HỌC 2006 - 2007
Part I. 2p. Mỗi câu đúng 0.25 điểm
1. sunny 4. thunderstorms 7. 24
2. 25 5. 30 8. 27
3. raining 6. thunderstorms
Part II. 1đ Mỗi câu đúng 0.2 điểm
1. A. cover 3. D. door 5. A. bulb
2. C. quarter 4. B. received
Part III. 1,5đ Mỗi câu đúng 0.25 điểm
1. because 3. going 5. who
2. will have 4. which 6. excited
Part IV. 1 điểm. Mỗi câu đúng 0,2 điểm

1. every 2. from 3. our / the 4. and / so 5. which
Part V. 2 điểm. Mỗi câu đúng 0,4 điểm
1. The weather was beautiful / perfect on that day.
2. The dog acted / began acting strangely.
3. The Lan ran home with the / her dog to tell her mother what the dog had been
4. Because Mrs Kemp heard on the radio that there was a typhoon coming.
5. At the end, the storm finished and everyone was glad.
Part VI. 2,5 điểm.
Yêu cầu thí sinh sử dụng các th«ng tin gợi ý viết thành lá thư hoàn chỉnh cho bạn kể
về những việc đã tổ chức kỷ niệm ngày sinh nhật cho chi (em gái). Nếu thí sinh viết đúng
chủ đề, đúng ngữ pháp, dùng từ chuẩn xác, diễn đạt mạch lạc, không sai lỗi chính tả, độ
dài không quá ngắn ( khoảng 80 từ) mới cho điểm tối đa.
KIỂM TRA HỌC KỲ II - NĂM HỌC 2006 - 2007
Bµi kho¸ dµnh cho gi¸o viªn ®äc cho häc sinh
lµm phÇn nghe hiĨu:
Giáo viên đọc cho học sinh nghe 2 lần với tốc độ vừa phải. Nếu không đủ số giáo
viên tiếng Anh cho các phòng thi thì giáo viên tiếng Anh không coi thi trong một phòng thi
mà sử dụng để đọc bài nghe cho nhiều phòng thi. Các phòng thi có thể làm bài nghe hiểu
ở các thời điểm khác nhau trong tổng số 45 phút làm bài.
Here is tomorrow's weather forecast. Hanoi and areas to the north will be sunny.
Hanoi will have temperatures between 22 and 25. It will be raining along the coast to the
south of Hanoi. The south-central coast can expect thunderstorms. Hue will expect
temperatures of between 25 and 30 and it will be sunny. There will also be thunderstorms
over the central highlands and the temperature will be about 20 and 24. Areas around the
Cuu Long Delta can expect clouds during the day. Ho Chi Minh City's temperatures will be
between 27 and 35.
-------------------THE END-------------------

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