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Lesson 1 unit 9 english 9

English 9 Unit 9 Lesson 1: Listen and read (page 74 – 75)
I. Aim: reading a dialogue for details about the weather forecast.
II. Objective: By the end the lesson, students will be able to get the information
about weather from the weather forecast.
III. Teaching aids: Text books, picture, cassette player.
IV.Ways of working: T – WC, individual work, pair work.
Steps/ Activities
.* Chatting:
T-whole class
Warm-Up - Ask students some questions about weather
• What’s the weather like today?
• Do you like hot/cold weather ?
• Have you ever listened to the weather forecast
on the radio or on TV?
• Do you think weather forecast is useful for us ?
How is it useful?

Pre reading

*Pre-teach vocabulary.
I. New words
- turn up (v): điều chỉnh âm thanh to dần ( âm thanh
TV, radio).
- expect (v): mong chờ / đợi (translation)
- thunderstorm (n): (picture): bão có sấm sét mưato
- delta (n): (visual): vùng châu thổ
- just in case (n): (translation): phòng khi, lỡ khi
- trust (v): (synonym: rely on): tin tưởng
* Checking vocabulary: what and where


turn off

T-whole class

just in case

- Have students repeat the words chorally then rub out
word but leave the circles. Remember to let students
repeat before and after rubbing out each word.
- Go on until students can remember the words.
- Get students to write the words again in the correct
II. Pre-questions:
- Set the scene: Thuy is talking to her grandmother

Pair work



while they both are watching TV
- Give students one question and ask them to guess the
a. What are they watching?
- Give feedback
* Answer keys:
a. They are watching the weather forecast on TV
1. Gap filling:
- Have students read the dialogue silently and do
exercise 2b on page 75.
- Get them to share their answers with their partners.
- Give feedback
* Answer keys:
1. Thuy’s grandmother wants her to turn up the
volume on TV because she wants to listen to the
weather forecast
2. The coast of Thanh Hoa will be raining.
3. The central highlands will experience
4. Ho Chi Minh City will have temperature between
270C and 350C
5. Although Thuy’s grandmother doesn’t trust weather
forecast she likes watching them.
2. Comprehension questions:
1. Why does Thuy’s grandmother ask her to turn up the
Because she wants to listen to the weather forecast.
2. Which City is the hottest today?
Ho Chi Minh City is the hottest
3. Where is Thuy going?
She is going on to the part on the other side of Thang
Long Bridge with her old friends .
(she’s going on the picnic)
4. What does Thuy grandmother want her to do?
She wants her to bring along a raincoat.
- Have students practice asking and answering in pairs.
III. Practice the dialogue
- Let students listen to the dialogue and focus on the
- Call on some students to play the roles of Thuy,
grandmother and weatherman to practice the dialogue.
- Ask students to practice the dialogue in group of
* Speaking:
- Ask students to read again the weather forecast on

Pair work

Pair work

Group work



TV and notice some phrases.
between …………and……………………
* will
between …………and……………………
* HCM’
between …………and……………………
* can expect clouds / thunderstorm.
- Ask students to look at the map and play the role of
the weatherman to present the weather forecast, baked
on the information given.
- Call on some students to present before the class
- Have students work in pairs – one students speaks,
the other listens.
* Ask students to write a weather forecast. The
dialogue will help them. Students can change the
information, the places…

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