Tải bản đầy đủ

Tổng hợp multiple choice

Ex1: (HD 13`14)
21. Peter: “ I’ve got to go, Betty. So long."
Betty: ” So long, Peter. And __________”
A. be careful
B. don’t hurry
C. take care
D. don’t take
22. John: “How lovely your house is!”
Jack: “__________”
A. I love it, too.
B. Thank you, it’s nice of you to say so.
C. Can you say that again.
D. Really? It is.
23. Mr. Thomson is one of the most distinguished scientists in his __________ .
A. matter
B. field
C. part
D. place
24. There has been a great __________ in her English.
A. escalation
B. rise

C. increase
D. improvement
25. The __________ of the general election will be known today.
A. result
B. decision
C. effect
D. choice
26. Released in 1915, __________
A. D.W Griffith’s made an epic film about the Civil War, Birth of a Nation.
B. the Civil War was the subject of D.W. Griffith’s epic film, Birth of a Nation.
C. D.W. Griffith’s epic film Birth of a Nation was about the Civil War.
D. the subject of D.W. Griffith’s epic film Birth of a Nation was the Civil War.
27. As soon as you buy a car, it starts falling in __________.
A. cost
B. worth
C. value
D. price
28. Boy: “Would you say that Eng
lish is a global language?”
Girl: "__________ "
A. Yes, it has.
B. I like it.
C. I don’t understand the difference.
D. Oh, absolutely.
29. The couple decided to __________ every month for their retirement.
A. put some money away
B. put some money aside
C. take up some money
D. take some money away
30.The taxi was so late reaching the station that my father __________ missed his train.
A. rarely
B. immediately
C. entirely
D. almost
31.__________an emergency arise, call 911.
A. Should
B. Can
C. Does
D. Will
32.The doctor gave the patient __________ examination to discover the cause of his collapse.

A. a thorough
B. an exact
C. a universal
D. a whole
33.On __________ she had passed the exam, she jumped for joy.
A. having told
B. he was told
C. being told
D. telling
34. Henry: " __________ " John: "Nothing."
A. What do you do?
B. What's new?
C. How are you? D. Are you a
35. Sarah: "I am terribly sorry, Mr. Johnson. I won't be able to come to the office
Mr. Johnson: " __________ "
A. Oh, that's annoying.
B. Sounds like fun. C. Well, never mind.
D. Great, Sarah.
EX2: (HD 1213)
21. Tom: “I thought your performance last Sunday was wonderful.”
Laura: “………………………..”
A. Don’t tell a lie. I thought it was terrible.

B. You must be kidding. It was not as good as I had expected.
C. I completely agree with you. It was terrific.
D. No doubt!
22. Boy: “What is your greatest phobia?”
Girl: “………………………..”
A. I'm afraid not.
B. Worms, definitely!
C. Probably people who smoke.
D. I haven't made up my mind.
23. Jenny: “Thank you very much for your donation, Mr. Robinson.”
Mr. Robinson: “………………………..”
A. You can say that again.
B. I see.
C. You are right.
D. Delighted I was able to help.
24. I don’t think you have been watering the plants near the gate. The soil is
A. as dry as rice
B. as dry as a tile C. as dry as a bone
D. as dry as
25. Susan was sad because she wasn’t invited to any social events. She felt
A. left out
B. turned out
C. omitted out
D. gone out
26. Most psychologists believe that the basic structure of an individual’s personality
A. well established extremely by the age of five
B. by the age of five it is extremely well established
C. by the age of five and well established extremely
D. extremely well established by the age of five
27. In most
……………………….. developed
countries, up
to 50% of
………………………..population enters higher education at some time in their lives.
A. Ø / Ø
B. the / Ø
C. Ø / the
D. the / a
28. I wish you ……………………….. me a new one instead of having it………………………..as you
A. would give / to repair
B. gave / to repair
C. had given / to be repaired
D. had given / repaired
29. Henry was really a silly boy when we were at high school. I still
remember………………………..very stupid questions.
A. him asking
B. him to ask
C. asking him
D. his
being asked
30. ………………………..the invention of the steam engine, most forms of transport were
A. With reference B. Akin
C. Prior
D. In addition
31. No sooner ………………………..to marry Jack ………………………..to have serious doubts.
A. had Carol agreed / than she began
B. Carol has agreed / than she began
C. had Carol agreed / than she begins
D. had Carol agreed / than she had begun
32. Having been served dinner, ……………………...
A. the problem was discussed by the members of the committee.

B. the committee members discussed the problem.
C. it was discussed by the committee members the problem.
D. a discussion of the problem was made by the members of the committee.
33. The marathon runner ……………………...for nearly one hour and a half when she
……………………...to the pavement.
A. has been running / collapses
B. were running / collapsed
C. had been running / collapsed
D. ran / had been collapsing
34. Son: “What is the process of ……………………..., Dad?”
Father: “Well, it involves the heating of liquid such as milk in order to kill harmful
A. industrialization
B. pasteurization C. commercialization
35. An artist ……………………...will do his best to express innocence and inexperience in the
child’s face.
A. portraying a child
B. who portray a child C. he portrays a child
portrayed a child
EX3:(TQ 10-11)
1. They _________ him of having stolen the car.
A. blamed

B. accused

C. complained

D. convicted

2. I was wearing a heavy raincoat to _________ myself from the cold.
A. conceal

B. hide

C. protect

D. wrap

3. The new discovery was a major _________ for research workers.
A. breakthrough B. break-down

C. breakout

D. break-in

4. The film lasted every three hours with _________ of 15 minutes between part one and part
A. a pause

B. an interruption C. an interval

D. a stop

5. The nurse _________ in the hospital helped the patient come round.
A. on alarm

B. on duty

C. in service

D. in shift

6. Buses are not very _________. Sometimes, they come every five minutes, then other times
you have to wait for half an hour.
A. in time

B. on time

C. punctual

D. timely

7. The _________ is the official who makes sure the rules are followed in tennis.
A. umpire

B. instructor

C. referee

D. guide

8. Do you have a non-smoking room with two beds _________ for next Friday and Saturday?
A. empty

B. available

C. vacant

D. ready

9. Workers demanded pay rises to take account of the _________ of inflation.
A. percent

B. percentage

C. estimate

D. rate

10. After his business failed, Mr. Johnson was declared _________ by the court.

A. penniless B. profitless

C. bankrupt

D. lost

11. Don’t _________ ! I haven’t finished explaining yet!
A. hang up

B. hold on

C. hang on

D. call up

12. It _________ out that the mayor had bribed several councilors to vote.
A. resulted

B. pointed

C. broke

D. turned

13. It’s difficult to tell identical twins_________.
A. on

B. out

C. apart

D. over

14. No sooner had we started the picnic _________ the rain began pouring down!
A. than

B. when

C. that

D. and

15. _________ you try, you can never get them all right.
A. How hard

B. However hard C. For as hard as D. So hard as

16. He had an excellent grade in his examination _________ the fact that he hadn't worked
particularly hard.
A. in spite of

B. although

C. because of

D. on account of

17. The child was told to _________ for being rude to his uncle.
A. excuse

B. apologize

C. confess

D. pardon

18. She _________ her neighbor’s children for the broken window.
A. blamed

B. accused

C. complained

D. convicted

19. Both drivers were _________ in the accident and were taken to hospital.
A. damaged B. beaten

C. injured

D. wounded

20. Mary’s broken arm was so _________ that she burst into tears.
A. aching

B. painful

C. sharp

D. hurt

Ex4: (NA 9-10)
1. ___________ the weather forecast, it will rain heavily later this morning.
A. On account of
B. According to
C. Because of
D. Due to
2. I read the contract again and again __________ avoiding making spelling mistakes.
A. in view of
B. in terms of
C. with a view to
D. by means of
3. It's a shame they didn't pick you up, but it doesn't _______ out the possibility that you
might get a job in a different department.
A. strike
B. cancel
C. draw
D. rule
4. I reckon Mark is ________ of a nervous breakdown.
A. in charge
B. under suspicion C. on the verge
D. indicative
5. Many local authorities realize there is a need to make _______ for disabled people in their
housing programmes.
A. assitance
B. conditions
C. admittance
D. provision
6. It turned out that we _________ rushed to the airport as the plane was delayed by several

A. hadn't
B. should have
C. mustn't have
D. needn't have
7. All three TV channels provide extensive _________ of sporting events.
A. coverage
B. vision
C. broadcast
D. network
8. No matter how angry he was, he would never ________ to violence.
A. resolve
B. recourse
C. exert
D. resort
9. ________ as a masterpiece, a work of art must transcend the ideals of the period in which
it was created.
A. Ranking
B. To be ranked
C. Being ranked
D. In order to be
10. _________, the people who come to this club are in their twenties and thirties.
A. By and large
B. All together
C. To a degree
D. Virtually
11. I am afraid that you have _________ the deadline, so we can't take your application into
A. missed
B. met
C. delayed
D. put off
12. The main aim of the campaign is to raise _______ of the issues involved.
A. knowledge
B. awareness
C. attention
D. acquaintance
13. After so many years, it is great to see him _________ his ambitions.
A. get
B. realise
C. possess
D. deserve
14. It was confirmed that the accident was caused by human ________.
A. error
B. slip
C. fault
D. blunder
15. The roadworks made ________ to the hotel from the main road difficult.
A. entrance
B. approach
C. access
D. ways in
Ex5:(QB 1213)
16. John: “Well it was nice talking to you, but I have to dash.” - Jane: “……………………….”
A. Well, another time.
B. Yes, I enjoyed talking to you, too.
C. OK, see you.
D. That's nice.
17. ………… pollution control measures are expensive, many industries hesitate to adopt
A. Although
B. However
C. Because
D. On account of
18. ………….. Tom nor his brothers help in the housework.
A. Not
B. Both
C. Either
D. Neither
19. I must congratulate you. You’ve …………….. a very good job.
A. done
B. made
C. finished
D. worked
20. For ………….. reason is this meeting being held?
A. what
B. why
C. how
D. that
21. I’ve been working ………….…. quite a lot of pressure lately.
A. in
B. with
C. on
D. under
22. She loves London, ……………… in the spring.
A. mostly
B. especially
C. most
D. specially
23. Make sure you end each sentence with a …………… .
A. dot
B. point
C. comma
D. full stop
24. They travelled to the capital city of Scotland by the most ……..…….. route.
A. easy
B. direct
C. straight
D. unique

25. He failed in the election just because he ……...……. his opponent.
A. overestimated B. underestimated C. understated
D. undercharged
26. Which …………… agency do you work for?
A. ads
B. advertised
C. advertising
27. His face looks …………….., but I can’t remember his name.
A. similar
B. alike
C. memorable
D. familiar
28. There is a …………….. of skilled craftsmen in the industry.
A. want
B. fault
C. lack
D. need
Ex6: (VP 12 13)
1. I don’t care what you do about job. It’s no ______ of mine.
A. importance
B. feeling
C. matter
D. concern
2. Sometimes two cultural values seem to ______ each other.
A. conflict
B. contradict
C. reflect
D. disapprove
3. You can leave the money with him; he’s totally ______.
A. trusting
B. trusty
C. trustful
D. trustworthy
4. ______ you cut down your sugar intake, you’d have lost weight by now.
A. Did
B. Were
C. If
D. Had
5. Giving up smoking is just one of the ways to ______ heart disease.
A. push off
B. put off
C. ward off
D. throw off
6. They were surprised to come ______ such a large sum.
A. into
B. up to
C. over
D. up with
7. A walnut tree ______ us from the sun on hot days.
A. fences B. warns C. shelters D. prevents
8. This machine will have been ______ by the end of the decade.
A. broken down B. phased out C. set out D. made off with
9. I didn’t see anyone but I felt as though I ______.
A. have been watched B. was being watched
C. being watched D. am watched
10. The ______ to success is to be ready from the start.
A. key B. response C. agreement D. demand
11. For years she had ______ of meeting her long-lost sister.
A. hoped B. wished C. longed D. dreamed
12. The ______ against your having that kind of accident are about 500 to 1.
A. possibilities B. figures C. opportunities D. odds
13. They live in a ______ house in the suburbs of London.
A. single B. detached C. free-standing D. distinct
14. Many people these days find it difficult to ______ a career.
A. settle into B. stabilise C. settle down D. arrange
15. He never expected his prophecy to be _______.
A. accomplished B. realised C. achieved D. fulfilled
16. They shared out the ______ of the business among all the partners.
A. makings B. proceedings C. benefits D. proceeds
17. The signal was extremely difficult to ______.
A. settle B. decipher C. capture D. fix
18. Noone was capable of breaking the ______ silence following the news.

A. harsh B. thick C. stunned D. punched
19. They noticed a flame ______ in the breeze.
A. flickering B. flashing C. blinking D. sparkling
20. He congratulated his opponent with just a ______ of smile on his face.
A. mark B. print C. hint D. sign
Ex7: (BN 12 13)
1. …… every industry in our modern world requires the work of engineers.
A. Wholly
B. Hardly
C. Most
D. Virtually
2. Jane had a problem with her finances, so we talked …… and now it's fine.
A. over
B. it over
C. over it
D. over and over
3. When the electricity failed, he …… a match to find the candles.
A. rubbed
B. scratched
C. struck
D. started
4. I usually buy my clothes …… . It’s cheaper than going to the dressmaker.
A. on the house
B. off the peg
C. in public
on the shelf
5. My father …… when he found out that I had damaged his car.
A. hit the roof
B. saw pink elephants C. made my blood boil
brought the house down
6. According to the captain, his special units can take an immediate action against
terrorists should
such a need ........... .
A. arise
B. originate
C. evoke
D. experience
7. We were ........... by the officers' decision to divert the whole traffic from the main route.
A. rambled
B. baffled
C. stumbled
8. The book says that the revolution was ............. off by the assassination of the state
A. launched
B. cropped
C. triggered
9. The hijackers have demanded a ........... to be paid for releasing the civilian hostages from
the plane.
A. currency
B. revenue
C. deposit
10. He’s .............................. work and cannot possibly see you now.
A. up to his ears in
B. very interested in
C. not involved with
concerned with
11. He suddenly saw Sue ..................... the room. He pushed his way ..................... the crowd of
to get to her.
A. across/through
B. over/through
C. over/along
12. She tried to .......................
A. talk out of me the plan
B. talk me the plan out of
C. talk me out of the plan D.
talk out me of the plan.

13. My cousin obviously didn’t ………… much of an impression on you if you can’t
meeting her.
A. create
B. do
C. make
D. build
14. She was kept awake for most of the night by the………… of a mosquito in her car.
A. whine
B. moan
C. groan
D. screech
15. Her business must be going rather well, ……….by the car she drives.
A. deducing
B. deciding
C. inferring
D. judging
16. He looks very aggressive and threatening, and so his soft, gentle voice is rather………….
A. disembodied
B. disconcerting
C. dismissive
D. discordant
17. If I were you, I would regard their offer with considerable…………., because it seems too
good to
be true.
A. suspicion
B. doubt
C. reservation
18. My sister’s confidence in her ability to play the piano was badly……….. by her last music
A. subsided
B. weakened
C. undermined
19. Your grandfather is rather tired so do not………….your visit. Let him have a rest.
A. prolong
B. lengthen
C. delay
D. shorten
20. Their eventual choice of the house was……….by the time Peter would take to get to the
A. related
B. consequent
C. determined
Ex8: (NB 12 13)
11. We have a _______ future ahead with little comfort, food or hope.
A. cruel
B. pessimistic
C. grim
D. fierce
12. Don’t be late for the interview, _______ people will think you are a disorganized person.
A. unless
B. otherwise
C. if not
D. or so
13. ______ the rise in unemployment, people still seem to be spending more.
A. Nevertheless
B. Meanwhile
C. Despite
D. Although
14. This meat is rather tough; you must chew it well before _______
A. swallow
B. to swallow
C. swallowed
D. swallowing
15. The police have warned the tourists to look ________ for pickpockets in the shopping
A. away
B. down
C. out
D. forward.
16. At the language school, each student is assigned to his or her own ________.
A. tutor
B. professor
C. staff
D. director
17. Many _______ are in danger of extinction.
A. plants
B. animals
C. species
D. hippopotamus
18. Do you ________ my turning the television on now?
A. disapprove
B. mind
C. want
D. object
19. As soon as you buy a car, it starts falling in ________.
A. cost
B. worth
C. price
D. value

20. I saw a thief take Norman’s wallet so I ran ________ him, but I couldn’t catch him.
A. after
B. into
C. over
D. near
1. The Government's present policy is seen as a _____ to local democracy.
A. threat
B. harm
C. suppression
D. sneer
2. Sport provides an for teenager’s feeling of aggression or frustration.
A. overflow
B. exit
C. outlet
D. exhaust
3. Under the circumstances it_______be best to wait for a few weeks.
A. seemed
B. ought
C. might
D. should
4. My throat infection left me very __________ and made talking difficult
A. hoarse
B. dumb
C. inarticulate
D. speechless
5. _______all efforts, I will not have the report ready by Friday.
A. Making
B. No matter
C. Considering
D. Despite
6. The fumes were so thick that she was_____ for breath
A. suffocating
B. gasping
C. inhaling
D. wheezing
7. Before the group of doctors would give their opinion they wanted to______ with each
A. confess
B. confirm
C. confer
D. confide
8. He clearly had no______of doing any work, although it was only a week till the exam
A. desire
B. ambition
C. willingness
D. intention
9. The staff at the hospital were well_______ to deal with the epidemic
A. capable
B. equal
C. ready
D. equipped
10. An application to join this scheme places you under no obligation________
A. indeed
B. eventually
C. apart
D. whatsoever
11. Enough money has been raised to_________the hospital's survival
A. ensure
B. endow
C. enable
D. empower
12. An architect planning an new house should always________ in mind his client's needs.
A. carry
B. take
C. train
D. bear
13. The two men looked so alike that it was impossible to _____ between them.
A. distinguish
B. differ
C. discern
D. discriminate
14. Whenever she catches a cold, she gets a _______ all over her face
A. lump
B. rash
C. blemish
D. sore
15. At that time our only hope of success______in recruiting extra help.
A. lay
B. arose
C. resided
D. stood
16. As he made no_______ to our quarrel, I assumed he had forgiven me.
A. statement
B. mention
C. reference
D. comment
17. I'm not sure why he didn't go to the higher class, but I ________ he failed the entrance
A. estimate
B. suspect
C. predict
D. deduce
18. He pretended to be an Englishman, but his foreign accent gave him______
A. away
B. off
C. out
D. up
19. I recognise his face, but his name_______me
A. escapes
B. deludes
C. fails
D. missed
20. The new sport centre_____ for all kinds of leisure activities
A. deals
B. supplies
C. furnishes
D. caters

21. They threw petrol on to the bonfire and the sudden______lit up the whole garden
A. glow
B. twinkle
C. spark
D. flare
22. Nobody_____ out much hope of finding the missing climbers alive.
A. holds
B. keeps
C. puts
D. finds
23. The Government has decided to spend billions of dollars on yet_______ agricultural
A. extra
B. other
C. more
D. additional
24. I know William has been disobedient but don't be too________on him
A. heavy
B. strong
C. hard
D. strict
25. Computer technology will bring_________ a revolution in business administration
A. over
B. across
C. up
D. about
1. Our country is rich ________ natural resources.
A. of
B. with
C. about
D. in
2. The idea to ________ a visit to the local council residence was welcomed by all the visitors.
A. pay
B. do
C. go
D. walk
3. In his anxiety to make himself________, he spoke too loudly and too slowly.
A. understand
B. understanding C. understood
D. to understand
4. ________ for the fact that he was working abroad, he would willingly have helped with
A. If it hadn’t been
B. If it had been C. Had it been
D. Hadn’t it been
5. Some animals are on the ________ of becoming extinct.
A. edge
B. verge
C. side
D. tip
6. The play is very long but there are three ________
A. intervals
B. breaks
C. rests
D. naps
7. The last lecture ________ completely over my head.
A. got
B. went
C. was
D. left
8. Could I pick your ________ on the subject before the meeting?
A. brains
B. head
C. intellect
D. mind
9. I was prepared to lend my brother some money but he turned ________ my offer.
A. back
B. up
C. out
D. down
10. I ________ with the performances but I got flu the day before.
A. was to have helped B. helped
C. was to help
D. had helped
11. The dying man’s speech was so________ that no one was able to interpret his last
A. incoherent
B. indiscreet
C. nonchalant
D. impotent
12. Very soon I found some other people to ________ and we began to write songs.
A. keep up with
B. team up with C. talk through with
D. get along
13. ________ chair the meeting.
A. John was decided to
B. It was decided that John should

C. There was decided that John should D. John had been decided to
14. I thought about the problem but I couldn’t ________ a solution.
A. come in for
B. come across
C. come up with
D. come out
15. ________, they slept soundly.
A. Hot though was the night air
B. Hot though the night air was
C. Hot as was the night air
D. Hot although the night air was
Ex11: lam dong
1. I do not believe that this preposterous scheme is _____________ of our serious
A. worthless
B. worth
C. worthwhile
D. worthy
2. One ____________ of riding a bicycle is that it’s cheap.
A. credit
B. advantage
C. advance
D. value
3. People who take on a second job inevitably _____________ themselves to greater stress.
A. offer
B. subject
C. field
D. place
4. I keep putting __________ the decision because I can’t make up my mind.
A. up
B. down
C. off
D. on
5. The new factory must be finished _________ as the profitability of the company depends
on it.
A. on time
B. in times
C. at time
D. for a time
6. To prevent flooding in winter, the water flowing from the dam is constantly __________ by
a computer.
A. managed
B. graded
C. monitored
D. conducted
7. I usually buy the clothes _____________ . It is cheaper than going to a dressmaker.
A. off the peg
B. on the house C. in public
D. on the shelf
8. I was already fed up with the job, but when the boss walked into my office and told me
he expected me to work overtime that was the _______________. I quit.
A. final curtain
B. last straw
C. end of the line D. last waltz
9. The doctor gave the patient _____________ examination to discover the cause of his
A. a thorough
B. a universal
C. an exact
D. a whole
10. After leaving school , Nigel decided to _____________ in the army.
A. register
B. enrol
C. sign
D. enlist
EX12 Circle the best answer A, B, C, or D to complete the sentences.
7. You’d better not call your friends _________ night.
A. to
B. on
C. in
D. at
8. The contractor’s recommendation is that the old building ________.
A. is needed repairing
B. needs to be repaired
need repairing
D. need to repair
9. Hello. Is that 4578? Please put me ________ to the manager.
A. across
B. up
C. over
D. through
10. Because I’ve been ill and away from school, I’ve fallen ________ with my work.
A. for
B. behind
C. on
D. out
11. I ran _________ an interesting article about fashion while I was reading the newspaper.
A. after
B. across
C. away
D. out

12. You can exercise your _______ to cancel the contract immediately, but you wouldn’t
receive any money at that point.
A. duty
B. obligation
C. rights
D. possibility
13. “Have you got a copy of Gone with the wind?”
“You’re ________ luck. We’ve just one copy left”
A. by
B. with
C. in
D. on
14. There is _______ chance of getting John’s money back. His son has spent it all.
A. little
B. a little
C. few
D. a few
15. He has paid his bill and left the hotel. He has _________.
A. checked in
B. packed a suitcase C. checked out
D. made a reservation
16. I believe that our new manager has the _______ to work well in this business
A. flexiblity
B. flexibly
C. flexibility
D. flexible
17. Of the two new teachers, one is experienced and _________.
A. the others are not
B. another is inexperienced C. the other is not
D. other lacks experience
18. George __________ he could improve his test scores, but he did not have enough time to
A. knew to
B. knew how
C. knew how that D. knew how to
19. Last year Matt earned __________ his brother, who had a better position.
A. twice as much as B. twice more than C. twice as many as D. twice as more as
20. The noise of the airplanes _________ from the airport over our house was unbearable at
A. which taking off B. taking off
C. which was taking off
D. to
take off
21. __________ our poor living conditions, we all feel happy.
A. However
B. Although
C. Despite
D. Because
22. With her beauty and charm, she _______ film audiences everywhere.
A. tortured
B. deceived
C. captivated
D. defeated
23. Most people are fairly confident that the workers will win _________ in the end.
A. through
B. from
C. with
D. by
24. It is a ___________.
A. blue sleeping polyester bag
B. blue polyester sleeping bag
C. polyester sleeping blue bag
D. sleeping blue polyester bag
25. There was a sign, but Lee couldn’t _______ what it said.
A. see off
B. hang on
C. make up
D. make out
26. It’s a long walk tomorrow. We need to _________ as early as possible.
A. set up
B. set in
C. set off
D. set down
27. The little children watched the performance in _______ amazement.
A. wide-eyed
B. cross-eyed
C. eagle-eyed
D. hawk-eyed
28. By the time the ambulance had arrived, a crowd of ________ had gathered.
A. spectators
B. passers
C. onlookers
D. viewers
29. The main cause of the strike was the management’s refusal to give further
consideration to the question of paying _________.
A. differentials
B. differences
C. subsidies
D. opportunities

30. In the last month I was ___________ my affairs in England and saying goodbye to all my
A. switching off
B. hanging up
C. winding up
D. fading away


21. C
26. C
31. A
21. B
26. D
31. A
1. B

22. B
27. C
32. A

23. B
28. D
33. C

24. D
29. B
34. B

25. A
30. D
35. C

22. B
27. C
32. B

23. D
28. D
33. C

24. C
29. A
34. B

25. A
30. C
35. A

6. C

11. A

16. A

2. C
3. A
4. C
5. B

1. B
6. D
11. A

7. A
8. B
9. D
10. C
2. C
7. A
12. B

12. D
13. C
14. A
15. B
3. D
8. D
13. B

17. B
18. A
19. C
20. B
4. C
9. B
14. A

5. D
10. A
15. C

16. C 17. C
18. D
19. A
20. A
21. D 22. B
23. D
24. B
25. B
26. C 27. D
28. C
Ex 6:
1. D 2. B 3. D 4. D 5. C 6. A 7. C 8. B 9. B 10. A 11.D 12. D 13. B 14. A 15. D 16. D 17. B 18. C
19. A 20. C
Ex 7:
1D 2B 3C 4B 5A 6A 7B 8C 9D 10A
11A 12C 13C 14A 15D 16B 17C 18C 19A 20C
10. C










1.A - 2.C - 3.C - 4.A - 5.D - 6.B - 7.C - 8.D - 9.D - 10.D - 11.A - 12.D - 13.A - 14.B - 15.A - 16.C 17.B - 18.A - 19.A - 20.D - 21.D - 22.A - 23.C - 24.C - 25.D
1. D
2. A
3. C
4. A
5. B
6. A
7. B
8. D
9. D
10. A
11. A
12. B
13. B
14. C
15. B
7. D
12. C
18. B
23. A
28. C
8. C
13. C
19. A
24. B
29. A
9. D
14. A
20. B
25. D
30. C
15. C
21. C
26. C
11. B
16. C
22. C
27. A
17. C

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